Tru-Sound/Prestige gospel discography (1962-64)


Tru-Sound/Prestige gospel

  • Tru-Sound was a subsidiary label of Prestige, the label most famous for its numerous jazz releases. There were gospel and secular releases on Tru-Sound; King Curtis may have been the best-known artist on the label. The Tru-Sound label was in operation from c. 1961-63.
  • Most if not all sides were produced by Ozzie Cadena and engineered by Rudy van Gelder. Ozzie Cadena also ran the Choice label. The Choice page has a link to a label introduction by Per Notini, giving some more details on Cadena’s career.
  • LP’s 60005 (Pentecostal Choir), 60006 (Psalms of Grace) and 60007 (Clefs of Calvary) were released on Tru-Sound first and then re-released on Prestige (blue trident labels).
  • Choice LP 514 has #60014 (“TRU 60014”) on the labels, referring to the Tru-Sound label. This is a bit surprising, especially because of the number, as the Tru-Sound LP issues stopped after number 60007. So, it appears that the numbering has been used until at least #60014 and I wonder what’s in between 60007 and 60014… I haven’t seen other Choice LP’s with an additional Tru-Sound number (but I haven’t seen all of them).
  • Prestige also released gospel albums on their Prestige International imprint (late 1950’s, early 1960’s). In the early 1950’s Prestige released a small number of gospel 78s in their religious series.
  • All years need to be confirmed.
  • This discography lists all known Tru-Sound/Prestige gospel releases.


45rpm releases:

releaseartistartist as shownsongsyear
Tru-Sound 1Clefs of CalvarySave Me b/w God's Love1962
Tru-Sound 2Gate City SingersPeace In The Valley b/w I Thank You Jesus1962
Tru-Sound 3Capitol City StarsFriends Talk About Me b/w There'll Be Rest For The Weary1962
Tru-Sound 4Back Home ChoirHe's So Mighty b/w Climbing High Mountains1962-63
Tru-Sound 5Clefs of CalvaryBaptized b/w A Stranger In Any Land1962-63
Tru-Sound 6Capitol City StarsI Love The Lord b/w I'm So Glad1962-63
Tru-Sound 7Gate City SingersNo Time To Lose b/w Something Within1962-63
Tru-Sound 8Back Home ChoirCome Out Of The Wilderness b/w I Trust Him1962-63
Tru-Sound 9Clefs of CalvaryTroubles Of The World b/w While The Bloods Running Warm1962-63


LP releases:

releaseartistartist as showntitleyear
Tru-Sound LP 60001Clefs of CalvaryBaptized1962
Tru-Sound LP 60002Gate City SingersPeace In The Valley1962
Tru-Sound LP 60003Capitol City StarsWe’ve Come This Far By Faith1962
Tru-Sound LP 60004Back Home ChoirCome Out The Wilderness1962
Tru-Sound LP 60005Pentecostal Choir of Detroit, MichiganSaved1963
Tru-Sound LP 60006Psalms of GraceTime Is Winding Up1963
Tru-Sound LP 60007Clefs of CalvaryGod’s Light1963