• Revelation was a gospel subsidiary label of Fury Records (Bobby Robinson) from New York City. Most sides were produced by John Bowden (Ark, HOB and other labels).
  • Read a label introduction here.
  • Revelation may have started it’s singles output with #100. However, nothing is known about #100-104. Number 401 though, which seems to be the first Revelation release, may have been wrongly numbered. One may assume that it should have been #104 instead of #401. See Revelation 401 for more details.
  • Revelation 109 and 118 have been released on one 45, showing #109 on one side and #118 on the other.
  • The Mighty Giants (Revelation 121) is the same group as the Mighty Gospel Giants (Tuxedo, Gospel, Savoy & more).
  • Revelation 136 has been released twice. One may assume that one of these issues should have been numbered 137 as that one is missing in de discography.
  • The labels of many Revelation 45 show typos; these have not been corrected.
  • This page lists all known releases (singles, LP’s) on the Revelation label from New York City. Revelation 401 is probably the only 78rpm release.


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