Tru-Sound LP 60001

Clefs of Calvary: Baptized!(1962)


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pos. title recorded
A1 Save Me 1962 Tru-Sound 1
A2 God's Love 1962 Tru-Sound 1
A3 Goin' Down To The River 1962
A4 Wait A Little Longer 1962
A5 Troubles Of This World 1962 Tru-Sound 9
A6 Oh Lord Remember Me 1962
B1 Baptized 1962 Tru-Sound 5
B2 A Stranger In Any Land 1962 Tru-Sound 5
B3 While The Blood Runs Warm 1962 Tru-Sound 9
B4 God Knows The Reason Why 1962
B5 Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine 1962
B6 Father Forgive Them 1962



  • This album was recorded during two sessions in May 1962.
  • “Troubles Of This World” as “Troubles Of The World” on Tru-Sound 9, “While The Blood Runs Warm” as “While The Bloods Running Warm” on Tru-Sound 9.
  • This album is available on CD-r and as a download.