Federal gospel discography (1950-67)


Federal gospel

  • Federal was a subsidiary label of King. It was founded by Syd Nathan in 1950.
  • The daughter of Thelma Hawkins (Federal 12009) was Victoria Hawkins who had a gospel recording career of her own (Peacock). #12009 was probably first issued on Staff 648, released as by Thelma Hawkins and daughter Victoria.
  • The Interne Quartet (Federal 12052) is a female vocal group featuring Thelma Bumpess (Blind Mary) and Shirley Caesar (Baby Shirley). There’s no connection with the Four Internes.
  • All Federal tracks by the Four Internes were also issued on King LP 574 (1958) and on King LP 945 (1966).
  • All Federal tracks by the Patterson Singers are also on King LP 763 (1962).
  • All Kelly Brothers singles on Federal, except #12472, were also issued on King LP 810 (1962).
  • Click here to see a phograph of the Kelly Brothers (with names given).
  • This page lists all known Federal gospel singles.


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