• Proverb Records was started by Milton Rose, Paul Vandervoort II and Brother Henderson, in February 1959 (see this ad from the Billboard, Feb. 9, 1959). The first addresses used were PO Box addresses in Beverly Hills, CA and Pacoima, CA; all in the neighborhood of Central Ave., Los Angeles, where the company was located throughout the 1960’s. In 1964 Henderson (and William Bufkin?, a.o.?) started the Gospel Corner label. Probably in 1971 Kent Gospel Records took over distribution of both labels and later the Gospel Corner and Proverb names were dropped. All subsequent releases came out on Kent Gospel Records. Brother Henderson remained in charge until his demise in 1973. See this post for more information.
  • Proverb had a connection with Hy-Tone. Several compilation LP’s on Proverb (LP’s 6-7205, 7-7353 and 7-7688) feature material that was originally released on or recorded for Hy-Tone (Corinthian Singers, Crowns of Glory, Rev. Leo Daniels, Sons of Faith and Unity Travelers).
  • Check this page to see the different Proverb labels in chronological order (although some may have been in use concurrently).
  • Proverb’s catalogue is pretty confusing as many 45’s have been released twice; the same number was used for two different releases.
  • Proverb 102 (Sister Minnie Miller) was reissued as #1020.
  • “Lord You Woke Me Up This Morning” by the Mighty Clouds of Joy on Proverb 100 was reissued on #1023 as “Lord You Woke Me Up”. The reverse sides are different; “Jesus Is Real” (1023) was first released on Proverb 103.
  • Proverb 1001 (Brother Lloyd Woodard b/w Rev. Lonnie Farris and his Gospel Flames) is from a later date (see label lay-out) and it’s possibly a reissue of #1000.
  • Proverb 1002 (Rev. T.M. Chambers Jr.) has been reissued on Gospel Corner 120.
  • Proverb 1002 (Pilgrim Travelers) was also released as by the New Pilgrim Travelers.
  • Proverb 1008 (Rev. Lee P. James side) lists “Only A Look” and “Say A Prayer For Me” on the labels; I guess these songs are performed as part of “Lord Have Mercy”.
  • Proverb 1011 (Rev. Lee P. James b/w Fantabulous Little Joe) is a 33pm 7inch record. Instead of the prefix ’45’ Proverb used ‘LP’ for this one, but the durations on the labels are 4:50 and 4:20 only. I’ve listed it with the 45’s. It could be the same as Proverb 1008.
  • Proverb 1012 (Melvin Carter and Los Angeles Community Youth Choir) has been released twice. The second release, showing the open bible on the left side of the labels, has an incomplete artist credit as “and Los Angeles Community Choir”. No mention of Melvin Carter and no mention of ‘Youth’.
  • “Prayer Changes Things” (Singing Corinthians) on Proverb 1017 is a reissue of that song on #1011.
  • Proverb 1018 is a reissue of #1000 (Brother Lloyd Woodard b/w Rev. Lonnie Farris).
  • Proverb 1019 (Los Angeles Travelers b/w Gospel Five) has also been released on Gospel Corner 1000. The song “Just A Closer Walk With Thee” has drums and organ added on both releases. On Proverb 1000 the song has no overdubs. Proverb 1000 has also been released on Sharon 1467.
  • Proverb 1024 is a reissue of #103 (Rev. T.M. Chambers Jr.).
  • Proverb 1025 (Helen Henderson) seems to have been released first without the addition “Late great voice of”. This may indicate that Helen Henderson died after the first release which made Proverb print alternate labels (?). She was the mother of Brother Henderson and sang with the Simmons-Akers Gospel Singers in 1957 (RCA).
  • Some copies of Proverb 1028 list Madame Emily Braum instead of Madame Emily Bram.
  • Proverb 1030 has been released as by Little Miss Janice first (1967) and then as by Little Janice (1970’s).
  • Proverb 1045 (Los Angeles Angels) was released with the A-side as “White Xmas” (first) and as “White Christmas”.
  • There’s a Proverb acetate by the Corinthian Singers, listing “I Believe” and “Lord Stand By Me”. Proverb LP 7-7688 features the Corinthians of Buffalo, NY (three tracks, possibly from Hy-Tone). Then there’s also a group called the Singing Corinthians, the most well-known of the three, who were from Los Angeles. Since all these groups had releases on Proverb, one may assume some connections.
  • The album “Let’s Have Church” is mentioned on Proverb 100 and 1004 (Clouds of Joy and Lloyd Woodard resp.), “Gospel Varieties” is mentioned on Proverb 103 (Mighty, Mighty Clouds of Joy), “Just To Behold His Face” is mentioned on Proverb 1003 (Revelation Wonders), “Running For Jesus” is mentioned on Proverb 1006 (Delores Patterson/Roger Williams Choir), “The Devil Wants You” is mentioned on Proverb 103 and #1024 (Rev. T.M. Chambers – this could be LP 5001), “The Great Coronation” is mentioned on Proverb 1012 (Radio Choir of Pilgrim Progressive Baptist Church b/w Rev. Marvin Hines), “Without A Song” and “The Edge Of Night” are mentioned on Proverb 1010 and 1014 (Rev. Clinton Moore). All these LP releases are otherwise unknown.
  • Proverb LP’s 100 (Mighty Clouds of Joy) and 5001 (Rev. Chambers) are mentioned on the back cover of LP 5000 (Rev. H.C. Ross), no album titles are given.
  • Proverb LP 100 seems to have been reissued on HOB LP 288, titled “The Mighty Clouds of Joy Sing Live Zion Songs” (1968), featuring overdubbed organ, piano and drums.
  • LP 5000 also mentions a couple of 45’s and among them two on the Gospel Corner label. It indicates that LP 5000 and 5001 are from 1964 or later. Since the Proverb 45’s mentioned on the back cover are from no later than 1963, I assume LP’s 5000 and 5001 are from 1964 or 1965.
  • Proverb LP’s 500, 501 and 503 have been released twice; first without and then with the “Distributed by Kent Gospel Records” logo. In addition, the cover art and the album titles are completely different. The second issue of LP 500 had differences in the track listing as well. The reissue LP’s were titled “Here’s Willie Cotton” (#500), “The Circle” (#501) and “Things Will Be Better” (#503). LP 503 (first issue) is listed as an August 1970 release in Billboard Magazine.
  • LP 502 by the Pilgrim Travelers is only known with the “Distributed by Kent Gospel Records” logo, but maybe there’s an earlier version too. LP 502 is mentioned on the back cover of the original versions of Proverb LP 503 by the Watts Community Choir (1970) and Gospel Corner LP 500 by Prince Dixon (1970). This is referring to an earlier version of LP 502, but there are no further details. Maybe it’s unreleased.
  • The back cover of the known version of LP 502 mentions their 1971 Kent LP (#564; “Did You Stop To Pray This Morning”), so this version of LP 502 must have been released in 1971 or later.
  • Proverb 1040 (Watts Community Choir) mentions the LP “What The World Needs Now”; this should probably read “We Need More Love” (the title of the original version of LP 503).
  • Click here for a photograph of the Vocal-Aires of Birmingham, Ala. (Proverb 1009, 1015).
  • All years given are estimates, based on some other sources and a supposed number chronology, but there may be several errors.
  • This page lists all known gospel releases, 45’s and LP’s on the Proverb label.


45rpm releases:

releaseartistartist as shownsongsyear
Proverb 100Mighty Clouds of JoyClouds of JoyLord, You Woke Me Up This Morning b/w A Christian’s Plea1959-61
Proverb 102Miller, Sister MinnieHis Eye Is On The Sparrow b/w Jesus Is All1959-61
Proverb 103Mighty Clouds of JoyMighty, Mighty Clouds of JoySwing Down Chariot b/w Jesus Is Real1959-61
Proverb 103Chambers Jr., Rev. T.M.You Don’t Know (What I Know), Pt. 1 b/w You Don’t Know (What I Know), Pt. 21959-61
Proverb 11-22-1963Henderson, BrotherEleven-Twenty Two Nineteen Sixty Three, Pt. 1 b/w Eleven-Twenty Two Nineteen Sixty Three, Pt. 21963
Proverb 1000Los Angeles TravelersJust A Closer Walk With Thee b/w I Stretch My Hands To Thee1962
Proverb 1000Woodard, Brother Lloyd b/w Rev. Lonnie FarrisBrother Lloyd Woodard b/w Rev. Lonnie Farris and his electric steel guitarSweet Hour Of Prayer #1 b/w Peace In The Valley1962
Proverb 1001Sanctified SixPrayer Changes Things b/w God Rode In A Wind Storm1962
Proverb 1001Woodard, Brother Lloyd b/w Lonnie FarrisBrother Lloyd Woodard b/w Rev. Lonnie Farris and his Gospel FlamesSweet Hour Of Prayer b/w Peace In The Valley196?
Proverb 1002Chambers Jr., Rev. T.M.The Man Jesus, Pt. 1 b/w The Man Jesus, Pt. 2 (sermon)1962
Proverb 1002Pilgrim TravelersWorld Famous Pilgrim TravelersWhen I’m Gone b/w Mother Bowed1962
Proverb 1003Revelation WondersRevelaton WondersJust To Behold His Face b/w Just A Little While1962-63
Proverb 1003Ross, Horace C.The Holy Ghost (Got A Hold Of Me), Pt. 1 b/w The Holy Ghost (Got A Hold Of Me), Pt. 2 (sermon)1962-63
Proverb 1004Easley Jr., Rev. R.E.Rev. R.E. Easley, Jr. of Los Angeles, Calif.Lord, Hold That Train, Pt. 1 b/w Lord, Hold That Train, Pt. 2 (sermon)1962-63
Proverb 1004Woodard, Brother LloydLloyd Woodard with Melvin Boyd and Ohio WondersHe Will Take Care, Pt. 1 b/w He Will Take Care, Pt. 2 (sermonette)1962-63
Proverb 1005Phoenix All Stars of Phoenix, Arizona"Lord" I Love To Call Your Name b/w Please Stand By Me1962-63
Proverb 1005Singing CorinthiansSweet Home b/w Lord Hold My Hand1962-63
Proverb 1006Patterson and Roger Williams Choir, Delores b/w Roger Williams ChoirPilate’s Hall b/w Thanking Him1963-64
Proverb 1007Pilgrim TravelersWorld Famous Pilgrim TravelersWhat Is This b/w Where Shall I Go1963-64
Proverb 1008Mighty Sons of JoyMighty Sons of Joy of Ft. Worth, TexasHold Me In Your Arms b/w At The Cross1963-64
Proverb 1008James, Rev. Lee P. b/w Fantabulous "Little Joe"Rev. Lee P. James b/w the late "Fantabulous" Little JoeLord Have Mercy b/w I'll Over Come1963-64
Proverb 1009Fantabulous "Little Joe"The Gospel Truth, Pt. 1 b/w The Gospel Truth, Pt. 21963-64
Proverb 1009Vocal-Aires of Birmingham, Ala.A. Wallace and Vocal-Aires of Birmingham, Ala. b/w Rev. E. Jones and Vocal-Aires of Birmingham, Ala.Without God b/w What About You1963-64
Proverb 1010Moore, Rev. ClintonRev. Clinton Moore (The Blind Evangelist of Cincinnati, Ohio)God Specializes, Pt. 1 b/w God Specializes, Pt. 21964-65
Proverb 1010Farris, Rev. LonnieRev. Lonnie Farris and his Gospel FlamesHis Love b/w The Holy Spirit1964
Proverb 1011James, Rev. Lee P. b/w Fantabulous "Little Joe"Prayer b/w I'll Over Come1964-65
Proverb 1011Singing CorinthiansPrayer Changes Things b/w When You Have Rivers1964-65
Proverb 1012Radio Choir of Pilgrim Progressive Baptist Church b/w Rev. Marvin HinesI’m Going To Thank Him b/w These Are They1964-65
Proverb 1012Carter and Los Angeles Community Youth Choir, MelvinEvery Now And Then, Pt. 1 b/w Every Now And Then, Pt. 21964-65
Proverb 1013Los Angeles Soul RevivorsNever Alone b/w Operator1964-65
Proverb 1013Pilgrim TravelersWorld Famous Pilgrim TravelersJesus Knows b/w Nothing But The Blood1964-65
Proverb 1014Golden CrownsBig Paul Foster’s Los Angeles Golden CrownsA Closer Walk b/w The Lord’s Prayer1964-65
Proverb 1014Moore, Rev. ClintonRev. Clinton Moore (The Blind Evangelist of Cincinnati, Ohio)Tis The Old Ship Of Zion, Pt. 1 b/w Tis The Old Ship Of Zion, Pt. 21964-65
Proverb 1015Singing CorinthiansShoes b/w The Cross1964-65
Proverb 1015Vocal-Aires of Birmingham, Ala.Jacobs Ladder b/w Working On The Building1964-65
Proverb 1016Los Angeles All StarsI'm Living A Saved Life Now b/w The Walls Of Jericho1965
Proverb 1016Ohio WondersMelvin Boyd and Ohio WondersLord, You're So Good To Me b/w Stand By Me1964-65
Proverb 1017Singing CorinthiansSinging Corinthians of Los Angeles, Calif.Don’t Cry b/w Prayer Changes Things1965-66
Proverb 1018Dixon, PrinceBro. Prince Dixon and the Dixon SpecialsRoll The Train Easy b/w The Altar1965-66
Proverb 1018Woodard, Brother Lloyd b/w Rev. Lonnie FarrisBrother Lloyd Woodard b/w Rev. Lonnie Farris and his electric steel guitarSweet Hour Of Prayer b/w Peace In The Valley1965-66
Proverb 1019Cotton, WillieBrother Willie CottonHe’s The One b/w Old Ship Of Zion1965-66
Proverb 1019Los Angeles Travelers b/w Gospel FiveJust A Closer Walk With Thee b/w Just A Closer Walk With Thee1965-66
Proverb 1020Pilgrim TravelersPeace In The Valley b/w A Soldier's Plea1965-66
Proverb 1020Miller, Sister MinnieHis Eye Is On The Sparrow b/w Jesus Is All1965-66
Proverb 1021Nu-Lite Gospel SingersNu-Lite Gospel Singers of Kansas City, MO.Lot's Wife b/w I Believe1966-67
Proverb 1021Chambers BrothersChambers Brothers of Los AngelesI Trust In God b/w Just A Little More Faith1966-67
Proverb 1022Cotton, WillieBlessed Assurance b/w Trying To Get Home1966-67
Proverb 1022Fantabulous "Little Joe"Never Grow Old b/w Talk About A Child1966-67
Proverb 1023Los Angeles AngelsBlow Wind Blow b/w Something Within Me1966-67
Proverb 1023Mighty Clouds of JoyMighty Mighty Clouds of JoyLord, You Woke Me Up b/w Jesus Is Real1966-67
Proverb 1024Los Angeles AngelsWhisper A Prayer b/w Just A Little Talk1966-67
Proverb 1024Chambers Jr., Rev. T.M.You Don’t Know (Like I Know), Pt. 1 b/w You Don’t Know (Like I Know), Pt. 21966-67
Proverb 1025Cotton, WillieJoy To The World b/w I'll Be Home For Xmas1966-67
Proverb 1025Henderson, HelenHe’s A Light b/w Come To The Altar1966-67
Proverb 1026Los Angeles AngelsWalk On By Faith b/w The Saints1966-67
Proverb 1026Carter and Los Angeles Community Youth Choir, MelvinEvery Now And Then, Pt. 1 b/w Every Now And Then, Pt. 21966-67
Proverb 1027Ohio Wonders"Big Bad Bashful" John McNeil and Ohio Wonders b/w Ohio WondersMy Savior's Care b/w Going Home To Live With Jesus1966-67
Proverb 1027Williams Young Adult Choir, RogerHave You Heard Of A City, Pt. 1 b/w Have You Heard Of A City, Pt. 21966-67
Proverb 1028Bram, EmilyMadame Emily BramOne Day b/w Let God Abide1966-67
Proverb 1028Nu-Lite Gospel SingersNu-Lite Gospel Singers of K.C. MOYou’ve Been So Good b/w Rock Of Ages1966-67
Proverb 1029Cotton, WillieLook For Me, Pt. 1 b/w Look For Me, Pt. 21966-67
Proverb 1030Little Miss JaniceScarred Knees b/w Won’t Be Back1967
Proverb 1031Wafer, JamesJames Wafer (Mr. Pilgrim Travellers) [sic]What A Friend b/w Pilgrim Of Sorrow1967-69
Proverb 1033Los Angeles AngelsHow Great Thou Art b/w New Born Soul1967-69
Proverb 1034Cotton, WillieUse What I Have b/w Last Mile1967-69
Proverb 1035Pilgrim TravelersJames Wafer and the Pilgrim TravelersHelp Me To Carry On b/w Mercy Lord1967-69
Proverb 1036Los Angeles AngelsWhen You Need A Friend b/w So Much To Thank Jesus For1967-69
Proverb 1037Cotton, WillieTake Me To The Water b/w Freedom Marchers1967-69
Proverb 1040Watts Community ChoirWhat The World Needs Now b/w Keep On, Keeping On1968-70
Proverb 1041Singing CorinthiansWandering Child b/w Don't Put Off Today1968-70
Proverb 1042Watts Community ChoirFabulous Watts Community ChoirHe’s Not Heavy b/w The Lord’s Prayer1968-70
Proverb 1045Los Angeles AngelsWhite Xmas b/w Silent Night1968-70


LP releases:

releaseartistartist as showntitleyear
Proverb LP 100Mighty Clouds of JoyMighty, Mighty Clouds of JoyLet's Have Churchc. 1959-61
Proverb LP 101Chambers Jr., Rev. T.M.The Sermon From The Step Ladder (sermon)c. 1959-61
Proverb LP 102VariousGospel Varietiesc. 1959-61
Proverb LP 103Chambers Jr., Rev. T.M.The Devil Wants You (sermon)c. 1959-61
Proverb LP 5000Ross, Horace C.Rev. H.C. Ross of Los Angeles, Calif.This Amazing Jesus (sermon)1964-65
Proverb LP 5001Chambers Jr., Rev. T.M.Title unknown (sermon)1964-65
Proverb LP (?)Revelation Wonders (?)Just To Behold His Face1964-68
Proverb LP (?)Roger Williams Choir (?)Running For Jesus1964-68
Proverb LP (?)Radio Choir of Pilgrim Progressive Baptist Church (?)The Great Coronation1964-68
Proverb LP (?)Moore, Rev. ClintonWithout A Song1964-68
Proverb LP (?)Moore, Rev. ClintonThe Edge Of Night1964-68
Proverb LP XX01VariousThe Best From The West1966-67
Proverb LP 6-7205Various20 Great Gospel Sounds1968-69
Proverb LP 7-7353Various20 Great Gospel Songs1968-69
Proverb LP 7-7688Various20 Great Spirituals1968-69
Proverb LP 500Willie CottonTake Me To The Water1968-69
Proverb LP 501Los Angeles AngelsBlow Wind Blow1968-69
Proverb LP 502Pilgrim TravelersWorld Famous Pilgrim TravelersPeace In The Valley1971-72
Proverb LP 503Watts Community ChoirFabulous Watts Community ChoirWe Need More Love1970