Gospel Recording Co. discography (c. 1957-72)


Gospel Recording Co.

  • The Gospel Recording Co. label was located in New York City and in operation from the late 1950’s to the early 1970’s.
  • Little is known about the label’s history and the people involved; most information was drawn from 45’s, LP’s and eBay ads.
  • Although listed under the name Gospel Recording Co., the label had in fact three different names: Gospel Recording (200, 300, 400 series, #1369, 1370, 1497, 2171 and some early issues in the 200 and 1300 LP series, but on the labels only – the covers show the Gospel Recording Co. name), Gospel Recording Co. (most of the 500 series and the 600, 700 and 800 series, the majority of the LP issues) and GRC (#507, 513, 518 and 524, maybe a few more).
  • Apart from the above, some LP covers show the name as Gospel, Gospel Records or Gospel Recordings. However, the labels for these issues still show Gospel Recording Co.
  • The listing below shows all LP’s with the name Gospel Recording Co. The 45’s/78’s are listed the way the labels indicate.
  • LP’s #1364 (Prof. Herman Stevens) and 217 (Gospel All Stars) were reissued with different covers. Maybe there were more LP’s reissued.
  • LP’s #1376 (Dewey Young) and 1377 (Brooklyn All Stars) are mentioned on the back covers of other Gospel Recording Co. LP’s, but it’s unknown if they really exist.
  • LP 1385 (Rev. Howard Coleman) seems to have been released in a blank, gold-colored cover.
  • The Southland Singers (#505) and the Southland Mission Singers (#531) are supposed to be different groups.
  • Gospel Recording Co. 506 seems to have been released twice, by the J.C. Downing Quartette and by the Peerless Four Quartet.
  • Jimmey Jones (#538) is Jimmy Jones, also known as “Mr. Bass”, who recorded with the Northern Aires (Northernairs) on JAS and with the Sensationals on Savoy.
  • All years given are estimates, all missing numbers are yet unknown releases (some may not have been released).
  • This page lists all known releases (78’s, 45’s, EP’s and LP’s) on the Gospel Recording Co. label.


78's, 45'srelease artist artist as shown songs year
1Gospel Recording 214 Bethel Specials I'm Singing b/w Since Jesus Came To Stay c. 1957-58
2Gospel Recording 215 Lawson Radio Choir, Bishop God Put A Rainbow In The Sky b/w Little David c. 1957-58
3Gospel Recording 222 Bibleway Young People Choir of Brooklyn, NY I Love The Name Jesus b/w Walking Up The Kings Highway c. 1957-59
4Gospel Recording 225 Washington Temple's Camp Meeting Choir How Great Thou Art b/w I Shall Not Be Moved c. 1957-59
5Gospel Recording 227 Porter, Hugh Briney Tears b/w Whispering Hope c. 1958-61
6Gospel Recording 231 Childs Radio Choir, Bishop Calling Jesus My Rock b/w I Will Give Thanks c. 1958-61
7Gospel Recording 233 Badgett, Brother C.O. What A Time b/w Stumbling Over My Life c. 1959-61
8Gospel Recording 366 Newberry Singers I Cannot Fail The Lord b/w Do You Know Him c. 1961-63
9Gospel Recording 367 Christian Tabernacle Radio Choir Can't Turn Around Now b/w Just to God Be True c. 1961-63
10Gospel Recording 368 Anderson, Lamar The Only Hope b/w Without God I Can Do Nothing c. 1961-63
11Gospel Recording 373 Corinthian Gospel Singers Corinthian Gospel Singers of Buffalo, NY All That You Need b/w Sometimes c. 1962-63
12Gospel Recording 377 Friendship Baptist Mass Choir of Buffalo, NY Walk On By Faith b/w If You Believe c. 1962-63
13Gospel Recording 378 Harps of God Jubilee Singers God Is Able b/w I Believe I'll Serve The Lord c. 1962-63
14Gospel Recording 379 Buffalo Youth and Young Adult Choir Great Is The Lord b/w All That You Need c. 1962-63
15Gospel Recording 383 Brooklyn All Stars Brooklyn All Star Singers I'm On The Right Road Now b/w I'm Coming Home c. 1962-63
16Gospel Recording 384 Jackson, Lillie I Wondered As I Wandered b/w Sweet Little Jesus Boy c. 1962-63
17Gospel Recording 385 Six Gospel Stars Steal Away b/w Come On And Let's Go Back c. 1962-63
18Gospel Recording 386 Spiritual Voices Jesus I Love You b/w Without Holiness c. 1962-63
19Gospel Recording 390 Gospel Echoes of Newburg, NY I’ve Got The Love Of Jesus b/w Since I Laid My Burdens Down c. 1962-63
20Gospel Recording 391 Southern Harmoneers Holy City b/w Save Me c. 1962-63
21Gospel Recording 392 Gospel Choralaires of South Carolina What Love b/w Long White Robe c. 1962-63
22Gospel Recording 397 Brooklyn All Stars Brooklyn All Stars Singers If It Wasn't For The Lord b/w The Lord Will c. 1962-63
23Gospel Recording 399 Brooks, Gladys In Times Like These b/w Am I A Soldier 1962-63
24Gospel Recording 400 Sisters of Harmony What Love b/w Going To The City c. 1963-64
25Gospel Recording 401 Happy Travelers of Brooklyn, NY I Want The Lord To Remember Me b/w The Lord Has Been So Good c. 1963-64
26Gospel Recording 403 Crusaders of Washington, DC I've Been Living All Day Long For Jesus b/w Peace Be Still c. 1963-64
27Gospel Recording 404 Ivory Gospel Singers Ivory Gospel Singers from the City of Richmond, VA You Can't Do Wrong And Get By b/w Give God The Thanks 1963-64
28Gospel Recording 405 Golden Travelers of Brooklyn, NY I'll Take Jesus For Mine b/w Take Me By My Hand c. 1963-64
29Gospel Recording 406 Singing Angels The Way I Used To Walk b/w I Don't Know Why c. 1963-64
30Gospel Recording 407 Calvary Gospel Singers That Little Wooden Church b/w Motherless Child c. 1963-64
31Gospel Recording 408 Six Gospel Stars Ride That Glory Train b/w Had It Not Been For Him c. 1963-64
32Gospel Recording 409 Walker, Clara Clara Walker and the Gospel Redeemers Everything b/w I Want To Be Baptized c. 1963-64
33Gospel Recording 1369 Original Gospel Pearls Jesus Bore A Cross b/w Meet Me There c. 1963-64
34Gospel Recording 1370 Southern Harmoneers Home When The Roll Is Called b/w Home In The Sky c. 1963-64
35Gospel Recording 1497 Bishop Lawson Radio Choir God Put A Rainbow In The Sky b/w Little David c. 1963-64
36Gospel Recording 2170 Gospel All Stars Famous Gospel All Stars Sweeter Than The Day Before b/w Choose Your Seat c. 1963-64
37Gospel Recording 2171 World Famous Gaylocks Juniors I Got Jesus b/w Jesus Died On Calvary c. 1963-64
38Gospel Recording Co. 500 Young Adult Choir Trouble About My Soul b/w Too Late c. 1964
39Gospel Recording 501 Original Gospel Pearls Here We Stand b/w Lord Don't Leave Me c. 1964
40Gospel Recording 502 Sisters of Harmony Halleujah [sic] b/w Following Moses c. 1964
41Gospel Recording 504 Brooklyn All Stars Brooklyn All Star Singers Don't Forget The Family Prayer b/w Lord I Want To Rest c. 1964
42Gospel Recording 505 Southland Singers Tell Me Why b/w Live The Life c. 1964
43Gospel Recording Co. 506 Peerless Four Quartet My Mother Is Gone b/w This Is The Reason c. 1964
44Gospel Recording Co. 506 Downing Quartette, J.C. Play On Your Harp b/w Victory After Awhile c. 1964
45GRC 507 Emerson Four Well Done b/w Waiting And Watching c. 1964
46GRC 509 Sensational Golden Sons of Brooklyn NY Standing In The Safety Zone b/w Lord One Day c. 1964
47Gospel Recording Co. 510 Peerless Four Quartet What A Mighty God b/w Examine Me Oh Lord c. 1964
48Gospel Recording Co. 511 Colmanaires of Washington, DC God Put A Rainbow In The Sky b/w I Must Tell Jesus c. 1964
49GRC 512 Silver Gate Quartette Wasn't It A Rainy Time b/w What He's Done For Me c. 1964
50GRC 513 Starlight Singers Starlight Singers of Emporia, Virginia Move These Things b/w Sweet Home c. 1964
51Gospel Recording Co. 514 Washington Singers One Step b/w Where Ever c. 1964
52GRC 515 Teasley Inspirational Singers Prayer Keeps Me Marching On b/w My Help Cometh From The Lord c. 1964
53Gospel Recording Co. 517 Six Gospel Stars I Prayed All Night Long b/w My Testimony c. 1964
54GRC 518 Aeolian Gospel Singers of Phila., PA No Not One b/w In His Arms c. 1964
55Gospel Recording Co. 522 Cross Jordan Singers A Letter To Mother b/w Sit Down Mother c. 1964
56GRC 524 Southern Echoes of Washington, DC I Know A Man b/w Search My Heart c. 1964
57Gospel Recording Co. 525 Pilgrims of Faith When My Jesus Comes b/w Jesus Died c. 1964
58Gospel Recording Co. 526 Washington Singers You'll Need Jesus b/w There's Joy c. 1964
59Gospel Recording Co. 531 Southland Mission Singers Time Has Made A Change b/w I Want To See Jesus c. 1964
60Gospel Recording Co. 532 Bethlehem Travelers Main Line b/w How Great Thou Art c. 1964
61Gospel Recording Co. 533 Singing Angels I've Got A Right b/w The Lord's Prayer c. 1964
62Gospel Recording Co. 535 Brooklyn All Stars Brooklyn All Stars Singers Guide Me Oh Thou Great Jehovah b/w I've Got My Ticket c. 1964
63Gospel Recording Co. 537 Galileans Just Can’t Keep It b/w Till We Meet c. 1964
64Gospel Recording Co. 538 Jones, Jimmy Jimmey Jones b/w Jimmey Jones Singers I Believe I'll Go Back Home b/w Lord I've Tried c. 1964
65Gospel Recording Co. 539 Sons of David Swing Low Sweet Chariot b/w Blessed Assurance c. 1964
66Gospel Recording Co. 540 Peerless Four Quartet Peerless Four Jesus Will Roll b/w Come Ye Disconsolate c. 1964
67Gospel Recording Co. 542 Gospel Ensemble of Chattanooga, Tenn. Depending On You b/w Lead Me To That Rock c. 1964
68Gospel Recording Co. 544 Mighty Southland Singers of Paterson, NJ Take Me By My Hand b/w Good Religion c. 1964
69Gospel Recording Co. 546 Happyland Singers of Baltimore, MD. Happyland Singers There Will Be No Tomorrow b/w It's A Long Way c. 1964
70Gospel Recording Co. 547 Young, Dewey Dewey Young and the Devine Travelers I Will Guide Thee b/w I Cried All Nite Long c. 1964
71Gospel Recording Co. 548 Mighty Gospel Wonders of Winston Salem, NC Lord Touch Me b/w My Life Is In His Hands c. 1964
72Gospel Recording Co. 554 Gospel Communicators Communication With Jesus b/w How Sweet It Is c. 1964-65
73Gospel Recording Co. 560 Brooklyn All Stars Brooklyn All Stars Singers I Want To Be Ready b/w Sinner Man c. 1964-65
74Gospel Recording Co. 561 Six Gospel Stars Sit Down And Rest b/w Hold On c. 1964-65
75Gospel Recording Co. 562 Johnson Singers I Kept On Searching b/w If I Go c. 1964-65
76Gospel Recording Co. 563 Five Singing Stars Tommy Ellison and the Five Singing Stars Amen b/w I Know The Lord c. 1964-65
77Gospel Recording Co. 564 Carlton, Becky Silent Nite b/w Away In A Manger c. 1964-65
78Gospel Recording Co. 565 Capitalaires Capitolaires of Columbus, Ohio Jesus Made It Possible b/w Yield Not To Temptation c. 1964-65
79Gospel Recording Co. 569 Sacred Harmonizers Sacred Harmonizers of Phila, PA Half Has Never Been Told b/w Working For Jesus c. 1964-65
80Gospel Recording Co. 570 Heavenly Echoes Good Time b/w The Clouds Are Hanging Low c. 1964-65
81Gospel Recording Co. 571 Happyland Singers of Baltimore, MD. Great Day Is Coming b/w Since I Laid My Burden Down c. 1964-65
82Gospel Recording Co. 572 Singing Stars Singing Stars of Louisburg, NC Take Me To The Water b/w Motherless Child c. 1964-65
83Gospel Recording Co. 573 Sons of David Around God's Throne b/w Freedom In The Land c. 1964-65
84Gospel Recording Co. 574 Young, Dewey Rev. Dewey Young and his Singers Prodigal Son b/w Jesus Loves Me c. 1964-65
85Gospel Recording Co. 575 Rugged Cross Singers We Are Going To Glory b/w Softly And Tenderly c. 1964-65
86Gospel Recording Co. 578 Johnson Singers Resting In The Lord b/w Walk Together Children c. 1964-65
87Gospel Recording Co. 581 Soul Savers I'll Be Alright b/w Just Anyhow c. 1965
88Gospel Recording Co. 582 Capitalaires Take It To Jesus b/w Holy Ghost c. 1965
89Gospel Recording Co. 583 Silver Gate Quartette Silver Gate Quartett Move For Jesus b/w I Believe c. 1965
90Gospel Recording Co. 585 Jenkins and the Pilgrim Gospel Singers, Prof. Leaning On The Lord b/w So High You Can't Get Over It c. 1965-66
91Gospel Recording Co. 586 Merckson, Maggie Out In The Sunshine b/w In Everybody's Garden Some Rain Must Fall c. 1965-66
92Gospel Recording Co. 587 Victory Chorale Ensemble Victory, Victory Shall Be Mine b/w There Is No Telling What God Can Do c. 1965-66
93Gospel Recording Co. 588 Glorious King Gospel Singers I Found The Answer b/w Two Wings c. 1965-66
94Gospel Recording Co. 589 Brooklyn All Stars Brooklyn All Star Singers / Paul Owens and the Brooklyn All Star Singers Motherless Child b/w Look Down The Line c. 1965-66
95Gospel Recording Co. 590 Summers and the Gospel Two, A. God Is So Good b/w Hear My Prayer c. 1965-66
96Gospel Recording Co. 591 Rugged Cross Singers Rugged Cross Singers of Jersey City, NJ He's Everything To Me b/w The Last Mile Of The Way c. 1965-66
97Gospel Recording Co. 592 Mighty Heavenly Crowns of Albany, GA. Home In Glory b/w Stand For Jesus c. 1965-66
98Gospel Recording Co. 594 Gospel Tones Gospel Tones of Grand Rapids, Michigan I Never Knew b/w I've Got It c. 1965-66
99Gospel Recording Co. 596 Original Sensational Gospel Six I Thank You b/w Tomorrow Is Another Day c. 1965-66
100Gospel Recording Co. 597 Victory Chorale Ensemble I Love The Lord b/w Sinner Why Do You Wait c. 1966
101Gospel Recording Co. 597 Gospel Jewels Just One Touch b/w Stand Up For Jesus c. 1966-67
102Gospel Recording Co. 598 Dixieland Gospel Singers Going Home b/w The Lord Is My Shepherd c. 1966-67
103Gospel Recording Co. 599 Ford, Brother Allen Highway 66 b/w You Can't Make It By Yourself c. 1966-67
104Gospel Recording Co. 600 Spiritual Voices Search Me Jesus b/w Leak In The Building c. 1966-67
105Gospel Recording Co. 602 Williams, Rev. A.C. In Times Like These b/w It Is No Secret c. 1966-67
106Gospel Recording Co. 603 Singing Stars Lord I'll Go b/w I'm On The Right Road c. 1966-67
107Gospel Recording Co. 604 Southland Jubiliars [sic] My Hand Is In God's Hand b/w Oh Lord c. 1966-67
108Gospel Recording Co. 605 Willis Sisters God Doesn't Ever Change b/w Marching Thru The City c. 1966-67
109Gospel Recording Co. 606 Hebrew Gospel Singers God Answers Prayer b/w I've Got to Meet Jesus c. 1966-67
110Gospel Recording Co. 607 Mighty Sensational Twilights All Thru The Years b/w Theme Song God Is Able c. 1966-67
111Gospel Recording Co. 608 Sampson Harmoneers My Soul b/w I Can Depend On Jesus c. 1966-67
112Gospel Recording Co. 700 Bright Light Baptist Church Fire b/w No Stranger c. 1966-67
113Gospel Recording Co. 701 Swint, Anita If I Can Help Somebody b/w Witness For My Lord c. 1967
114Gospel Recording Co. 704 Victory Chorale Ensemble Standing Standing In The Need Of Prayer b/w Tambourines To Glory c. 1968
115Gospel Recording Co. 705 Singing Stars Singing Stars of Louisburg, NC Live So God Can Use Me b/w Jesus Made A Way c. 1968
116Gospel Recording Co. 706 Little Rock Baptist Choir Let The Spirit Moving b/w Long, Long Time Ago c. 1968
117Gospel Recording Co. 707 Singing Stars Going Back With Jesus b/w Did You Stop To Think c. 1968
118Gospel Recording Co. 708 Mighty Charity Gospel Singers Oh Mary b/w Story Of Job c. 1968
119Gospel Recording Co. 800 Byrd, Rev. and Mrs. E.T. I'd Rather Have Jesus b/w Just How Much We Can Bear c. 1968-69
120Gospel Recording Co. 800 Ford, Brother Allen Bro. Allen Ford Where I'm Bound b/w He Delivered Me c. 1968-69
121Gospel Recording Co. 801 Singing Stars Singing Stars of Louisburg, NC Nothing Can Change Me b/w When The Roll Is Called c. 1968-69
EP'srelease artist artist as shown title year
1Gospel Recording EP 372 Heavenly Echoes of E. Orange, NJ no title c. 1962-63
2Gospel Recording EP 374 Saxton, Henry Nelson and Harold Austin, Henry Christmas Music c. 1962-63
LP'srelease artist artist as shown title year
1Gospel Recording Co. LP 214 Various Three Great Gospel Choirs c. 1961-62
2Gospel Recording Co. LP 215 Porter, Prof. Hugh Inspirational Songs c. 1961-62
3Gospel Recording Co. LP 216 Angelic Choir of Washington Temple Church Church Of God In Christ c. 1961-62
4Gospel Recording Co. LP 217 Gospel All Stars no title c. 1962
5Gospel Recording Co. LP 218 Newberry Singers no title c. 1962
6Gospel Recording Co. LP 220 Gospel All Stars Deep River c. 1962
7Gospel Recording Co. LP 1364 Stevens, Prof. Herman Gospel Organ Music c. 1962
8Gospel Recording Co. LP 1365 Christian Tabernacle Radio Choir Christian Tabernacle Choir In The Tabernacle Of The Lord c. 1962
9Gospel Recording Co. LP 1365 Various Gospel On The Hammond Organ c. 1962
10Gospel Recording Co. LP 1367 Friendship Baptist Mass Choir The 140 Beautifully Blended Voices of the Friendship Baptist Mass Choir c. 1962
11Gospel Recording Co. LP 1368 St. John Baptist Choir of Buffalo, NY no title c. 1962-63
12Gospel Recording Co. LP 1369 Various Gospel Dinner Music c. 1962-63
13Gospel Recording Co. LP 1370 Various I Thank You Lord c. 1963-64
14Gospel Recording Co. LP 1371 Brooklyn All Stars Brooklyn All Stars Singers I've Got My Ticket c. 1964
15Gospel Recording Co. LP 1372 Gospel Pearls Here We Stand c. 1964
16Gospel Recording Co. LP 1373 Brooklyn All Stars I Want To Rest c. 1964-65
17Gospel Recording Co. LP 1374 Various Choir Convention c. 1964-65
18Gospel Recording Co. LP 1375 Various Ten Gospel Hits, volume 1 c. 1964-65
19Gospel Recording Co. LP 1376 Young, Dewey Dewey Young and the Divine Travelers ? c. 1964-65
20Gospel Recording Co. LP 1377 Brooklyn All Stars ? c. 1964-65
21Gospel Recording Co. LP 1378 Carlton, Becky Little Becky Carlton Organ Melodies c. 1964-65
22Gospel Recording Co. LP 1379 Various Jesus Made It Possible c. 1964-65
23Gospel Recording Co. LP 1380 Walker, Clara Clara Walker and the Gospel Redeemers Take Me To The Water c. 1964-65
24Gospel Recording Co. LP 1381 Lawson, Bishop R.C. Behold The Man c. 1966
25Gospel Recording Co. LP 1382 Victory Chorale Ensemble Victory Shall Be Mine c. 1966
26Gospel Recording Co. LP 1383 Peerless Four Quartet Many Blessings c. 1967
27Gospel Recording Co. LP 1384 Victory Chorale Ensemble More Love To Thee c. 1967
28Gospel Recording Co. LP 1385 Coleman, Rev. Howard The Lord Will Provide (sermon) c.1967
29Gospel Recording Co. LP 1386 Silver Gate Quartet I Believe c. 1967
30Gospel Recording Co. LP 1387 Voices of Shiloh Standing On The Promises c. 1967
31Gospel Recording Co. LP 1388 Sangster Gospel Chorus, E.D. I Have A Friend c. 1967
32Gospel Recording Co. LP 1391 Young People's Holy Association District Choir I Won't Turn My Back On God c. 1967
33Gospel Recording Co. LP 1392 Gospel Tones no title c. 1967
34Gospel Recording Co. LP 1393 Bibleway World Wide Cornerstone Church Of Christ Bibleway Church c. 1967-68
35Gospel Recording Co. LP 1394 Cleveland Graves The Remarkable Cleveland Graves Plays Gospel Melodies c. 1967-68
36Gospel Recording Co. LP 1395 Spiritual Voices Philip Johnson, Spiritual Voices Search Me Jesus c. 1968
37Gospel Recording Co. LP 1396 Victory Chorale Ensemble Tambourines To Glory c. 1968
38Gospel Recording Co. LP 1397 Voices of Shiloh Dry Bones Made Alive c. 1968
39Gospel Recording Co. LP 1398 Voices of E.R.C. It Is Well c. 1969
40Gospel Recording Co. LP 1399 Young Adult Choir Satan We're Going To Tear Your Kingdom Down c. 1969
41Gospel Recording Co. LP 1400 Youth Ensemble of St. John Fire Baptized Holiness Church of God of the Americas Only Believe c. 1970
42Gospel Recording Co. LP 14002 Parham, Kitty Kitty Parham and the West District Choir no title c. 1970
43Gospel Recording Co. LP 14003 Penn. State Choir no title c. 1970
44Gospel Recording Co. LP 14004 Carlton, Becky Becky Carlton and the Broadie Temple Choir Behold Beloved c. 1970
45Gospel Recording Co. LP 14005 Jordan Gospel Singers The Family Reunion c. 1970-71
46Gospel Recording Co. LP 14008 Pittsburgh All-Stars Good Things Come To Those Who Wait c. 1970-72
47Gospel Recording Co. LP 14009 Way of the Cross Choir He's Coming Back c. 1970-72
48Gospel Recording Co. LP 1010 Saint Mathew Choir Faith c. 1971-72
49Gospel Recording Co. LP 1112 Parham, Kitty Kitty Parham and the Phildelphia Voices For Christ By The Grace Of God 1972-73