Acquarian gospel discography (1960’s-70’s)

Acquarian gospel


  • The Acquarian label first operated from Hattisburg, MS, so it seems. The majority of the label’s gospel releases shows the Hattisburg address. Later, another studio was opened in Jackson, MS. The 5400 series show either the Hattisburg or the Jackson address, all mixed up, which may indicate that Acquarian had (or used) two studios concurrently, at least for some time. In the late 1960’s, again: so it seems, the label moved to Stuttgart, AR. There are only a few gospel releases with this address. Some sources mention releases on this label as late as 1978, possibly from a Memphis, TN. address.
  • The Acquarian label was run by Calvin Brown. Other names of men involved, were Earl Fox and Rueben Hughes. Affiliated labels include C&F, Central, Downtown, Marathon, Messenger, Riceland and Soul Beat (all information acc. to the R&B Indies).
  • The years given are all estimates. It’s likely that all 45’s and EP’s listed are from the 1960’s, except for a few 45’s, listed at the end of the 45rpm listing.
  • The number of Acquarian 9214/15 (Hazel Chandler) could be incorrect – maybe it’s 9215/16.
  • Acquarian 6459 (Willie Morganfield) was reissued on Jewel 106, Acquarian 6460 (Williams Sisters) on Jewel 107, #5462 (Traveling Echoes) on Jewel 108, #5469 (Mighty Stars of Harmony) on Jewel 102, #5475 (Mighty Stars of Harmony) on Jewel 113.
  • Click here for a photograph of the Kansas City Melodyaires (Acquarian 5468).
  • This page lists all known Acquarian gospel releases (45’s and EP’s).



45rpm releases:

releaseartistartist as shownsongsyear
Acquarian 94Spirit of SpringfieldGot a Good Thing (Working With The Lord) b/w Soul Power
Acquarian 100Singing Southern Jubilees of Memphis, Tenn.What Tomorrow Will Bring b/w A Christian's Duty1960
Acquarian 101Jackson, EmilyHe’s My Everything b/w Christ Is The Answer1960
Acquarian 352Morganfield, WillieOnly The Lord Is Able To Help Us b/w I Can't See Why1960
Acquarian 6457Morganfield, WillieCan I Ride b/w What Is This1961
Acquarian 6458HamptonairesHamptonaires of Memphis, Tenn.Truth Is Going To Shine b/w Tell Me Why1961-62
Acquarian 6459Middle Georgia Singers of Macon, GAYour Close Friend b/w Guide My Mind1961-62
Acquarian 6459Morganfield, WillieBest Friend I Ever Had b/w Right Now Is The Right Time1961-62
Acquarian 6460Williams SistersWilliam Sisters [sic] of Lexington, Miss.Keeps Me Singing All The Time b/w He’s Got Everything You Need1961-62
Acquarian 6460Southern Echoes of Memphis, Tenn.I’m Going To The City b/w When This Journey Has Ended1961-62
Acquarian 6461Sensational Jubalaires of Memphis, Tenn.My Time Is Winding Up b/w Somebody Is Gone1961-62
Acquarian 6462True Tones of New Orleans, LAIsaac Haney and the True Tone Gospel Singers of New Orleans, LAHe’ll Meet Me At The River, Pt. 1 b/w He’ll Meet Me At The River- Pt. 21961-62
Acquarian 6463Spiritual Q.C.’s of Tupelo, Miss.Moving Up b/w Never Mind1961-62
Acquarian 6464Morganfield, WillieWillie Morganfield of Memphis, Tenn. b/w Willie Morganfield and Florence MorganfieldI Have Made Connections b/w He Works That Way1962
Acquarian 6465Golden Chords of Baton Rouge, LAWhen I Get Home b/w God Will Supply My Every Need1962
Acquarian 6466True Tones of New Orleans, LATrue Tones of New Orleans, LA b/w Issac Haney and True Tones of New Orleans, LAFriday Morning, Pt. 1 b/w Friday Morning, Pt. 21962
Acquarian 6467Middle Georgia Singers of Macon, GAMiddle Georgia Singers of Macon, GeorgiaWhen I Get Old And Feeble b/w Call On Jesus1962
Acquarian 6468Brooks Singers of Benoit, Miss., RayI’m Going Through b/w He’ll Keep You Safe From Harm1962
Acquarian 6469Watkins of Mobile, Ala., E. TinyBlow Gabriel b/w Assurance1962
Acquarian 6471Morganfield, WillieI Can’t Let My Saviour Down b/w Why I Love The Lord1962
Acquarian 6472McGee, Ernest RayThis Is The Way I Do b/w If You Just Keep Still1962-63
Acquarian 6473Lands and St. Lucy Spiritual Songmakers, Rev. Mrs. J.C.Before b/w Wonderful Time1962-63
Acquarian 13749/50Young and Albuquerque Spiritual Singers of Albuquerque, New Mexico, EugeneWill You Meet Me b/w Went In The Valley1961-63?
Acquarian 9209/10Lands of Baton Rouge, LA, Rev. J.C.I Have Made My Decision b/w In Times Of Trouble1962-63
Acquarian 9211/12Traveling EchoesTraveling Echoes of Louisville, KYYou Don’t Know Like I Know b/w Never No More1963
Acquarian 9213/14Southern Faith Singers of Chicago, Ill.Take Away My Sin b/w The Lord Is Good1963
Acquarian 9214/15?Chandler of Memphis, Tenn., HazelOpen Your Heart b/w Hurry Back To God1963
Acquarian 9933/34William and Brown Singers of Memphis, Tenn.You Better Leave Me Alone b/w He's Pleading1963
Acquarian 9935/36Missionary Gospel SingersLord You Been Good b/w On The Other Side1963
Acquarian 5461Spiritual Echoes of Springfield, ILThere Is No Other Name (Like Jesus Name) b/w Serving The Lord Is A Full Time Job1964-65
Acquarian 5462Traveling EchoesWhere Is The Road That Leads Home b/w I Love The Lord1964-65
Acquarian 5463Five Star HarmonizersFive Star Harmonizers of Columbus, OhioJesus Is Mine b/w Jesus Is On My Side1965
Acquarian 5464Williams SistersWilliams Sisters of Lexington, Miss.When I Was Lost And Troubled b/w If You Have Problems1965
Acquarian 5465Southern Tones of Raymond, Miss.Soon I’ll Be At Rest b/w Somebody Gone1965
Acquarian 5466Briggs of Memphis, Tenn., Annie Mae "Mister"Don’t Give Up b/w Jesus Is My Friend1965
Acquarian 5467Christland Wonders of Pine Bluff, Ark.You Need The Lord b/w The Way You Live1965-66
Acquarian 5468Kansas City MelodyairesLord Remember Me b/w Come By Here1965-66
Acquarian 5469Mighty Stars of HarmonyMy Rock Of Ages b/w I Got To Answer To The Lord1965-66
Acquarian 5470Reed, Little YvonneWho Wouldn't Serve A God Like This b/w I Found Someone To Set Me Free1966
Acquarian 5471Trumpetaires of Mobile, Ala.Chariot Ride b/w Don’t Leave Me Now1966
Acquarian 5472Mighty Stars of HarmonyFew More Days b/w God Will Answer (Your Prayer)1966
Acquarian 5473Reed, Little YvonneMy Lord And I Walk Together b/w I Have A Master I Have A Friend1966
Acquarian 5475Mighty Stars of HarmonyEverybody's Down On Me b/w Stand By Me Jesus1966
Acquarian 5476Smith and True Lights of Pascagoula, Miss., Little YolandaHe’ll Fix It Alright b/w Holding His Hand1966
Acquarian 5477Bethelhem Travelers of Hattiesburg, Miss.Don’t Let It Be Said Too Late b/w Going On With Jesus Just The Same1966
Acquarian 5478Reed, Little YvonneLittle Yvonne Reed of Mobile, Ala.God’s Moving Hand b/w Hello Sinner1966-67
Acquarian 5479West End Jubilees of St. Louis, MOWhen This Life Is Over b/w Hide Me In Thy Bosom1966-67
Acquarian 5487Soul WondersOh What A Time b/w Old Time Religion1966-67
Acquarian ?Moses King and Georgia All Stars?Jesus Will Take Me Home b/w ?
Acquarian 6491Aikens, Henry B. Thomas of Memphis, Tenn., Annie LeeHave Nobody I Can Depend On (But The Lord) b/w There Is No Secret1968-70's?
Acquarian 6494Pilgrim Travelers of ArkansasRev. Larry Blood with the Pilgrim Travelers of Arkansas b/w Arthur Blood with the Pilgrim Travelers of ArkansasThe Goodness Of The Lord b/w Living In A World Of Sin1968-70's?
Acquarian 6943Stuttgart HarmonizersA Perfect Day b/w Thank You Lord1970's?
Acquarian 6945Gates, Rev. HarveyPrice Of Love b/w It's Hard To Live In This Old World1978?
Acquarian 6989/90Five Star HarmonizersHe Will Answer Prayer b/w Jesus Is Coming1970's?


EP releases:

releaseartistartist as showntitleyear
Acquarian EP 6458Golden Chords of Baton Rouge, LAno title1961-62
Acquarian EP 6474Morganfield, WillieWillie Morganfield of Memphis, title1962-63