Manor gospel discography (1945-49)


  • Manor gospelManor was Irving Berman’s label, from Newark, NJ. The label was in operation between 1945 and 1949. Some titles were recorded earlier though, during World War 2. Manor used quite a few numbering systems and most were used concurrently, so it seems. The label released r&b, jazz, pop, gospel, etc. See also the King Solomon and Regent discographies.
  • Arco and Regis were affiliated labels and many of the Manor 78’s were also released on Arco or Regis (or both).
  • Manor 100, 101, 102 were issued in Manor album #1 (titled “Spirituals Of The Old South”). Manor 103, 104, 105 were issued in Manor album #2 (title unknown). Manor 8008 and 8009 were in Manor album #104 (title unknown). It is unknown to me if the 78’s in these albums were also sold separately, but they are listed as such below.
  • The Heavenly Gospel Singers recorded first as the Heavenly Four of Alabama for King Solomon (1944) and after their Manor years (as the Heavenly Gospel Singers, 1945-48), they recorded for Regent as the Lincoln Gospel Singers (1949).
  • Manor 1188 is a reissue of #4000 (Silver Echo Quartette), #1003 is a reissue of #102 (Coleman Brothers).
  • The missing numbers in the listing are by secular artists although a few numbers are unknown and some were not used.
  • This page lists all known gospel releases on Manor, all in the 78rpm format.


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