World Wide


  • World Wide (World Wide Records, Inc.) was a subsidiary label of Savoy, releasing both gospel and secular. The label should not be confused with the World-Wide label (R.C. Quintette).
  • The 5000 series was devoted to gospel, all issues seem to be from 1960.
  • World Wide 5001 (Elder Broadie) was first issued on Coleman 5989 in c. 1948.
  • This page lists all known gospel releases on the World Wide label.








45rpm releases:

releaseartistartist as shownsongsyear
World Wide 5001Broadie, ElderElder B.H. Broadie, the World's Greatest Wonder PreacherOn The Jericho Road b/w Come On Home1960
World Wide 5002Shockley SingersShockley Singers (the World's Youngest Gospel Singers)Tell It To The People b/w Deliver Me1960
World Wide 5003Georgia PeachFamous Georgia PeachI'll Never Grow Old b/w I'll Search Heaven (Looking For You)1960
World Wide 5004Smith SistersFamous Smith SistersWho Shall Abide b/w Jesus Is Coming1960
World Wide 5005Shockley SingersHe Brought Us Through b/w The Divine Creator1960
World Wide 5006Imperial Gospel SingersThe Roll Call b/w Nothing Too Hard For God1960
World Wide 5007North Philadelphia JuniorsI Heard The News b/w I Dreamed Of A City Called Heaven1960
World Wide 5008Crum, Rev. H.B.Reverend Crum and his Mighty Golden KeysHold My Hand b/w All Over Me1960
World Wide 5009Georgia PeachI'm Going To Build On That Shore b/w I Know I Got Religion1960
World Wide 5010Shockley SingersStop, Listen b/w There's Nothing Like It1960