Aladdin gospel discography (1946-55)


Aladdin2001F Aladdin gospel discography

  • Aladdin, from Hollywood, California, was founded in 1945 by Eddie, Leo and Ira Mesner and was initially called Philo Recordings. In April 1946 it became Aladdin. The label had several subsidiary labels such as Score, Intro, 7-11 and Lamp.
  • The Mesners sold the entire Aladdin catalog to Lew Chudd’s Imperial Records on February 12, 1962.
  • The 2000-series started with #2001 and ended with #2040. Most of the missing numbers in this series are unreleased, except for #2006, which is a secular release by Al Hibbler.
  • Gospel acts who recorded for Aladdin but didn’t have anything released, include the Gospel Stirrers, Rev. Alex Mims and the Virginia Sons Of Harmony.
  • This page lists all known Aladdin gospel releases. Likely, none of them were released in the 45rpm format.




78rpm releases:

releaseartistartist as shownsongsyear
Aladdin 2001Soul Stirrers Soul-StirrersLord Will Make A Way b/w Steal Away1946
Aladdin 2002Soul StirrersSoul-StirrersRemember Me b/w Golden Bells1946
Aladdin 2003Soul StirrersSoul-StirrersLord, I've Tried b/w Elijah1947
Aladdin 2004Soul StirrersSoul-StirrersHis Eye Is On The Sparrow b/w I Want To Rest, Lord, Rest1947
Aladdin 2005Soul StirrersSoul-StirrersOne Day b/w There’ll Be No More Sorrow1947
Aladdin 2007Soul StirrersSoul-StirrersHe Knows How Much We Can Bear b/w Some Day1947
Aladdin 2008Soul StirrersSoul-StirrersI’m A Soldier In The Army Of The Lord b/w What Could I Do1947
Aladdin 2009Soul StirrersSoul-StirrersI Thank You, Lord b/w You Got To Move1947
Aladdin 2010Soul StirrersSoul-StirrersRide On King Jesus b/w Canaan Land1947
Aladdin 2011Mickels and his Gospel Three, Rev. L.C.Reverend L.C. Mickels and his Gospel ThreeA Friend Above All Others b/w Oh Lord, I'm In Your Care1947
Aladdin 2012Mickels and his Gospel Three, Rev. L.C.I Shall Never Forget What He's Done For Me b/w If I Could Only Hear My Mother Pray Again1947
Aladdin 2013Mickels and his Gospel Three, Rev. L.C.He Knows How Much We Can Bear b/w Master Savior, Don't Pass Me By1947
Aladdin 2014Martin, SallieSally Martin and her Singers Of JoyFour And Twenty Elders b/w Jesus Steps Right In1947
Aladdin 2015Martin, SallieSally Martin and her Singers Of JoyYou Know, Lord b/w He's A Friend Of Mine1947
Aladdin 2016Martin, SallieSally Martin and her Singers Of JoyEven Me, Even Me b/w Just A Few Days To Labor1947
Aladdin 2017Willett, Sister Dorothy MaeSister Dorothy Mae Willett with Reverend L.C. Mickels and his Gospel ThreeI Believe b/w Jonah1947
Aladdin 2018Soul StirrersSoul-Stirrers with Willie EasonWhy I Like Roosevelt, Pt. 1 b/w Why I Like Roosevelt, Pt. 21947
Aladdin 2019Soul StirrersSoul-StirrersGo Ahead b/w Blessed Quietness1947
Aladdin 2020Soul StirrersSoul-StirrersWorking On The Building b/w All Alone1948
Aladdin 2021Soul StirrersSoul-StirrersI'm Willing To Run All The Way b/w Never Turn Back1948
Aladdin 2022Soul StirrersSoul-StirrersI Have A Friend Above All Others b/w A Little Talk With Jesus1948
Aladdin 2023Willett, Sister Dorothy MaeSister Dorothy Mae Willett with rhythm accompanimentI’m Going To Live A Life That I Sing About b/w Stand Still1948
Aladdin 2024Soul StirrersSoul-StirrersDig A Little Deeper b/w This Is My Prayer1948
Aladdin 2025Soul Stirrers?Pearl Harbor, Part 1 b/w Pearl Harbor, Part 21949
Aladdin 2026Soul StirrersSoul-StirrersLift Him Up b/w Jesus Traveled This Road Before1949
Aladdin 2027Soul Stirrers?Glory Glory, Hallelujah b/w Lord Jesus1949
Aladdin 2028Soul StirrersMy Life Is In His Hands b/w Silent Night1949
Aladdin 2029Soul StirrersSeek And Ye Shall Find b/w One Of These Days1950
Aladdin 2031Soul Stirrers?Goin' On With The Spirit In Jesus b/w End Of My Journey1950
Aladdin 2035Soul StirrersSoul-StirrersJohn Saw The Holy Number b/w Well, Well!1950
Aladdin 2036Zion TravelersCharge To Keep I Have b/w Stand By Me1953
Aladdin 2037Soul StirrersSoul-StirrersDoes Jesus Care? b/w My Journey To The Sky1953
Aladdin 2038Zion TravelersYour Wicked Ways b/w Last Days1953
Aladdin 2039Jewell Gospel SingersAt The Cross b/w Rest, Rest, Rest1953
Aladdin 2040Jewell Gospel SingersI Shall Know Him b/w Over There1953
Aladdin 3299Royal TravelersDrinkin' My Tears For Water b/w Yes It's Me, Lord, That Came To Thee1955