Carrie gospel discography (1961-69)


Carrie gospel

  • The Carrie label started in Detroit, MI (early 1960’s) but the company moved to Nashville, TN in the mid 1960’s. The label was in operation until c. 1990. James Hendrix was the label owner.
  • The Carrie catalogue featured both gospel and secular releases.
  • There may be several issues missing in the discography and the given years could be inaccurate.
  • The 45’s by the Corder Family (Carrie 382 and 396, the latter was prob. released in 1970-71 and omitted from the discography) were also on Kent LP 569.
  • Both sides of Carrie 393 (Rev. Amos Jones Jr.) were also on the Rev. Jones LP “I Know The Man” (Carrie LP 2271), released in the early 1970’s.
  • This page lists all known Carrie gospel releases (singles and one EP) from the 1960’s. Later releases have been omitted.


45'srelease artist artist as shown songs year
1Carrie 1502 Hendrix Singers, James Hendrix Singers I've Got My Feet On Higher Ground b/w Lord Hear My Prayer 1961
2Carrie 1004 National Independents Talking About Our God b/w I Thank The Lord 1964
3Carrie 6503 Hill and Singers, Lawrence In The Cleft Of The Rock b/w Let Me Hear You Witness 1965
4Carrie 375 Williams, Rev. Jerry E. All I Need b/w The Same Thing Happened To Me 1967-68
5Carrie 381 King Solomon Bapt. Church Choir I Know The Man b/w I Know The Lord Has Laid His Hands On Me 1968
6Carrie 382 Corder Family Oh, Blessed Name Of Jesus b/w I Love The Lord 1968
7Carrie 383 Bazemore, Louvenia He Never Left Me Alone b/w Precious Lord, Take My Hand 1968-69
8Carrie 384 Baronaires I Have A Father Who Can b/w You're Not Gonna Be Up There 1968-69
9Carrie 386 Rippey Sisters Fix Me Lord b/w If You Believe 1968-69
10Carrie 387 Hall, Phil You Can Depend On God b/w It's In My Heart 1968-69
11Carrie 389 Gospel Stirrers Down Here Working b/w Get Your House In Order 1968-69
12Carrie 390 Hendrix Singers, James Joseph Jones and the James Hendrix Singers b/w James Hendrix Singers There's A Power Working In My Life b/w Jesus Calls 1968-69
13Carrie 391 Williams, Rev. Jerry E. I'm Glad That The Lord Let Me Live b/w There Is No Failure In God 1968-69
14Carrie 393 Jones and the Westwood Bapt. Church Choir, Rev. Amos God Maketh No Mistake b/w Carry On 1968-69
EPrelease artist artist as shown title year
1Carrie EP 1485 M.B. Terrell and Triedstone Bapt. Church Choir, Rev. The Little Wooden Church 1960-61