– Updates and LP’s for sale

The discographies have been updated up to Kent/Kent Gospel.

Offered for sale on Discogs are the following albums:

Check Discogs to see the details on these albums + other gospel I have for sale (over 200 items).

– Gospel records on Discogs

Due to changes in the shipping policies on Discogs, and hoping to keep it all together and working, I decided to simplify my shipping options on Discogs. Also, all prices are now in euros and I’ve lowered the prices of many gospel records (45’s, 78’s, LP’s) along the way, with more discounts on the way. You can check it all out here and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Since my financial situation worsened since Corona, I will sell more from my collection in the upcoming weeks. If you’re interested, check my Discogs offerings every now and then.

– Website maintenance

Absorbed by other activities and frustrated by all that had to be done regarding the table plugin, I didn’t work much on the website to get it back to normal. My  intention is to work more regularly on the website from now on and at least spend an hour per day to get it all fixed. The labels have been updated up to the 45/78rpm releases of Gotham.

– Table plugin replacement

Much to my annoyance I had to replace the outdated table plugin I used by a new one, which leaves me with hundreds of tables needing to be updated manually, at least partly. As I write this, the discographies until halfway Apollo are back up again although the LP pages in these discographies still need to be worked on. This is going to take me months, I’m afraid. WordPress gives a nice workspace for building websites, but you have to be careful with the plugins you use, as some are just given up upon. For good reasons probably, but the lack of updates makes the plugin vulnerable and thus your website…

– New CD-r: 38 Gospel Tracks

This CD-r has been on the shelves for over two years as it was meant for the “Soul Don’t Worry” CD project (Narroway) but remained virtually unused. I decided to make this fine collection of gospel movers available for purchase and download. Click on the image below to see all details and to listen to two MP3 files.


– Gospelaires – “Just Faith” CD-r

Another CD-r (and download) has been made available today: “Just Faith” by the Gospelaires of Dayton, Ohio (Peacock 103, 1960). This is really a great album and it’s definitely in the top 10 of my favourite gospel albums. Even though the Gospelaires were an important group on the Peacock label, having quite a bit of success, this album has never been reissued since c. 1974 (when it was reissued on ABC-Peacock), as far as I can tell. So, it’s about time!

Check the page by clicking on the link above or the image below. An MP3 is available to listen to.


– O. Perkins’ Sunshine Jubilee CD-r

For completeness sake, I’m now also offering the album “Beyond The Clouds” by Odessa Perkins’ Sunshine Jubilee (Golden Soul 2847). The group here is almost the same as on the Lathanettes LP “Letting The Master Have His Way” (Boola-Boola 715), which I digitized and offered for sale a few days back. This LP, from 1971, is not of the same quality as the Lathanettes album, but it has a couple of fine moments, like “Put A Little Love In Your Heart” and “Holy Ghost’s Got Me”. An Odessa Perkins discography is on its way. Check the For sale menu if you’d like to buy CD-r’s or downloads from me.