• There were several Revival labels, this is the one from Ecorse MI, best known for the recordings by Shirley Ann Lee. The label was run by Felton Williams.
  • Felton Williams ran four labels: Revival, Cass, Compose and Solid Rock. All gospel appeared on the Revival label. Although the labels were different, the issue numbers largely appeared to be continuing. Issues 633/634, 641/642, 126 and 129 came out on Compose, issue 643/644 on Solid Rock.
  • After a long hiathus (1973-1981), Williams tried to revive the label with a release by the Walker Brothers (Revival 138). The effort wasn’t very succesful. The last known release was Revival 139 (Brown Family Singers). Both #138 and #139 are excluded from the discography.
  • The Coleman Family (Revival 127) is a white group.
  • Williams’ Revival label has nothing to do with Revival 632 and 633 (Anchored Souls of Atlanta and Christian Harmonizers of South Carolina), although some discographies suggest a connection. Revival 632 and 633 have been released on the New York Revival label (a Cee-Jay subsidiary), in c. 1960.
  • Numero LP/CD 026 (“Local Customs, Downriver Revival”) contains 24 released and unreleased performances on the various labels run by Felton Williams, plus a DVD with almost 200 sound recordings pulled from Williams’ vaults. Most of it is gospel and listed in the tapes vault.
  • This page lists all known gospel 45’s on the Ecorse Revival label, from 1967 to 1972. Missing numbers are unknown releases; some may be unused/unreleased.


45'srelease artist artist as shown songs year
1Revival 4136 Gospel Supremes of Cleveland, Ohio Sweet Home b/w Sinner Man 1967
2Revival 635/636 Lee, Shirley Ann I Can't Give Up b/w How Can I Lose 1968
3Revival 637/638 Lee, Shirley Ann There's A Light b/w Please Accept My Prayers 1968
4Revival 639/640 Pilgrim Wonders He Never Failed b/w New Born Soul 1968
5Revival 123 Lee, Shirley Ann Without God (There Is No Hope) b/w My Faith Is In Thee 1969
6Revival 124 Cooke, Calvin Walk With Me b/w What Happens To People 1969
7Revival 125 Pennington Specials Nothing Too Hard For God b/w There's A Leak In This Old Building 1969
8Revival 128 Prince Singers, Isaac Marvelous Name, Pt. 1 b/w Marvelous Name, Pt. 2 1970
9Revival 130 Deliverance Echoes Is Your All On The Altar b/w Garden Of Prayer 1971
10Revival 131 Mighty Voices of Wonder Every Year Carries A Number b/w I Thank The Lord 1971
11Revival 132 Apostles of Music Apostle's of Music Look Where He Brought Us From b/w Wade In The Water 1972
12Revival 133 Deliverance Echoes Heaven b/w Have A Little Talk With Jesus 1972