Dooto & Dootone gospel discography (c. 1952-63)


Dootone gospel

  • The Dootone Record label was formed in 1951 by Walter (Dootsie) Williams in Los Angeles, California. Williams had started a label called “Blue Records” in 1949. In 1951, he changed the name of the label to Dootone. The label’s output consisted of rhythm and blues, jazz, comedy, gospel and popular music. The Dootone name was changed to Dooto in January 1957 (to avoid a lawsuit from Duo-Tone Records). Singles numbered 301 to 409 were on the Dootone label, with the switch to Dooto coming at single #410. Albums changed from Dootone at #223, released in 1956, to Dooto at #224, released in 1957. Later on (from the early 1960’s onwards?) both label names were used (as the issue with Duo-Tone was either resolved of forgotten), both for new issues and for reissues. This makes it sometimes hard to distinguish an original release from a reissue. The listing below intends to give the original releases, but at least some of them appeared both on Dootone and Dooto.
  • Dootone 382 by the Ramparts is in fact no gospel; it tells the story of the murder of Emmett Till in 1955. This terrible crime had great impact on the Civil Rights Movement. The song (in two parts) was written by A.C. Bilbrew (see Dootone 339) and although credited to the Ramparts, it’s a solo performance with guitar.
  • Dootone 702 was first released on Authentic 702 in 1956.
  • Although (some copies of?) Dootone 406 has (have) the Harmonizers listed for “I Shall Not Be Moved”, it appears that this group is in fact the Kansas City Soul Revivers as well.
  • Dootone 307 (1952) was reissued as Dooto 607 (1963).
  • The Whippoorwills had various secular releases on Dootone. It’s doubtful if #387 should be seen as a gospel release.
  • Dootone LP 221 was also released on Authentic LP 221.
  • Click here for a photograph of the Zion Travelers.
  • This page lists all known Dooto and Dootone gospel singles and LP’s.


78 & 45rpm releases:

releaseartistartist as shownsongsyear
Dootone 307Spiritual WayfarersHelp Some Weary Soul b/w Hush, Somebody's Calling My Name1952
Dootone 313Sims Brothers SextetOcean Of Prayer b/w God Can Set The World On Fire1952
Dootone 326Sims Brothers SextetI'm So Glad There's A God In Heaven b/w Say Yes Hallelu1953
Dootone 339Bilbrew Quartet b/w A.C. BilbrewIt's Mother's Day (So Wear A Carnation) b/w The Regular Fellow's Prayer1954
Dootone 350Taylor, (Rev.) JohnOcean Of Prayer b/w It Is No Secret1954
Dootone 382RampartsThe Death Of Emmett Till, Pt. 1 b/w The Death Of Emmett Till, Pt. 21956
Dootone/Dooto 383Kansas City Soul ReviversK.C. Soul Revivers (?)Salesman For My Lord b/w It's All Right1956
Dootone 386Gospel Light SingersGospel Light Singers of Moultrie, GeorgiaTime Moves On b/w I Need You Lord (Yes I Do)1956
Dootone 387WhippoorwillsGod Is My Partner b/w Fight On And Win1956
Dootone 389Zion TravelersTwo Little Fishes b/w The Death Of Jesus1956
Dootone 392Randolph Singers, LillianWere You There b/w Rock-a My Soul1956
Dootone 395Kansas City Soul ReviversJesus Came At Midnight b/w In The Garden1956
Dootone/Dooto 399Zion TravelersClose to Thee b/w Soldier Of The Cross1956
Dootone 406Kansas City Soul ReviversHarmonizers b/w Kansas City Soul ReviversI Shall Not Be Moved b/w I Don't Need No One Else1956
Dooto 459Zion TravelersGod I'll Live b/w Packin' Up1959
Dooto 466Zion TravelersLord Hold My Hand b/w Bless Me1961
Dootone 473Zion TravelersI Got To Move b/w Lord I'll Go1963
Dooto 475Zion TravelersI Don't Have To Cross Jordan Alone b/w Just A Little Talk With Jesus1963
Dooto 602Zion TravelersThe Blood b/w I Want To Go To Heaven And Rest1963
Dooto 607Spiritual WayfarersHelp Some Weary Soul b/w Hush, Somebody's Calling My Name1963
Dootone 702Friendly FiveStand Up For The Lord b/w Jesus Will Answer Prayer1963?


LP releases:

releaseartistartist as showntitleyear
Dootone LP 221Randolph Singers, LillianLillian Randolph and her SingersSpiritual Moments1956
Dooto LP 225VariousThe Best Gospel Singers1957
Dooto LP 807Zion HarmonizersDown By The River1962