Proverb LP 501

Los Angeles Angels: Blow Wind Blow (1968-69)


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A1 ♫Something Within Me1966-67Proverb 1023
A2Whisper A Prayer1966-67Proverb 1024
A3A Little Talk With Jesus1966-67Proverb 1024
A4Blow Wind Blow1966-67Proverb 1023
A5The Circle1967-69
A6How Great Thou Art1967-69Proverb 1033
B1Lord’s Prayer1967-69
B2Closer Walk1967-69
B3I Need You1967-69
B4Walk On By Faith1966-67Proverb 1026
B4The Saints1966-67Proverb 1026
B5When You Need A Friend1967-69



  • This is the first release of Proverb LP 501, with no mention of Kent Gospel Records. It was probably released in 1968 or 1969.
  • The 2nd version of this album (c. 1972) has a different cover and title, but it features the same song selection as the first version.
  • “A Little Talk With Jesus” as “Just A Little Talk” on Proverb 1024.
  • This album is available on CD-r and as a download.