• Regent released gospel in the 1000-series (1950-52) and ran a largely to gospel devoted series (206-227) from 1962 to 1964. Regent 189 was a Christmas 1951 release and featured only one gospel track (by Charles Watkins).
  • Regent 1023 (Mary DeLoach) was also released on Acorn 306, Free 1007, Seaboard 1033 and Lance 1033.
  • Regent 1029 (Mary DeLoach) was also released on Acorn 312, Lance 1031 and Seaboard 1104.
  • Regent 1034 (Mary DeLoach) was also released on Seaboard 1105.
  • Regent 1035 (Moses Gospel Singers) was also released on Acorn 316.
  • The reverse side of Regent 189 (Charles Watkins) is a secular title by the Meltones. Watkins’ track was also released on Savoy 4029.
  • The Lincoln Gospel Singers also recorded as the Heavenly Four of Alabama (King Solomon) and the Heavenly Gospel Singers (Manor).
  • Regent LP 6070 features Reverend Morgan and Reverend Cromwell (four titles). On Savoy 4035, this duo went under the name the Sons of David. “When” was released on both Savoy 4035 and Regent LP 6070 (all songs were recorded at the same session, April 3, 1952). It is possible that Rev. Morgan is the same person as Rev. “Squeaky” Morgan who recorded with the Harrison Singers for Savoy (1963-65), King, HSE and ASL.
  • Early Savoy catalogues often list the first song (or another) on an album as the album title; the actual LP title was neglected or an album title was given where there was none. I have corrected most of these mistakes but it may lead to some inconsistencies with other information found on the internet and elsewhere.
  • This page lists all known gospel releases (78’s, 45’s and LP’s) on Regent; missing numbers are secular.


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