Soul Music Co.


  • Soul Music Co. was one of Clara Walker’s labels, located in the Bronx, NYC. See Clar-Walk for the other Clara Walker label.
  • Soul Music 577 has also been released on Clar-Walk 577.
  • #573 was released on Soul Music (no “Co.” added).
  • This page lists all known Soul Music Co.’s gospel 45’s and LP’s.


45'srelease artist artist as shown songs year
1Soul Music Co. 573 Baker, Richard Precious Lord b/w Elijah Rock c. 1966-67
2Soul Music Co. 577 Bess, Julia (Doyle) My Record Will Be There b/w Oh For A Closer Walk With God 1967
3Soul Music Co. 580 Walker, Clara Clara Walker and the Gospel Redeemers The Goodness Of Jesus, Pt. 1 b/w The Goodness Of Jesus, Pt. 2 1967-68
4Soul Music Co. 585 Rose Buds of Savannah, GA. Leave You In The Hands Of The Lord b/w If You Just Hold Out 1967-68
5Soul Music Co. 586 Gospel Pearls of Indianapolis, Ind. Lead Me On b/w Just Tell Jesus 1968
6Soul Music Co. 587 Bess, Julia (Doyle) I Love The Name Jesus b/w Hold On 1968
7Soul Music Co. 588 Gospel Lights Work Until My Day Is Done b/w Run To The Rock 1968
8Soul Music Co. 589 Spiritual Keys of Waterbury, Conn. He Never Fails b/w Sinner Get Right 1968
9Soul Music Co. 590 Walker, Clara Clara Walker and the Gospel Redeemers Say It Loud b/w Open Up Your Heart 1968
10Soul Music Co. 591 Flowers, Sister Lois Jonah b/w Jesus 1968
11Soul Music Co. 594 Bess, Julia (Doyle) Jesus' Love Bubbles Over b/w My Happy Home 1968
12Soul Music Co. 595 Bess, Julia (Doyle) Julia (Doyle) Bess b/w Julia and Leroy Bess The Crucifixion b/w I’ll Go 1968
13Soul Music Co. 600 Oakes, Margaret Evang. Margaret Oakes Jesus Lover Of My Soul b/w Wait Until My Change Comes 1968-69
14Soul Music Co. 601 N.Y. Metropolitan Choir No Matter What b/w Saved By His Precious Blood 1968-69
15Soul Music Co. 602 Walker, Clara We Need More Love b/w Summer Has Ended 1968-69
LP'srelease artist artist as shown title year
1Soul Music Co. LP 117 Bess, Julia (Doyle) Oh, For A Closer Walk With God, 'til I Reach My Happy Home c. 1970
2Soul Music Co. LP 118 Dynamic Youth Ensemble I'm So Grateful c. 1970