La Val gospel discography (c. 1968)


  • La Val gospelLa Val was probably most famous for “Stoop Down Baby” by Chuck Willis, but this label from Kalamazoo, MI. released a few other 45’s (and LP’s) as well, including three gospel 45’s.
  • This page lists all known La Val gospel releases.










45rpm releases:

releaseartistartist as shownsongsyear
La Val 501Harps of the CoastUp A Little Higher b/w Where The Soul Of Man Never Diesc. 1968
La Val 502Southern EchoesThe Lord Is Mighty Sweet b/w I Want to See Jesus When My Work Is Throughc. 1968
La Val 503Mighty Stars of Joy of Tensaw Ala.I Thank You Jesus b/w We Are The Mighty Stars Of You [sic]c. 1968