Gospel Corner discography (c. 1964-73)


Gospel Corner

  • Gospel Corner was one of Brother Henderson’s labels, located in Los Angeles, CA. Henderson (a.o.) started the Proverb label in February 1959 and Gospel Corner followed in 1964. Throughout the 1960’s both labels were located at the same address (5328 S. Central Avenue). Probably in 1971, Kent Gospel Records took over distribution, then became the main company and the Gospel Corner and Proverb names were dropped. Brother Henderson remained active with Kent Gospel Records until his demise in 1973. See the Proverb label page for more information.
  • Some Gospel Corner 45’s were issued twice, which is a bit confusing. There were two label designs in use, which you can see here.
  • Starting with #107, the labels mention “Subsidiary of Proverb Records”. The 45’s with the second label lay-out did not mention Proverb and were distributed by Kent Gospel Records, like most of the LP issues.
  • Gospel Corner 1000 (Los Angeles Travelers b/w Gospel Five) was also released on Proverb 1019.
  • Gospel Corner 1001 (Fantabulous Little Joe) is mentioned on the back cover of Proverb LP 5000; no song titles are given and #1001 is otherwise an unknown release.
  • In other discographies Gospel Corner 108 by Brother Henderson is listed as number 103. It’s my belief that 108 is the correct number. It has been printed kinda vaguely on the labels of the copy I own (and also on the one I owned before) and if that’s the case with all copies a mistake can easily be made. But #108 is in the dead wax and if it would be #103, the labels should have been black with silver lettering and shouldn’t mention “Subsidiary of Proverb Records”. #103 was formerly unknown but I found a copy recently (Rev. Clinton Moore).
  • Gospel Corner 103 mentions the LP “The Brighter Day”; this is an otherwise unknown album. It’s listed below in the LP discography but maybe this LP was actually released on Proverb, as Rev. Clinton Moore has two other LP releases on Proverb (also mentioned on 45’s and otherwise unknown).
  • Gospel Corner 116 seems to have been released twice, both versions are by Prince Dixon and the  b-sides appear to be different.
  • Gospel Corner 122 and 123 feature the same group (“Sweet Singing” Cavaliers) and the same songs (though the a-side and b-side are flipped).
  • Gospel Corner LP 500 (Prince Dixon) has been released with two different titles. First it was released as “Another Child Of God” (no mention of Kent Gospel Records), then as “Something Is Wrong”. Apart from the album titles, the covers and track listings are also slightly different.
  • Although mentioned on Gospel Corner 147 (Inspirational Souls), it’s doubtful if the LP “Won’t Have To Cry Nomore” exists. I assume that the single should have been referring to LP 507 (“The Letter”), which features this song.
  • Click here for a photograph of the Hamptonaires (the Hampton-Aires of Memphis, Tenn.) – Gospel Corner 101, 104.
  • Click here for a photograph of the (Mighty) Gospel Revelators of San Diego (California) – Gospel Corner 138, 145, LP 515.
  • Click here for a photograph of the Singing Cavaliers (aka the Cavaliers or the Sweet Cavaliers) – Gospel Corner 117, 122, 123, 142, LP 503.
  • All years given are estimates, there may be several errors.
  • This page lists all known Gospel Corner issues, 45’s and LP’s. No details on the missing numbers.


45'srelease artist artist as shown songs year
1Gospel Corner 1000 Los Angeles Travelers b/w Gospel Five Just A Closer Walk To Thee b/w Just A Closer Walk To Thee (instr.) 1964
2Gospel Corner 1001 Fantabulous "Little Joe" unknown titles 1964
3Gospel Corner 100 Trimble, Sister Marie Go Ahead b/w I Have A Right 1964
4Gospel Corner 101 Hamptonaires Hampton-Aires of Memphis , Tenn. It’s A Blessing b/w We Don’t Thank Him Enough 1965
5Gospel Corner 102 Jasper, Rev. W.E. Rev. W.E. Jasper and Choir of Little Rock, Ark. b/w Rev. W.E. Jasper of Little Rock, Ark. Last Mile Of The Way b/w Father I Stretch My Hand To Thee 1965
6Gospel Corner 103 Moore, Rev. Clinton God Specializes, Pt. 1 b/w God Specializes, Pt. 2 1965
7Gospel Corner 104 Hamptonaires See How Far We've Come b/w Who Wouldn’t Serve A God 1965
8Gospel Corner 105 Nu-Lite Gospel Singers Nu-Lite Gospel Singers of Kansas City, MO Wonderful b/w My Desire 1965
9Gospel Corner 106 Singing Masters I Trust In God b/w The Sun Will Shine 1965
10Gospel Corner 107 Robbins, Rev. James By The Grace Of God b/w Closer Walk 1965
11Gospel Corner 108 Page-Ettes of Seaside, Calif. Hold On To God, Pt. 1 b/w Hold On To God, Pt. 2 1966
12Gospel Corner 108 Henderson, Brother Brother Henderson and Melvin Boyd, Ohio Wonders b/w Brother Henderson and Pilgrim Travelers A Prayer Of Faith, Pt. 1 b/w A Prayer Of Faith, Pt. 2 1966
13Gospel Corner 110 Zion Travelers Amazing Grace, Pt. 1 b/w Amazing Grace, Pt. 2 1966
14Gospel Corner 111 Dixon, Prince Brother Prince Dixon They Don't Live Here Anymore b/w I'm Going Home 1967
15Gospel Corner 112 Voices of Jerusalem of Long Beach, Calif. Kneel At Jesus Feet b/w Ain't Nobody's Business 1967
16Gospel Corner 113 Gospel Tones of Las Vegas, Nev. Arms Around Me b/w That's All I Need 1967
17Gospel Corner 114 Birden, Rev. C.L. Prayer b/w Say A Prayer For Me 1967
18Gospel Corner 115 Evangelistic Crusaders of San Jose, Calif. So God Can Use You b/w In Love With Jesus 1967
19Gospel Corner 116 Dixon, Prince The Small One Prince Dixon Stop-Look And See b/w Child Of The King 1967
20Gospel Corner 116 Dixon, Prince The Small One Prince Dixon Stop-Look And See b/w Don't Let The Devil Ride 1967
21Gospel Corner 117 Cavaliers Sweet Singing Cavaliers All I Need b/w Must Jesus Bear 1967
22Gospel Corner 118 Angels of Joy Clarence Ligon and Angels of Joy Mighty Christian Soldier b/w There's A Man 1967
23Gospel Corner 119 Housley and Family of Oakland, Calif., Rev. Thomas Goodby World [sic] b/w God Is A Wonder 1967
24Gospel Corner 120 Chambers Jr., Rev. T.M. That Man Jesus, Pt. 1 b/w That Man Jesus, Pt. 2 1967-68
25Gospel Corner 121 Gospel Tones of Las Vegas, Nev. I'm Going Home b/w You Ought To Pray 1967-68
26Gospel Corner 122 Dixon, Prince The Small One-Prince Dixon April 4th, 1968 b/w Steal Away 1968
27Gospel Corner 122 Cavaliers "Sweet Singing" Cavaliers Hide Me b/w I Call On Jesus 1968
28Gospel Corner 123 Cavaliers "Sweet Singing" Cavaliers I Call On Jesus b/w Hide Me 1968
29Gospel Corner 124 Spiritual Five of Sacramento God's Own Set Time b/w On My Mind 1968
30Gospel Corner 125 Dixon, Prince The Small One Prince Dixon The Lord Has A Blessing b/w Home Don't Seem Like Home 1968
31Gospel Corner 126 Ohio Wonders Melvin Boyd and the Fabulous Ohio Wonders b/w Fabulous Ohio Wonders I’m Going To Work b/w Why Should I Feel 1968
32Gospel Corner 127 Robinson, Madame Nellie Mini-Your-Dress Is Too Short b/w Viet Nam 1968
33Gospel Corner 128 Dixon and Sis. Walter Paige, Prince Another Child Of God b/w Jesus, He's The One 1968
34Gospel Corner 128 Dixon, Prince Small-One Prince Dixon Another Child Of God b/w We Used To Have A Good Time 1972
35Gospel Corner 129 Paige, Sis. Walter Sis. Walter Paige of Denver, Colo. For The Time I've Lost b/w The Last Say 1968
36Gospel Corner 130 Sensational Travelers of Richmond, Calif. Thank The Lord b/w Satan Can’t Win 1968
37Gospel Corner 131 Ohio Wonders No Short Cuts To God b/w Jordan River 1968-69
38Gospel Corner 132 Sensational Harmonizers of Sacramento, Calif. Wait On The Lord b/w Hold On, Stretch Out 1969
39Gospel Corner 133 Little West and Group-Ettes of Sacramento Glory Glory b/w He’ll Understand 1969
40Gospel Corner 134 Victory Five of Sacramento John, Pt. 1 b/w John, Pt. 2 1969
41Gospel Corner 135 Dixon, Prince Keep On Fighting b/w The Crying Mother 1969
42Gospel Corner 136 Lady Byrd Never Grow Old b/w I'll Fly Away 1969
43Gospel Corner 137 Gospel Tones of Las Vegas, Nev. Gospel Tones Who Wrote the Map b/w Don't Have to Worry 1969
44Gospel Corner 137 Bro. Dailey's Phoenix-Tones There's A Way b/w Other Side Of The River 1969
45Gospel Corner 138 Mighty Gospel Revelators of San Diego Lord God b/w Prayer Is The Answer 1969
46Gospel Corner 139 Angels of Joy Shall Not Be Moved b/w I Love The Lord 1969-70
47Gospel Corner 140 Supreme Nightingales of Miss. I Know A Man b/w There Are Mansions 1969-70
48Gospel Corner 141 Glover, Kenneth Showers Of Blessings b/w Waited So Long 1970
49Gospel Corner 142 Cavaliers "Sweet Singing" Cavaliers Peace And Love b/w Let Him Lead You 1970
50Gospel Corner 142 Inspirational Souls He’s My Everything b/w Waiting On The Lord 1970
51Gospel Corner 143 Magnificent Voices of Holiness Cheer Up My Brother b/w I’m Going To Work 1970
52Gospel Corner 144 Snead, Rev. Willie T. I'm Going Through b/w At The Throne Of Grace 1970-71
53Gospel Corner 145 Mighty Gospel Revelators of San Diego "Jumping-Singing" Sammie Graham and Gospel Revelators of San Diego I’m On My Way b/w How Great Thy Art 1971
54Gospel Corner 145 Glover, Kenneth Just A Little While, Pt. 1 b/w Just A Little While, Pt. 2 1971
55Gospel Corner 145 Oxnard Jubilees Jericho Road b/w Didn’t It Rain 1971
56Gospel Corner 146 Dixon, Prince Something Is Wrong b/w Going Home 1971
57Gospel Corner 147 Inspirational Souls Won’t Have To Cry Nomore b/w Trying To Make A Hundred 1972-73
58Gospel Corner 148 Snead, Rev. Willie T. The Lord Will Make A Way b/w Prayer 1972-73
59Gospel Corner 149 Angels of Joy Mr. President b/w Don’t Let The Devil Fool You 1972-73
LP'srelease artist artist as shown title year
1Gospel Corner LP (?) Moore, Rev. Clinton The Brighter Day c. 1965
2Gospel Corner LP 500 Dixon, Prince "The Small One" Prince Dixon Another Child Of God 1970
3Gospel Corner LP 501 Snead, Rev. Willie T. Headline Maker Or Headline Reader (sermon) 1971-72
4Gospel Corner LP 502 Chambers Jr., Rev. T.M. The Sermon From The Pig Pen (sermon) 1972
5Gospel Corner LP 503 Cavaliers "Sweet Singing" Cavaliers Peace And Love 1972
6Gospel Corner LP 504 Snead, Rev. Willie T. I Got What I Wanted, But I Lost What I Had 1972
7Gospel Corner LP 505 Chambers Jr., Rev. T.M. A Fool On A Mule, In The Middle Of The Road (sermon) 1972-73
8Gospel Corner LP 506 Henderson, Brother Minister Henderson You Had It All The Time, Now Use It (sermon) 1972-73
9Gospel Corner LP 507 Inspirational Souls Inspirational Souls of Los Angeles, California The Letter 1972-73
10Gospel Corner LP 508 Angels of Joy ? 1972-73
11Gospel Corner LP 510 Hines, Rev. Marvin ? 1972-73
12Gospel Corner LP 511 Evans, Rev. J.W. The Story Of The Worms (sermon) 1972-73
13Gospel Corner LP 515 Mighty Gospel Revelators of San Diego Mighty Gospel Revelators of San Diego, California How Great Thou Art 1972-73
14Gospel Corner LP 516 Dixon, Prince "Small One" Prince Dixon Somebody Bigger Than You And I 1972-73
15Gospel Corner LP (?) Lumpkin, Rev. W.J. Old Fashioned Church Service (sermon) 197?