Fine Art gospel discography (c. 1957-63)


Fine Art gospel

  • Fine Art was a label from Detroit MI, in operation from c. 1952 to 1967. The label released secular material as well. It seems that all gospel issues on Fine Art came with red labels.
  • Fine Art 237 was released twice (Leroy Cannon and Lois Miles).
  • This page lists all known Fine Art gospel issues. #205 may be this label’s only gospel release in the 78rpm format.


78's, 45'srelease artist artist as shown songs year
1Fine Art 205 Morning Echo Gospel Singers Heaven Bound Train b/w God Knows The Reason Why 1957-58
2Fine Art 208 Lampkin, Willie Willie Lampkin and the Lampkin Singers b/w Willie Lampkin I Say A Prayer Every Night b/w No Place To Lay His Head 1958-59
3Fine Art 213 Gospelite Singers of Detroit Since I Gave My Heart To The Lord b/w I Found The Key To My Fathers Kingdom c. 1959
4Fine Art 215 Velvet-Aires of Philadelphia, PA. Since I Gave My Heart To The Lord b/w Call Up Heaven c. 1960
5Fine Art 216 Nixon, Milt In Darkness b/w Judgement 1960-61
6Fine Art 218 Lampkin, Willie Willie Lampkin, the Lampkin Singers I Have No Time For Sin b/w Lord I Wanna Go c. 1961
7Fine Art 219 Heavenly Chanters Honor b/w Go Down Moses 1961
8Fine Art 220 Accapels Ezekiel Saw De Wheel [sic] b/w I’ve Been Saved c. 1961
9Fine Art 224 Zion Harmonaires of Philadelphia, PA. He Bled And Died b/w I Want To Know More About Jesus 1961-62
10Fine Art 225 Zion Harmonaires of Philadelphia, PA. Friend In Jesus b/w Going Up To Heaven 1961-62
11Fine Art 227 Hemphill and Family, Doris On Jordan's Stormy Bank b/w A Way Out Of No Way 1961-62
12Fine Art 229 Original Sacred Stars of Philadelphia, PA. Wait On The Lord b/w I Want The World To Know (I Have A Savior) c. 1962
13Fine Art 232 Ambassadors Male Chorus I Want Jesus To Walk With Me b/w Stand Your Test In Judgment c. 1962
14Fine Art 233 James and Wings of Joy, Sister Ella Mae Just Jesus And I b/w Sell Out Today c. 1962
15Fine Art 234 Bible Tone Gospel Singers Holy Ghost Moving b/w Christ Is All 1962
16Fine Art 235 Camp, Connie More Praise b/w The Lord’s Prayer c. 1962-63
17Fine Art 236 Singing Angels of Brunswick, GA. The Ten Virgins b/w Jesus Got A Hold Of My Hand c. 1962-63
18Fine Art 237 Cannon and his Religious Combo of Phila, PA., Leroy March On Washington b/w It Was A Sad Day c. 1962-63
19Fine Art 237 Miles, Lois Some Time I Feel Like A Motherless Child b/w Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jerico c. 1962-63
20Fine Art (?) Bethalonians I Found The Key To My Father's Kingdom b/w unknown title 196?