• I digitized several of my LP’s and also made a few compilations (artist compilations and various artists compilations). In addition to the information on this website, I also wanted to make some of the music available. All these albums are shown below (releases in blue are linked to an album page).
  • Send me a message through the contact page to place an order.
  • The albums are available on CD-r and as MP3 downloads. The CD-r’s offer the best sound quality.
  • The price for one CD-r is $12.50 but if you buy 5 or more (in one time) it’s $10 for each CD-r.
  • The price for an MP3 album is $7.50. The files will be sent to you through WeTransfer of FileMail.
  • In case you order a CD-r, this is what you’ll get: a printed Philips CD-r with front card and u-card, showing all original album artwork (in case of a reissue) and printed on photo paper. A jewel case will not be included, as they often break during transport and it makes postage more expensive. So you’ll have to buy your own (standard) jewel cases.
  • An MP3 album includes a PDF of the artwork.
  • Shipping costs for 1-2 CD-r’s: $2.96 (the Netherlands), $5.00 (rest of the world). Ask for other quantities.
  • Track & Trace and insurance is demanded for orders of $75 and up.
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CD-rartist artist as shown title release
1Andrews, Inez Lord, Don't Move The Mountain Song Bird 226
2Andrews, Inez More Church In The Home ABC Songbird 239
3Andrews, Inez Chapter Five ABC Songbird 269
4Apostles of Brooklyn, NY Hello Everybody VOJ 002
5Babb, Morgan Keep Faith In God Nashboro 7012
6Babb, Morgan Reverend Morgan Babb The Essential Character Of The Church Nashboro 7059
7Bells of Joy Songs That Bring Joy Nashboro 7028
8Bells of Joy no title Checker 10001
9Bells of Zion Let Me Lean On You Peacock 167
10Bibletones You Know My Heart Gospel 3018
11Boggs, Harold Prof. Harold Boggs Prof. Harold Boggs Sings Just For You Nashboro 7062
12Bonnett Harmonizers The Storm Is Passing Over Gospel 3065
13Bossie and Forever Bound Singers It's In My Heart One Way 0032
14Operation Breadbasket Orchestra and Choir Ben Branch and the Operation Breadbasket Orchestra and Choir The Last Request Chess 1524
15Brooklyn All Stars Brooklyn All Stars Singers I've Got My Ticket Gospel Recording Co. 1371
16Brooklyn All Stars I Want To Rest Gospel Recording Co. 1373
17Capitol City Stars We've Come This Far By Faith Tru-Sound 60003
18Caravans and Staple Singers A Gospel Program Gospel 3001
19Caravans Blessed Assurance Gospel 3007
20Caravans I Find No Fault In God Gospel 3041
21Chariot Gospel Singers Tell Him Peacock 146
22Christianaires Gospel Time Gospel 3000
23Christland Singers He's Mine Checker 10004
24Clefs Of Carvary Baptized! Tru-Sound 60001
25Coates, Dorothy Love Dorothy Love Coates and her Singers These Are The Days Savoy 14466
26Consolers Joy In The Morning Nashboro 7019
27Consolers Sweet Memories Nashboro 7024
28Consolers Songs Of Inspiration Nashboro 7029
29Cooke, Edna Gallmon He'll Fix It Nashboro 7002
30Cooke, Edna Gallmon Stop Gambler Nashboro 7009
31Crum, Rev. H.B. Rev. H.B. Crum with the Golden Keys no title Sharp 2010
32Dale and Tones of Joy, Archie God Bless his World Lu*Sound 784
33Davis Sisters Famous Davis Sisters no title Savoy 14000
34Deep South Singers no title Woodrich 105
35Dixie Hummingbirds A Christian Testimonial Peacock 100
36Dynamic Rugged Cross Singers Through The Pathway Of Duty Richburg 0153
37Fantastic Family Aires Moving On Up RC Records 200
38Fireside Gospel Singers It's Getting Late Zion 100
39Five Blind Boys of Alabama Original Blind Boys of Alabama God's Promise Gospel 3013
40Five Blind Boys of Mississippi Original Five Blind Boys Precious Memories Peacock 102
41Five Blind Boys of Mississippi Original Five Blind Boys Father I Stretch My Hands To Thee Peacock 113
42Flying Clouds of Montgomery, Ala. Since I Laid My Burdens Down Savoy 14219
43Franklin, Aretha Songs Of Faith Checker 10009
44Galileans The Gospel Truth Dauntless 6310
45Gate City Singers, Evangelistic Soul Seekers Gate City Singers of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Evangelistic Soul Seekers of Brunswick, Georgia Prayer Is The Key Gospel 3004
46Gate City Singers Peace In The Valley Tru-Sound 60002
47Gay Sisters God Will Take Care Of You Savoy 14021
48Gazaway and the Gospel Larks, Robert A Personal Experience With Christ Grace Gospel 56
49Georgia Peach Georgia Peach with the Reliable Jubilee Singers Spiritual Moods Apollo A-6
50Georgia Peach The Famous Georgia Peach Gospel In The Great Tradition Classic Editions 5001
51Golden Harps Stand Up For Jesus Checker 10012
52Golden Trumpets Nashboro Gospel Sides n/a
53Gospel Chords Introducing the Gospel Chords Chalice 1001
54Gospel Tones Sensational Gospel Tones Tell Jesus Charleston 1742
55Gospel Tones no title Gospel Recording Co. 1392
56Hall Choir and Congregation, Juanita James Weldon Johnson's Spirituals In Verse And Song Hit 111
57Hamilton, Rev. W.E. A Bad Mind Nashboro 10
58Harmony Kings He's Blessing Me His Records 734
59Highway QC's Jesus Is Waiting Vee-Jay 5007
60Holy City Travelers Hold My Hand KNOF 1035
61Holy Lights of Baltimore, MD. Yesterday's Prayer Savoy 14231
62Hooks, Ruby The Devil Can Do Me No Harm B and H 10002
63Jackson Southernaires Jackson Southernairs Too Late Song Bird 212
64Jackson Southernaires All God's Children Malaco 4352
65Jasper, Rev. W.E. Reverend W.E. Jasper and the Jasperettes Oh How I Love Jesus Zion 101
66Johnson's Trio and the Spiritual Light Singers, Professor C.L. Sweet Home Grand (nn)
67KYOK Koral-Aires Songs of the KYOK Koral-Aires Checker 10006
68Luckett Brothers Fabulous Luckett Brothers Heaven Is God's Throne Gospel Roots 5016
69Martin Singers, Roberta Since I Met Him Savoy 14043
70May, Brother Joe The Master's On Our Side Nashboro 7001
71May, Brother Joe Walk On And Talk On Nashboro 7010
72McGhee, Brother Louis Going Home n/a
73Mighty Gospel Travelers Don't Let The Devil Fool You Finch 112210
74Mighty Kings of Harmony The Mighty Kings Of Harmony Do Rocking Spirituals Klondike 2520
75Mighty Wonders Love Lifted Me TAP 0698
76Morning Echoes of Detroit Echoes Of The Gospel Nashboro 7036
77Morning Stars of Savannah, GA This Train Savoy 14174
78Moss and Celestials, Bill I Have Already Been To The Water Bilesse 350
79National Independent Gospel Singers Thank You Lord Sue 3001
80Norfleet Brothers Shadrach Checker 10008
81North Philadelphia Juniors In The Building Sharp 2013
82Norwood Singers, Dorothy The Old Lady's House Savoy 14093
83Patterson Singers Gospel Songs King 763
84Peerless Four Quartet Many Blessings Gospel Recording Co. 1383
85Perkins, Betty God Is Supernatural Outstanding 031
86Pittsburgh All-Stars Good Things Come To Those Who Wait Gospel Recording Co. 14008
87Rasberry Singers Deliverance Will Come Choice 506
88Robinson, Rev. Cleophus Remember Me Peacock 120
89Robinson, Rev. Cleophus God's Sons And Daughters Peacock 126
90Robinson, Rev. Cleophus Making Love On The House Top Randy's Spiritual 1028
91Rogers Brothers I Am Going Home Champ 1701
92Royal Silvertones Jesus, I Love Your Name Regent 6112
93Royal Travelers He Loves Me HOB 2143
94Salem Travelers Tell It Like It Is Checker 10052
95Selah Singers His Eye Is On The Sparrow Gospel 3002
96Seniors of Harmony I'm On My Way HSE 1421
97Sensational Cymbals God Bless America Soulville 001
98Shaw, Brother Cecil L. I Stretch My Hand To Thee Imperial 9143
99Six Voices of Zion Of Columbia, SC Thank You Jesus Gusman 1001
100Soul Seekers Spirituals Cub 8006
101Soul Seekers Songs For My Mother Choice 516
102Soul Seekers Tell It Like It Is Gospel 3085
103Southern Faith Singers Who One Way 1000-2
104Southern Tones Be What You Are, Complete Recordings 1954-61 n/a
105Speights, Bishop Harold W. The Faith Hall Of Fame Champ 1912
106Stars of Faith The Upper Room Savoy 14038
107Stevens, Prof. Herman Gospel Organ Music Gospel Recording Co. 1364
108Supreme Angels Drinking Of The Wine Nashboro 7030
109Supreme Angels More Of The Supreme Angels (early Nashboro sides 1958-65) n/a
110Swan Silvertones no title Vee-Jay 5003
111Swan Silvertones Singing In My Soul Vee-Jay 5006
112Swindell Brothers This Trouble Of Mine Savoy 14064
113Swindell Brothers Swindell Brothers with Bishop J.J. Wilkerson Judge Not Veep 13530
114Tharpe, Sister Rosetta The Lonesome Road Decca 224
115Tharpe, Sister Rosetta Gospel Train Decca 8782
116Thrashing Wonders I've Come From A Long Line Of Poor Folks Mozel 201
117Trammell, Rev. William C. Handwriting On The Wall Peacock 104
118Trumpeteers, Southern Tones The Last Supper Grand 7701
119Victory Travelers no title Jade 100
120Violinaires Stand By Me Checker 10011
121Violinaires The Fantastic Violinaires Checker 10017
122Violinaires Live The Right Way Checker 10045
123Voices of Shiloh Standing On The Promises Gospel Recording Co. 1387
124Walker, Clara Clara Walker and the Gospel Redeemers The Lord Is The Master Regent 6110
125Walker, Clara Clara Walker and the Gospel Redeemers Take Me To The Water Gospel Recording Co. 1380
126Ward Singers Famous Ward Singers In A Gospel Concert Savoy 14046
127Williams, Marian Somebody Bigger Than You And I Gospel 3003
128Wilson and the Wilson Singers, Robert C. Come To Jesus Rosemont 2032
129Young, Dewey Dewey Young and the Flying Clouds God Bless Our Home Revelation 5002
130Zion Harmonizers You Don't Have To Get In Trouble Flying Fish 002
131Zion Travelers Down By The River Dooto 807
132Zion Travelers Amazing Zion Travelers Under The Blue Sky Co-Op 102
133Various Best Loved Gospel Songs Nashboro 7006
134Various Jesus Made It Possible Gospel Recording Co. 1379
135Various The Gospel Train Regent 6070
136Various The Best From The West Proverb XX01 
137Various The Best Gospel Singers Dooto 225
138Various The Soul of the "Big Four" Gospel Debut (no label) M 149
139Various The Wedding Ceremony of Sister Rosetta Tharpe Decca 903
140Various Xmas Spirituals Gotham 1
141Various Gospel Grooves, vol. 1 Rock and Roll came from the Church 1
142Various Gospel Grooves, vol. 2 Rock and Roll came from the Church 2
143Various Gospel Grooves, vol. 3 Rock and Roll came from the Church 3
144Various Gospel Grooves, vol. 4 Rock and Roll came from the Church 4
145Various Gospel Grooves, vol. 5 Rock and Roll came from the Church 5
146Various Gospel Grooves, vol. 6 Rock and Roll came from the Church 6