King & Queen gospel discography (1946-73)


King & Queen gospel

  • The King label was founded in 1943 by Sydney Nathan in Cincinnati, Ohio. The first releases were all country but in August 1945 Nathan formed the Queen label, devoted to black artists. In 1947 the label was discontinued and all new releases came out on King. Most, maybe all Queen releases were re-released on King with the same numbers. Nathan officially acquired the DeLuxe label in February, 1951, and formed Federal in late 1950. The budget label Audio Lab was formed in 1958.
  • Queen 4140, 4141 and 4142 were also in Queen album #1; Queen 4154, 4155 and 4156 also in Queen album #3. Album #2 is by Mrs. Sidney Raush (secular).
  • King 4298 (Famous Blue Jay Singers) was first issued on 20th Century 2047.
  • King 5584 was reissued as #6386 (Reverend Abraham Swanson).
  • King 6369 (Four Internes) is a reissue of Federal 12097 (1952).
  • King 6370 (Patterson Singers) reissues two Federal recordings; “Jesus Knows” from Federal 12419 and “Try Jesus” from Federal 12427 (both Federal releases are from 1961).
  • King 6371 (Spirit of Memphis) reissues two earlier King recordings; “Days Passed And Gone” (King 4340, 1949) and “Toll The Bell Easy” (King 4575, 1952).
  • “This Old World” by Kay Robinson (King 6362) was first issued on Federal 12550 (also on Federal 12553, both 1967). The flip of King 6362, “Amazing Grace”, was a new recording, done with the Charles Fold Singers (1971).
  • King 6316 (Kay Robinson) features part 1 of “Lord Will Make A Way Somehow”. According to the Gospel Discography, part 2 was recorded but never released. However, on YouTube King 004 (a bootleg 45rpm release from 2006) can be found, featuring the song with a song length of 5:15 minutes, so apparently both parts are there. The reverse of this side 45 is by Wendy Lynn though (see Discogs). It’s a bit confusing; either King 004 features both parts on one side (and the label information is wrong), or the recording on YouTube comes from another source.
  • King LP 105-35 and 265-75 are 10inch releases.
  • King LP 265-75 has been reissued as LP 395-519 (1956) and LP 519 (1958), both with four extra tracks. The 10inch album was also reissued on King EP’s 232 and 233. The four extra LP tracks were also on EP 234.
  • Other EP’s with King material (Swan Silvertones, Spirit of Memphis) were released on Audio Lab.
  • King LP’s 572-578 (“Spirituals”, vol. 1-7), probably with the exception of #574 and 578, have been reissued in 1960. Same numbers but different covers.
  • King LP 572 has also been reissued as LP 939, King LP 573 has also been reissued as LP 942, King LP 574 has been reissued as LP 945, King LP 575 has also been reissued as LP 948, King LP 576 has also been reissued as LP 951, King LP 577 has also been reissued as LP 954, King LP 578 has been reissued as LP 957 and King LP 736 has been reissued as LP 1121.
  • The Marvin Anderson Singers (King 6230, LP 1056) were formed from the (Gospel) Lords of Harmony (Savoy).
  • King LP’s 1153 (Harrison Gospel Singers) and 1154 (Gales of Joy) probably exist as test pressings only, although LP 1153 was reissued as HSE LP 1451 with a different song order and some differences in song length.
  • The Harrison Singers featured Rev. “Squeaky” Morgan, who may be the same person as Rev. Morgan on Savoy 4035 (as the Sons of David) and Regent LP 6070 (with Rev. Cromwell). See the Regent and Savoy discographies.
  • Several LP’s were reissued on Gusto (c. 1974 and later), but these are not included in the LP discography.
  • This page lists all known King & Queen gospel singles, EP’s and LP’s from 1946-73.


78 & 45rpm releases:

releaseartistartist as shownsongsyear
Queen/King 4130Gospel TrumpetersOh Lord What A Time! Pt. 1 b/w Oh Lord What A Time! Pt. 21946
Queen/King 4131Gospel TrumpetersRemember Me Lord b/w No More No More1946
Queen/King 4134Swan Silvertone SingersSwann's Silvertone Singers (Queen), Swan's Silvertone Singers (King)I Cried Holy b/w Go Ahead1946
Queen/King 4137Swan Silvertone SingersSwan's Silvertone SingersThese Bones Gwine Rise Again b/w I Want My Crown1946
Queen/King 4138HarmoneersBlind Barnabus b/w My Way1946
Queen/King 4139HarmoneersLet The World See Jesus In My Life b/w Noah1946
Queen/King 4140Wings over JordanDeep River b/w Old Ship Of Zion1946
Queen/King 4141Wings over JordanWere You There? b/w Take Me To The Water1946
Queen/King 4142Wings over JordanWhen You Come Out The Wilderness b/w I'm A'Rollin' 1946
Queen/King 4143Swan Silvertone SingersSwan's Silvertone SingersWill The Circle Be Unbroken b/w My Time Done Come1946
Queen/King 4144Swan Silvertone SingersSwan's Silvertone SingersI Done Made It Up In My Mind b/w I'm Tired1946
Queen/King 4145Gospel TrumpetersStanding On The Highway b/w Does Jesus Care1946
Queen/King 4146Gospel TrumpetersI Thank You Lord b/w If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again1946
Queen/King 4154Wings over JordanSwing Low Sweet Chariot b/w Trampin'1946
Queen/King 4155Wings over JordanMy Lord's Gonna Move This Wicked Race b/w You Got To Stand The Test In Judgement1946
Queen/King 4156Wings over JordanI Will Trust In The Lord b/w Plenty Good Room1946
Queen/King 4163JubalairesA Sunday Kind Of Love b/w Pray (a-side is secular)1947
Queen/King 4167JubalairesGod Almighty's Gonna Cut You Down b/w Go Down Moses1947
Queen/King 4168JubalairesMy God Called Me This Morning b/w Ring That Golden Bell1947
Queen/King 4173Southern HarpsDepending On The Lord b/w What A Friend We Have In Jesus1947
King 4182Breckenridge, PaulPaul Breckenbridge and the Four Heavenly KnightsRock-A-My-Soul b/w Lonesome Road1947
King 4192Breckenridge, PaulPaul Breckenbridge and his Four Heavenly KnightsI Shall Not Be Moved b/w Shine On Me1947
King 4193Swan Silvertone SingersSwan's Silvertone SingersIn That Upper Room b/w I Want To Rest1947
King 4196Breckenridge, PaulPaul Breckenbridge with Johnny Taylor b/w Paul Breckenbridge with the Chicago Crusaders, Jubilee Singers and Brother ShoestringMerry Christmas (To You) b/w In That Great Gettin' Up Mornin'1947
King 4221Southern HarpsStanding In The Safety Zone b/w What Could I Do1947
King 4228Swan Silvertone SingersSwan's Silvertone SingersI Want To Dig A Little Deeper b/w What Could I Do1947
King 4233HarmoneersWeep Below Children b/w Before This Time (Another Year)1947
King 4248Swan Silvertone SingersSwan's Silvertone SingersWorking On A Building b/w Depending On Jesus1947
King 4258Breckenridge, PaulPaul Breckenridge and the Four Heavenly KnightsStaff In My Hand b/w Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen1947
King 4270Jewel Jubilee SingersWhat Are They Doing In Heaven b/w When I Lay My Burden Down1948-49
King 4282Swan Silvertone SingersSwan's Silvertone SingersI'll Search Heaven b/w I've Tried1948-49
King 4298Famous Blue Jay Singers b/w Shelley QuartetI Must Tell Jesus b/w Looking For My Jesus1948-49
King 4301Jewel Jubilee SingersWho Shall Walk Through Gethsemane b/w When God Dips His Pen Of Love In My Heart1948-49
King 4308Swan Silvertone SingersSwan's Silvertone SingersI Got A Mother Done Gone On b/w I'm Gonna Wait1949
King 4320Swan Silvertone SingersSwan's Silvertone SingersNo, Not A One b/w Use Me Lord1949
King 4340Spirit of MemphisSpirit of Memphis QuartetBlessed Are The Dead b/w Days Passed And Gone1949
King 4344Swan Silvertone SingersSwan's Silvertone SingersMy God Is Getting Us Ready b/w Down On My Knees1949
King 4348Sensational NightingalesNightingalesMy Life Is In His Hands b/w One Of These Days1950
King 4350Crocker, Rev. J.B.When I Can Read My Title Clear b/w He Is Able1950
King 4358Spirit of MemphisSpirit of Memphis QuartetOn The Battle Field b/w Jesus, Jesus1950
King 4360TrumpeteersTrouble About My Soul b/w Where Shall I Go1950
King 4362Sensational NightingalesNightingalesIt's A Highway To Heaven b/w Something Within Me1950
King 4363TrumpeteersLay Down My Heavy Burden b/w The Sun Didn't Shine1950
King 4370Flying Clouds of DetroitFlying Clouds of Detroit, MichiganI Want To Move In The Room With The Lord b/w If I Get Inside The Gate1950
King 4371Spirit of MemphisSpirit of Memphis QuartetIf Jesus Had To Pray b/w He Never Left Me Alone1950
King 4372Crocker, Rev. J.B.Why Should I Worry b/w Sermon, Hallelujah, Amen1950
King 4380TrumpeteersWho Is Your Friend b/w Somehow1950
King 4390Flying Clouds of DetroitI Got A Right To The Tree Of Life b/w Just As Long As Jesus Lives1950
King 4391Swan Silvertone SingersSwan's Silvertone SingersLong Ago b/w Jesus Is God's Atomic Bomb1950
King 4392Spirit of MemphisSpirit of Memphis QuartetMake More Room For Jesus b/w Calvary1950
King 4394Beck, ElderI'm Gonna Live The Life I Sing About In My Song b/w What Do You Think About Jesus1950
King 4403TrumpeteersThis Is A Mean Old World (To Try To Live In) b/w Nobody's Fault But Mine1950
King 4404Swan Silvertone SingersSwan's Silvertone SingersJesus Never Fails b/w Mother's Name Lives In My Heart1950
King 4407Spirit of MemphisSpirit of Memphis QuartetHow Far Am I From Canaan b/w I'll Never Forget1950
King 4408Beck, ElderShouting With Elder Beck b/w Jesus, I Love You1950
King 4429Spirit of MemphisSpirit of Memphis QuartetAutomobile To Glory b/w I'll Go1950
King 4430Swan Silvertone SingersSwan's Silvertone SingersCareless Soul b/w My Lord Done What He Said1950
King 4439Swan Silvertone SingersSwan's Silvertone SingersI Got A Witness b/w Live So God Can Use You1950
King 4440Spirit of MemphisSpirit of Memphis QuartetGod's Got His Eyes On You b/w If You Make A Start To Heaven (Don't Turn Around)1950
King 4463Spirit of MemphisSpirit of Memphis QuartetEvery Day And Every Hour b/w World Prayer1951
King 4464Swan Silvertone SingersSwan's Silvertone SingersAll Night, All Day b/w A Mother's Cry1951
King 4471Spirit of MemphisSpirit of Memphis QuartetEverytime I Feel The Spirit b/w Sign Of The Judgment1951
King 4481Wright Family SingersIt Is No Secret b/w Go Where I Send Thee1951
King 4484Wright Family SingersPeace In The Valley b/w Let Me Go1951
King 4494Swan Silvertone SingersSwan's Silvertone SingersBackslider's Plea b/w Over Yonder1951
King 4500Spirit of MemphisSpirit of Memphis QuartetTell Heaven I'm Coming b/w The Ten Commandments1951
King 4512Swan Silvertone SingersSwan's Silvertone SingersEvery Day Seems Like Sunday b/w He's My All1951-52
King 4516Swan Silvertone SingersSwan's Silvertone SingersAll Aboard b/w Father Alone1951-52
King 4521Spirit of MemphisSpirit of Memphis QuartetHe Never Let Go My Hand b/w The Atomic Telephone1951-52
King 4538Spirit of MemphisSpirit of Memphis QuartetThat Awful Day b/w Ease My Trouble In Mind1951-52
King 4542Swan Silvertone SingersSwan's Silvertone SingersToll The Bell b/w Grant It Lord1951-52
King 4562Spirit of MemphisSpirit of Memphis QuartetJesus Brought Me b/w Just To Behold His Face1951-52
King 4569Boggs, Prof. HaroldThe Half Has Never Been Told b/w I Know He Is With Me Everywhere1952
King 4575Spirit of MemphisSpirit of Memphis QuartetToll The Bell Easy b/w God's Amazing Grace1952
King 4576Spirit of MemphisSpirit of Memphis QuartetLord Jesus, Pt. 1 b/w Lord Jesus, Pt. 21952
King 4587Boggs, Prof. HaroldGod Is A Refuge b/w Jesus Will Be Your Best Friend1952
King 4590Reed, LulaHeavenly Road b/w My Mother's Prayer1952
King 4614Spirit of MemphisSpirit of Memphis QuartetThere's No Sorrow b/w Workin' Till The Day Is Done1952
King 4629Highbaugh, Rev. John T.When Mother Prayed b/w We'll Have A Big Time Over There1953
King 4643Boggs, Prof. HaroldAfter Running This Race b/w Inside The Beautiful Gate1953
King 4652Highbaugh, Rev. John T.The Only One b/w Do What The Lord Says Do1953
King 4660Boggs, Prof. HaroldI Want To Live Right b/w Praying For God's Amazing Grace1953
King 4677Wings over JordanI've Been 'Buked b/w I Cried And I Cried1953
King 4693Patterson SingersPatterson Singers of Brooklyn, NYAll Day And All Night b/w I'm Gonna Reach My Heavenly Home Someday1953
King 4694Wings over JordanWings over Jordan ChoirTrying To Get Ready b/w When I've Done The Best I Can1953
King 4705Patterson SingersPatterson Singers of Brooklyn, NYHow Longer Lord, Shall It Be b/w (Early One Morning) He Answered My Prayer1953
King 4714Lula ReedIf The Sun Isn't Shining In Your Window b/w Just Whisper1954
King 4737Reed, LulaWhat Could I Do But Believe In Jesus b/w A Quiet Time With Jesus1954
King 5584Swanson XII, Little AbrahamRev. Abraham XII Prayer b/w Pray For Me1962
King 5586GalatiansDon't You Want To Go b/w When The Gates Swing Open1962
King 5603Parker BrothersParker Brothers ChoirI Was Moaning When Somebody Touched Me b/w The Old Rugged Cross1962
King 5624GalatiansHe Said He Would Deliver Me b/w Holiday Religion1962
King 5753GalatiansGalatian SingersYes, You'll Know Him b/w Jesus Will Move Every Burden Out Of Your Life1962
King 5764Dorsey, WillaHave Thine Own Way b/w Ezekial Saw The Wheel1963
King 5831GalatiansBirth Of The King b/w Great Joy1963
King 5859GalatiansJesus Died b/w I Wish I Had Been There1964
King 6157GalatiansIt Is No Secret b/w Steal Away1968
King 6182Robinson, KayWhat A Feeling b/w Try Me Father1968
King 6200Soul BelieversI Don't Want Nobody's Troubles b/w I'm With You1968
King 6230Anderson Singers, MarvinPattern Of My Life b/w Reach For The Moon1969
King 6231Skylight SingersIn Thy Service b/w See How They Done My Lord1969
King 6232Calvary SingersOriginal Calvary SingersNothing Can Change Me b/w Brought Me1969
King 6238Smith, Bishop J.M.Smith Evangelistic Temple ChoirLet There Be Love b/w I've Been With The Lord All Day Long1969
King 6256Institutional Church of God in Christ ChoirGood Things Come To Those That Wait b/w This Is The Right Time1969
King 6257Harmonizing FourBeen In The Storm Too Long b/w My Hope Is Built1969
King 6259Bolden, AlfredMy Faith Looks Up To Thee b/w Something Got Me1969
King 6260Mighty Clouds of HarmonyThe Train Is Gone b/w Devil Can't Harm A Praying Man1969
King 6261Stars of VirginiaHis Hands b/w One Way1969
King 6262Smith, Bishop J.M.Bishop J.M. Smith and the Evangelist ChoirJust Jesus Alone b/w A Soldier's Plea1969
King 6287Smith, Bishop J.M.Bishop J.M. Smith and the Evangelist ChoirGod Is Already Here b/w Step Out On Faith1969
King 6316Robinson, KayGot To Keep On Traveling b/w Lord Will Make A Way Somehow, Pt. 11970
King 6357Royal Gospel SingersThere's Hope For This World b/w I Find No Fault1970
King 6362Robinson, KayKay Robinson b/w Kay Robinson with the Charles Fold SingersThis Old World b/w Amazing Grace1971
King 6369Four InternesCount Your Many Blessings b/w Going back To Jesus1971
King 6370Patterson SingersJesus Knows b/w Try Jesus1971
King 6371Spirit of MemphisSpirit of Memphis QuartetToll The Bell Easy b/w Days Past And Gone1971
King 6386Swanson XII, Little AbrahamReverend Abraham SwansonRev. Abraham XII Prayer b/w Pray For Me 1971
King 6392Harrison Gospel SingersHarrison Gospel Singers with Squeaky MorganWho b/w Where You There (When They Crucified My Lord)1972


EP releases:

releaseartistartist as showntitleyear
King EP 232Wings over JordanWings over Jordan Choirno title195?
King EP 233Wings over JordanWings over Jordan Choirno title195?
King EP 234Wings over JordanWings over Jordan Choirno title195?


LP releases:

releaseartistartist as showntitleyear
King LP 105-35HarmonairesSpirituals1952?
King LP 265-75Wings over Jordan Choirno title1954
King LP 395-519Wings over Jordan ChoirAmen1956
King LP 560Wings over Jordan ChoirAn Outstanding Collection Of Traditional Negro Spirituals1958
King LP 572Swan Silvertone SingersSwan's Silvertone SingersSpirituals, Volume 11958
King LP 573Spirit of MemphisSpirit of Memphis QuartetSpirituals, Volume 21958
King LP 574Four InternesSpirituals, Volume 31958
King LP 575Swan Silvertone SingersSwan's Silvertone SingersSpirituals, Volume 41958
King LP 576VariousSpirituals, Volume 51958
King LP 577Spirit of MemphisSpirit of Memphis QuartetSpirituals, Volume 61958
King LP 578Swan Silvertone SingersSwan's Silvertone SingersSpirituals, Volume 71958
King LP 736Bible Way Church of God ChoirLet The Church Roll On1960
King LP 760Parker Brothers Choir18 Soulful Songs1962
King LP 763Patterson SingersGospel Songs By The Patterson Singers1962
King LP 788Galatian SingersA Collection Of 18 Spiritual Songs1962
King LP 798Davis, Prof. JamesProfessor James W. Davis and the Dobb SingersFolk Spiritual Songs By Professor James W. Davis And The Dobb Singers1962
King LP 803Galatian SingersChristmas Spiritual Songs1962
King LP 806Dorsey, WillaWilla Dorsey and the Mighty Faith Increasersno title1962
King LP 810Kelly BrothersKelly Brothers Sing A Page Of Songs From The Good Book1962
King LP 814Mighty Faith IncreasersA Festival Of Spiritual Songs1963
King LP 898Church of God and Saints of Christ SingersSongs Of Zion1964
King LP 939Swan Silvertone SingersSwan's Silvertone Singers15 Songs1965
King LP 940Galatian SingersGalatian Singers Sing Spiritual, Gospel, Sacred And Religious Songs For The Whole Family1965
King LP 942Spirit of MemphisSpirit of Memphis Quartetno title1965
King LP 945Four InternesEverybody Joins In When They Hear These 20 Songs1966
King LP 948Swan Silvertone SingersSwan's Silvertonesno title1966
King LP 951VariousThe Trumpeteers, the Nightingales, the Patterson Singersno title1966
King LP 954Spirit of MemphisSpirit of Memphis Quartet15 Soulful Songs Everybody Loves1966
King LP 957Swan Silvertone SingersSwan's Silvertone SingersSongs You'll Remember Forever1966
King LP 1037Galatian SingersKeep on Praying1968
King LP 1056Anderson Singers, MarvinPattern My Life1969
King LP 1057Skylight SingersSkylight Singers of New YorkBurden To The Lord1969
King LP 1058Calvary SingersOriginal Calvary SingersThank You1969
King LP 1076Harmonizing FourPrecious Lord1970
King LP 1077Institutional Church of God in Christ ChoirThis Is The Right Time1970
King LP 1089Kay RobinsonWe Need Time1970
King LP 1093Stars of VirginiaHis Hands1970
King LP 1094Smith, Bishop J.M.Smith Evangelist ChoirA Soldier's Plea1970
King LP 1106Bolden, AlfredWorld's Greatest Gospel Organist: His Last And Greatest Contribution1970
King LP 1107Mighty Clouds of HarmonyThe Mighty Clouds of Harmony Sing Nobody But You1970
King LP 1109Galatian SingersIn New York1970
King LP 1111Hines with the Gospel Winds, GeorgeMoving Up1971
King LP 1114Gaines Singers, MarionLord Here I Am1971
King LP 1121Swanson XII, Little AbrahamReverend Abraham Swanson, the Bibleway Church Choirno title1971
King LP 1128Four InternesCount Your Many Blessings1971
King LP 1129Patterson SingersPatterson Singers of Brooklyn, NYJesus Knows1971
King LP 1131Spirit of MemphisSpirit of Memphis QuartetDays Passed And Gone1971
King LP 1132Swan Silvertone SingersSwan's Silvertone SingersI Cried Holy1971
King LP 1143Harrison Gospel SingersIf It Wasn't For The Lord1972
King LP 1144Gales of JoyI'm Going Home1972
King LP 1153Harrison Gospel Singersno title1973
King LP 1154Gales of Joyno title1973