• Specialty Records was started by Art Rupe in Los Angeles, California in 1944. The original address of the company was 2719 West Seventh St., but it was also located at 311 Venice Blvd. in the early years. In 1949 the company moved to the more familiar address of 8508 Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood. Specialty was very selective in what it recorded; jazz, rhythm & blues, gospel, and rock & roll were about all that was released on the label. (source: www.bsnpubs.com)
  • Specialty was the parent label of Fidelity.
  • Specialty 78rpm records first had black labels, than yellow and finally they featured the famous black and white labels with yellow lettering. Some early black or yellow label issues were later released with the black & white labels.
  • Specialty 45s (yellow/white) were originally released with black, double wavy lines. Late 1957, probably starting with number 907, the design changed and featured a solid black line. Some 45s that were released with double wavy lines first were reissued with a solid black line later on (probably in the 1960’s).
  • In the early 1970’s (maybe starting in 1969?) Specialty re-released several 45’s, mentioning the LP, where the tracks were taken from, on the labels. These LP’s (#2115 and onwards) are compilations of 1950’s recordings and also featured several previously unreleased tracks.
  • In the early 1970’s Specialty also released some new 45s (#920-934), mostly containing 1950’s recordings. Specialty 933 by the Melody Kings is probably the only 45 in this series that featured new recordings.
  • Specialty released both gospel and secular material in the 300 series; the 800 and 900 series were gospel only.
  • The Original Blind Boys of Alabama were listed as the ‘Original Five Blind Boys of Alabama’ and the ‘Happyland Singers’ on almost all of their releases (45’s and 78’s). Given in the column artist as shown is the name shown as their main name, which varies.
  • Specialty 919 is the last original Specialty single, from 1959. The series continued (with #920) in 1971.
  • Specialty 934 (Pilgrim Travelers) is a reissue of Specialty 856 and “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” on these issues was first released on Specialty 837.
  • Specialty originally released some fifteen LP’s only; twelve in their 2100 (main) series and three in their 5000 series (jazz). In 1968, eight years later, Specialty continued their 2100 series which ran into the 1980’s. The majority of these releases came out in the 1970’s.
  • The original LP label lay-out was black and gold and was probably used until #2152. From #2153 onwards the label was black and white with ‘Specialty’ in yellow, just like most of the 78rpm issues. Earlier LP numbers with the black and white labels are reissues.
  • Volume 1 of “How It All Began” (Specialty LP 2117) features gospel and r&b artists, volume 2 (LP 2118) did not feature any gospel artists.
  • Side one of Specialty LP 2119 (“The 2 Sides of Sam Cooke”) features gospel recordings of Sam Cooke with the Soul Stirrers. Side two contains secular recordings by Sam Cooke.
  • Original copies of Specialty LP 2121 (Pilgrim Travelers) do not mention “Vol. 1”, which is printed on the front cover of the reissues.
  • Click here for a photograph of the Five Blind Boys of Alabama.
  • Click here for a photograph of the Pilgrim Travelers.
  • Click here for a photograph of the Chosen Gospel Singers.
  • This discography lists all gospel issues on Specialty (78’s, 45’s, LP’s) from 1948 to the early 1970’s.


78 & 45rpm releases:

releaseartistartist as shownsongsyear
Specialty 300Southern HarmonizersThese Old Bones b/w I'm In His Care1948
Specialty 301Southern HarmonizersWhat Are They Doing In Heaven b/w Until I Find The Lord1948
Specialty 302Southern HarmonizersCanaan b/w My Lord Is Waiting All The Time1948
Specialty 305Pilgrim TravelersPilgrim Travelers and their "Walkin' Rhythm" SpiritualsI'm Standing On The Highway b/w I'll Tell It1948
Specialty 306Pilgrim TravelersPilgrim Travelers and their "Walkin' Rhythm" SpiritualsEverybody's Gonna Have A Wonderful Time Up There b/w Stretch Out1948
Specialty 310Pilgrim TravelersHe Will Remember Me b/w Good News1948
Specialty 311Golden Keys QuartetHe Knows How b/w God Rode1948
Specialty 313Pilgrim TravelersPilgrim Travelers and their Walkin' Rhythm SpiritualsMy Prayer b/w I Want My Crown1948
Specialty 315Pilgrim TravelersJesus Travels b/w Mother Bowed1948
Specialty 316Pilgrim TravelersJesus b/w Thank You Jesus1948
Specialty 324Carr, Sister WynonaEach Day b/w Lord Jesus1949
Specialty 326Pilgrim TravelersNow Lord b/w Yes, My Lord1949
Specialty 329Pilgrim TravelersJesus Met The Woman At The Well b/w It's A Blessing1949
Specialty 331Golden EchoesWhen The Saints Go Marching In b/w Glory Glory Hallelujah1949
Specialty 333Carr, Sister WynonaI Want To Go To Heaven And Rest b/w I Know That He Knows1949
Specialty 340Pilgrim TravelersMy Eternal Home b/w Jesus Is The Only One1949
Specialty 343May, Brother JoeBrother Joe May (Thunderbolt of the Middle West)Search Me Lord b/w How Much More Of Life's Burden Can We Bear1949
Specialty 345Pilgrim TravelersNothing Can Change Me b/w A Soldier's Plea1950
Specialty 347May, Brother JoeBrother Joe May (Thunderbolt of the Middle West)Do You Know Him b/w The Day Is Past And Gone1950
Specialty 348Carr and Brother Joe May, Sister WynonaBrother Joe May and Sister Wynona CarrWhat Do You Know About Jesus b/w I'll Serve You Lord Until My Dying Day1950
Specialty 351Pilgrim TravelersJesus Hits Like The Atom Bomb b/w Something Within Me1950
Specialty 354Soul StirrersBy And By, Pt. 1 b/w By And By, Pt. 21950
Specialty 357Pilgrim TravelersThe Old Rugged Cross b/w Call Him By His Name1950
Specialty 360Soul StirrersFeel Like My Time Ain't Long b/w I'm Still Living On Mother's Prayer1950
Specialty 361May, Brother JoeBrother Joe May (Thunderbolt of the Middle West)I Want Jesus On The Road I Travel b/w I'm Going To Live The Life I'm Singing About In My Song1950
Specialty 363Pilgrim TravelersGod Shall Wipe All Tears Away b/w Dear Lord, Look Down Upon Me1950
Specialty 364Carr, Sister WynonaI Heard My Mother Pray One Day b/w Don't Miss That Train1950
Specialty 365Soul StirrersIn The Awful Hour b/w I Have A Right To The Tree Of Life1950
Specialty 371Pilgrim TravelersI Love The Lord b/w My Road's So Rough And Rocky1950
Specialty 373May, Brother JoeBrother Joe May (Thunderbolt of the Middlewest)I'm Want A Double Portion Of God's Love b/w He'll Be Waiting At The End For Me1950
Specialty 376Soul StirrersHow Long? b/w The Lord Is My Shepherd1950
Specialty 377Carr and Brother Joe May, Sister WynonaSister Wynona Carr and Brother Joe MayI See Jesus b/w It's All Right1950
Specialty 382Pilgrim TravelersI Was There When The Spirit Came b/w What A Blessing In Jesus I've Found1950
Specialty 383Carr, Sister WynonaI Know Someday God's Gonna Call Me b/w What Do You Do When You Get To Heaven?1950
Specialty 384May, Brother JoeBrother Joe May (Thunderbolt of the Middlewest) (?)I Just Can't Keep From Crying Sometime b/w Jesus Is The Name1950
Specialty 385Pilgrim TravelersSatisfied With Jesus b/w He's Pleading In Glory1950
Specialty 387Soul StirrersFaith And Grace b/w I'm Gonna Move In The Room With The Lord1950
Specialty 388May, Brother JoeBrother Joe May (Thunderbolt of the Middlewest) (?)Our Father b/w There Must Be A Heaven Somewhere1950
Specialty 389Pilgrim TravelersI've Got A Mother Gone Home b/w Call Jesus1950
Specialty 391Martin Singers with Brother Joe May, SallieBrother Joe May with the Sallie Martin SingersEvery Day And Every Hour b/w Didn't It Rain?1951
Specialty 393Pilgrim TravelersI'll Be The One b/w Welcome Home1951
Specialty 395Carr, Sister WynonaSister Wynona Carr and her Echoes of JoyThe Good Old Way b/w See His Blessed Face1951
Specialty 396Pilgrim TravelersLet Him Be Your Friend b/w Jesus Gave Me Water1951
Specialty 399Martin Singers with Brother Joe May, SallieBrother Joe May with the Sallie Martin SingersOh Yes, He Set Me Free b/w I'll Make It Somehow1951
Specialty 800Pilgrim TravelersPeace Of Mind b/w Jesus is the First Line of Defense1951
Specialty 801Rimson, ReverendReverend Rimson and his CongregationBelieve On Me b/w Living Waters1951
Specialty 802Soul StirrersPeace In The Valley b/w Jesus Gave Me Water1951
Specialty 803May, Brother JoeBrother Joe May (Thunderbolt of the Middlewest) (?)I Thanks The Lord b/w Your Sins Will Find You Out1951
Specialty 804Hines, Prof. James EarlProfessor J. Earle Hines and his Good Will SingersThe Day Will Surely Come b/w The Old Ship Of Zion1951
Specialty 805Rimson, ReverendRev. Rimson and his CongregationJonah b/w Song And Sermon1951
Specialty 806May, Brother JoeBrother Joe May (Thunderbolt of the Middlewest)Christ Is All b/w Doctor Jesus1951
Specialty 807Pilgrim TravelersJesus, I'm Thankful b/w Who Am I1951
Specialty 808Martin Singers, SallieThrow Out The Life-Line b/w Eyes Hath Not Seen1951
Specialty 809DetroitersLet Jesus Lead You b/w Mother Don't Cry About Your Child1951
Specialty 810Hines, Prof. James EarlProfessor J. Earle Hines and his Good Will SingersWait Till My Change Comes b/w Come Ye Disconsolate1951
Specialty 811Original Gospel HarmonettesI'm Sealed b/w Just To Behold His Face1951
Specialty 812Pilgrim TravelersAngels Tell Mother b/w I'll Trust His Hand (It Was Nailed To The Cross)1951
Specialty 813Soul StirrersCome, Let's Go Back To God b/w Joy, Joy To My Soul1951
Specialty 814Martin, Sister CoraOn The Other Side b/w Everyday Of My Life1951
Specialty 815May, Brother JoeBrother Joe May (Thunderbolt of the Middlewest) (?)In That Day b/w Precious Lord1951
Specialty 816Original Gospel HarmonettesGet Away Jordan (I Want To Cross Over) b/w These Are They1952
Specialty 817Pilgrim TravelersLord, Hold My Hand b/w Never Knew Joy Before1952
Specialty 818Pilgrim TravelersLong Ago (Wooden Church) b/w Please Watch Over Me1952
Specialty 819Pilgrim TravelersLeading Me b/w When I Join The Jubilee1952
Specialty 820Pilgrim TravelersDeliver Me From Evil b/w King Jesus Will Roll All Burdens Away1952
Specialty 821Soul StirrersI'm Gonna Build On That Shore b/w Until Jesus Calls Me Home1952
Specialty 822DetroitersI Trust In Jesus b/w Ride On King Jesus1952
Specialty 823Martin Singers, SallieUntil We Meet Again b/w He's Able To Carry Me Through1952
Specialty 824Soul StirrersHow Far Am I From Canaan? b/w It Won't Be Very Long1952
Specialty 825Pilgrim TravelersHow About You? b/w Leaning On The Everlasting Arm1952
Specialty 826Carr, Sister WynonaConversation With Jesus b/w Did He Die In Vain?1952
Specialty 827DetroitersOld Time Religion b/w Mother, I Need Your Prayer1952
Specialty 828Original Gospel HarmonettesWhen I Reach My Heavenly Home On High b/w I'm Going To Die With The Staff In My Hand1952
Specialty 829Swan Silvertone SingersThe Day Will Surely Come b/w Jesus Changed This Heart Of Mine1952
Specialty 830May, Brother JoeBrother Joe May (Thunderbolt of the Middle West)Mercy, Oh Lord b/w I'm Going Through1952
Specialty 831Pilgrim TravelersBlessed Be The Name b/w Lord, Help Me Carry On1952
Specialty 832Martin Singers with Brother Joe May, SallieHold To God's Unchanging Hand b/w I'm Bound For The Promised Land1952
Specialty 833Original Gospel HarmonettesEvery Day Will Be Sunday (By And By) b/w One Morning Soon1952
Specialty 834Carr, Sister WynonaA Letter To Heaven b/w In A Little While1952
Specialty 835Soul StirrersLet Me Go Home b/w Just Another Day1952
Specialty 836Swan Silvertone SingersOh, How I Love Jesus b/w My Rock1952
Specialty 837Pilgrim TravelersI'll Be Home For Christmas b/w Move Up To Heaven1952
Specialty 838Chosen Gospel SingersBefore This Time Another Year b/w One-Two-Three1953
Specialty 839Original Gospel HarmonettesHe's Right On Time b/w I Shall Know Him1953
Specialty 840Anderson, RobertLet God Abide b/w Something Within1953
Specialty 841Martin Singers with Brother Joe May, SallieIt's A Long Long Way b/w Working On The Building1953
Specialty 842Original Blind Boys of AlabamaOriginal Five Blind Boys of AlabamaOh Lord, Stand By Me (Every Day, Let Me Walk With Thee) b/w When I Lost My Mother1953
Specialty 843Pilgrim TravelersA Hard Road To Travel b/w My Old Home1953
Specialty 844Swan Silvertone SingersMan In Jerusalem b/w He Won't Deny Me1953
Specialty 845Soul StirrersJesus Paid The Debt b/w Blessed be the Name of the Lord1953
Specialty 846Original Gospel HarmonettesThe Railroad b/w Where Shall I Be?1953
Specialty 847Pilgrim TravelersAmazing Grace b/w Gonna Walk Right Out1953
Specialty 848May, Brother JoeBrother Joe May (Thunderbolt of the Middle West)Thank You Lord For One More Day b/w The Old Ship Of Zion1953
Specialty 849Chosen Gospel SingersThe Lord Will Make A Way Somehow b/w It's Getting Late In The Evening1953
Specialty 850Original Blind Boys of AlabamaOriginal Five Blind Boys of AlabamaI'll Fly Away b/w Precious Lord1953
Specialty 851Soul StirrersEnd Of My Journey b/w He'll Welcome Me (To My Home)1953
Specialty 852Bradford, AlexProfessor Alex Bradford and the Bradford SpecialsI Don't Care What The World May Do b/w Too Close To Heaven1953
Specialty 853Swan Silvertone SingersI'm Coming Home b/w Trouble In My Way1953
Specialty 854Pilgrim TravelersGo Ahead b/w I've Got A New Home1953
Specialty 855Carr, Sister WynonaThe Ball Game b/w I Know By Faith1953
Specialty 856Pilgrim TravelersI'll Be Home For Christmas b/w Silent Night1954
Specialty 857Original Blind Boys of AlabamaHappyland SingersDoes Jesus Care? b/w Marching Up To Zion1954
Specialty 858Bradford, AlexProfessor Alex Bradford and the Bradford SpecialsHe Lifted Me b/w Lord! Lord! Lord!1954
Specialty 859Soul StirrersCome And Go To That Land b/w He's My Friend Until The End1954
Specialty 860May and Pilgrim Travelers, Brother Joe b/w Brother Joe MayBrother Joe May and the Pilgrim Travelers b/w Brother Joe May (Thunderbolt of the Middle West)Lead Me! Guide Me! b/w Just Call His Name1954
Specialty 861Original Gospel HarmonettesNo Hiding Place b/w Who Art Thou?1954
Specialty 862Pilgrim TravelersIn My Heart b/w Shake My Mother's Hand1954
Specialty 863Swan Silvertone SingersHow I Got Over b/w Jesus Is A Friend1954
Specialty 864Chosen Gospel SingersI'm Goin' Back With Him b/w No Room In The Hotel1954
Specialty 865Bradford, AlexProfessor Alex Bradford and the Bradford SpecialsJust The Name Of Jesus b/w I Won't Sell Out1954
Specialty 866Meditation SingersI'm Determined To Run This Race b/w Promise To Meet Me There1954
Specialty 867May and Pilgrim Travelers, Brother Joe b/w Brother Joe MayOld Time Religion b/w I'm Happy Working For The Lord1954
Specialty 868Soul StirrersAny Day Now b/w Jesus, I'll Never Forget1954
Specialty 869Original Gospel HarmonettesWade In The Water b/w Waiting For Me1954
Specialty 870Original Blind Boys of AlabamaHappyland SingersAlone And Motherless b/w Since I Met Jesus1954
Specialty 871Bradford, AlexProfessor Alex Bradford and the Bradford SpecialsI Feel The Spirit b/w Right Now1954
Specialty 872Pilgrim TravelersIt Is No Secret b/w Look Down That Lonesome Road1954
Specialty 873May, Brother JoeHe'll Understand And Say Well Done b/w Lead Me, Holy Father1954
Specialty 874Original Gospel HarmonettesHe's Calling Me b/w You Must Be Born Again1954
Specialty 875Pilgrim TravelersLook To The Hills b/w Weary Traveler1954
Specialty 876Original Blind Boys of AlabamaHappyland SingersThere Is A Fountain b/w God's Promise1955
Specialty 877Pilgrim TravelersDid You Stop To Pray This Morning? b/w Straight Street1955
Specialty 878Soul StirrersBe With Me Jesus b/w Nearer To Thee1955
Specialty 879Bradford, AlexProfessor Alex Bradford and the Bradford SpecialsHe'll Wash You Whiter Than Snow b/w Oh Lord Save Me1955
Specialty 880May and Pilgrim Travelers, Brother JoeIt Don't Cost Very Much b/w Speak! Lord, Jesus!1955
Specialty 881Original Gospel HarmonettesJesus Laid His Hand On Me b/w I'll Be With Thee1955
Specialty 882Soul StirrersOne More River b/w I'm So Glad (Trouble Don't Last Always)1955
Specialty 883Pilgrim TravelersTroubled In Mind b/w Every Prayer (Will Find Its Answer)1955
Specialty 884May and Pilgrim Travelers, Brother JoeJesus Knows b/w Sell Out1955
Specialty 885Chosen Gospel SingersStay With Me Jesus b/w Prayer For The Doomed1955
Specialty 886Bradford, AlexProfessor Alex Bradford and the Bradford SpecialsHoly Ghost b/w Life's Candlelight1955
Specialty 887Original Gospel HarmonettesI Wouldn't Mind Dying b/w You Better Run1956
Specialty 888May, Brother Joe b/w Annette MayGoing Home b/w Consider Me1956
Specialty 889Pilgrim TravelersClose To Thee b/w How Jesus Died1956
Specialty 890Griffin, BessieBessie Griffin and the ConsolatorsBlessed Mother b/w Heaven1956
Specialty 891Original Blind Boys of AlabamaHappyland SingersHere Am I b/w I Cried1956
Specialty 892Soul StirrersWonderful b/w Farther Along1956
Specialty 893Bradford, AlexProfessor Alex Bradford and the Bradford SpecialsIf Mother Knew b/w Somebody Touched Me1956
Specialty 894Original Blind Boys of AlabamaHappyland SingersLiving For My Jesus b/w Swingin' On The Golden Gate1956
Specialty 895May and Pilgrim Travelers, Brother Joe b/w Annette MayMay with the Pilgrim Travelers, Brother Joe b/w Annette MayGrow Closer b/w Vacation In Heaven1956
Specialty 896Soul StirrersTouch The Hem Of His Garment b/w Jesus Wash My Troubles1956
Specialty 897Original Gospel HarmonettesLord, Don't Forget About Me b/w 99 1/21956
Specialty 898Bradford, AlexProfessor Alex Bradford and the Bradford SpecialsI Dare You b/w Without A God1956
Specialty 899Pilgrim TravelersHold On b/w Bless Us Today1956
Specialty 900Griffin, BessieBessie Griffin and the ConsolatorsWhosoever Will b/w More Like Jesus1956
Specialty 901Original Blind Boys of AlabamaHappyland SingersI'm Going Through b/w Broken Heart Of Mine1956
Specialty 902Soul StirrersPilgrim of Sorrow b/w In a Few More Days1957
Specialty 903Original Blind Boys of AlabamaHappyland SingersHeaven On My Mind b/w When Death Comes1957
Specialty 904Original Gospel HarmonettesAm I A Soldier b/w That's Enough1957
Specialty 905Bradford, AlexProfessor Alex BradfordI Can't Tarry b/w Steal Away1957
Specialty 906Original Blind Boys of AlabamaHappyland SingersI've Been Born Again b/w Goodbye, Mother1957
Specialty 907Soul StirrersWere You There? b/w Sinner Run To Jesus1957
Specialty 908Soul StirrersOut On A Hill b/w The Love Of God1958
Specialty 909Bradford, AlexProfessor Alex BradfordIt All Belongs To Him b/w What Did John Do?1958
Specialty 910Bradford, AlexHe's Everything To Me b/w I've Got A Job1958
Specialty 911Soul StirrersUntil Then b/w Loved Ones are Waiting1959
Specialty 912Argo SingersBring Back Those Days b/w What Did He Say1959
Specialty 913Stewart, PrincessTired, Lord b/w I'm A Child Of The King1959
Specialty 914Sacred HeartsJesus Has A Blessing b/w Oh! I Know My Savior Lives1959
Specialty 915Bradford and Bessie Griffin, Alex b/w Bessie Griffin (?)Prof. Alex Bradford and Sister Bessie Griffin b/w Sister Bessie GriffinWhat Makes A Man Turn His Back On God b/w All Of My Burdens1959
Specialty 916Bradford, AlexAlex Bradford and the Men of SongThe Man Is Wonderful b/w God Searched The World1959
Specialty 917Bradford, AlexWhat Folks Say About Me b/w The Lifeboat1959
Specialty 918Soul StirrersWhen The Gates Swing Open b/w The Lord Laid His Hands On Me1959
Specialty 919Meditation Singers with James ClevelandAin't That Good News b/w My Soul Looks Back And Wonders1959
Specialty 920Pilgrim TravelersA Soldier's Plea b/w Mother Bowed1971
Specialty 921Soul StirrersSam Cooke with the Soul StirrersMust Jesus Bear This Cross Alone b/w The Last Mile Of The Way1971
Specialty 922Swan Silvertone SingersSwan SilvertonesI'm A-Rollin' b/w Love Lifted Me1971
Specialty 923Original Blind Boys of AlabamaOriginal Five Blind Boys of AlabamaThis May Be The Last Time b/w Our Father's Praying Ground1971
Specialty 924New TestamentSince You Came Into My Life b/w Let's Talk About God1971
Specialty 925Original Gospel HarmonettesDorothy Love Coates and the Original Gospel HarmonettesWhy Not b/w Jesus Knows It All1971
Specialty 926Bradford, AlexThe Bells Keep On Ringing b/w This May Be The Last Time1971
Specialty 927Original Blind Boys of AlabamaOriginal Five Blind Boys of AlabamaFix It Jesus b/w Servant's Prayer Amen1971-72
Specialty 928Soul StirrersSam Cooke with the Soul StirrersJust Another Day b/w Christ Is All1971-72
Specialty 929Pilgrim TravelersAfter While b/w Your Mother Is Your Friend1972
Specialty 930Soul StirrersThat's Heaven To Me b/w Lord,Remember Me1972
Specialty 931Swan Silvertone SingersSwan SilvertonesKeep My Heart b/w This Little Light Of Mine1972
Specialty 932Soul StirrersGoing Back To The Lord Again b/w Free At Last1972
Specialty 933Melody KingsHow Sweet It Is To Be Saved b/w He's Alright1972
Specialty 934Pilgrim TravelersSilent Night b/w I'll Be Home For Christmas1972-73


LP releases:

releaseartistartist as showntitleyear
Specialty LP 2106Soul StirrersSoul Stirrers featuring Sam Cookeno title1959
Specialty LP 2107Original Gospel HarmonettesHe's Calling Me1959
Specialty LP 2108Bradford, AlexToo Close To Heaven1959
Specialty LP 2115VariousAin't That Good News1969
Specialty LP 2116Soul StirrersSam Cooke with the Soul StirrersThe Gospel Soul of Sam Cooke with the Soul Stirrers, Vol. 11969
Specialty LP 2117VariousThis Is How It All Began, The Specialty Story Vol. 11970
Specialty LP 2119Soul Stirrers b/w Sam CookeSam CookeThe 2 Sides of Sam Cooke1970
Specialty LP 2121Pilgrim TravelersThe Best of the Pilgrim Travelers1970
Specialty LP 2122Swan SilvertonesLove Lifted Me1970
Specialty LP 2123Original Blind Boys of AlabamaOriginal Five Blind Boys of AlabamaOh Lord, Stand By Me1970
Specialty LP 2128Soul StirrersSam Cooke with the Soul StirrersThe Gospel Soul of Sam Cooke with the Soul Stirrers, Vol. 21971
Specialty LP 2132May, Brother JoeSearch Me Lord1971
Specialty LP 2133Bradford, AlexThe Best of Alex Bradford1971
Specialty LP 2134Original Gospel HarmonettesDorothy Love Coates and the Original Gospel HarmonettesThe Best of Dorothy Love Coates and the Original Gospel Harmonettes, Vol. 11971
Specialty LP 2137Soul StirrersOriginal Soul Stirrersno title1971
Specialty LP 2138Original Blind Boys of AlabamaOriginal Five Blind Boys of AlabamaMarching Up To Zion1971
Specialty LP 2140Pilgrim TravelersThe Best of the Pilgrim Travelers, Vol. 21971
Specialty LP 2141Original Gospel HarmonettesDorothy Love Coates and the Original Gospel HarmonettesThe Best of Dorothy Love Coates and the Original Gospel Harmonettes, Vol. 21971
Specialty LP 2142May, Brother JoeThank You Lord For One More Day1971
Specialty LP 2143Bradford, AlexHe Lifted Me1971
Specialty LP 2144VariousGreatest Gospel Gems, Volume 11971
Specialty LP 2145VariousGreatest Gospel Gems, Volume 21971
Specialty LP 2146Soul StirrersSam Cooke with the Soul StirrersThat's Heaven To Me1972
Specialty LP 2147Pilgrim TravelersStand Up And Testify1972
Specialty LP 2148Swan SilvertonesMy Rock1972
Specialty LP 2150Soul StirrersGoing Back To The Lord Again1972
Specialty LP 2151May, Brother JoeIn Loving Memory of Brother Joe May: A Collection of his Most Famous Recordings1972-73
Specialty LP 2152VariousTo Mother1972-73
Specialty LP 2153VariousGospel Stars in Concert1973