Apollo gospel discography (1946-62)


Apollo gospel

  • Apollo Records was an independent record label, in business from 1944 until 1962. It was formed in New York City in 1944 by Bess Berman and her husband Isaac “Ike” Berman together with Hy Siegel and Sam Schneider. Apollo is most remembered for early doo-wop recordings from groups such as the Larks and the 5 Royales, blues artists such as Champion Jack Dupree, Duke Henderson and Doc Pomus and for releasing gospel records, particularly those by Mahalia Jackson. (source: Wikipedia)
  • Some gospel sides were released on Lloyds, an Apollo subsidiary label.
  • Apollo 120, 121 and 122 (Georgia Peach) were released together in Apollo album #6, called “Spiritual Moods”.
  • The Royal Sons Quintet (with Lowman Pauling, see Apollo 253 & 266) became the 5 Royales, a group that had big secular successes on Apollo, King and other labels.
  • The reverse side of Apollo 1184 by the Larks (a.k.a. the Southern Harmonaires, the Selah Jubilee Singers, etc.) is secular (“My Reverie”).
  • Apollo 539 and 750 (Mahalia Jackson) feature songs that were previously available on Apollo 235 and 245, from 1950 and 1951.
  • Apollo 314 (Mahalia Jackson) is a reissue of #286. More on Mahalia Jackson: “I’m Going To Tell God” (#110) was reissued on #291, “His Eye Is On The Sparrow” (#246) was reissued on #311, “I Can Put My Trust In Jesus” (#213) was reissued on #311, “Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen” (#313) is an alt. take of “Nobody Knows” (#298).
  • Apollo LP’s 201 and 202 (both by Mahalia Jackson) are in the 10 inch format.
  • Apollo 1204 and 1205 by the Golden Gate Quartet are bootlegs, issued in the mid 1970’s. They’re excluded from the discography.
  • This page lists all known Apollo gospel single and LP releases.



45 & 78rpm releases:

releaseartistartist as shownsongsyear
Apollo 103Georgia PeachGeorgia Peach with the HarmonairesShady Green Pastures b/w Here Am I, Do Lord Send Me1946
Apollo 104Dixie HummingbirdsDixie Humming BirdsIn The Storm Too Long b/w Every Knee Surely Must Bow1946
Apollo 107Georgia PeachGeorgia Peach with the HarmonairesWho Is That Knocking? b/w Where The Sun Will Never Go Down1946
Apollo 108Dixie HummingbirdsDixie Humming BirdsMy Record Will Be There b/w Amazing Grace1946
Apollo 110Jackson, Mahalia(I’m Goin' To) Wait Until My Change Comes b/w I’m Going To Tell God1946
Apollo 112Reliable Jubilee SingersJesus, Lover Of My Soul b/w God’s Eye Is On The Sparrow1946
Apollo 120 Georgia PeachGeorgia Peach with Reliable Jubilee SingersSee About Me b/w Saviour Don’t Pass Me By1947
Apollo 121Georgia PeachGeorgia Peach with Reliable Jubilee SingersTear Down Confusion In This Land b/w Just One Moment1947
Apollo 122Georgia PeachGeorgia Peach with Reliable Jubilee SingersI Don’t Know Why (I Have To Cry Sometime) b/w The Sea Gave Way1947
Apollo 131Reliable Jubilee SingersTell Me Why You Like Roosevelt, Pt. 1 b/w Tell Me Why You Like Roosevelt, Pt. 21947
Apollo 132Dixie HummingbirdsDixie Humming BirdsOne Day b/w Don’t You Want To Join That Number1947
Apollo 133Reliable Jubilee SingersStanding On The Highway b/w Didn’t It Rain1947
Apollo 137Two Gospel KeysCan’t No Grave Hold My Body Down b/w Jesus Met The Woman At The Well1947
Apollo 145Jackson, MahaliaI Want To Rest b/w He Knows My Heart1947
Apollo 155Dixie HummingbirdsDixie Humming BirdsJust A Closer Walk With Thee b/w Ezekiel Saw The Wheel1947
Apollo 162Two Gospel KeysI Don’t Want To Go Down There, Pt. 1 b/w I Don’t Want To Go Down There, Pt. 21947
Apollo 163Willett, Sister DorothyStrange Things Happening Every Day b/w I Claim Jesus1947
Apollo 164Jackson, MahaliaMove On Up A Little Higher, Pt. 1 b/w Move On Up A Little Higher, Pt. 21947
Apollo 176Reliable Jubilee SingersOpen Up Those Pearly Gates b/w God Shall Wipe All Tears Away1948
Apollo 178Jackson, MahaliaWhat Could I Do b/w Even Me1948
Apollo 181Jackson, MahaliaDig A Little Deeper b/w If You See My Saviour1948
Apollo 183Dixie HummingbirdsDixie Humming BirdsNobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen b/w Wrestling Jacobs1948
Apollo 185Campbell, Rev. B.C.Rev. B.C. Campbell and CongregationI’ll Fly Away b/w Promised Land1948
Apollo 187Two Gospel KeysIf I Never See You No More b/w Stranger Don’t Drive Me Away1948
Apollo 188Bright LightsLet Us Cheer The Weary Traveler b/w I Just Rose To Tell You1948
Apollo 189Golden TonesRide With The Lord b/w Move Over Gabriel1948
Apollo 191Dixie HummingbirdsDixie Humming BirdsIf We Ever Needed The Lord b/w Journey To The Sky1948
Apollo 193Campbell, Rev. B.C.Let Me Go Back b/w Jesus Was Great1948
Apollo 194Jackson, MahaliaTired b/w Amazing Grace1948
Apollo 196Dixie HummingbirdsDixie Humming BirdsGod Is Now Speaking b/w Guide My Mind1949
Apollo 197Two Gospel KeysPrecious Lord b/w This Heart Of Mine1949
Apollo 198Willett Sisters b/w Sister Georgia Lee WillettOne Day b/w If I Were Hungry I Wouldn’t Tell You1949
Apollo 201Dixie HummingbirdsDixie Humming BirdsI’ll Forever Stand b/w Jesus, I Love You1949
Apollo 204Powers, ProphetProphet Powell and the (40 group) Holy Mount SingersThe Wonderful Counselor b/w You’ve Got To Move1949
Apollo 205Jackson, MahaliaIn My Home Over There b/w Since The Fire Started Burning In My Soul1949
Apollo 207Jackson, MahaliaI Have A Friend b/w There’s Not A Friend Like Jesus1949
Apollo 208Campbell, Rev. B.C.Rev. B.C. Campbell and CongregationRemember Me b/w The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow1949
Apollo 210Williams and his Ivory Gospel Singers, Rev. HaroldJesus b/w Lord Have Mercy1949
Apollo 211Bradley and Howard T. Dodson, J. Robert Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel b/w If My Jesus Has To Pray1949
Apollo 212LandlightersYou’ve Got To Learn How To Pray b/w I’ve Got A Home In That Rock1949
Apollo 213Jackson, MahaliaI Can Put My Trust In Jesus b/w Let The Power Of The Holy Ghost Fall On Me1949
Apollo 214Martin Singers, RobertaRoberta Martin Singers of ChicagoOnly A Look b/w He Knows How Much We Can Bear1949
Apollo 215Campbell, Rev. B.C.Rev. B.C. Campbell and CongregationSweepin' Thru The Gate b/w I’m Satisfied1949
Apollo 216Patterson, SamuelThis World Is Not My Home b/w Where The Sun Will Never Go Down1949
Apollo 217Jackson, MahaliaWalk With Me b/w Prayer Changes Things1949
Apollo 218Martin Singers, RobertaMy Friend b/w What A Blessing In Jesus I Found1949
Apollo 219Williams and his Ivory Gospel Singers, Rev. HaroldOut Of The Depths b/w Make More Room1949
Apollo 220Dixie HummingbirdsDixie Humming BirdsJesus Has Traveled This Road Before b/w The Holy Baby1949
Apollo 221Jackson, MahaliaJust Over The Hill, Pt. 1 b/w Just Over The Hill, Pt. 21949
Apollo 222Jackson, MahaliaI’m Glad Salvation Is Free b/w The Last Mile Of The Way1950
Apollo 223Martin Singers, RobertaRoberta Martin Singers of ChicagoThe Old Ship Of Zion b/w Do You Know Him1950
Apollo 224Ross Singers, RobertI’ll Tell It b/w Speak To Me Jesus1950
Apollo 225Golden TonesJesus On My Mind b/w Lookin’ For The City1950
Apollo 227Martin Singers, RobertaRoberta Martin Singers of ChicagoSatisfied b/w My Eternal Home1950
Apollo 228Campbell, Rev. B.C.Rev. B.C. Campbell and CongregationWhat Could I Do b/w Shine Shine On Me1950
Apollo 229Jackson, MahaliaShall I Meet You Over Yonder b/w I Do, Don’t You1950
Apollo 231Ross Singers, RobertHow Far Am I From Canaan, Pt. 1 b/w How Far Am I From Canaan, Pt. 21950
Apollo 232Campbell, Rev. B.C.Rev. B.C. Campbell and CongregationJesus Hold My Hand b/w Heaven Bound Train1950
Apollo 233Daniels SingersIt Must Be Jesus Love Divine b/w Bye And Bye1950
Apollo 234Jackson, MahaliaIt Pays To Serve Jesus b/w These Are They1950
Apollo 235Jackson, MahaliaGo Tell It On The Mountain b/w Silent Night, Holy Night1950
Apollo 236GospelairesBess Folk with the Gospelaires b/w Norsalus McKissick with the GospelairesI Call Jesus My Rock b/w Every Day1950
Apollo 237Southern HarmonairesWho Will Your Captain Be b/w I’m So Glad1950
Apollo 238Martin Singers, RobertaRoberta Martin Singers of ChicagoWhat A Friend b/w Let It Be1950
Apollo 239Daniels SingersGod Answers Prayers b/w He’s All I Need1950
Apollo 240Jackson, MahaliaGet Away Jordan b/w I Gave Up Everything To Follow Him1950
Apollo 241Martin Singers, RobertaWhere Can I Go b/w You’ll Understand It Better1950
Apollo 242GospelairesOh! What A Time b/w The Life Boat Is Coming (?)1950
Apollo 243Campbell, Rev. B.C.Rev. B.C. Campbell and his CongregationOh! In That Morning b/w I Know It’s Worth It1950
Apollo 244Bradford, AlexBradford SingersNow Lord b/w Let The Heavenly Light Shine On Me1950
Apollo 245Jackson, MahaliaBless This House b/w The Lord’s Prayer1951
Apollo 246Jackson, MahaliaHis Eye Is On the Sparrow b/w It Is No Secret1951
Apollo 247Martin Singers, RobertaI Am Sealed b/w The Lord Will Make A Way1951
Apollo 248Jackson, MahaliaHow I Got Over b/w Just As I Am1951
Apollo 249Martin Singers, RobertaI’ll Follow In His Footsteps b/w Tell Jesus All1951
Apollo 250Jackson, MahaliaI Bow On My Knees b/w City Called Heaven1951
Apollo 251GospelairesHe’s Pleading In Glory For Me b/w Talk About A Child1951
Apollo 252Daniels SingersJoy To The World b/w Mary, What Are You Going To Name The Child1951
Apollo 253Royal Sons QuintetBedside Of A Neighbor b/w Journey’s End1952
Apollo 254Savage, Rev. E.Christians Fight On b/w Just To Behold His Face1952
Apollo 255Cosmopolitan Male ChoirJesus Is Mine b/w Peace In The Valley1952
Apollo 256Campbell, Rev. B.C.Rev. CampbellWe’re Sailing On b/w There Is Just One Way1952
Apollo 257Daniels SingersGuide Me b/w I’ve Got An Interest Over There1952
Apollo 258Jackson, MahaliaI’m Getting Nearer My Home b/w He’s The One1952
Apollo 261Martin Singers, RobertaCome In The Room b/w He’s My Light1952
Apollo 262Jackson, MahaliaIn The Upper Room, Pt. 1 b/w In The Upper Room, Pt. 21952
Apollo 263Daniels SingersMy Lord And I b/w Child Of The King1952
Apollo 264Daniels SingersLower Lights b/w Just Like Jesus Did1952
Apollo 265Bradford, AlexBradford SingersPrayer To The Power Of The Lord b/w Test At The Judgement1952
Apollo 266Royal Sons QuintetCome Over Here b/w Let Nothing Separate Me1952
Apollo 267Daniels SingersI Shall Be Free Someday b/w Jesus1952
Apollo 268Woods Singers, MaceoWitness b/w He Brought Joy To My Soul1952
Apollo 269Jackson, MahaliaGod Spoke To Me b/w Said He Would1953
Apollo 270Martin Singers, RobertaRoberta Martin Singers featuring Eugene Smith b/w Roberta Martin Singers of Chicago featuring Roberta Martin and Myrtle JacksonOh! Lord Stand By Me b/w He Didn’t Mind Dying1953
Apollo 271St. Peter’s Gospel SingersThe Battle Done Got Started Again b/w Lord Hold My Hand1953
Apollo 272Martin Singers, RobertaAfter It’s All Over b/w The Old Account1953
Apollo 273Jackson, MahaliaDo You Know Him b/w I’m Going Down To The River1953
Apollo 274Melody EchoesWhen I’ve Done The Best I Can b/w Dip Your Fingers In Some Water1953
Apollo 275Martin Singers, RobertaI Wanna See Jesus b/w Let God Abide1953
Apollo 276Bradford, AlexBradford SingersWho Can I Blame b/w Turn Away From Sin1953
Apollo 277Melody EchoesYes They Tell Me b/w When The Roll Is Called1953
Apollo 278Jackson, MahaliaMahalia Jackson with the Melody EchoesI Wonder If I Will Ever Rest b/w Come To Jesus1953
Apollo 279Martin Singers, RobertaI’m Too Close b/w Marching To Zion1953
Apollo 280Daniels SingersI’m Leaning b/w Wade In The Water1953
Apollo 281Martin Singers, RobertaSince I Met Jesus b/w Keep On Trusting1954
Apollo 282Jackson, MahaliaMahalia Jackson (with the Belleville Choir)Hands Of God b/w It’s Real1954
Apollo 283Anderson, RobertRobert Anderson SingersSweet As The Day Goes By b/w He Knows The Reason Why1954
Apollo 284Bradford, AlexAlex Bradford and SingersHe’s A Wonder b/w He’s So Good To Me1954
Apollo 285Martin Singers, RobertaI’m Just Waiting On The Lord b/w Shine Heavenly Light1954
Apollo 286Jackson, MahaliaI’m On My Way b/w My Story1954
Apollo 287Bradford, AlexProf. Alex Bradford and SingersOh Lord Remember Me b/w Jesus Keeps Nearer The Cross1954
Apollo 288Bradford, AlexProf. Alex Bradford and SingersRock Of Ages b/w Tell The World About Jesus1954
Apollo 289Jackson, MahaliaWhat Then b/w Walking To Jerusalem1954
Apollo 290Anderson, RobertNothing Shall Destroy My Faith b/w Since My Heart’s Been Changed1954
Apollo 291Jackson, MahaliaI’m Going To Tell God b/w I Walked Into The Garden1955
Apollo 292Martin Singers, RobertaHave You Found A Friend b/w I’m Gonna Praise His Name1955
Apollo 293Daniels SingersYield Not To Temptation b/w The Old Rugged Cross1955
Apollo 294Melody EchoesHe Rose To Tell Me b/w I Trust In God1955
Apollo 295Butler and his Singers, AnthonyJudgement’s Comin' b/w World’s Testimonial1955
Apollo 296Anderson, RobertHe’s Coming Back For Me b/w Eyes Have Not Seen1955
Apollo 297Martin Singers, RobertaI’ve Got A Home For You b/w Is There Anybody There1955
Apollo 298Jackson, MahaliaRun All The Way b/w Nobody Knows1955
Apollo 299Martin Singers, RobertaHe’s Using Me b/w Saved1955
Apollo 300Anderson, RobertMy Possession b/w Oh Lord Is It I1955
Apollo 301Martin Singers, RobertaI’ll Do What You Want Me To Do b/w Come Into My Heart Lord Jesus1955
Apollo 302Gate City SingersThe Last Mile Of The Way b/w Will The Circle Be Unbroken1955
Apollo 303Soul SatisfiersAfter Awhile b/w I’m His And He’s Mine1956
Apollo 304Jackson, MahaliaHe’s My Light b/w If You Just Keep Still1956
Apollo 305Martin Singers, RobertaThere’s A Man b/w Trouble In My Way1956
Apollo 306Soul SatisfiersRun On Home And Live With God b/w I Love To Tell Of His Goodness1956
Apollo 307Anderson, RobertWait Upon The Lord b/w If Jesus Had To Pray, What About Me1956
Apollo 308ColemanairesThis May Be My Last Time b/w I Cannot Understand It1957
Apollo 309Gospel All StarsIt’s Me Oh Lord b/w Lord Remember Me1957
Apollo 310Gospel All StarsEvery Now And Then b/w Until My Jesus Comes1957
Apollo 311Jackson, MahaliaHis Eyes Are On The Sparrow b/w I Can Put My Trust In Jesus1957
Apollo 312Gospel All StarsWhat Could I Do b/w That’s Why I Love Him1958
Apollo 313Jackson, MahaliaDidn’t It Rain b/w Nobody Knows1958
Apollo 314Jackson, MahaliaI’m On My Way b/w My Story1958
Apollo 316Thomas Singers, Rev. JohnOld Time Religion b/w Lord, Walk With Me1958
Apollo 529Southern HarmonairesHoney In The Rock b/w I’m So Glad1958-59
Apollo 539Jackson, MahaliaSilent Night, Holy Night b/w Lord’s Prayer1959
Apollo 750Jackson, MahaliaSilent Night, Holy Night b/w Lord’s Prayer1961
Apollo 1184LarksLet's Say A Prayer b/w My Reverie1951
Apollo 1189LarksShadrack b/w Honey In The Rock1951


LP releases:

releaseartistartist as showntitleyear
Apollo LP 201Jackson, MahaliaQueen Of The Gospel Singers1954
Apollo LP 202Jackson, MahaliaQueen Of The Gospel Singers, vol. 21954
Apollo LP 474Jackson, MahaliaIn The Upper Room1957
Apollo LP 479Jackson, MahaliaJust As I Am1958
Apollo LP 480Martin Singers, RobertaHere This Sunday1959
Apollo LP 481VariousSpiritual Moods1959
Apollo LP 482Jackson, MahaliaNo Matter How You Pray1959
Apollo LP 483DanielsThe Daniels Sing The Gospel1959
Apollo LP 486Jackson, MahaliaMahalia1959
Apollo LP 487Martin Singers, RobertaPrayer Meeting1959
Apollo LP 489VariousMahalia Jackson with the Greatest Spiritual Singers1959
Apollo LP 499Jackson, MahaliaChristmas with Mahalia Jackson1962
Apollo LP 1001Jackson, MahaliaCommand Performance1961
Apollo LP 1002Jackson, MahaliaCommand Performance, vol. 21961