38 Gospel Tracks


artist;artist as shown;title;recorded;source
Anthony Butler;;Judgement’s Comin’;1955;Apollo 295
Rev. Julius Cheeks;;Tomorrow’s Sun;1962;Peacock 1859
Christ Memorial Singers;;Calling Jesus;1963;Rejo 1001
Cross Jordan;;Stand Up;1965;HOB 142
Evangelist Gospel Singers of Alabama;;Leaning On The Lord;1951;Chess 1473
Evangelistic Soul Seekers;;Am I Born To Die;1958;Gospel 1013
Friendly Four;;Where Is Freedom;1963;Movement 72963
Gate City Singers;;John The Revelator;1958;Gospel 1004
Golden Crowns;;A Mighty Good Time;1965;Dixie 1104
Golden Harmoneers;;I Am Bound;1961;Motown 1015
Gospel Seekers;;I Have A Place;c. 1964;Spiritual Records 693
Gospel Six;;I’ve Got Loved Ones Waiting;1962;Process 109
Gospel Spreaders;;Prayer Wheel;1963;Rae-Cox 109
Stevie Hawkins;;Gospel Train;1966;Checker 5014
Heavenly Five;;Here I Am Lord;1964;Anderson 3
Henry Hines and the Revelations;;Soul Don’t Worry;1964;Aircap 5085
Holy Wonder;; I Am Moving On;1960;Revelation 119
Joy Rite Singers;;You Better Mind;1960;Federal 12389
Jubilee Stars;;I Want To Rest;1964;Vis-Co-Jon 639
Lights of Israel;;This Old Life Of Mine;196?;L.I.S. 82170
Mighty Gospel Giants;;I’m Worried;1959;Gospel 1020
Mighty Wings;;You Don’t Know;196?;Shine 1003
National Clouds Of Joy;;Somebody Touched Me;1954;Herald 2003
Satellite Wanderers;;My Morning Prayer;1959;Rae-Cox 100
Sensational Canarians;;Who Wrote The Bible;1962;Revelation 141
Sensational Six;;Highway To Heaven;1959;Gospel 1015
Rev. H. Sharp and the Singing Crusaders;;God Specializing;1959;Zenith 505
Silver Quintette;;Father Don’t Leave;1956;Vee-Jay 223
Singing Mastermen;;The Story Of Calvary;1963;Finch (nn)
Six Gospel Stars;;I Prayed All Night Long;196?;Gospel Recording Co. 517
Sky Light Singers;;Thank You Jesus;1954;Lamp 9001
Sky Light Singers;;I’m Going Back Home;1954;Lamp 9001
Songsters of Harmony;;Walk In The Light;1961/62;Renner 5003
Sons of the South;;I’m Waiting And I’m Watching;1954;Excello 2045
Southern Travelers;;Jesus Will Save You;1955;Oklahoma 12211
Spiritual Six;;The Hands Of The Lord;196?;GM Record Co. 100
Swindell Brothers;;If I Don’t Have A Friend;1959;Avant 081
Traveling Echoes;;You Ought To Been There;1960;Tye 1503




  • This 2CD was originally meant as suggestions for the “Soul Don’t Worry” 2CD which was eventually released on Narroway in 2018. Except for the title, the title track and one more, nothing came from this meant to be collaboration. I decided to make this 2CD available as it presents a fine collection of solid gospel movers and I considered it a waste of time and energy to leave it unused.
  • As this is a double CD-r, currently the only one, the price is $17.50 but if you combine it with 4 or more titles, the price for this one is only $10.


Stevie Hawkins – Gospel Train:


Swindell Brothers – If I Don’t Have A Friend: