Checker gospel discography (1953-69)


Checker gospel

  • Checker was a subsidiary of the Chess label (Chicago, IL). The label was founded in 1952 by the Chess brothers who ran the label until they sold it to General Recorded Tape (GRT) in 1969.
  • Many early Checker singles were originally released on other labels. This is noted on the applicable single pages with links to the original issues when available.
  • Checker LP 10002 is by the Oak Ridge Quartet (a white group), LP 10005 is probably unreleased (Sammie Bryant?).
  • Gene Viale (Checker LP 10054) was a latin soul singer, included in the discography for reasons of completeness. He was associated with James Cleveland and sang with the James Cleveland Singers.
  • This page lists all Checker gospel singles and LP’s until 1970. Later singles and albums have been omitted.
78's, 45'srelease artist artist as shown songs year
1Checker 776 Silver Stars Take It To The Lord b/w Twelve Years Old 1953
2Checker 785 Smith, Rev. Utah Two Wings b/w Take A Trip 1953
3Checker 861 Franklin, Aretha Never Grow Old b/w You Grow Closer 1957
4Checker 941 Franklin, Aretha Precious Lord, Pt. 1 b/w Precious Lord, Pt. 2 1960
5Checker 953 Five Blind Boys of Mississippi Original Five Blind Boys of Mississippi A Weeping For A Mighty Long Time b/w Take Your Burdens To Jesus 1960
6Checker 966 Bells Of Joy What A Fellowship b/w I Found Another Soldier 1961
7Checker 978 Southern Echoes Southern Echos Seeking Me b/w The Story Of Job 1961
8Checker 993 Windy City Four Lord Send Me b/w Deep River 1961
9Checker 1000 Christland Singers The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow b/w God Has Done So Much For Me 1961
10Checker 1008 Southern Echoes Southern Echos The Old Account b/w I’m Waiting 1962
11Checker 1044 Turner, Carlo My Mother Bowed And She Prayed For Me b/w On The Battle Field 1963
12Checker 1059 Morning Stars Morning Stars (of Savannah, GA) Somehow b/w Come Over here 1963
13Checker 1066 Barrett and Walton Bros., Rev. I Have A Friend Above All Others b/w Pray For The Nation 1963
14Checker 1176 Meditation Singers I Feel It b/w It’s Wrong To Fight 1967
15Checker 5001 Flying Clouds of Detroit My Mother b/w When They Ring The Golden Bells 1964
16Checker 5002 Violinaires Tell Mother There Will Be No Separation Now b/w Things That Worry Me 1964
17Checker 5003 Hawkins, Stevie Open Our Eyes b/w He Loves Me 1964
18Checker 5004 Pope and Pearly Gates, Sister Jesus Tore My Heart To Pieces b/w Highway 1965
19Checker 5005 Lewis, Rev. Singing Sammy I’m Glad About It, Pt. 1 b/w I’m Glad About It, Pt. 2 1965
20Checker 5006 Clefs of Calvary Thank You b/w He Promised To Meet Me There 1965
21Checker 5007 Soul Stirrers I Know I’ll Be Free b/w Christmas Joy 1965
22Checker 5008 Franklin, Rev. C.L. Mother Loves Her Children b/w I Will Trust In The Lord 1965-66
23Checker 5009 Lewis, Rev. Singing Sammy The Lord Will Provide, Pt. 1 b/w The Lord Will Provide, Pt. 2 1966
24Checker 5010 Soul Stirrers Jesus, Wash My Troubles Away b/w Were You There? 1966
25Checker 5011 Davis Sisters I Want You To Move b/w He'll Understand 1966
26Checker 5012 Hayes and Universal Kingdom of Christ Choir, Father Tell Me How Do You Feel, Pt. 1 b/w Tell Me How Do You Feel, Pt. 2 1966
27Checker 5013 Violinaires Old Time Religion b/w My Mother Used To Hold Me 1966
28Checker 5014 Hawkins, Stevie I’m Willing b/w Gospel Train 1966
29Checker 5015 Sensational Saints Jesus b/w The Love Of Jesus 1966
30Checker 5016 Bass, Martha I’m Getting Nearer To My Home b/w I’m So Grateful 1966
31Checker 5017 Holy Wonders of Detroit, Michigan The Storm Of Life b/w I Had To Stoop Down And Buckle Up My Shoes And Keep On Pushing 1966
32Checker 5018 Moore, Rev. C.L. God Specializes, Pt. 1 b/w God Specializes, Pt. 2 1966
33Checker 5019 Cleveland Golden Echoes I Was On My Knees b/w Looking Back On My Life 1966
34Checker 5020 Meditation Singers Don’t You Want To Go, Pt. 1 b/w Don’t You Want To Go, Pt. 2 1966
35Checker 5021 Violinaires Children Are You Ready b/w I’ll Never Stop Loving God 1966
36Checker 5022 Soul Stirrers Soulstirrers He’s My Friend b/w Resting Easy 1966
37Checker 5023 Bryant, Sammie Sammy Bryant He Knows How Much We Can Bear, Pt. 1 b/w He Knows How Much We Can Bear, Pt. 2 1966-67
38Checker 5024 Franklin, Rev. C.L. Precious Lord, Pt. 1 b/w Precious Lord, Pt. 2 1966-67
39Checker 5025 Violinaires Three Pictures Of The Lord b/w I’m Going To Serve The Lord 1967
40Checker 5026 Franklin, Ernest Ernest Franklin and the Voices of Mt. Eagle Walking With The King b/w Blessed Quietness 1967
41Checker 5027 Franklin, Rev. C.L. The Old Ship Of Zion, Pt. 1 b/w The Old Ship Of Zion, Pt. 2 1967
42Checker 5028 Rodgers, Lucy Sister Soul and the Lucy Rodgers Singers Time Is Drawing Nigh b/w I Surrender All 1967
43Checker 5029 Franklin, Rev. C.L. The Lord Will Make A Way, Pt. 1 b/w The Lord Will Make A Way, Pt. 2 1967
44Checker 5030 Randle, Cleo Jackson Life In Heaven Is Free b/w No One Cares For Me Like Jesus 1967
45Checker 5031 Franklin, Aretha Precious Lord, Pt. 1 b/w Precious Lord, Pt. 2 1967
46Checker 5032 Plummer, Betty Jean Rejoice b/w I Must Tell Jesus 1967
47Checker 5033 Gay Singers Let Me Alone b/w He’s Calling Me 1967
48Checker 5034 Soul Stirrers He’s Been A Shelter b/w There’s A Man 1967
49Checker 5035 Violinaires Mother’s Last Prayer b/w Wicked Man 1967
50Checker 5036 Lewis, Rev. Singing Sammy Rev. "Singing" Sammy Lewis Power Of The Holy Ghost b/w What Can I Do 1967
51Checker 5037 Masonic Wonders Peaceful Little Valley b/w Just To Behold His Face 1967
52Checker 5038 Kindly Shepherds Lend Me Your Hand b/w He’ll Be Waiting For Me 1967
53Checker 5039 Faithful Wonders Ol’ John (Behold Thy Mother) b/w You’ve Got To Move 1967
54Checker 5040 Gospel Clouds Let’s Go Home b/w Do You Know Him 1967
55Checker 5041 Treadwell Community Choir Lord Have Mercy b/w Love Is A Three Letter Word – God 1967
56Checker 5042 Rodgers, Lucy Let The Train Roll Easy b/w I Found A Friend 1967
57Checker 5043 Violinaires Call On Him b/w I Don’t Know 1967
58Checker 5044 Franklin, Rev. C.L. I’m Going Through, Pt. 1 b/w I’m Going Through, Pt. 2 1967-68
59Checker 5045 Franklin, Aretha Never Grow Old b/w You Grow Closer 1967-68
60Checker 5046 Meditation Singers Stand Up And Be Counted b/w Let Love Fill Your Heart 1968
61Checker 5047 Soul Stirrers The Love Of God b/w If I Had A Hammer 1968
62Checker 5048 Salem Travelers Give Me Liberty Or Death b/w With God’s Love 1968
63Checker 5049 Smith Majestic Choir, Harold People Get Ready b/w What The World Needs Now 1968
64Checker 5050 Gospel Classics More Love That´s What We Need b/w You Need Faith 1968
65Checker 5051 Lewis, Rev. Singing Sammy We Need More Love b/w Somebody Bigger Than You And I 1968
66Checker 5052 Franklin, Ernest Since Jesus Came Into My Heart b/w A Place In The Sun 1968
67Checker 5053 Violinaires Just Go Ahead b/w Practice What You Preach 1968
68Checker 5054 Violinaires The Evening Sun b/w The Whole World Is Watching 1968
69Checker 5055 Soul Stirrers God’s Giving b/w Peace Be Still 1968
70Checker 5056 Soul Stirrers Christmas Means Love b/w Christmas Bells Are Ringing 1968
71Checker 5057 Meditation Singers Blue Christmas b/w The Spirit Of Christmas 1968
72Checker 5058 Salem Travelers Tell It Like It Is b/w Thank You Lord 1968
73Checker 5059 Franklin, Ernest Lift The Savior b/w Running For Jesus 1968
74Checker 5060 Lewis, Rev. Singing Sammy Only What You Do For Christ Will Last b/w Jesus The Waymaker 1968
75Checker 5061 Majestic Choir and Soul Stirrers b/w Harold Smith Majestic Choir Majestic Choir and Soul Stirrers b/w Harold Smith's Majestic Choir Why Am I Treated So Bad b/w We Can All Walk A Little Bit Prouder 1968
76Checker 5062 Bass, Martha House Of Gold b/w I’m So Grateful 1968
77Checker 5063 Violinaires Stand By Me b/w Salt Of The Earth 1969
78Checker 5064 Soul Stirrers If I Were A Bird b/w Striving 1969
79Checker 5065 Violinaires I’m Satisfied With Jesus b/w It Will All Be Over (After While) 1969
80Checker 5066 Soul Stirrers A Few More Days b/w It’s A Wonder God Loves Us 1969
81Checker 5067 Salem Travelers Summertime b/w I Found The Lord 1969
82Checker 5068 Soul Stirrers Don’t You Worry b/w When The Gates Swing Open 1969
LP'srelease artist artist as shown title year
1Checker LP 10001 Bells of Joy no title 1961
2Checker LP 10003 Five Blind Boys of Mississippi Original 5 Blind Boys of Mississippi I'll Go 1961
3Checker LP 10004 Christland Singers He's Mine 1961
4Checker LP 10006 KYOK Koral-Aires Songs of the KYOK Koral-Aires 1962
5Checker LP 10007 Morning Stars Morning Stars of Savannah Listen to the Morning Stars of Savannah 1963
6Checker LP 10008 Norfleet Brothers Shadrach 1964
7Checker LP 10009 Franklin, Aretha Songs Of Faith 1965
8Checker LP 10010 Hawkins, Stevie The Spiritual Soul Of A Child 1965
9Checker LP 10011 Violinaires Stand By Me 1965
10Checker LP 10012 Golden Harp Gospel Singers Golden Harps Stand Up For Jesus 1965
11Checker LP 10013 Moore, Rev. C.L. Rev. Moore More Fools Needed (sermon) 1965?
12Checker LP 10014 Lewis, Rev. Singing Sammy Rev. "Singing" Sammy Lewis I'm Glad About It 1966
13Checker LP 10015 Soul Stirrers The Best of the Soul Stirrers 1966
14Checker LP 10016 Smith and the Majestic Choir, Harold Harold Smith and his Majestic Choir Just As I Am 1966
15Checker LP 10017 Violinaires The Fantastic Violinaires 1966
16Checker LP 10018 Bryant, Sammie Rev. C.L. Franklin Presents Sammie Bryant 1966
17Checker LP 10019 Meditation Singers Don't You Want To Go 1966
18Checker LP 10020 Violinaires I'm Going To Serve The Lord 1967
19Checker LP 10021 Soul Stirrers Resting Easy 1967
20Checker LP 10022 Bass, Martha I'm So Grateful 1967
21Checker LP 10023 Cleveland Golden Echos Old Time Religion 1967
22Checker LP 10024 Hawkins, Stevie Two Wings 1967
23Checker LP 10025 Best Gospel Singers, Dorothy Try Him 1967
24Checker LP 10026 Smith and the Majestic Choir, Harold God Never Fails 1967
25Checker LP 10027 Soul Stirrers The Gospel Truth 1967
26Checker LP 10028 Hoover, Rev. O.M. The Hand Of God 1967
27Checker LP 10029 Meditation Singers I Feel It 1967
28Checker LP 10030 Violinaires Move On Up 1967
29Checker LP 10031 Franklin, Ernest Ernest Franklin and the Voices of Mount Eagle Choir Blessed Quietness 1967
30Checker LP 10032 Lewis, Rev. Singing Sammy Rev. "Singing" Sammy Lewis What Can I Do 1967
31Checker LP 10033 Treadwell Community Choir Love Is A 3 Letter Word: God 1967
32Checker LP 10034 Rodgers, Lucy Sister Soul 1967
33Checker LP 10035 Smith and the Majestic Choir, Harold Harold Smith Majestic Choir The 23rd Psalm 1967
34Checker LP 10036 Various The Sunday Gospel Open House 1967
35Checker LP 10037 Brown, O.W. I'll Be Home After 'While 1967
36Checker LP 10038 Soul Stirrers Soul Stirrers, accompanied by the Harold Smith Majestic Choir The Golden Gospel 1968
37Checker LP 10039 Willing Four Nearer To Thee 1968
38Checker LP 10040 Violinaires Shout! 1968
39Checker LP 10041 Bradford, Alex Alex Bradford 1968
40Checker LP 10042 Inspirational Singers Inspiring 1968
41Checker LP 10043 Salem Travelers Give Me Liberty Or Death 1968
42Checker LP 10044 Meditation Singers The Bad Apple 1968
43Checker LP 10045 Violinaires Live The Right Way 1968
44Checker LP 10046 Gospel Classics We've Got To Join Hands 1968
45Checker LP 10047 Various Mightiest Gospel Program 1968
46Checker LP 10048 Bass, Martha Rescue Me 1968
47Checker LP 10049 Franklin, Ernest Bless This House 1968
48Checker LP 10050 Various A Christmas Dedication 1968
49Checker LP 10051 Soul Stirrers Soul Stirrers In Concert 1968
50Checker LP 10052 Salem Travelers Tell It Like It Is 1968
51Checker LP 10053 Violinaires Violinaires Live In Concert 1968
52Checker LP 10054 Viale, Gene What Color Is God? 1968-69
53Checker LP 10055 Salem Travelers The Soulful Salem Travelers 1969
54Checker LP 10056 Soul Stirrers Soul's In, But Gospel's Out Of Sight 1969
55Checker LP 10057 Violinaires God's Creation 1969
56Checker LP 10058 Soul Stirrers Judgement 1969
57Checker LP 10059 Bass, Martha Martha Sings Mahalia 1969-70

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