• Sharp was a subsidiary label of Savoy, releasing gospel as well as secular material.
  • Sharp 606 (Eddie Williams and the Crusaders) was reissued on Savoy 4340 in the 1970’s.
  • The Harmonizing Five (of Burlington, NC) recorded with Thermon Ruth as the Harmoneers on Savoy 4208.
  • Sharp 609 has probably not been released.
  • Early Savoy catalogues often list the first song (or another) on an album as the album title; the actual LP title was neglected or an album title was given where there was none. I have corrected most of these mistakes but it may lead to some inconsistencies with other information found on the internet and elsewhere.
  • This page lists all known gospel releases (45’s and LP’s) on the Sharp label.



45rpm releases:

releaseartistartist as shownsongsyear
Sharp 601CaravansSolid Rock b/w Jesus1960
Sharp 602CaravansThink Of His Goodness To You b/w Tell The Angels1960
Sharp 603Staple SingersThis Same Jesus b/w This May Be My Last Time1960
Sharp 604Gospel CavaliersHe Gave Us You b/w Are You Listening1960
Sharp 605Williams, EddieEddie Williams and the CrusadersWhere Is Your Child b/w Come On In The Arc Now1960
Sharp 606Williams, EddieEddie Williams and the CrusadersThey Won't Believe In Me b/w Pass Me Not1960
Sharp 607Gospel CavaliersWho Was It b/w I Found Out1960
Sharp 608Joy HarmonizersHe's A Mighty Rock b/w Soon One Morning1960
Sharp 610Smith SistersFamous Smith SistersBlessed Is The Man b/w Give Me The Holy Spirit1960
Sharp 611Joy HarmonizersHe Cares b/w Thank You Lord1960
Sharp 612Spiritual SonsHe Don't Love You (Like Jesus Loves You) b/w Don't You Want To Go1961
Sharp 613Murray SingersThe Lord Saveth Me b/w Trouble1961
Sharp 614Taylor, Prof. CharlesLord What About Me b/w Test In Judgement1961
Sharp 615Rasberry SingersRaymond Rasberry Singers (?)If I Work For Jesus b/w Jesus Is Ever Near1961
Sharp 616Stars of FaithTouch Me Lord Jesus, Pt. 1 b/w Touch Me Lord Jesus, Pt. 21961
Sharp 617Harmonizing FiveHarmonizing Five of Burlington, NCI Don't Need Nobody But The Lord b/w The Glorious Voice Of God1961
Sharp 618Spiritual SonsHold To God's Hand b/w Hard Times Coming Through The Years1961
Sharp 619Rasberry SingersRaymond Rasberry Singers (?)The Chariot's Coming b/w Somebody's Knocking1961
Sharp 620North Philadelphia JuniorsPen Of Love b/w I Know Jesus Is Calling1961
Sharp 621Taylor, Prof. CharlesSaved And I Know I Am b/w Just Like Jesus1961-62
Sharp 622Gospel EmeraldsWe're On Our Way b/w I've Been Running1962
Sharp 623Murray SingersJewels b/w When You Pray1962
Sharp 624Jenkins Singers, SallySome Day b/w I've Done What You Told Me To Do1962
Sharp 625Royal SilvertonesBuild Me A Cabin b/w Savior, Don't Pass Me By1962
Sharp 626Tomlin ChoirRev. J.A. Tomlin ChoirDon't Listen To A Liar b/w Sing Amen1962
Sharp 627Ellison SingersHe's Holding Me b/w In My Upper Room1962
Sharp 628Gospel MessengersWalking With Jesus b/w Waiting1962
Sharp 629ChristonesLittle Jimmy Davis and the ChristonesIf I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again b/w Faith1962
Sharp 630North Philadelphia JuniorsBattle Ax b/w A Grave Can't Hold My Body Down1962
Sharp 631Gospel MessengersJoy Like a River b/w His Love1962
Sharp 632Greater Harvest Baptist Church ChoirWithout God b/w What A Difference In My Life1962
Sharp 633Gospel EmeraldsDaniel b/w Blest Is He That Cometh1962-63
Sharp 634Royal TravelersMighty Royal TravelersSend My Child b/w Closed Doors1963
Sharp 635Ellison SingersLorraine Ellison and the Ellison SingersOpen Up Your Heart b/w This Is The Day1963
Sharp 636Gospel CavaliersWonderful Jesus b/w This Is The Moment1963
Sharp 637ChristonesLord, It's Me b/w I Love To Call His Name1963
Sharp 638Sensational SixGuide My Mind b/w I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray1963
Sharp 639Royal TravelersJesus Changed My Life b/w In The Need Of Prayer1963
Sharp 640Taylor, Prof. CharlesMade It Over b/w Everybody Should Serve The Lord1963-64
Sharp 641Soul SatisfiersDeliver Me b/w He'll Do Better Things For You1964
Sharp 642Jenkins Singers, SallyDon't Drive Me Away b/w Pray, Pray, Pray1964


LP releases:

releaseartistartist as showntitleyear
Sharp LP 2009Harmonizing FiveThe Hands Of The Lord1962
Sharp LP 2010Crum, Rev. H.B.Rev. H.B. Crum with the Golden Keysno title1962
Sharp LP 2011Corinthian Gospel SingersCity Called Heaven1962
Sharp LP 2012Murrie SingersJewels1962
Sharp LP 2013North Philadelphia JuniorsIn The Building1962
Sharp LP 2014Ellison SingersHe’s Holding Me1962
Sharp LP 2015Jenkins Singers, SallyHelp Me To Run This Race1962
Sharp LP 2016Greater Harvest Baptist Church ChoirGreater Harvest Baptist Church Choir of Chicago, Ill.A Gospel Program1963
Sharp LP 2017Gospel MessengersHis Love1963
Sharp LP 2018Gospel EmeraldsBlest Is He That Cometh1963
Sharp LP 2019Gospel CavaliersThis Is The Moment1963