Brother Louis McGhee: Going Home

From the back cover of the CD-r:

Brother Louis McGee is a mystery. It’s likely that he hailed from Texas, it’s sure that there were at least six singles released, and that’s about it.

In 2008 I bought a box of 45’s from a seller on eBay. I had no special reason to make my bid, other than an extreme curiosity about what seemed to be an obscure collection of Texas gospel 45’s. Most of the artists were unknown to me, so were many labels.

Among these singles there were four by Brother Louis McGee (or Bro. Lewis McGee), on the LTM (3) and Hosanna (1) labels. In 2013 and 2016 I found two more 45’s; one on a Texas label called Gospel and another one on LTM.

I asked around and searched the internet but nothing but dead end streets, except for an unconfirmed possibility that our man sang as Lewis McGhee with the Gospel Tornadoes on Designer. These tracks are quite different from the rest, but they are included on this CD-r as bonus tracks.

I decided to record all tracks I have and put them on a CD-r. This way it may attract more attention and solve some of the mysteries along the way, but even more important: Brother Louis McGee’s recordings need to be heard! He’s a great artist who performs in the tradition of Rev. Cleophus Robinson, Harold Boggs, Alex Bradford and others, and he has a personal, bluesy and expressive style.

These recordings bring you back to what church was some 40 years ago, best expressed with recordings like “He Will Understand And Say Well Done” and “Going Home To Jesus”, which were recorded live in church.


Song listing:

artist (as shown on release)song titleyearrelease
Bro. Louis McGeeGod Placed The Light From Heaven In My Soul196?LTM 6763
Bro. Louis McGeeLord Don’t Move The Mountain196?LTM 6763
Louis McGeeHe Will Understand And Say Well Done196?LTM 44432
Louis McGeeGoing Home To Jesus196?LTM 44432
Brother Louis McGeeWhat Is This I Got196?LTM 93-66
Brother Louis McGeeKeep Walking In Jesus’ Name196?LTM 93-66
Louis McGeeSo Much To Thank The Lord For196?LTM 510X21
Bro. Louis McGeeCrying Days Will Be Over After While196?LTM 510X21
Bro. Lewis McGeeThere Is No Peacec. 1970-71Hosanna 1526
Bro. Lewis McGeeI’ve Been Wrapped Upc. 1970-71Hosanna 1526
Bro. Lewis McGeeLord Don’t You Move The Mountain197?Gospel 517
Bro. Lewis McGeeTry Jesus197?Gospel 517
Gospel TornadosEverlasting Armsc. 1970Designer 6833
Gospel TornadosThe Bible Is Being Fulfilledc. 1970Designer 6833