Recorded In Hollywood


  • Click here for an introduction to John Dolphin’s ‘Hollywood’ labels.
  • Recorded In Hollywood 100 (W.M.A. Soul Stirrers) was first released on Exclusive 139 (1949) and it was also issued on Dolphin’s Of Hollywood (#160; 1949-50).
  • Recorded In Hollywood 101 (Roberta Martin Singers) was also released on Dolphin’s Of Hollywood 115 (as by Roberta Martin).
  • Recorded In Hollywood 196 (Rev. Killens) features a sermon on one side (“Great God Almighty”) and a song on the reverse side.
  • There’s a Recorded In Hollywood acetate by an unknown group, featuring the songs “Amazing Grace” and “Lord I’ve Tried”.
  • Missing numbers are (all?) secular releases.
  • This page lists all known gospel releases (78’s only) on Recorded In Hollywood.


78'srelease artist artist as shown songs year
1Recorded In Hollywood 100 WMA Singers of Houston, Texas W.M.A. Soul Stirrers Of Houston, Texas Thy Holy Will Be Done b/w What Jesus Is To Me 1950
2Recorded In Hollywood 100 Heavenly Bound Gospel Singers Blessed Are The Pure In Heart b/w Lord, Hold My Hand 1950
3Recorded In Hollywood 101 Martin Singers, Roberta Roberta Martin Singers of Chicago Only A Look b/w Jesus 1950
4Recorded In Hollywood (?) L.A. Spiritual Singers In My Heart b/w Old Blind Barnabus 1950
5Recorded In Hollywood 191 7 Bells Gospel Singers Standing Around God Station b/w Just Anyhow 1952
6Recorded In Hollywood 192 7 Bells Gospel Singers Soldiers Of The Cross b/w Motherless Child 1952
7Recorded In Hollywood 196 Killens, Rev. G.W. Rev. G.W. Killens and the Mt. Calvary Congregation b/w Rev. G.W. Killens I Love The Lord b/w Great God Almighty 1952
8Recorded In Hollywood 197 Rising Star Gospel Singers Hollywood Rising Stars Lord I Tried b/w Amazing Grace 1952
9Recorded In Hollywood 220 Rising Star Gospel Singers Hollywood Rising Stars I Don't Want You To Cry Over Me b/w Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross 1952