Gospel Recordings LP 14008

Pittsburgh All Stars: Good Things Come To Those Who Wait (c. 1969-70)


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A1Oh Lordc. 1969-70
A2Jacob's Ladderc. 1969-70
A3Don't Put Off Todayc. 1969-70
A4Happy Timec. 1969-70
A5Love Liftedc. 1969-70
B1Lord, It's A Shamec. 1969-70
B2Good Thingsc. 1969-70
B3Tomorrow & Yesterdayc. 1969-70
B4Won't It Be Wonderfulc. 1969-70
B5Joshuac. 1969-70



  • The back cover states this group was formed in 1966 and that this album was their second major recording. Their first is unknown or it must have been one of the three P.A.S. single releases.
  • The group members at the time of these recordings, include Malachi Smith, Joseph Flowers (though he doesn’t sing on this album due to illness), Frank Paylor, Abraham Humphries, Ronald Marshall, Donald Marshall and William Zachery. James Dingle, Malachi Smith and James Paylor split from the Sunrising Kings (Savoy). For several members a previous group called the Christian Travelers is also mentioned, but it’s unknown to which group it refers.
  • There were no (known) singles drawn from this album, though three 45’s were released on the group’s own P.A.S. label, probably following (not preceeding? – see first note) the release of this album.
  • This album is available on CD-r and as a download.