Hosanna gospel discography (c. mid. 60’s – early 70’s)


Hosanna gospel

  • Hosanna Records (Hosanna, the Hosanna Records) was located in Dallas, TX, although releases #2001 and 2003 show a Forth Worth address. The label was run by Rev. Emmett J. Lee of the Eminent Twilight Singers of Dallas, TX. He also ran the Rapturea label in the 1970’s. Today Rev. Lee pastors at the Rapturea Better Way Ministry in Dallas, TX.
  • Hosanna remains sort of a mystery label; little is known about it and most information came from eBay ads.
  • It seems likely that the 7000, 8000 and 9000 series came first and were released mostly in the 1960’s. The 1000, 1500 and 2000 series followed in the late 1960’s and 1970’s. The 9000 and 1000 series may have run concurrently for some time.
  • All years given for the 45rpm releases are estimates, the only year that seems reliable is 1971 for the Relatives record (#1528); this year is given on the Relatives compilation LP on Heavy Light Records (2009). Also, LP 1522 was likely released in 1972 (this year is etched in the dead wax).
  • Gene West (#8018) is Gean West who organized the Relatives in 1970 with his brother Tommy. The Southern-Aires (with Gean West) recorded as the Southernaires for Don Robey and two 45’s were released on the Song Bird label in around 1963-64 (#1007 and 1021).
  • The Hosanna LP’s (three are known to exist) didn’t have a separate numbering system, they were released in the 1500 series.
  • The missing numbers refer to unknown releases. Some numbers may have been unused.
  • This page lists all known Hosanna gospel releases on 45’s and LP’s


45rpm releases:

releaseartistartist as shownsongsyear
Hosanna 7683Sensational HarmonizersWhere Could I Go b/w God Is Real196?
Hosanna 7684Bethlehem TravelersIn The End b/w It's A Wonder196?
Hosanna 8015Star Lights of Okla. CityThe Jerico Road b/w My Heart Is Fixed196?
Hosanna 8016Ft. Worth Spiritual AirsI'm going to Heaven b/w He first loved me196?
Hosanna 8017Wilson SingersGod Is Alright b/w Serve The Lord196?
Hosanna 8018West and his Southern-Aires, Rev. GeneSo Long Sin b/w Jesus Loves Me196?
Hosanna 8019Spiritual JubileesCome On In This House b/w God's Graces196?
Hosanna 8020Jubilee-AiresDon't Let It Be Too Late b/w Chimes Of Time196?
Hosanna 8021Wilburn Singers, GraceSweet Jesus b/w What More Could He Do196?
Hosanna 8022Southern NotesNo Body Knows b/w Jesus Lifted Me196?
Hosanna 8023Spirit of Faith SingersWhen We All Get To Heaven b/w Yes Jesus Loves Me196?
Hosanna 8024Sensational Golden KnightsSensational Golden Knights of Shreveport, LA.Thank You Jesus b/w You've Been So Good196?
Hosanna 8025Gospel Invader'sI Know A Man b/w God Is So Wonderful196?
Hosanna 8031Five Echoes of HarmonyMan From Galilee b/w I've Got It Within196?
Hosanna 8032Rocks of HarmonyIn The Care Of The Lord b/w He's Done What He Said196?
Hosanna 8078Silver LightsFeel The Holy Spirit b/w I Know The Lord196?
Hosanna 8079Sensational HarmonizersDon’t Let My Running Be In Vain b/w Can’t Make This Journey Alone196?
Hosanna 8081Bethlehem TravelersHide Me In Thy Bosom b/w Keep Your Lamp Trim And Burning196?
Hosanna 8081Eminent Twilight SingersNo Body Knows b/w I'm Going Throughc. 1967
Hosanna 8098Hammon SingersFaith In God b/w Time for Prayingc. 1967-69
Hosanna 9004New Wavely Baptist Church ChoirCarol Haywood, New Wavely Baptist Church ChoirMy Life Will Be Sweeter, Pt. 1 b/w My Life Will Be Sweeter, Pt. 2c. 1967-69
Hosanna 9006Golden TonesRev. R.L. Allen, Golden TonesI Know My Robe b/w Somebody’s Calling Mec. 1967-69
Hosanna 9007Mighty Gospel NotesLittle More Love b/w I've Been Washedc. 1967-69
Hosanna 9008Gospel Warriors of Minden, LAI’ve Been Born Again b/w The Table Is Spreadc. 1967-69
Hosanna 9009Eminent Twilight SingersLet Me Walk With You b/w He Never Left Mec. 1967-69
Hosanna 1001Jones SingersSensational Jones Singers of Shreveport, LAI'm On My Journey Now b/w I Want to Go Home1969-70?
Hosanna 1002AmbassadorsI've Been Pushed Back b/w It's Me197?
Hosanna 1004Sensational HarmonizersHe's Mine b/w Nobody Knows197?
Hosanna 1011Silver TonesNow Lord b/w If It Wasn't for the Lord197?
Hosanna 1013Sensational Golden KnightsI've Got Your Word b/w I Am Guilty197?
Hosanna 1519Texas Northwest Gospel Choral EnsembleStretch Out, Pt. 1 b/w Stretch Out, Pt. 21970-71
Hosanna 1521Singing AssemblesDone What The Doctor Couldn't Do b/w Jesus Died1970-71
Hosanna 1526McGee, Brother LouisBro. Louis McGeeThere Is No Peace b/w I’ve Been Wrapped Up1970-71
Hosanna 1528RelativesDon’t Let Me Fall b/w Rap On1971
Hosanna 1529Spiritual JubileesMeet Me At The River b/w Precious Lord1971-72
Hosanna 1533Williams and the Exciting Melody Clouds, P.Let Me Walk With You b/w I Shall Not Be Moved197?
Hosanna 1538Mighty Cross of Calvary Gospel SingersWhen I Come To The End Of My Journey b/w Close To Thee197?
Hosanna 2001Gospel MovementsNothing Can Stop Me b/w We Can Make It Alright197?
Hosanna 2003Talton, Rev. J.L.A Pilgrim Of Sorrow b/w He Will Understand And Say Well Done197?


LP releases:

releaseartistartist as showntitleyear
Hosanna LP 1522Texas Northeast Gospel Choral EnsembleLet Go, Let God1972
Hosanna LP 1530Eminent Twilight SingersWhen My Name Is Called Up Yonder197?
Hosanna LP 1540Paradise Baptist Church Senior ChorusThere's A Bright Side Somewhere197?