Gospel Recording Co. discography (c. 1957-72)


Gospel Recording Co.

  • The Gospel Recording Co. label was located in New York City and in operation from the late 1950’s to the early 1970’s.
  • Little is known about the label’s history and the people involved; most information was drawn from 45’s, LP’s and eBay ads.
  • Although listed under the name Gospel Recording Co., the label had in fact several names: Gospel Recording (200, 300, 400 series, #1369, 1370, 1497, 2171 and some early issues in the 200 and 1300 LP series, but on the labels only – the covers show the Gospel Recording Co. name), Gospel Recording Co. (most of the 500 series and the 600, 700 and 800 series, the majority of the LP issues) and GRC (#507, 513, 518 and 524, a.o.).
  • Apart from the above, some LP covers show the name as Gospel, Gospel Records or Gospel Recordings. However, the labels for these issues still show Gospel Recording Co.
  • The listing below shows the LP’s with either the name Gospel Recording Co. or Gospel Recordings, depending on what the front cover shows. The 45’s/78’s are listed the way the labels indicate.
  • LP’s #1364 (Prof. Herman Stevens) and 217 (Gospel All Stars) were reissued with different covers. Maybe there were more LP’s reissued.
  • LP’s #1376 (Dewey Young) and 1377 (Brooklyn All Stars) are mentioned on the back covers of other Gospel Recording Co. LP’s, but it’s unknown if they really exist.
  • LP 1385 (Rev. Howard Coleman) seems to have been released in a blank, gold-colored cover.
  • The Southland Singers (#505) and the Southland Mission Singers (#531) are supposed to be different groups.
  • Gospel Recording Co. 506 seems to have been released twice, by the J.C. Downing Quartette and by the Peerless Four Quartet.
  • Jimmey Jones (#538) is Jimmy Jones, also known as “Mr. Bass”, who recorded with the Northern Aires (Northernairs) on JAS and with the Sensationals on Savoy.
  • All years given are estimates, all missing numbers are yet unknown releases (some may not have been released).
  • This page lists all known releases (78’s, 45’s, EP’s and LP’s) on the Gospel Recording Co. label.



78 & 45rpm releases:

releaseartistartist as shownsongsyear
Gospel Recording 214Bethel SpecialsI'm Singing b/w Since Jesus Came To Stayc. 1957-58
Gospel Recording 215Lawson Radio Choir, BishopGod Put A Rainbow In The Sky b/w Little Davidc. 1957-58
Gospel Recording 219Famous Harps of PraiseMy Heavenly Father Watches Over Me / Let Us Run On To Jesusc. 1957-58
Gospel Recording 222Bibleway Young People Choir of Brooklyn, NYI Love The Name Jesus b/w Walking Up The Kings Highwayc. 1957-59
Gospel Recording 225Washington Temple's Camp Meeting ChoirHow Great Thou Art b/w I Shall Not Be Movedc. 1957-59
Gospel Recording 227Porter, HughBriney Tears b/w Whispering Hopec. 1958-61
Gospel Recording 231Childs Radio Choir, Bishop Calling Jesus My Rock b/w I Will Give Thanksc. 1958-61
Gospel Recording 232Lowe, JamesBro. James LoweFriend Above All Others b/w Nothing But The Holy Ghostc. 1958-61
Gospel Recording 233Badgett, Brother C.O.What A Time b/w Stumbling Over My Lifec. 1959-61
Gospel Recording 366Newberry SingersI Cannot Fail The Lord b/w Do You Know Himc. 1961-63
Gospel Recording 367Christian Tabernacle Radio ChoirCan't Turn Around Now b/w Just To God Be Truec. 1961-63
Gospel Recording 368Anderson, LamarThe Only Hope b/w Without God I Can Do Nothingc. 1961-63
Gospel Recording 373Corinthian Gospel SingersCorinthian Gospel Singers of Buffalo, NYAll That You Need b/w Sometimesc. 1962-63
Gospel Recording 377Friendship Baptist Mass Choir of Buffalo, NYWalk On By Faith b/w If You Believec. 1962-63
Gospel Recording 378Harps of God Jubilee SingersGod Is Able b/w I Believe I'll Serve The Lordc. 1962-63
Gospel Recording 379Buffalo Youth and Young Adult ChoirGreat Is The Lord b/w All That You Needc. 1962-63
Gospel Recording 380Moss & Celestials, BillHe Made It Alright For Me b/w I'll Tell The Worldc. 1962-63
Gospel Recording 383Brooklyn All StarsBrooklyn All Star SingersI'm On The Right Road Now b/w I'm Coming Homec. 1962-63
Gospel Recording 384Jackson, LillieI Wondered As I Wandered b/w Sweet Little Jesus Boyc. 1962-63
Gospel Recording 385Six Gospel StarsSteal Away b/w Come On And Let's Go Backc. 1962-63
Gospel Recording 386Spiritual VoicesJesus I Love You b/w Without Holinessc. 1962-63
Gospel Recording 390Gospel Echoes of Newburg, NYI’ve Got The Love Of Jesus b/w Since I Laid My Burdens Downc. 1962-63
Gospel Recording 391Southern HarmoneersHoly City b/w Save Mec. 1962-63
Gospel Recording 392Gospel Choralaires of South CarolinaWhat Love b/w Long White Robec. 1962-63
Gospel Recording 397Brooklyn All StarsBrooklyn All Stars SingersIf It Wasn't For The Lord b/w The Lord Willc. 1962-63
Gospel Recording 399Brooks, GladysIn Times Like These b/w Am I A Soldier1962-63
Gospel Recording 400Sisters of HarmonyWhat Love b/w Going To The Cityc. 1963-64
Gospel Recording 401Happy Travelers of Brooklyn, NYI Want The Lord To Remember Me b/w The Lord Has Been So Goodc. 1963-64
Gospel Recording 403Crusaders of Washington, DCI've Been Living All Day Long For Jesus b/w Peace Be Stillc. 1963-64
Gospel Recording 404Ivory Gospel SingersIvory Gospel Singers from the City of Richmond, VAYou Can't Do Wrong And Get By b/w Give God The Thanks1963-64
Gospel Recording 405Golden Travelers of Brooklyn, NYI'll Take Jesus For Mine b/w Take Me By My Handc. 1963-64
Gospel Recording 406Singing AngelsThe Way I Used To Walk b/w I Don't Know Whyc. 1963-64
Gospel Recording 407Calvary Gospel SingersThat Little Wooden Church b/w Motherless Childc. 1963-64
Gospel Recording 408Six Gospel StarsRide That Glory Train b/w Had It Not Been For Himc. 1963-64
Gospel Recording 409Walker, ClaraClara Walker and the Gospel RedeemersEverything b/w I Want To Be Baptizedc. 1963-64
Gospel Recording 1369Original Gospel PearlsJesus Bore A Cross b/w Meet Me Therec. 1963-64
Gospel Recording 1370Southern HarmoneersHome When The Roll Is Called b/w Home In The Skyc. 1963-64
Gospel Recording 1497Bishop Lawson Radio ChoirGod Put A Rainbow In The Sky b/w Little Davidc. 1963-64
Gospel Recording 2170Gospel All StarsFamous Gospel All StarsSweeter Than The Day Before b/w Choose Your Seatc. 1963-64
Gospel Recording 2171World Famous Gaylocks JuniorsI Got Jesus b/w Jesus Died On Calvaryc. 1963-64
Gospel Recording Co. 500Young Adult ChoirTrouble About My Soul b/w Too Latec. 1964
Gospel Recording 501Original Gospel PearlsHere We Stand b/w Lord Don't Leave Mec. 1964
Gospel Recording 502Sisters of HarmonyHalleujah [sic] b/w Following Mosesc. 1964
Gospel Recording 504Brooklyn All StarsBrooklyn All Star SingersDon't Forget The Family Prayer b/w Lord I Want To Restc. 1964
Gospel Recording 505Southland SingersTell Me Why b/w Live The Lifec. 1964
Gospel Recording Co. 506Peerless Four QuartetMy Mother Is Gone b/w This Is The Reasonc. 1964
Gospel Recording Co. 506Downing Quartette, J.C.Play On Your Harp b/w Victory After Awhilec. 1964
GRC 507Emerson FourWell Done b/w Waiting And Watchingc. 1964
GRC 509Sensational Golden Sons of Brooklyn NYStanding In The Safety Zone b/w Lord One Dayc. 1964
Gospel Recording Co. 510Peerless Four QuartetWhat A Mighty God b/w Examine Me Oh Lordc. 1964
Gospel Recording Co. 511Colmanaires of Washington, DCGod Put A Rainbow In The Sky b/w I Must Tell Jesusc. 1964
GRC 512Silver Gate QuartetteWasn't It A Rainy Time b/w What He's Done For Mec. 1964
GRC 513Starlight SingersStarlight Singers of Emporia, VirginiaMove These Things b/w Sweet Homec. 1964
Gospel Recording Co. 514Washington SingersOne Step b/w Where Everc. 1964
GRC 515Teasley Inspirational SingersPrayer Keeps Me Marching On b/w My Help Cometh From The Lordc. 1964
Gospel Recording Co. 517Six Gospel StarsI Prayed All Night Long b/w My Testimonyc. 1964
GRC 518Aeolian Gospel Singers of Phila., PANo Not One b/w In His Armsc. 1964
Gospel Recording Co. 522Cross Jordan SingersA Letter To Mother b/w Sit Down Motherc. 1964
GRC 524Southern Echoes of Washington, DCI Know A Man b/w Search My Heartc. 1964
Gospel Recording Co. 525Pilgrims of FaithWhen My Jesus Comes b/w Jesus Diedc. 1964
Gospel Recording Co. 526Washington SingersYou'll Need Jesus b/w There's Joyc. 1964
Gospel Recording Co. 531Southland Mission SingersTime Has Made A Change b/w I Want To See Jesusc. 1964
Gospel Recording Co. 532Bethlehem TravelersMain Line b/w How Great Thou Artc. 1964
Gospel Recording Co. 533Singing AngelsI've Got A Right b/w The Lord's Prayerc. 1964
Gospel Recording Co. 535Brooklyn All StarsBrooklyn All Stars SingersGuide Me Oh Thou Great Jehovah b/w I've Got My Ticketc. 1964
Gospel Recording Co. 537GalileansJust Can’t Keep It b/w Till We Meetc. 1964
Gospel Recording Co. 538Jones, JimmyJimmey Jones b/w Jimmey Jones SingersI Believe I'll Go Back Home b/w Lord I've Triedc. 1964
Gospel Recording Co. 539Sons of DavidSwing Low Sweet Chariot b/w Blessed Assurancec. 1964
Gospel Recording Co. 540Peerless Four QuartetPeerless FourJesus Will Roll b/w Come Ye Disconsolatec. 1964
Gospel Recording Co. 542Gospel Ensemble of Chattanooga, Tenn.Depending On You b/w Lead Me To That Rockc. 1964
Gospel Recording Co. 544Mighty Southland Singers of Paterson, NJTake Me By My Hand b/w Good Religionc. 1964
Gospel Recording Co. 546Happyland Singers of Baltimore, MD.Happyland SingersThere Will Be No Tomorrow b/w It's A Long Wayc. 1964
Gospel Recording Co. 547Young, DeweyDewey Young and the Devine TravelersI Will Guide Thee b/w I Cried All Nite Longc. 1964
Gospel Recording Co. 548Mighty Gospel Wonders of Winston Salem, NCLord Touch Me b/w My Life Is In His Handsc. 1964
Gospel Recording Co. 554Gospel CommunicatorsCommunication With Jesus b/w How Sweet It Isc. 1964-65
Gospel Recording Co. 560Brooklyn All StarsBrooklyn All Stars SingersI Want To Be Ready b/w Sinner Man c. 1964-65
Gospel Recording Co. 561Six Gospel StarsSit Down And Rest b/w Hold On c. 1964-65
Gospel Recording Co. 562Johnson SingersI Kept On Searching b/w If I Goc. 1964-65
Gospel Recording Co. 563Five Singing StarsTommy Ellison and the Five Singing StarsAmen b/w I Know The Lordc. 1964-65
Gospel Recording Co. 564Carlton, BeckySilent Nite b/w Away In A Mangerc. 1964-65
Gospel Recording Co. 565CapitalairesCapitolaires of Columbus, OhioJesus Made It Possible b/w Yield Not To Temptationc. 1964-65
Gospel Recording Co. 569Sacred HarmonizersSacred Harmonizers of Phila, PAHalf Has Never Been Told b/w Working For Jesusc. 1964-65
Gospel Recording Co. 570Heavenly EchoesGood Time b/w The Clouds Are Hanging Low c. 1964-65
Gospel Recording Co. 571Happyland Singers of Baltimore, MD.Great Day Is Coming b/w Since I Laid My Burden Downc. 1964-65
Gospel Recording Co. 572Singing StarsSinging Stars of Louisburg, NCTake Me To The Water b/w Motherless Childc. 1964-65
Gospel Recording Co. 573Sons of DavidAround God's Throne b/w Freedom In The Landc. 1964-65
Gospel Recording Co. 574Young, DeweyRev. Dewey Young and his SingersProdigal Son b/w Jesus Loves Mec. 1964-65
Gospel Recording Co. 575Rugged Cross SingersWe Are Going To Glory b/w Softly And Tenderlyc. 1964-65
Gospel Recording Co. 578Johnson SingersResting In The Lord b/w Walk Together Childrenc. 1964-65
Gospel Recording Co. 581Soul SaversI'll Be Alright b/w Just Anyhowc. 1965
Gospel Recording Co. 582CapitalairesTake It To Jesus b/w Holy Ghostc. 1965
Gospel Recording Co. 583Silver Gate QuartetteSilver Gate QuartettMove For Jesus b/w I Believec. 1965
Gospel Recording Co. 585Jenkins and the Pilgrim Gospel Singers, Prof.Leaning On The Lord b/w So High You Can't Get Over It c. 1965-66
Gospel Recording Co. 586Merckson, MaggieIn Everybody's Garden Some Rain Must Fall b/w Out In The Sunshinec. 1965-66
Gospel Recording Co. 587Victory Chorale EnsembleVictory, Victory Shall Be Mine b/w There Is No Telling What God Can Doc. 1965-66
Gospel Recording Co. 588Glorious King Gospel SingersI Found The Answer b/w Two Wingsc. 1965-66
Gospel Recording Co. 589Brooklyn All StarsBrooklyn All Star Singers / Paul Owens and the Brooklyn All Star SingersMotherless Child b/w Look Down The Linec. 1965-66
Gospel Recording Co. 590Summers and the Gospel Two, A.God Is So Good b/w Hear My Prayerc. 1965-66
Gospel Recording Co. 591Rugged Cross SingersRugged Cross Singers of Jersey City, NJHe's Everything To Me b/w The Last Mile Of The Wayc. 1965-66
Gospel Recording Co. 592Mighty Heavenly Crowns of Albany, GA.Home In Glory b/w Stand For Jesusc. 1965-66
Gospel Recording Co. 594Gospel TonesGospel Tones of Grand Rapids, MichiganI Never Knew b/w I've Got Itc. 1965-66
Gospel Recording Co. 596Original Sensational Gospel SixI Thank You b/w Tomorrow Is Another Dayc. 1965-66
Gospel Recording Co. 597Victory Chorale EnsembleI Love The Lord b/w Sinner Why Do You Waitc. 1966
Gospel Recording Co. 597 (2)Gospel JewelsJust One Touch b/w Stand Up For Jesusc. 1966-67
Gospel Recording Co. 598Dixieland Gospel SingersGoing Home b/w The Lord Is My Shepherdc. 1966-67
Gospel Recording Co. 599Ford, Brother AllenHighway 66 b/w You Can't Make It By Yourselfc. 1966-67
Gospel Recording Co. 600Spiritual VoicesSearch Me Jesus b/w Leak In The Buildingc. 1966-67
Gospel Recording Co. 602Williams, Rev. A.C.In Times Like These b/w It Is No Secretc. 1966-67
Gospel Recording Co. 603Singing StarsLord I'll Go b/w I'm On The Right Roadc. 1966-67
Gospel Recording Co. 604Southland Jubiliars [sic]My Hand Is In God's Hand b/w Oh Lordc. 1966-67
Gospel Recording Co. 605Willis SistersGod Doesn't Ever Change b/w Marching Thru The Cityc. 1966-67
Gospel Recording Co. 606Hebrew Gospel SingersGod Answers Prayer b/w I've Got to Meet Jesusc. 1966-67
Gospel Recording Co. 606Mighty Sensational TwilightsAll Thru The Years b/w Theme Song God Is Ablec. 1966-67
Gospel Recording Co. 608Sampson HarmoneersMy Soul b/w I Can Depend On Jesusc. 1966-67
Gospel Recording Co. 700Bright Light Baptist ChurchFire b/w No Strangerc. 1966-67
Gospel Recording Co. 701Swint, AnitaIf I Can Help Somebody b/w Witness For My Lordc. 1967
Gospel Recording Co. 704Victory Chorale EnsembleStanding Standing In The Need Of Prayer b/w Tambourines To Gloryc. 1968
Gospel Recording Co. 705Singing StarsSinging Stars of Louisburg, NCLive So God Can Use Me b/w Jesus Made A Wayc. 1968
Gospel Recording Co. 706Little Rock Baptist ChoirLet The Spirit Moving b/w Long, Long Time Agoc. 1968
Gospel Recording Co. 707Singing StarsGoing Back With Jesus b/w Did You Stop To Thinkc. 1968
Gospel Recording Co. 708Mighty Charity Gospel SingersOh Mary b/w Story Of Jobc. 1968
Gospel Recording Co. 800Byrd, Rev. and Mrs. E.T.I'd Rather Have Jesus b/w Just How Much We Can Bearc. 1968-69
Gospel Recording Co. 800 (2)Ford, Brother AllenBro. Allen FordWhere I'm Bound b/w He Delivered Mec. 1968-69
Gospel Recording Co. 801Singing StarsSinging Stars of Louisburg, NCNothing Can Change Me b/w When The Roll Is Calledc. 1968-69


EP releases:

releaseartistartist as showntitleyear
Gospel Recording EP 372Heavenly Echoes of E. Orange, NJno titlec. 1962-63
Gospel Recording EP 374Saxton, Henry Nelson and Harold Austin, HenryChristmas Musicc. 1962-63


LP releases:

releaseartistartist as showntitleyear
Gospel Recording Co. LP 214VariousThree Great Gospel Choirsc. 1961-62
Gospel Recording Co. LP 215Porter, Prof. HughInspirational Songsc. 1961-62
Gospel Recording Co. LP 216Angelic Choir of Washington Temple ChurchChurch Of God In Christc. 1961-62
Gospel recording Co. LP 217Gospel All Starsno titlec. 1962
Gospel Recording Co. LP 218Newberry Singersno titlec. 1962
Gospel Recording Co. LP 220Gospel All StarsDeep Riverc. 1962
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1364Stevens, Prof. HermanGospel Organ Musicc. 1962
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1365Christian Tabernacle Radio ChoirChristian Tabernacle ChoirIn The Tabernacle Of The Lordc. 1962
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1365VariousGospel On The Hammond Organc. 1962
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1367Friendship Baptist Mass ChoirThe 140 Beautifully Blended Voices of the Friendship Baptist Mass Choirc. 1962
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1368St. John Baptist Choir of Buffalo, NYno titlec. 1962-63
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1369VariousGospel Dinner Musicc. 1962-63
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1370VariousI Thank You Lordc. 1963-64
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1371Brooklyn All StarsBrooklyn All Stars SingersI've Got My Ticketc. 1964
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1372Gospel PearlsHere We Standc. 1964
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1373Brooklyn All StarsI Want To Restc. 1964-65
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1374VariousChoir Conventionc. 1964-65
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1375VariousTen Gospel Hits, volume 1c. 1964-65
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1376Young, DeweyDewey Young and the Divine Travelers?c. 1964-65
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1377Brooklyn All Stars?c. 1964-65
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1378Carlton, BeckyLittle Becky CarltonOrgan Melodiesc. 1964-65
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1379VariousJesus Made It Possiblec. 1964-65
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1380Walker, ClaraClara Walker and the Gospel RedeemersTake Me To The Waterc. 1964-65
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1381Lawson, Bishop R.C.Behold The Manc. 1966
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1382Victory Chorale EnsembleVictory Shall Be Minec. 1966
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1383Peerless Four QuartetMany Blessingsc. 1967
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1384Victory Chorale EnsembleMore Love To Theec. 1967
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1385Coleman, Rev. HowardThe Lord Will Provide (sermon)c.1967
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1386Silver Gate QuartetI Believec. 1967
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1387Voices of ShilohStanding On The Promisesc. 1967
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1388Sangster Gospel Chorus, E.D.I Have A Friendc. 1967
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1391Young People's Holy Association District ChoirI Won't Turn My Back On Godc. 1967
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1392Gospel Tonesno titlec. 1967
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1393Cornerstone Church ChoirI Want To Be Readyc. 1967-68
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1394Cleveland GravesThe Remarkable Cleveland Graves Plays Gospel Melodiesc. 1967-68
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1395Spiritual VoicesPhilip Johnson, Spiritual VoicesSearch Me Jesusc. 1968
Gospel Recordings LP 1396Victory Chorale EnsembleTambourines To Gloryc. 1968-69
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1397Voices of ShilohDry Bones Made Alivec. 1968-69
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1398Voices of E.R.C.It Is Wellc. 1969
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1399Young Adult ChoirSatan We're Going To Tear Your Kingdom Downc. 1969
Gospel Recording Co. LP 1400Youth Ensemble of St. John Fire Baptized Holiness Church of God of the AmericasOnly Believec. 1970
Gospel Recordings LP 14002Parham, KittyKitty Parham and the West District Choirno titlec. 1970
Gospel Recordings LP 14003Penn. State Choirno titlec. 1970
Gospel Recordings LP 14004Carlton, BeckyBecky Carlton and the Broadie Temple ChoirBehold Belovedc. 1970
Gospel Recordings LP 14005Jordan Gospel SingersThe Family Reunionc. 1970-71
Gospel Recordings LP 14008Pittsburgh All-StarsGood Things Come To Those Who Waitc. 1970-72
Gospel Recordings LP 14009Way of the Cross ChoirHe's Coming Backc. 1970-72
Gospel Recordings LP 1010Saint Mathew ChoirFaithc. 1971
Gospel Recordings LP 1112Parham, KittyKitty Parham and the Phildelphia Voices For ChristBy The Grace Of Godc. 1972-73