Hy-Tone gospel discography (c. 1963 – early 70’s)


Hy-Tone gospel

  • There were several Hy-Tone labels, this discography is about the Hy-Tone label from California, although in the 1970’s it operated from Dallas, TX. The Texas 45’s were released in the 300 and 400 series, but Hytone 371 (note the alternative spelling) shows one of the California addresses (13515 Van Nuys Blvd.).
  • The exact years of release are unknown, but it seems that most Californian 45’s were released in the mid 1960’s.
  • There were at least three Californian addresses for this Hy-Tone label: 1190 Browning Boulevard – Los Angeles, 1149 S. Highland Ave – Los Angeles, 13515 Van Nuys Blvd – Pacoima.
  • Hy-Tone 108 (Melody Kings) has been released twice, featuring the same songs, but one version features live recordings, the other studio recordings. There are no differences in the labels.
  • Proverb was in a way connected to Hy-Tone, check the Proverb discography for more details.
  • Click here for a photograph of the Mighty Cross of Calvary (Hy-Tone 206).
  • Click here for a photograph of the Unity Travelers of Ferriday, LA. (Hy-Tone 100, 111 and one with an unknown number).
  • This page lists all known Hy-Tone gospel releases (45’s and one LP).


45rpm releases:

releaseartistartist as shownsongsyear
Hy-Tone 0010Golden HummingbirdsGolden Humming BirdsHe's Using Me b/w The Blood1963-66
Hy-Tone 100Unity TravelersUnity Travelers of Ferriday, LAI Believe b/w God's Word Will Never Pass Away1963-66
Hy-Tone 101Melody KingsIf You Have The Faith b/w Take Your Burdens To The Lord1963-66
Hy-Tone 103Crowns of Glory of Dallas, TexasHe's Alright b/w I'm In Your Care1963-66
Hy-Tone 104Mighty Warriors of Hollywood, Calif.Very Soon b/w I Shall Not Be Moved1963-66
Hy-Tone 105Sons of FaithHow Did You Feel b/w Swing Low Sweet Chariot 1963-66
Hy-Tone 106Choraliers Singers of Dayton, OhioI Thank You Lord b/w Meet Me In The City1963-66
Hy-Tone 107Evangelist Singers of Hamilton, OhioMy Work Will Be Done b/w Ease My Troubleing Mind [sic] 1963-66
Hy-Tone 108Melody KingsMelody Kings of Los Angeles, Calif.Two Wings b/w Walk Close To Thee 1963-66
Hy-Tone 109Earl of Los Angeles, Calif., Evangelist LucretiaWhen Jesus Comes b/w Take Hold 1963-66
Hy-Tone 110Victory Gospel Singers of Ft. Wayne, Ind.Standing In The Safety Zone b/w You Got To Move1963-66
Hy-Tone 111Unity TravelersUnity Travelers of Los Angeles, Calif.Work Until The Days Are Done b/w Revelation1963-66
Hy-Tone 112Religious Gospelaires of Lincoln Heights, OhioPlease Move These Things b/w I'm Satisfied1963-66
Hy-Tone 114Traveling SoulsTraveling Souls of Terrell, TexasHe May Not Come When You Want Him b/w How Long Did Jesus Stay Here 1963-66
Hy-Tone 115Daniels, Rev. Wilbert LeoReverend and Mrs. Wilbert Leo DanielsSpread The News b/w Just Make It In1963-66
Hy-Tone 116Harp Tones of Cincinnati, OhioDear Lord Forgive Me b/w I Made It1963-66
Hy-Tone 117Melody KingsMelody Kings of Los Angeles, Calif.I'm Going To Walk Through The Streets, Pt. 1 b/w I'm Going To Walk Through The Streets, Pt. 21963-66
Hy-Tone 118Spiritual Wonders of Boston, Mass.Don't Leave Me Here b/w Heaven On My Mind1963-66
Hy-Tone 201Kelly Singers of Little Rock, Ark.He's My Joy b/w Eternal Life Is the Gift of God 1963-66
Hy-Tone 202Daniels, Rev. Wilbert LeoRev. and Mrs. Wilbert Leo DanielsThere's A Bright Side Somewhere b/w Lord Hold Me In Your Arms1963-66
Hy-Tone 203Daniels, Rev. Wilbert LeoPrecious Lord, Pt. 1 b/w Precious Lord, Pt. 21963-66
Hy-Tone 204Snead, Rev. Willie T.Rev. Willie T. Snead of Los Angeles, Calif.The Labor's Are Few b/w Bread Of Heaven 1963-66
Hy-Tone 205Golden Eagles Singers of Birmingham, Ala.I'm So Glad I'm No Stranger b/w Nobody Knows1963-66
Hy-Tone 206Mighty Cross of Calavary of Los Angeles, Calif.How Blessed You Are b/w Good Time1963-66
Hy-Tone 207Golden HummingbirdsGolden Hummingbirds of Birmingham, Ala.He's Listening b/w Build On That Show1963-66
Hy-Tone 208Dozier Singers of Los Angeles, Calif.Fight On b/w Be Saved1963-66
Hy-Tone 209Triumph AiresThe Mind Of Christ b/w Reveal 1963-66
Hy-Tone 210Spirits of Joy of Toledo, OhioMother Stay With Me b/w Hide Me1963-66
Hy-Tone 211First Baptist Church Choir of Birmingham, Ala.I Didn’t Have No Doubt b/w Jesus1963-66
Hy-Tone 213Spiritual Knights of Trenton, NJI've Got Shoes b/w Jesus Loves Me1963-66
Hy Tone 303Original BirdsI Know I’m A Child Of God b/w Going To The City197?
Hy-Tone 307Golden HummingbirdsGolden Hummingbirds of Birmingham, Ala.By The Grace Of God b/w Blessed Quietness197?
Hy-Tone 371Snead, Rev. Willie T.Rev. W.T. SneedTo Be Like Jesus b/w Move Up A Little Higher197?
Hy-Tone 401Traveling SoulsTraveling Souls of Dallas TexasFarther Along b/w God Is Getting Tired197?
Hy-Tone 402Birds of WonderWhere Could I Go b/w God Will Answer Prayer197?
Hy-Tone 403Goss and Sunny South Singers, JasperNo No Nothing Can Change b/w Farther Along197?
Hy-Tone (nn)Golden HummingbirdsGolden Hummingbirds of Birmingham, Ala.When I Reach The City Called Glory b/w When The Saints Go Marching In?
Hy-Tone (nn)Golden HummingbirdsGolden Hummingbirds of Birmingham, Ala.Amen b/w I Need The Lord?
Hy-Tone (?)Daniels, Rev. Wilbert LeoRev. Leo Daniels (?)Viet-Nam b/w Few More Tears?
Hy-Tone (?)Unity TravelersSomebody Bigger Than You And I b/w Good-By?


LP release:

releaseartistartist as showntitleyear
Hy-Tone LP 100New Hope Missionary Baptist Church ChoirLet's Praise The Lord197?