Tru-Sound/Prestige gospel discography (1962-64)


Tru-Sound/Prestige gospel

  • Tru-Sound was a subsidiary label of Prestige, the label most famous for its numerous jazz releases. There were gospel and secular releases on Tru-Sound; King Curtis may have been the best-known artist on the label. The Tru-Sound label was in operation from 1961-63 and all gospel was released in 1962 and 1963, with a final LP release on Prestige in 1964.
  • Most if not all sides were produced by Ozzie Cadena and engineered by Rudy van Gelder. Ozzie Cadena also ran the Choice label. The Choice page has a link to a label introduction by Per Notini, giving some more details on Cadena’s career.
  • It has been said that LP’s 60005 (Pentecostal Choir), 60006 (Psalms of Grace) and 60007 (Clefs of Calvary) were released on Tru-Sound first and then re-released on Prestige. LP 60006 was released in a Prestige cover and there were indeed LP’s with Tru-Sound labels and others with Prestige labels (blue trident). Since the second Clefs of Calvary album (#60007) was recorded in November 1963 and probably released in 1964, I think it was on Prestige only as the Tru-Sound label was disbanded somewhere in 1963. The album number and the prefix as shown on the labels (TS) clearly indicate the Tru-Sound connection and the album is listed below.
  • Choice LP 514 has #60014 (“TRU 60014”) on the labels, referring to the Tru-Sound label. This is a bit surprising, especially because of the number, as the Tru-Sound LP issues stopped after number 60007 (which in fact was on Prestige). So, it appears that the numbering has been used until at least #60014 and I wonder what’s in between 60007 and 60014… I haven’t seen other Choice LP’s with an additional Tru-Sound number (but I haven’t seen all of them).
  • Prestige LP 25007 doesn’t seem to have any Tru-Sound connection but it was released with the blue trident labels.
  • All years need to be confirmed.
  • This discography lists all known Tru-Sound/Prestige gospel releases; nine 45’s and seven LP’s.


45'srelease artist artist as shown songs year
1Tru-Sound 1 Clefs of Calvary Save Me b/w God's Love 1962
2Tru-Sound 2 Gate City Singers Peace In The Valley b/w I Thank You Jesus 1962
3Tru-Sound 3 Capitol City Stars Friends Talk About Me b/w There'll Be Rest For The Weary 1962
4Tru-Sound 4 Back Home Choir He's So Mighty b/w Climbing High Mountains 1962-63
5Tru-Sound 5 Clefs of Calvary Baptized b/w A Stranger In Any Land 1962-63
6Tru-Sound 6 Capitol City Stars I Love The Lord b/w I'm So Glad 1962-63
7Tru-Sound 7 Gate City Singers No Time To Lose b/w Something Within 1962-63
8Tru-Sound 8 Back Home Choir Come Out Of The Wilderness b/w I Trust Him 1962-63
9Tru-Sound 9 Clefs of Calvary Troubles Of This World b/w While The Bloods Running Warm 1962-63


LP'srelease artist artist as shown title year
1Tru-Sound LP 60001 Clefs of Calvary Baptized 1962
2Tru-Sound LP 60002 Gate City Singers Peace In The Valley 1962
3Tru-Sound LP 60003 Capitol City Stars We’ve Come This Far By Faith 1962
4Tru-Sound LP 60004 Back Home Choir Come Out Of The Wilderness 1962-63
5Tru-Sound LP 60005 Pentecostal Choir of Detroit, Michigan Saved 1963
6Tru-Sound LP 60006 Psalms of Grace Time Is Winding Up 1963
7Prestige LP 60007 Clefs of Calvary God’s Light 1964
8Prestige LP 25007 Alabama Sacred Harp Singers All Day Singing From The Sacred Harp 196?