Gusman LP 1001

Six Voices of Zion of Columbia, SC: Thank You Jesus (1972-73)


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A1;He’ll Help Me Along The Way;1972-73;
A2;If You Got Jesus You Don’t Need Nobody Else;1972-73;
A3;Stand By Me;1972-73;
A4;Lord It Takes A Clean Hand And A Pure Heart;1972-73;
A5;Couldn’t Hear Nobody Pray;1972-73;
A6;No Man Could Work While It’s Dark;1972-73;
B1;You Promised Me Jesus;c. 1969;Golden Cross 103
B2;You Got To Move;c. 1969;Golden Cross 103
B3;Another Year;c. 1966;Pitch 110, Gusman 103
B4;When My Time Comes To Die;c. 1966;Pitch 110, Gusman 103
B5;Keep On Tramping;c. 1965-66;Pitch 108
B6;Thank You Jesus;c. 1965-66;Pitch 108



  • This album is available on CD-r and as a download.