Rev. Utah Smith


  • Rev. Utah Smith was a traveling evangelist, more than a recording artist, but the few records that were produced, all featuring his landmark song “Two Wings”, are essential for historians and collectors.
  • Recommended is Lynn Abbott’s book about Rev. Utah Smith, titled “I Got Two Wings”. It was accompanied by a CD featuring all of the recordings listed below, except for the unissued Checker sides. The book and CD were available through CaseQuarter (see Links page).
  • All dates are recording dates.
  • This page lists all known recordings by Rev. Utah Smith.


New York City, NY, June 1944
S1131 I Want Two Wings Regis 1004, Manor 1051, Arco 1235, Kay-Ron 1002
S1132 God's Mighty Hand Regis 1004, Manor 1051, Arco 1235, Kay-Ron 1002

  • Released as by Rev. Utah Smith the Traveling (or Travelling) Evangelist.
  • The original release was on Regis (1944), then came Manor (1947), Arco (1950) and Kay-Ron (mid to late 1950’s), the latter being a 45rpm release.


New Orleans, LA, Autumn 1947
A8590 (8453) I Got Two Wings Two Wing Temple 1/2
? (8454) Glory To Jesus I'm Free Two Wing Temple 1/2

  • The Two Wing Temple single was released in the 78rpm and the 45rpm format, both as by Rev. Utah Smith and Congregation.
  • The 45rpm version was probably released around 1960 and shows the matrix numbers as given between brackets.
  • Both the 78rpm and the 45rpm issues exist with label variations (the 78rpm version exist with the issue numbers reversed). They have probably been repressed a couple of times.


New Orleans, LA, 1947
- Two Wings (excerpt) BBC broadcast
- Every Man's Got To Lay Down And Die (excerpt) BBC broadcast

  • These recordings can be found on side 4 of two transcription discs from April 16, 1947. It is not known what Utah Smith performances, if any, are on sides 1, 2 and 3.


- Unidentified Hymn BBC Broadcast

  • As by the Two Wing Temple COGIC Choir.
  • From BBC Broadcast “Merry-Go-Round Newsreel: BBC covers the world”


Chicago, IL, c. August/September 1953
U7539 Two Wings Checker 785
U7540 God Is Worried unissued
U7541 Glory To Jesus unissued
U7542 Sermon unissued
U7543 Take A Trip Checker 785
U7544 Good Religion unissued
U7545 Sermon unissued
U7546 Heaven Is Mine unissued

  • Checker 785 released as by Rev. Utah Smith.


Prob. Brookhaven, MS, c. 1954-55
A Two Wings Flying Home, Pt. 1 Magnolia acetate
B Two Wings Flying Home, Pt. 2 Magnolia acetate

  • As by Brother Bill Louis.


Prob. c. 1955
A Two Wings no label US1
B A New World In My View no label US2

  • As by Eld. Utah Smith and Congregation.