Federal gospel discography (1950-67)


Federal gospel

  • Federal was a subsidiary label of King. It was founded by Syd Nathan in 1950.
  • The daughter of Thelma Hawkins (Federal 12009) was Victoria Hawkins who had a gospel recording career of her own (Peacock). #12009 was probably first issued on Staff 648, released as by Thelma Hawkins and daughter Victoria.
  • The Interne Quartet (Federal 12052) is a female vocal group featuring Thelma Bumpess (Blind Mary) and Shirley Caesar (Baby Shirley). There’s no connection with the Four Internes.
  • All Federal tracks by the Four Internes were also issued on King LP 574 (1958) and on King LP 945 (1966).
  • All Federal tracks by the Patterson Singers are also on King LP 763 (1962).
  • All Kelly Brothers singles on Federal, except #12472, were also issued on King LP 810 (1962).
  • Click here to see a phograph of the Kelly Brothers (with names given).
  • This page lists all known Federal gospel singles.


78's, 45'srelease artist artist as shown songs year
1Federal 12002 L and N Gospel Singers L. and N. Gospel Singers Get Away Jordan b/w Jesus Knows About My Trouble 1950
2Federal 12004 Anderson, Robert King Jesus b/w My Friend Jesus 1950
3Federal 12009 Thelma Hawkins and Daughter He Knows How Much I Can Bear b/w Over The Hill 1950
4Federal 12011 L and N Gospel Singers L. and N. Gospel Singers Going To Move b/w Lord, You Been So Good To Me 1951
5Federal 12013 Anderson, Robert My Home Over There b/w Eternal Home 1951
6Federal 12026 Anderson, Robert He Lives In Me b/w God Answers Prayers 1951
7Federal 12032 Robinson, Rev. Cleophus Now Lord b/w I Love The Name Of Jesus 1951
8Federal 12040 Florida Soul Stirrers I Heard The Voice b/w Get Right With God 1951
9Federal 12047 Florida Soul Stirrers Father Alone b/w Holy Father 1951
10Federal 12050 Golden Eagles Jezebel b/w Lay Down Your Soul 1951
11Federal 12051 Bumpess, Thelma Blind Mary and Baby Shirley Every Hour Every Day b/w Sweeping Through The City 1951
12Federal 12052 Interne Quartet In The Great Reunion b/w I Want To See Jesus 1951
13Federal 12071 Four Internes In That Great Gettin' Up Mornin' b/w Living In The Glory Land 1952
14Federal 12074 Baby Shirley I'd Rather Serve Jesus b/w I Know Jesus Will Serve 1952
15Federal 12086 Four Internes In That Great Reunion b/w One Of These Mornings 1952
16Federal 12091 Golden Eagles Anywhere Anytime b/w My God Called Me This Morning 1952
17Federal 12094 Bumpess, Thelma Thelma Bumpess and the Royalettes God's Soldier b/w Precious Father 1952
18Federal 12097 Four Internes Count Your Blessings b/w Going Back To Jesus 1952
19Federal 12104 Four Internes Newborn Again b/w Home Again 1952
20Federal 12116 Golden Eagles The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow b/w Throw Out The Life Line 1953
21Federal 12124 Four Internes Do Unto Others b/w I'm Using My Bible For A Road Map 1953
22Federal 12146 Four Internes Holy Father b/w Stepped In The Water 1953
23Federal 12154 Four Internes I Just Rose To Tell You b/w You'd Better Mind 1953
24Federal 12167 Bradford, Sister Bonnie He Stopped Me From Straying b/w Glorify His Name 1954
25Federal 12170 Four Internes Who Will Your Captain Be b/w Do You Know Him 1954
26Federal 12187 Bradford, Sister Bonnie Choose Your God b/w Jesus Made A Change 1954
27Federal 12239 Four Internes It's All Right Now b/w I'm Troubled 1955
28Federal 12247 Four Internes See The Sign Of Judgment b/w Let's Go To Jesus 1955
29Federal 12373 Kelly Brothers I've Been Striving For So Long b/w I've Made It Over At Last 1960
30Federal 12386 Revelation Baptist Church Adult Choir Revelation Baptist Church Adult Choir b/w Truzella McClain and the Revelation Baptist Church Choir Hold On b/w I'm Trying My Best To Get Home To See Jesus 1960
31Federal 12388 Patterson Singers When Jesus Comes b/w Jesus Is Mine 1960
32Federal 12389 Joy Rite Singers You Better Mind b/w What About You 1960
33Federal 12390 Candlelight Singers The Altar b/w In The Boat 1960
34Federal 12391 Patterson Singers Plenty Good Room b/w I Need Jesus 1960
35Federal 12392 Kelly Brothers Waiting For Jesus b/w Jesus Knows The Reason Why 1960
36Federal 12394 Candlelight Singers Never Alone b/w Sinner 1960
37Federal 12404 Kelly Brothers He's The Same Today b/w He's All Right 1961
38Federal 12419 Patterson Singers Patterson Singers of Brooklyn, NY Thy Way b/w Jesus Knows 1961
39Federal 12427 Patterson Singers Patterson Singers of Brooklyn, NY Try Jesus b/w Oh What A Time We'll Have Up There 1961
40Federal 12438 Ambassadors of Philadelphia, PA He Watches Over Me b/w I'm Traveling Through This Land 1961
41Federal 12442 Kelly Brothers Come On Jesus (Give Me A Helping Hand) b/w When Satan Blocked My Way 1962
42Federal 12458 Kelly Brothers I'll Be A Witness There Too b/w I'm So Glad Today 1962
43Federal 12459 Kingdom Bound Singers A Few Words About Jesus b/w I'll Wait On Jesus 1962
44Federal 12465 Kelly Brothers Kelley Brothers I Still Remember b/w I'll Be Standing At The Station When Jesus Comes 1962
45Federal 12467 Patterson Singers I'm On My Way b/w God Of Our Fathers 1962
46Federal 12469 Ambassadors of Philadelphia, PA Just Another Day b/w I Have To Cry Sometime 1962
47Federal 12472 Kelly Brothers (I Was Way Down Yonder And) I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray b/w Lord, Remember Me 1962
48Federal 12481 Kingdom Bound Singers It's Praying Time b/w Take The Lord Along With You 1963
49Federal 12492 Parker Brothers Choir Unreleased, titles unknown
50Federal 12494 Kingdom Bound Singers Wonder What The Lord Will Say b/w I Want To Be Just Like Him 1963
51Federal 12542 Willingham and his Swanees, Rev. That's The Spirit b/w Try Me Father 1966
52Federal 12550 Robinson, Kay In The Bosom Of Jesus b/w This Old World 1967
53Federal 12553 Robinson, Kay Lord I'm Yours b/w This Old World 1967