Gospel Grooves, volume 3


artist;artist as shown;title;recorded;source
Smith, Rev. Utah;;Two Wings;1953;Checker 785
Soul Seekers;;Something’s Got A Hold On Me;1959;Mormax 54
Swanee Quintet;;Things Will Be Alright;1965;Nashboro LP 7026
West Coast Tornadoes;;Family Prayer;1964;Tornado 501
Young, Dewey;Dewey Young and The Flying Clouds;Guide My Mind;1960;Revelation 145
Ambassadors of Philadelphia, PA;;He Watches Over Me;1961;Federal 12438
Bronner Brothers Spiritual Quartet;;Painting A Picture For The Lord;1964;Shippings 14778
Ever-Ready Gospel Singers;;I’m A Pilgrim And A Stranger;1954;Capitol 2763
Sky Light Singers;Mighty Skylights;Lift Him Up;1959;Vee-Jay 875
Kings Of Joy;;He’s Coming Back;1961;Derrick 1484
Smith and Singing Crusaders, Geo. (Baby);;How Much More;c. 1959;Zenith 505
Soul Stirrers;;He’s Been A Shelter For Me;1959;Sar LP 501
Sunset Jubilees;;Traveling Shoes;196?;Lewis 2809
Moss, Essie;;He’ll Say Well Done;196?;Bilesse 0004
Gospel Four;;I Need The Lord;1961;Bishop 208
Mighty Fire Larks;;Jesus Will Meet Me;1967;O.P.C. 409/410
Southern Stars of Jamaica;;Old Death;196?;Simpson 245
Victorious Glory Landers;;Jesus Is Everywhere;1962;ARC 9002
Tharpe, Sister Rosetta;;Didn’t It Rain;1959;Mercury LP 20412
Southern Tones;;Wait On The Lord, parts 1, 2;1962;Myrl EP 1203
Gospel Paraders;;Even Me;1963;Sar 146
Gospel Spreaders;;Signs Of The Judgement;1963;Rae-Cox 109
Jones Brothers;;Look To Jesus;1954;Sun 213
Carrington, Curtis;;I Want To See Jesus First Of All;1967;Ken-Yatta 545-2100
Stripes of Glory;;I Can’t Believe It;19??;AR LP 5817


Rev. Utah Smith – Two Wings:


Essie Moss – He’ll Say Well Done: