Hal-Lo/Halo gospel discography (1964-68)


  • Halo gospelHa-Lo (Halo) was the gospel label of the One-Derful family of labels from Chicago, IL.
  • The label name was spelled Ha-Lo for the first eight releases, then it became Halo.
  • There were 24 gospel 45’s released between 1964 and 1968; #6 and 13 have (probably) not been released and #17 has been released twice.
  • In 2015 Secret Stash Records released a 2LP/1CD titled “The One-Derful! Collection: Halo Records”. This album gives a nice overview of the label’s output and it also featured previously unreleased tracks by the Redemption Harmonizers, the Flying Clouds of Joy, the Saints of Glory, the Beautiful Tones, the Salem Travelers, the Heavenly Wonders and the Original Ensemble. A small number of LP pre-orders contained a bonus 45 with two more unreleased tracks by the Salem Travelers. Check this Discogs page for more information and images.
  • This page lists all known Ha-Lo/Halo gospel 45’s.


45'srelease artist artist as shown songs year
1Ha-Lo 01 Salem Travelers Salem Travlers Help Me To Hold Out b/w I Want To Thank Him 1964
2Ha-Lo 02 Davis and Salem Travelers, Ida Mae Ida Mae Davis and the Salem Travlers That's A Mountain b/w Don't Worry About Jesus 1964
3Ha-Lo 03 Salem Travelers Save Me b/w Joy 1964
4Ha-Lo 04 Salem Travelers This Time Another Year b/w The Things I Used To Do 1964
5Ha-Lo 05 Cordell, Lucky If Jesus Came To Your House b/w Good Morning Lord 1965
6Ha-Lo 07 Gospel Ambassadors He Died For Me b/w Send Your Cleansing Power 1965
7Ha-Lo 08 Original Ensemble Mother's Day (Should Be Everyday) b/w He'll Take Care Of You 1965
8Halo 09 Rodgers, Lucy Lucy Rogers Singers Man In The City, Pt. 1 b/w Man In The City, Pt. 2 1965
9Halo 10 Gospel Souls The Fire Keeps On Burning In My Heart, Pt. 1 b/w The Fire Keeps On Burning In My Heart, Pt. 2 1965
10Halo 11 Salem Travelers The Children Goin' Astray b/w I Won't Let Nobody Turn Me Around 1965
11Halo 12 Cordell, Lucky A Great Day b/w Lord Help Me 1966
12Halo 14 Daytonians Mercy Lord b/w Keep Movin' Along 1966
13Halo 15 Golden Tones Why Can't We Love Our Fellowman b/w Jesus Is All The World To Me 1966
14Halo 16 Holy Travelers Rev. Lofton and the Holy Travelers Look To Jesus b/w Lord I Will Never Forget 1966
15Halo 17 Salem Travelers You Can Depend On Me b/w Give Me A Few More Days 1966
16Halo 17 Salem Travelers You Can Depend On Me b/w Wade In Water 1966
17Halo 18 Gospel Souls I've Been Saved b/w Passing Through 1966
18Halo 19 Lewis, Rev. Singing Sammy Amazing Grace, Pt. 1 b/w Amazing Grace, Pt. 2 1966
19Halo 20 Gospel Souls You've Been So Good To Me b/w Jesus My Choice 1967
20Halo 21 Harris Bros. He'll Make A Way b/w Wait On The Lord 1967
21Halo 22 Gospel Souls I Can Go To God b/w I Know He Still Lives 1967
22Halo 23 Salem Travelers Salem Travlers Serve The Lord b/w Walk With Me Lord 1967
23Halo 24 Redemption Harmonizers Why Do Men Treat The Lord As They Do b/w I Made A Change 1968
24Halo 25 Redemption Harmonizers Heavy Load b/w Unforgivable 1968