Avant gospel discography (1956 – c. mid 60’s)


Avant gospel

  • The Avant label was run by Jimmie and Dora Avant in Dallas, Texas.
  • Avant 058 seems to have been released as by the Bonner Brothers (no ‘r’ ) as well, the a-side title reading “Wait There Be Joy” instead of “Want There Be Joy”.
  • Avant 106 and 108 seem to have been released twice, this needs confirmation.
  • Click here for a publicity shot of Rev. Leo Daniels and the Gospel Melodies (Avant 087, 106).
  • This page lists all known Avant gospel singles and one gospel EP. The missing numbers are unknown releases (some numbers may be unreleased/unused).


78's, 45'srelease artist artist as shown songs year
1Avant 001 Gospelaires Gospel-Aires We Are Marching Together b/w Some People Never Stop To Pray 1956
2Avant 002 Bells of Paradise Make My Enemies Behave b/w Help Me To Run This Race 1956
3Avant 003 Bells of Paradise Jesus Traveled b/w God Said He'll Fix It 1956
4Avant 014 Southern Gospel Singers The Half Has Never Been Told b/w Love Lifted Me 1956
5Avant 020 Gospelettes of Chattanooga Since I Met You Jesus b/w Hide Me 1956
6Avant 034 Zion Harmonizers Lord Don't Leave Me b/w Lord I'll Go 1956
7Avant 042 Hardeman Singers What A Wonderful Saviour I've Found b/w Everlasting Life 1958
8Avant 050 May, Brother Joe Mother Bowed b/w He’s Got The Whole World 1958
9Avant 052 Southern Echoes Southern Echoes of Chicago, IL. Life Evening Sun b/w I Know I've Been Born Again 1958
10Avant 053 Joyful Travelers Joyful Traveler's Just Over The River b/w Lord Lift Me Up 1958
11Avant 054 Sons of Glory See What The Lord Can Do b/w I'll Serve Him Until I Die 1958
12Avant 055 May, Brother Joe It's Amazing b/w The Fire Starts Burning 1958
13Avant 057 Traveling Echoes He’s A God b/w He’s A Waymaker 1958-59
14Avant 058 Bronner Brothers Want There Be Joy b/w I'm Troubled 1959
15Avant 059 Gospel Knights To Me He's So Wonderful b/w Let Me Walk Close To Thee 1959
16Avant 064 Spirit of Peoria Gospel Singers Peace In The Valley b/w Won’t It Be Wonderful There 1959
17Avant 065 Bibletone Gospel Singers Jesus b/w I Heard A Voice 1959
18Avant 069 Dolphus Singers I'm Going To Serve The Lord b/w How I Love Jesus 1959
19Avant 071 Evangelist Gospel Singers He Walks And Talks With Me b/w His Yolk Is Easy 1959
20Avant 073 Jones and his Golden Tone Singers, Brother R.E. Said He Would Meet Me b/w It’s A Rocky Road 1959
21Avant 074 Religious Gospel-Aires He’s My Guiding Light b/w Lord Don’t Leave Me 1959
22Avant 075 Echoes of Joy Didn't It Rain b/w Way Back To God 1959
23Avant 078 Sunshine Harmonettes Holy Ghost b/w I’m A Pilgrim 1959
24Avant 079 Best Gospel Singers Come By Here Dear Lord b/w When You Carry the Spirit of God 1959
25Avant 080 World Singing Gaylocks The Rainbow b/w Jesus Came to Save You 1959
26Avant 081 Swindell Brothers Famous Swindell Singers b/w Famous Swindell Brothers If I Don’t Have A Friend b/w I’ve Been Mourning A Long Time 1959
27Avant 082 Little Wonders I Want To Walk A Little Closer To God b/w When I Get Over In Gloryland 1959
28Avant 083 Taylor Singers Go Down Moses b/w Let's Go to Heaven 1959
29Avant 084 Four Stars That's Enough For Me To Know b/w Way Up On High 1959
30Avant 085 Six Sons of Joy On My Way To See King Jesus b/w Make My Enemies Leave Me Alone 1959?
31Avant 087 Gospel Melodies Nobody Knows b/w He Said He Would Move 1959-60
32Avant 088 Harmonizing Five Jesus I Don’t Need Nobody Else But You b/w Jesus Is All The World To Me 1960?
33Avant 093 Jones Singers Wondering Child b/w In The Morning 1960?
34Avant 094 Southern Nightengales Lord Hold My Hand b/w Have You Any Time for Jesus 1960?
35Avant 098 Fairlane Gospel Singers He's My Shelter b/w One More River 1960?
36Avant 100 Unknown group ("In memory of the Cincinnatians") Step By Step b/w Heavenly Father 1960?
37Avant 101 Stovall Singers Time Is Winding Up b/w I’m Going On With Jesus 196?
38Avant 105 Spiritual Jubelettes We Are Marching b/w Jesus is a friend 196?
39Avant 106 Gospel Melodies I Can See Everybody’s Mother b/w Come To Jesus 196?
40Avant 106 Trio Three Open Up My Eyes b/w There Is Going To Be Shouting 196?
41Avant 108 Jolly Four I Will Follow b/w Jesus Been Good To Me 196?
42Avant 108 Jimmie Avant Memorial prayer b/w ? 196?
43Avant 110 Mighty Golden Voices He’ll Make A Way For You b/w Lord Remember Me 196?
EPrelease artist artist as shown title year
1Avant EP 076 Wilson and Watson Singers no title 1959