World Wide


  • World Wide (World Wide Records, Inc.) was a subsidiary label of Savoy, releasing both gospel and secular. The label should not be confused with the World-Wide label (R.C. Quintette).
  • The 5000 series was devoted to gospel, all issues seem to be from 1960.
  • World Wide 5001 (Elder Broadie) was first issued on Coleman 5989 in c. 1948.
  • This page lists all known gospel releases on the World Wide label.


45'srelease artist artist as shown songs year
1World Wide 5001 Broadie, Elder Elder B.H. Broadie, the World's Greatest Wonder Preacher On The Jericho Road b/w Come On Home 1960
2World Wide 5002 Shockley Singers Shockley Singers (the World's Youngest Gospel Singers) Tell It To The People b/w Deliver Me 1960
3World Wide 5003 Georgia Peach Famous Georgia Peach I'll Never Grow Old b/w I'll Search Heaven (Looking For You) 1960
4World Wide 5004 Smith Sisters Famous Smith Sisters Who Shall Abide b/w Jesus Is Coming 1960
5World Wide 5005 Shockley Singers He Brought Us Through b/w The Divine Creator 1960
6World Wide 5006 Imperial Gospel Singers The Roll Call b/w Nothing Too Hard For God 1960
7World Wide 5007 North Philadelphia Juniors I Heard The News b/w I Dreamed Of A City Called Heaven 1960
8World Wide 5008 Crum, Rev. H.B. Reverend Crum and his Mighty Golden Keys Hold My Hand b/w All Over Me 1960
9World Wide 5009 Georgia Peach I'm Going To Build On That Shore b/w I Know I Got Religion 1960
10World Wide 5010 Shockley Singers Stop, Listen b/w There's Nothing Like It 1960