• Apart from black gospel, this label (which was run by Woody Richardson) also released country, pop and rock & roll. The label’s history is sort of a mystery but it seems the label has been active from the early 1960’s to the late 1980’s. All post-1970’s issues have been omitted from this discography.
  • The Sons of Glory (Woodrich 1258, 1266) seem not to be connected to other groups with the same name. To avoid confusion with the Nashboro group, (2) is added.
  • The Song Birds of the South, as this male group is called on two of their three Woodrich single releases, should not be confused with the female Savoy group bearing the same name. Their Woodrich LP is included in the LP discography, but it may actually be from the 1980’s.
  • Later (1980’s) issues include albums by the Hobson Family, the Rocket City Harmonizers and the Joyful Sounds.
  • Most years given are estimates and there may be errors. Missing numbers in the listing are secular or unknown releases.
  • The 1200 numbers seem to be regular release numbers, the numbers that follow in the listing may also be matrix numbers (with an actual release number missing).
  • This page lists all known Woodrich gospel releases (45’s and LP’s) from the 1960’s and 1970’s.


45rpm releases:

releaseartistartist as shownsongsyear
Woodrich 1246Boone, PercyI've Been Born Again b/w Help Me Keep My Hands On The Plow1964-65
Woodrich 1248Boone, PercyLook Unto the Hills b/w Let Thy Will Be Done1964-65
Woodrich 1252Deep South SingersThe Lord Has Been So Good To Me b/w Jesus' Love1965
Woodrich 1254Sensational JubilettesSensational JubilettsThis Is My Prayer b/w Tell Me What To Say1965
Woodrich 1257Sensational JubilettesSensational JubilettsBe My Keeper b/w When Jesus Comes1966
Woodrich 1258Sons of Glory (2)Nobody But The Lord b/w What Did Jesus Say1966
Woodrich 1266Sons of Glory (2)Gospel Sons Of GloryIs Your Religion Real b/w Bread Alone1967
Woodrich 1272Light House SingersI Don't Mind You Talking b/w Hold My Hand1967-68
Woodrich 2461/2Song BirdsThe Blood Of Jesus b/w Bless My Soul196?-7?
Woodrich 2687/8Song BirdsSong Birds of the SouthJesus Lives b/w The Holy Ghost Fire196?-7?
Woodrich 2871/2Song BirdsSong Birds of the SouthI've Been In The Storm Too Long b/w Vacation In Heaven196?-7?
Woodrich 2983Eternal Chariot SingersWade In The Water b/w Too Close196?-7?
Woodrich 10663Moore Jr., Rev. GeorgeGod Is So Good b/w Go On My Child197?
Woodrich 11061Rocket City HarmonizersJesus b/w He Did It All197?
Woodrich 74383 (?)Moore Jr., Rev. GeorgeRev. George Moore Jr. and the Spiritual FellowshipsJesus Was Right There b/w You Don't Miss Your Water Until The Well Runs Dry197?


LP releases:

releaseartistartist as showntitleyear
Woodrich LP 104Boone, PercyRev. Percy BooneTry A Little Faith 196?-7?
Woodrich LP 105Deep South Singersno title196?-7?
Woodrich LP 9707/8Song BirdsSong Birds of the Southno title197?-8?