Woodrich LP 105

Deep South Singers (196?-7?)


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pos. title recorded
A1 I'll Let Nothing Separate Me From God's Love 196?-7?
A2 Like The Man From Galilee 196?-7?
A3 My New Home 196?-7?
A4 Have You Decided 196?-7?
A5 Like A Ship That's Tossed And Driven 196?-7?
A6 Nobody But The Lord 196?-7?
B1 Sing Until The Power Of The Lord Comes Down 196?-7?
B2 Trouble In My Way 196?-7?
B3 I'll Sing On For Jesus 196?-7?
B4 Home Don't Seem Like Home 196?-7?
B5 When The World Is On Fire 196?-7?
B6 I've Got Jesus 196?-7?



  • “I’ll Let Nothing Separate Me From God’s Love” as “I’ll Let Nothing Separate Me From God Love” on the label, “Like A Ship That’s Tossed And Driven” as “Like A Ship That Toss And Driven”.
  • No singles were drawn from this album.
  • This album is available on CD-r and as a download.