• Revelation was a gospel subsidiary label of Fury Records (Bobby Robinson) from New York City. Most sides were produced by John Bowden (Ark, HOB and other labels).
  • Read a label introduction here.
  • Revelation may have started it’s singles output with #100. However, nothing is known about #100-104. Number 401 though, which seems to be the first Revelation release, may have been wrongly numbered. One may assume that it should have been #104 instead of #401. See Revelation 401 for more details.
  • Revelation 109 and 118 have been released on one 45, showing #109 on one side and #118 on the other.
  • The Mighty Giants (Revelation 121) is the same group as the Mighty Gospel Giants (Tuxedo, Gospel, Savoy & more).
  • Revelation 136 has been released twice. One may assume that one of these issues should have been numbered 137 as that one is missing in de discography.
  • The labels of many Revelation 45 show typos; these have not been corrected.
  • This page lists all known releases (singles, LP’s) on the Revelation label from New York City. Revelation 401 is probably the only 78rpm release.


78's, 45'srelease artist artist as shown songs year
1Revelation 401 Echoes of Glory of Augusta, GA Love In My Heart b/w Journeying On 1958-59
2Revelation 105 Holy Wonders I've Got A Home b/w Feel Like Praying 1959
3Revelation 106 Stevenson Singers Somebody Touched me b/w Peace In The Valley 1959
4Revelation 107 Cross Jordan Singers Cross Jordon Singers of Nashville, Tennessee Strollin' Round Heaven b/w Kneel And Pray 1959-60
5Revelation 108 Grimes, Sandra Sandra Grimes Singers Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone b/w What A Friend 1959-60
6Revelation 109/118 Gospel Wonders He Will Supply b/w 't Will Be Glory 1959-60
7Revelation 110 Kingdom Jubilee Singers of NY Tired Of Life b/w God Said Let There Be Light 1959-60
8Revelation 111 Julia Peterson Singers of Bklyn, NY Give An Account b/w He'll Understand 1959-60
9Revelation 112 Five Singing Stars If I Live Right b/w Come By Here Lord 1960
10Revelation 113 Drexall Singers Jesus Said b/w The Answer 1960
11Revelation 114 Sacred Harmonizers Sacred Harmonizers of Philadelphia, Penna. Truly It Was Jesus b/w He Said That He Will 1960
12Revelation 115 Girtmanairs of New York Be Still b/w No More Sorrow 1960
13Revelation 116 Soul Finders of Newark NJ Guide Me b/w Sinners Prayer 1960
14Revelation 117 Clark, Christine Christine Clark of Brooklyn, NY Sinner Like Me b/w When Jesus Come 1960
15Revelation 119 Holy Wonders Holy Wonder of Newark, NJ I Am Moving On b/w Jesus On My Mind 1960
16Revelation 120 Capitol City Stars Jacob's Ladder b/w Shad-Rack 1960
17Revelation 121 Mighty Gospel Giants Mighty Giants of Brooklyn, NY Stop By Here b/w Prodigal Son 1960
18Revelation 122 Twilight Gospel Singers Twilight Gospel Singers of Hempstead, LI Pick Up Your Bed b/w Holy Holy 1960
19Revelation 123 Coleman and her Gospel Combo, Dr. Over In Glory Land b/w I Know Who Holds Tomorrow 1960
20Revelation 124 Heavenly Gates Heavenly Gate Gospel Singers of Baltimore MD How Old Are You b/w You Got To Walk 1960
21Revelation 125 Cross Jordan Singers Cross Jordan Singers of Nashville, Tenn. Promised To Meet Me b/w Who Will Wake Me In The Morning 1960
22Revelation 126 Tear of Music of New York City No Hiding Place b/w Tramping 1960
23Revelation 127 Christian Tabernacle Choir Rev. O'Neil and the Christian Tabanade Choir b/w Christian Tabanade Choir Without A God b/w Down By The Riverside 1960
24Revelation 128 Evening Star Gospel Singers Call Him Anytime b/w Better Come Home 1960
25Revelation 129 Burke, Eugene Eugine Burke I Found The Answer b/w He Is Everywhere 1960
26Revelation 130 Gospel Harmaniers Gospel Harmaniers (of Oxford, NC) To Close b/w Take Me By The Hand 1960
27Revelation 131 Grimes, Sandra Sandra Grimes Singers of NYC Oh Lord I've Done b/w I Complained 1960
28Revelation 132 Mighty Covington Gospel Singers of Brooklyn, NY Early In The Morning b/w Lord Remember Me 1960
29Revelation 133 Young, Dewey Dewey Young and the Flying Clouds God Bless Our Home b/w Christian Of Today 1960
30Revelation 134 Gospel Challengers Walls of Jericho b/w How Great Thou Art 1960-61
31Revelation 135 Twilight Gospel Singers Twilite Gospel Singers of Hempstead, NY I'm Willing To Go b/w Oh Lord Save Me 1961
32Revelation 136 Chariot Wheels I Want You Lord b/w Sinner Testemony 1961
33Revelation 136 Revelation Singers I Just Didn't Know, Pt. 1 b/w I Just Didn't Know, Pt. 2 1961
34Revelation 138 Cross Jordan Singers Cross Jordan Singer Trail Of Jesus b/w Doesn't Matter 1961
35Revelation 139 Pressers of Christ Living In A Mean World b/w Prayed All Night 1961
36Revelation 140 Carolina Kings What A Blessing b/w A-Friend 1961-62
37Revelation 141 Sensational Canarians Who Wrote The Bible b/w Place Called Heaven 1962
38Revelation 142 Cross Jordan Singers Sinner Man's Prayer b/w Precious Lord 1962
39Revelation 143 Ward, Little Barbara Ann What Do You Think Of Jesus b/w My The Grace Of God 1962
40Revelation 144 Highlight Gospel Singers The Bible Told Me So b/w Let's Talk About Jesus 1962
41Revelation 145 Young, Dewey Dewey Young and the Flying Clouds He's A Round b/w Guide My Mind 1962
42Revelation 146 Brown, Leola Leola Brown Radio Gospel Chorus with Hattie Williams Holding To His Hand b/w Never Turn Back 1962
43Revelation 147 Williams and Seven Saints, Bishop I Can Hear Them Crying b/w He Will Take Care of Me 1962
44Revelation 148 Capitol City Stars Some Day b/w Good News 1962
45Revelation 149 Sacred Harmonizers I'll Be Ready When God Calls Me b/w She's Waiting For Me 1962
LP'srelease artist artist as shown title year
1Revelation LP 5001 Various The Gospel Caravan 1961-63
2Revelation LP 5002 Young, Dewey Dewey Young and the Flying Clouds God Bless Our Home 1961-63
3Revelation LP 5003 Cross Jordan Singers Who Will Wake Me In The Morning 1961-63