Gospel Grooves, volume 2



artist;artist as shown;title;recorded;source
Crum, Rev. H.B.;Reverend Crum and the Mighty Golden Keys;Don’t You Know Me Thomas;1959;Gospel 1019
Sensational Jubilettes;;Jordan River;1962;Message 1234
Holy Travelers;Rev. Lofton and the Holy Travelers;Look To Jesus;1965;Halo 16
Five Blind Boys of Mississippi;Original Five Blind Boys of Mississippi;A Weeping For A Mighty Long Time;1959;Marathon 182
Loving Sisters;;Trying Time;1964;Peacock 3027
Sons of Thunder;;I’ll Get My Crown;1962;Regent 210
Crusaders of Cleveland Ohio;;Now My Lord;1963;Simpson 241
Golden Trumpets;;I Thank Jesus So Much;1961;Nashboro 706
Southern Echoes of Washington DC;Mighty Southern Echoes of Washington DC;Shout On For Jesus;c. 1965;Golgotha 138
Golden Stars of Greenwood, SC;Norris Turner with the Golden Stars Quintet;Searching For Jesus;c. 1965;Sullivan 300
Crusaders of Cleveland Ohio;Reverend H. Sharp and the Singing Crusaders;God Specializing;c. 1959;Zenith 505
Trumpeteers;;Seven Angels;1957;Nashboro 606
Swindell Brothers;Swindell Bros. and Bishop J.J. Wilkerson;Power;1969;Veep 1301
Galileans;;Build Me Up;1963;Dauntless LP 4310
Consolers;;Children Keep On Marching;1968;Nashboro 943
Gospel Spreaders;;Prayer Wheel;1963;Rae-Cox 109
Norfleet Brothers;;Standing On The Highway;1961;Bandera 1319
Radio Four;;Blood Done Signed My Name;1952;Republic 7003
Staple Singers;;Let Me Ride;1959;Vee-Jay LP 5000
Spotlight Jubilairs;;That’s Why I Pray;1961-62;Choice 33
True Heart Consolers;;It’s A Good Day;c. 1969;Redi-Soul (nn)
Salem Travelers;;Joy;1963;Ha-Lo 03
Kelly Brothers;;I’ve Made It Over At Last;1960;Federal 12373
Zion Harmonizers;;Lord I’ll Go;1957;Avant 034
5 Notes;;Swing Low;c. 1964;no label


Rev. Crum – Don’t You Know Me Thomas:


Reverend Sharp & Singing Crusaders – God Specializing:


Crusaders Of Cleveland – Now My Lord:


Sensational Jubilettes – Jordan River:


Norfleet Brothers – Standing On The Highway:


Trumpeteers – Seven Angels: