Rev. Utah Smith


  • Rev. Utah Smith was a traveling evangelist, more than a recording artist, but the few records that were produced, all featuring his landmark song “Two Wings”, are essential for historians and collectors.
  • Recommended is Lynn Abbott’s book about Rev. Utah Smith, titled “I Got Two Wings”. It was accompanied by a CD featuring all of the recordings listed below, except for the unissued Checker sides. The book and CD were released through CaseQuarter (see Links page).
  • All dates are recording dates.
  • This page lists all known recordings by Rev. Utah Smith.







New York City, NY, June 1944
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  • Released as by Rev. Utah Smith the Traveling (or Travelling) Evangelist.
  • The original release was on Regis (1944), then came Manor (1947), Arco (1950) and Kay-Ron (mid to late 1950’s), the latter being a 45rpm release.


New Orleans, LA, Autumn 1947
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  • The Two Wing Temple single was released in the 78rpm and the 45rpm format, both as by Rev. Utah Smith and Congregation.
  • The 45rpm version was probably released around 1960 and shows the matrix numbers as given between brackets.
  • Both the 78rpm and the 45rpm issues exist with label variations (including reversed label numbers). They have probably been repressed a couple of times.


New Orleans, LA, 1947
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  • These recordings can be found on side 4 of two transcription discs from April 16, 1947. The broadcast was titled “The story of New Orleans music”. It is not known if there are any Utah Smith performances on sides 1, 2 and 3.


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  • As by the Two Wing Temple COGIC Choir.
  • From BBC Broadcast “Merry-Go-Round Newsreel: BBC covers the world”


Chicago, IL, c. August/September 1953
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  • Checker 785 released as by Rev. Utah Smith.


Prob. Brookhaven, MS, c. 1954-55
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  • As by Brother Bill Louis.


Prob. c. 1955
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  • As by Eld. Utah Smith and Congregation.