Gusman LP 1001

Six Voices of Zion of Columbia, SC: Thank You Jesus (1972-73)


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pos. title recorded single
A1 He'll Help Me Along The Way 1972-73
A2 If You Got Jesus You Don't Need Nobody Else 1972-73
A3 Stand By Me 1972-73
A4 Lord It Takes A Clean Hand And A Pure Heart 1972-73
A5 Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray 1972-73
A6 No Man Could Work While It's Dark 1972-73
B1 You Promised Me Jesus c. 1969 Golden Cross 103
B2 You Got To Move c. 1969 Golden Cross 103
B3 Another Year c. 1966 Pitch 110, Gusman 103
B4 When My Time Comes To Die c. 1966 Pitch 110, Gusman 103
B5 Keep On Tramping c. 1965-66 Pitch 108
B6 Thank You Jesus c. 1965-66 Pitch 108



  • This album is available on CD-r and as a download.