• Vee-Jay was founded in Gary, Indiana in 1953 by Vivian Carter and James C. Bracken (later that year, Mr. & Mrs. Bracken), who used their first initials for the label’s name. This black-owned company was very succesful (Vee-Jay was the first US label that had the Beatles) but went bankrupt in 1966. In the 1970’s the label revived as Vee-Jay International (excluded from this discography).
  • Vee-Jay 162 was formerly credited to Maceo Woods, but it was actually released as by Dolores Washington. A Vee-Jay master list mentions this session as by Maceo Wood, the Rasberry Singers and Dolores Washington. Vee-Jay 162 only mentions Dolores Washington. (Apr. 2, 2020)
  • Vee-Jay 857 is a reissue of #137 (Rev. James Lofton).
  • Vee-Jay 885 has been released as by the Staple Singers and as by Roebuck Staples.
  • Vee-Jay 869 is a reissue of #232 (Swan Silvertones).
  • William Everett Preston (Vee-Jay LP 5083) is Billy Preston.
  • Vee-Jay LP 8503 (various: Black Nativity) is a reissue of LP 5022.
  • Vee-Jay LP 5056 (Alex Bradford) was reissued on Checker LP 10092.
  • Missing numbers are secular (100 & 200 series), the gospel 800 series starts with #843 and continues to #969, with no missing numbers. Early numbers in the 800 series (800-808?) are secular and released in 1966. It’s possible that Vee-Jay also planned to release the remaining unused numbers in the 800 series (800-842), but the bankruptcy of the company may have frustrated these plans at an early stage.
  • Click here to see a photograph of the Harmonizing Four.
  • Click here to see a photograph of Kenneth Glover & the Glovertones (Vee-Jay 954).
  • This page lists all known Vee-Jay gospel issues from 1954 to 1966.


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