• Revelation was a gospel subsidiary label of Fury Records (Bobby Robinson) from New York City. Most sides were produced by John Bowden (Ark, HOB and other labels).
  • Read a label introduction here.
  • Revelation may have started it’s singles output with #100. However, nothing is known about #100-104. Number 401 though, which seems to be the first Revelation release, may have been wrongly numbered. One may assume that it should have been #104 instead of #401. See Revelation 401 for more details.
  • Revelation 109 and 118 have been released on one 45, showing #109 on one side and #118 on the other.
  • The Mighty Giants (Revelation 121) is the same group as the Mighty Gospel Giants (Tuxedo, Gospel, Savoy & more).
  • Revelation 136 has been released twice. One may assume that one of these issues should have been numbered 137 as that one is missing in de discography.
  • The labels of many Revelation 45 show typos; these have not been corrected.
  • This page lists all known releases (singles, LP’s) on the Revelation label from New York City. Revelation 401 is probably the only 78rpm release.


78 & 45rpm releases:

releaseartistartist as shownsongsyear
Revelation 401Echoes of Glory of Augusta, GALove In My Heart b/w Journeying On1958-59
Revelation 105Holy WondersI've Got A Home b/w Feel Like Praying1959
Revelation 106Stevenson SingersSomebody Touched me b/w Peace In The Valley1959
Revelation 107Cross Jordan SingersCross Jordon Singers of Nashville, TennesseeStrollin' Round Heaven b/w Kneel And Pray 1959-60
Revelation 108Grimes, SandraSandra Grimes SingersMust Jesus Bear The Cross Alone b/w What A Friend1959-60
Revelation 109/118Gospel WondersHe Will Supply b/w 't Will Be Glory1959-60
Revelation 110Kingdom Jubilee Singers of NYTired Of Life b/w God Said Let There Be Light1959-60
Revelation 111Julia Peterson Singers of Bklyn, NYGive An Account b/w He'll Understand1959-60
Revelation 112Five Singing StarsIf I Live Right b/w Come By Here Lord1960
Revelation 113Drexall SingersJesus Said b/w The Answer1960
Revelation 114Sacred HarmonizersSacred Harmonizers of Philadelphia, Penna.Truly It Was Jesus b/w He Said That He Will1960
Revelation 115Girtmanairs of New YorkBe Still b/w No More Sorrow1960
Revelation 116Soul Finders of Newark NJGuide Me b/w Sinners Prayer1960
Revelation 117Clark, ChristineChristine Clark of Brooklyn, NYSinner Like Me b/w When Jesus Come1960
Revelation 119Holy WondersHoly Wonder of Newark, NJI Am Moving On b/w Jesus On My Mind1960
Revelation 120Capitol City StarsJacob's Ladder b/w Shad-Rack1960
Revelation 121Mighty Gospel GiantsMighty Giants of Brooklyn, NYStop By Here b/w Prodigal Son1960
Revelation 122Twilight Gospel SingersTwilight Gospel Singers of Hempstead, LIPick Up Your Bed b/w Holy Holy1960
Revelation 123Coleman and her Gospel Combo, Dr.Over In Glory Land b/w I Know Who Holds Tomorrow1960
Revelation 124Heavenly GatesHeavenly Gate Gospel Singers of Baltimore MDHow Old Are You b/w You Got To Walk1960
Revelation 125Cross Jordan SingersCross Jordan Singers of Nashville, Tenn.Promised To Meet Me b/w Who Will Wake Me In The Morning1960
Revelation 126Tear of Music of New York CityNo Hiding Place b/w Tramping1960
Revelation 127Christian Tabernacle ChoirRev. O'Neil and the Christian Tabanade Choir b/w Christian Tabanade ChoirWithout A God b/w Down By The Riverside1960
Revelation 128Evening Star Gospel SingersCall Him Anytime b/w Better Come Home1960
Revelation 129Burke, EugeneEugine BurkeI Found The Answer b/w He Is Everywhere1960
Revelation 130Gospel HarmaniersGospel Harmaniers (of Oxford, NC)To Close b/w Take Me By The Hand1960
Revelation 131Grimes, SandraSandra Grimes Singers of NYCOh Lord I've Done b/w I Complained1960
Revelation 132Mighty Covington Gospel Singers of Brooklyn, NYEarly In The Morning b/w Lord Remember Me1960
Revelation 133Young, DeweyDewey Young and the Flying CloudsGod Bless Our Home b/w Christian Of Today 1960
Revelation 134Gospel ChallengersWalls of Jericho b/w How Great Thou Art1960-61
Revelation 135Twilight Gospel SingersTwilite Gospel Singers of Hempstead, NYI'm Willing To Go b/w Oh Lord Save Me1961
Revelation 136Chariot WheelsI Want You Lord b/w Sinner Testemony1961
Revelation 136Revelation SingersI Just Didn't Know, Pt. 1 b/w I Just Didn't Know, Pt. 21961
Revelation 138Cross Jordan SingersCross Jordan SingerTrail Of Jesus b/w Doesn't Matter1961
Revelation 139Pressers of ChristLiving In A Mean World b/w Prayed All Night1961
Revelation 140Carolina KingsWhat A Blessing b/w A-Friend1961-62
Revelation 141Sensational CanariansWho Wrote The Bible b/w Place Called Heaven1962
Revelation 142Cross Jordan SingersSinner Man's Prayer b/w Precious Lord1962
Revelation 143Ward, Little Barbara AnnWhat Do You Think Of Jesus b/w My The Grace Of God1962
Revelation 144Highlight Gospel SingersThe Bible Told Me So b/w Let's Talk About Jesus1962
Revelation 145Young, DeweyDewey Young and the Flying CloudsHe's A Round b/w Guide My Mind1962
Revelation 146Brown, LeolaLeola Brown Radio Gospel Chorus with Hattie WilliamsHolding To His Hand b/w Never Turn Back1962
Revelation 147Williams and Seven Saints, BishopI Can Hear Them Crying b/w He Will Take Care of Me1962
Revelation 148Capitol City StarsSome Day b/w Good News1962
Revelation 149Sacred HarmonizersI'll Be Ready When God Calls Me b/w She's Waiting For Me1962


LP releases:

releaseartistartist as showntitleyear
Revelation LP 5001VariousThe Gospel Caravan1961-63
Revelation LP 5002Young, DeweyDewey Young and the Flying CloudsGod Bless Our Home1961-63
Revelation LP 5003Cross Jordan SingersWho Will Wake Me In The Morning1961-63