• Vee-Jay was founded in Gary, Indiana in 1953 by Vivian Carter and James C. Bracken (later that year, Mr. & Mrs. Bracken), who used their first initials for the label’s name. This black-owned company was very succesful (Vee-Jay was the first US label that had the Beatles) but went bankrupt in 1966. In the 1970’s the label revived as Vee-Jay International (excluded from this discography).
  • Vee-Jay 162 was formerly credited to Maceo Woods, but it was actually released as by Dolores Washington. A Vee-Jay master list mentions this session as by Maceo Wood, the Rasberry Singers and Dolores Washington. Vee-Jay 162 only mentions Dolores Washington. (Apr. 2, 2020)
  • Vee-Jay 857 is a reissue of #137 (Rev. James Lofton).
  • Vee-Jay 885 has been released as by the Staple Singers and as by Roebuck Staples.
  • Vee-Jay 869 is a reissue of #232 (Swan Silvertones).
  • William Everett Preston (Vee-Jay LP 5083) is Billy Preston.
  • Vee-Jay LP 8503 (various: Black Nativity) is a reissue of LP 5022.
  • Vee-Jay LP 5056 (Alex Bradford) was reissued on Checker LP 10092.
  • Missing numbers are secular (100 & 200 series), the gospel 800 series starts with #843 and continues to #969, with no missing numbers. Early numbers in the 800 series (800-808?) are secular and released in 1966. It’s possible that Vee-Jay also planned to release the remaining unused numbers in the 800 series (800-842), but the bankruptcy of the company may have frustrated these plans at an early stage.
  • Click here to see a photograph of the Harmonizing Four.
  • Click here to see a photograph of Kenneth Glover & the Glovertones (Vee-Jay 954).
  • This page lists all known Vee-Jay gospel issues from 1954 to 1966.


78 & 45rpm releases:

releaseartistartist as shownsongsyear
Vee-Jay 106Woods Singers, MaceoGarden Of Prayer b/w Sweeter As The Day Go By1954
Vee-Jay 108Woods Singers, MaceoKeep Trusting b/w Run To Jesus1954
Vee-Jay 109Isaiah's Church of God in Christ Choir, BrotherOld Camp Ground b/w All Night, All Day1954
Vee-Jay 110Lockhart SingersOwn Me As A Child b/w Walking Up The King's Highway1954
Vee-Jay 114Lewis, Rev. Singing SammySinging Sammy LewisWill I Find Peace (Lord, Will I Find Peace Someday) b/w Jesus Is All The World To Me1954
Vee-Jay 120Holy Gospel SingersRevive Us Again b/w Move Up1955
Vee-Jay 122Woods Singers, MaceoMaceo Woods at the Hammond OrganAmazing Grace b/w Leaning On The Everlasting Arm1955
Vee-Jay 123Lewis, Rev. Singing SammySinging Sammy Lewis (?)Jesus Was The One b/w It's A Mighty Hard Road1955
Vee-Jay 128Rasberry SingersRasberry Singers of ClevelandI Thank You Lord b/w I'll Let Nothing Separate Me1955
Vee-Jay 130Boyer BrothersFamous Boyer BrothersTrust Him Today b/w Going Back To God1955
Vee-Jay 137Lofton, Rev. JamesRev. James Lofton and his Church of Our PrayerGreat Day, Pt. 1 b/w Great Day, Pt. 21955
Vee-Jay 139Lockhart SingersFeed Me 'Till I Want No More b/w I Want To Be A Christian1955
Vee-Jay 140Isaiah's Church of God in Christ Choir, BrotherClimbing High Mountains b/w The Fountain1955
Vee-Jay 150Highway Q.C.'sHighway Q-C'sPray b/w Somewhere To Lay My Head1955
Vee-Jay 151Lewis, Rev. Singing SammySinging Sammy LewisJesus Paid It b/w Jesus Brighten Up My Life1955
Vee-Jay 152Woods Singers, MaceoNever Grow Old b/w In The Sweet Bye And Bye1955
Vee-Jay 157Woods Singers, MaceoMaceo Woods at the Hammond OrganWhen The Saints Go Marching In b/w Near The Cross1955
Vee-Jay 161Rasberry SingersI Want To Be More Like Jesus b/w Happy Over There1955
Vee-Jay 162Washington, DoloresIn My Home Over There b/w I Trust In God1955
Vee-Jay 163Boyer BrothersFamous Boyer BrothersI Love To Tell The Story b/w He's My Solid Rock1955
Vee-Jay 169Staple SingersIf I Could Hear My Mother b/w God's Wonderful Love1956
Vee-Jay 170Woods Singers, MaceoMaceo Woods at the Hammond OrganSteal Away b/w Precious Lord1956
Vee-Jay 181Spiritualaires of Columbia, SCSpiritual Airs of Columbia, SCCan't Hide Sinner b/w When The Saints Go Marching In1956
Vee-Jay 182Swan Silvertone SingersSwan SilvertonesJesus Remembers b/w My Soul Is A Witness1956
Vee-Jay 193Woods Singers, MaceoSigns Of The Judgment b/w No Time To Lose1956
Vee-Jay 194Five Blind Boys of MississippiOriginal Five Blind BoysYou Don't Know b/w I Never Heard A Man1956
Vee-Jay 195Highway Q.C.'sHighway Q C'sI Dreamed Heaven Was Like This b/w He Lifted My Burdens 1956
Vee-Jay 200Echoes Of EdenHe's My Everything b/w I Need Jesus1956
Vee-Jay 201Argo SingersHe's Alright With Me b/w Near The Cross (with Lorenza Brown, soloist)1956
Vee-Jay 209Boyer BrothersFamous Boyer Bros.Let's Walk Together b/w Lord Be My Protector1955
Vee-Jay 210Spiritualaires of Columbia, SCI'm Going On To Glory b/w I'm Out On Life's Ocean1956
Vee-Jay 220Kelly BrothersPrayer For Tomorrow b/w God Said He Was Coming1956
Vee-Jay 221Robinson, HelenHelen Robinson Youth ChorusTime Is Winding Up b/w Dwelling In Beulah Land1956
Vee-Jay 222Swan Silvertone SingersSwan SilvertonesWhen Jesus Comes b/w Traveling On1956
Vee-Jay 223Silver QuintetteFather Don't Leave b/w Sinner's Crossroads1956
Vee-Jay 224Staple SingersUncloudy Day b/w I Know I Got Religion1956
Vee-Jay 225Five Blind Boys of MississippiOriginal Five Blind BoysJesus Loves Me b/w Oh Why1956
Vee-Jay 231Rasberry SingersJesus Is All To Me b/w No Tears In Heaven1956
Vee-Jay 232Swan Silvertone SingersSwan SilvertonesThe Lord's Prayer b/w Great Day In December1956
Vee-Jay 240Five Blind Boys of MississippiOriginal Five Blind BoysDon't Forget The Bridge b/w Let's Have Church1957
Vee-Jay 241Martin Singers, JessieHeaven On My Mind b/w Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me1957
Vee-Jay 242Woods Singers, MaceoWalls Of Jericho b/w If You Miss Me Here1957
Vee-Jay 843Swan Silvertone SingersSwan SilvertonesSinner Man b/w That Day On Calvary1957
Vee-Jay 844Highway Q.C.'sHighway QC'sI'll Trust His Word b/w I Was So Happy 1957
Vee-Jay 845Harmonizing FourFarther Along b/w All Things Are Possible1957
Vee-Jay 846Staple SingersLet Me Ride b/w I'm Coming Home1957
Vee-Jay 847Spiritualaires of Columbia, SCPressing On b/w Family Prayer1957
Vee-Jay 848Sky Light SingersSkylightsI Need Thee b/w What Shall We Call Him1957
Vee-Jay 849Five Blind Boys of MississippiOriginal Five Blind BoysIt's A Wonder b/w I'm Willing To Run1957
Vee-Jay 850Swan Silvertone SingersSwan SilvertonesA Lady Called Mother b/w Well, Well, Well1957
Vee-Jay 851Boyer BrothersFamous Boyer Bros.Nothing Less Than Jesus b/w I Heard From Heaven1957
Vee-Jay 852Rasberry SingersWhere Jesus Is The Light b/w Let's Spread The News1957
Vee-Jay 853Highway Q.C.'sThe Way Up The Hill b/w There's Something On My Mind1957
Vee-Jay 854Harmonizing FourMotherless Child b/w Where Could I Go But To The Lord1957
Vee-Jay 855Five Blind Boys of MississippiOriginal Five Blind BoysI'm A Rolling b/w My Robe Will Fit Me1958
Vee-Jay 856Staple SingersHelp Me Jesus b/w I Had A Dream1958
Vee-Jay 857Lofton, Rev. JamesRev. James Lofton and his Church of Our PrayerGreat Day, Pt. 1 b/w Great Day, Pt. 21958
Vee-Jay 858Sky Light SingersMighty SkylightsIf Jesus Came To Your House b/w I Want To Be Baptized1958
Vee-Jay 859Harmonizing FourHarmonizing 4His Eye Is On The Sparrow b/w Lived He Loved Me1958
Vee-Jay 860Swan Silvertone SingersSwan SilvertonesJesus, He's Alright With Me b/w End Of My Journey1958
Vee-Jay 861Highway Q.C.'sHow I Love Jesus b/w Teach Me1958
Vee-Jay 862Knowles and Jackson SextetGive An Account Of Your Sins b/w Brighter Day Ahead1958
Vee-Jay 863Four InternesInternesWhen You Pray b/w The Road Home1958
Vee-Jay 864Harmonizing FourWhen I've Done My Best b/w Go Down Moses1958
Vee-Jay 865Woods Singers, MaceoMaceo WoodsI Will Trust In The Lord b/w Sunday Morning1958
Vee-Jay 866Staple SingersLow Is The Way b/w On My Way To Heaven1959
Vee-Jay 867Swan Silvertone SingersSwan SilvertonesMove Up b/w Oh Mary Don't You Weep1959
Vee-Jay 868Five Blind Boys of MississippiOriginal Five Blind BoysIn The Hands Of The Lord b/w I'm A Soldier1959
Vee-Jay 869Swan Silvertone SingersSwan SilvertonesThe Lord's Prayer b/w Great Day In December1959
Vee-Jay 870Staple SingersGoing Away b/w I'm Leaning1959
Vee-Jay 871Harmonizing FourIn Jerusalem b/w Happy Home1959
Vee-Jay 872Five Blind Boys of MississippiFive Blind BoysWaiting At The River b/w Where There's A Will1959
Vee-Jay 873Highway Q.C.'sHighway QC'sSad How They Done My Lord b/w Working On The Building1959
Vee-Jay 874Kingdom Bound SingersStanding By The Way b/w I'll Be Standing1959
Vee-Jay 875Sky Light SingersMighty SkylightsLift Him Up b/w Never Alone1959
Vee-Jay 876Argo SingersHe Never Said A Word b/w Somebody's Knocking1959
Vee-Jay 877Rasberry SingersConsecration b/w Keep Me Every Day1959
Vee-Jay 878Four InternesInternesI've Been In The Storm b/w What Can I Do For Jesus1959
Vee-Jay 879Swan Silvertone SingersSwan SilvertonesTrouble In My Way b/w Near The Cross (Pt. 2)1959
Vee-Jay 880Knowles and Jackson SextetChrist Is In My Life b/w Jesus Is The Light Of The World1959
Vee-Jay 881Staple SingersSo Soon b/w Downward Road1959
Vee-Jay 882Harmonizing FourWaiting For Me b/w All Aboard, Let's Go1959
Vee-Jay 883Highway Q.C.'sHighway QC'sChild Of God b/w Behold Thy Mother1959
Vee-Jay 884Friendly BrothersOperator b/w You Can't Thumb A Ride1959
Vee-Jay 885Staple SingersWill The Circle Be Unbroken b/w Don't Drive Me Away1960
Vee-Jay 885Staples, RoebuckWill The Circle Be Unbroken b/w Don't Drive Me Away1960
Vee-Jay 886Harmonizing FourGlory To His Name b/w I Love To Call His Name1960
Vee-Jay 887Highway Q.C.'sHighway QC'sJesus I'm Waiting b/w We're Working Hard1960
Vee-Jay 888Five Blind Boys of MississippiFive Blind BoysAll Over Me b/w Somebody's Mother1960
Vee-Jay 889Swan Silvertone SingersSwan SilvertonesMove Somewhere b/w Swing Low1960
Vee-Jay 890Friendly BrothersYou Can't Win b/w Need Jesus On My Journey1960
Vee-Jay 891Harmonizing FourGod Will Take Care Of You, Pt.1 b/w God Will Take Care Of You, Pt. 21960
Vee-Jay 892Highway Q.C.'sHighway QC'sDone Got Over b/w God Has Not Promised1960
Vee-Jay 893Staple SingersPray On b/w Too Close1960
Vee-Jay 894Swan Silvertone SingersSwan SilvertonesSinking Sand b/w Singin' In My Soul1960
Vee-Jay 895Argo SingersI've Got The Holy Ghost b/w Jesus Is Sweeter1961
Vee-Jay 896Harmonizing FourWade In The Water b/w We're Crossing Over1961
Vee-Jay 897Highway Q.C.'sHighway QC'sDo You Love Him b/w Heavenly Father's Children1961
Vee-Jay 898Anderson, RobertCloser Walk With Thee b/w Waiting For Jesus1961
Vee-Jay 899Harmonizing FourOn The Right Road b/w Father I Stretch My Hands To Thee1961
Vee-Jay 900Argo SingersNear The Cross b/w He's All Right With Me1961
Vee-Jay 901Reed, Madame LouiseShow Some Sign b/w That's Enough1961
Vee-Jay 902Staple SingersDon't Knock b/w I've Been Scorned1961
Vee-Jay 903Argo SingersI've Been Saved b/w That's How I Know Jesus1961
Vee-Jay 904Swan Silvertone SingersSwan SilvertonesBreathe On Me b/w Come What May1961
Vee-Jay 905Harmonizing FourWhat A Fellowship b/w How Great Thou Art1962
Vee-Jay 906Highway Q.C.'sHighway QC'sWhere He Leads Me b/w I Don't Want To Be Lost1962
Vee-Jay 907Bethel JubileersWashed My Sins Away b/w Look Away Into Heaven1962
Vee-Jay 908Martin Singers, SallieSally Martin SingersI Need Him b/w Old Ship Of Zion1962
Vee-Jay 909Swan Silvertone SingersSwan SilvertonesWhat About You b/w Amazing Grace1962
Vee-Jay 910Patterson SingersBrightly Beams b/w When The Saints Go Marching In1962
Vee-Jay 911Stewart, PrincessThat's God b/w It's In My Mind1962
Vee-Jay 912Staple SingersSwing Low b/w Sit Down Servant1962
Vee-Jay 913Woods Singers, MaceoRev. Maceo Woods' Christian Tabernacle Ensemble (?)He Is All I Need b/w Do You Know Him1962
Vee-Jay 914Harmonizing FourWhen Tears Are Falling b/w When They Ring Them Bells1962
Vee-Jay 915Black NativityPoor Little Jesus Boy b/w Go Where I Send Thee1962
Vee-Jay 916Highway Q.C.'sHighway QC'sNobody Knows b/w All Men Are Made By God1962
Vee-Jay 917Taylor, Prof. CharlesCharles TaylorAs You Sow So Shall You Reap b/w Jesus, I'll Never Forget1963
Vee-Jay 918Patterson SingersI've Got To Make It To The Promised Land b/w He'll Carry You Through1963
Vee-Jay 919Bradford, AlexJust In Time b/w One Step1963
Vee-Jay 920Stars of FaithMarion Williams and the Stars of FaithGod And Me b/w Hallelujah1963
Vee-Jay 921CaravansTo Whom Shall I Turn b/w Seek Ye The Lord1963
Vee-Jay 922Harmonizing FourHallelujah b/w Rock Of Ages1963
Vee-Jay 923Original Blind Boys of AlabamaWhat He's Done For Me b/w After A While1963
Vee-Jay 924Martin Singers, SallieSally Martin SingersSeeking For Me b/w Let Jesus Come Into Your Heart1963
Vee-Jay 925Argo SingersHow I Love To Call His Name b/w I'll Be Waiting For You1963
Vee-Jay 926Swan Silvertone SingersSwan SilvertonesSavior Pass Me Not, Pt. 1 b/w Savior Pass Me Not, Pt. 21963
Vee-Jay 927Lunenberg TravelersBedside Of A Neighbor b/w More And More Like Jesus1963
Vee-Jay 928Original Blind Boys of AlabamaYou'll Never Walk Alone b/w Looking Back1963
Vee-Jay 929Patterson SingersDown By The Riverside b/w When The Saints Go Marching In1963
Vee-Jay 930Staple SingersI'm So Glad b/w Swing Low Sweet Chariot1963
Vee-Jay 931CaravansNo Coward Soldier b/w What Will Tomorrow Bring1963
Vee-Jay 932Taylor, Prof. CharlesCharles Taylor SingersI'll Fly Away b/w I Will Trust In The Lord1963
Vee-Jay 933Original Gospel HarmonettesGospel Harmonette SpecialsI Won't Let Go b/w Now I'm Ready1963
Vee-Jay 934Southern Bell SingersI Will Overcome Someday b/w The Tragedy Of Kennedy1963
Vee-Jay 935Thompson Community SingersWitness b/w Rise Up And Walk1964
Vee-Jay 936Original Blind Boys of AlabamaHow Far Am I From Canaan b/w I Can See Everybody's Mother1964
Vee-Jay 937Highway Q.C.'sHighway QC'sLord I'll Go b/w Somebody Is Praying For Me1964
Vee-Jay 938CaravansThere'll Be Blue Birds Over The White Cliffs Of Dover b/w Unto Thee O Lord1964
Vee-Jay 939Bradford, AlexAngel On Vacation b/w Can't Trust Nobody1964
Vee-Jay 940Swan Silvertone SingersSwan SilvertonesAt The Cross b/w Is God Satisfied With Me1964
Vee-Jay 941Williams, SondraHe's Got The Whole World In His Hands b/w Heartache1964
Vee-Jay 942Lowe, JamesLong Way To Go b/w If You Pray1964
Vee-Jay 943Pope, Sister LucilleSister Pope and the Pearly GatesEarly One Morning b/w Almighty God1964
Vee-Jay 944Harley, LucilleHe's My Light b/w Amazing Grace1964
Vee-Jay 945CaravansWalk Around Heaven All Day b/w Solid Rock1964
Vee-Jay 946Richburg SingersHe'll Bless Your Soul b/w I Will Follow1964
Vee-Jay 947Bradford, AlexAm I Wrong? b/w Won't Have To March No More1965
Vee-Jay 948Harmonizing FourStanding Here Wondering b/w Without Him1965
Vee-Jay 949Taylor, Prof. CharlesCharles Taylor SingersBreak Bread b/w Maybe The Last Time1965
Vee-Jay 950Swan Silvertone SingersSwan SilvertonesCome To Jesus b/w Look Down The Line1965
Vee-Jay 951Argo SingersFill Me Now b/w What Have I Given Today1965
Vee-Jay 952Original Gospel HarmonettesGospel HarmonettesYou've Been Good To Me b/w Step By Step1965
Vee-Jay 953Thompson Community SingersHere Is One b/w Soldier In God's Army1965
Vee-Jay 954Glover, KennethKenneth Glover and the GlovertonesMy God Rowed The Boat Ashore b/w I Waited So Long1965
Vee-Jay 955Original Blind Boys of AlabamaOriginal Blind BoysMother Loves Her Children b/w People Don't Sing Like They Used To Sing1965
Vee-Jay 956Harmonizing FourTone The Bell b/w Think Of God1965
Vee-Jay 957Lunenberg TravelersJesus Is The Way Maker b/w Sweet Hour1965
Vee-Jay 958Patterson SingersHe Won't Fail You b/w Lord Hear My Cry To Thee1965
Vee-Jay 959DisciplesIt's Gonna Rain b/w He Took My Sins Away1965
Vee-Jay 960Lowe, JamesI Believe b/w The Saints Go Marching In1965
Vee-Jay 961TriumphsCome To The Savior b/w I'm A-Rollin'1965
Vee-Jay 962CaravansBreak Bread Together b/w Holy Boldness1965
Vee-Jay 963CaravansThe Greatest Story b/w Where Is Your Faith In God?1966
Vee-Jay 964Original Blind Boys of AlabamaBlind Boys of AlabamaI Trust In God b/w God Specializes1966
Vee-Jay 965Bradford, AlexAll That I Am b/w The Last Goodbye1966
Vee-Jay 966Harmonizing FourNow The Day Is Over b/w That's Alright1966
Vee-Jay 967A.M.E. FourDon't Worry About It b/w There's Coming A Day1966
Vee-Jay 968Swan Silvertone SingersSwan SilvertonesI Found The Answer b/w Going On With Jesus1966
Vee-Jay 969Original Gospel HarmonettesGospel HarmonettesLet The Holy Ghost Come b/w Troubled1966


LP releases:

releaseartistartist as showntitleyear
Vee-Jay LP 5000Staple SingersUncloudy Day1959
Vee-Jay LP 5001Woods, MaceoAmazing Grace1959
Vee-Jay LP 5002Harmonizing Fourno title1959
Vee-Jay LP 5003Swan Silvertone SingersSwan Silvertonesno title1959
Vee-Jay LP 5004Five Blind Boys of MississippiOriginal Five Blind Boysno title1959
Vee-Jay LP 5005Highway Q.C.'sHighway QC'sno title1959
Vee-Jay LP 5006Swan Silvertone SingersSwan SilvertonesSinging In My Soul1960
Vee-Jay LP 5007Highway Q.C.'sHighway QC'sJesus Is Waiting1960
Vee-Jay LP 5008Staple SingersWill The Circle Be Unbroken?1960
Vee-Jay LP 5009Harmonizing FourGod Will Take Care Of You1960
Vee-Jay LP 5010Woods, MaceoThe Lord Will Make A Way1960
Vee-Jay LP 5011Back Home ChoirWonderful1961
Vee-Jay LP 5012Argo SingersNear The Cross1961
Vee-Jay LP 5013Swan Silvertone SingersSwan SilvertonesSaviour Pass Me Not1961
Vee-Jay LP 5014Staple SingersSwing Low1961
Vee-Jay LP 5016VariousSunday Morning1961
Vee-Jay LP 5017Patterson SingersMy Prayer1962
Vee-Jay LP 5018Princess StewartThat's God1962
Vee-Jay LP 5019Staple SingersThe Best of the Staple Singers1962
Vee-Jay LP 5020Highway Q.C.'sHighway QC'sOh Lord I Pray1962
Vee-Jay LP 5021Martin Singers, SallieSally Martin SingersPrecious Lord1962
Vee-Jay LP 5022VariousBlack Nativity1962
Vee-Jay LP 5023Alex BradfordOne Step1962
Vee-Jay LP 5024Stars of FaithMarion Williams and the Stars of FaithGod And Me1962
Vee-Jay LP 5025Harmonizing FourGolden Bells1963
Vee-Jay LP 5026CaravansSeek Ye The Lord1963
Vee-Jay LP 5027Watson SingersGlory Train1963
Vee-Jay LP 5028Woods, MaceoReverend Maceo Woods' Christian Tabernacle EnsembleMessage Of Hope1963
Vee-Jay LP 5029Original Blind Boys of AlabamaYou'll Never Walk Alone1963
Vee-Jay LP 5030Staple SingersSwing Low Sweet Chariot1963
Vee-Jay LP 5031Stars of FaithMarion Williams and the Stars of FaithLet The Words Of My Mouth1963
Vee-Jay LP 5032Patterson SingersThe Lord's Prayer1963
Vee-Jay LP 5033Taylor, Prof. CharlesCharles TaylorAs You Sow, So Shall You Reap1963
Vee-Jay LP 5034Swan Silvertone SingersSwan SilvertonesBlessed Assurance1963
Vee-Jay LP 5035Argo SingersI'll Serve The Lord1963
Vee-Jay LP 5036Northeastern Michigan Church of God in Christ State ChoirReach The Heart1963
Vee-Jay LP 5037Bradford SingersAngel On Vacation1963
Vee-Jay LP 5038CaravansThe Soul of the Caravans1963
Vee-Jay LP 5039Harmonizing FourNearer My God To Thee1963
Vee-Jay LP 5040Highway Q.C.'SAll Men Are Made By God1963
Vee-Jay LP 5041Martin Singers, SallieGod Is Here1963
Vee-Jay LP 5042Original Gospel HarmonettesGospel Harmonette SpecialsCamp Meeting1963
Vee-Jay LP 5043VariousThe Greatest Gospel Songs Of Our Time1963
Vee-Jay LP 5044VariousLet's Sing About Freedom1963
Vee-Jay LP 5045VariousA Treasury of Golden Christmas Songs by America's Greatest Gospel Singers1963
Vee-Jay LP 5046Patterson SingersSongs Of Faith1963
Vee-Jay LP 5047Thompson Community SingersYes Jesus Loves Me1963
Vee-Jay LP 5048Original Blind Boys of AlabamaTrue Convictions1963
Vee-Jay LP 5049Wooten EnsembleAltar Stairs Of Song1963
Vee-Jay LP 5050Harmonizing FourThe Best of the Harmonizing Four1963
Vee-Jay LP 5051Highway Q.C.'sHighway QC'sThe Best of the Highway QC's1963
Vee-Jay LP 5052Swan Silvertone SingersSwan SilvertonesThe Best of the Swan Silvertones1963
Vee-Jay LP 5053Woods, MaceoReverend Maceo WoodsGarden Of Prayer1963
Vee-Jay LP 5054Harmonizing FourThat Old Time Religion1964
Vee-Jay LP 5055Highway Q.C.'sHighway QC'sGospel Songs Our Mother Taught Us1964
Vee-Jay LP 5056Alex BradfordThe Soul of Alex Bradford1964
Vee-Jay LP 5057Richburg SingersRichbourg SingersHe'll Bless Your Soul1964
Vee-Jay LP 5058CaravansWalk Around Heaven All Day1964
Vee-Jay LP 5059Swan Silvertone SingersSwan SilvertonesLet's Go To Church Together1964
Vee-Jay LP 5060Patterson SingersThe Soul of the Patterson Singers1964
Vee-Jay LP 5061VariousCome Closer To God1964
Vee-Jay LP 5062Charles TaylorThe Soul of Charles Taylor1964
Vee-Jay LP 5063Argo SingersThe Soul of the Argo Singers1964
Vee-Jay LP 5064Original Gospel HarmonettesGospel HarmonettesThe Soul of the Gospel Harmonettes1964
Vee-Jay LP 5065Thompson Community SingersThe Soul of the Thompson Community Singers1964
Vee-Jay LP 5066VariousWonderful Memories From The Family Prayer Book1964
Vee-Jay LP 5067Woods, MaceoThe Many Moods of Reverend Maceo Woods1964
Vee-Jay LP 5069Harmonizing FourSpirituals That Will Live Forever!1964
Vee-Jay LP 5070CaravansLet's Break Bread Together1964
Vee-Jay LP 5071Highway Q.C.'sHighway QC'sThe Highway QC's sing from the Top Of The Hill1964
Vee-Jay LP 5072Original Blind Boys of AlabamaBlind Boys of AlabamaCan I Get A Witness1965
Vee-Jay LP 5073Five Blind Boys of MississippiArchie Brownlee with the Original Five Blind BoysWaiting At The River1965
Vee-Jay LP 5074Robinson, HelenHelen Robinson Youth ChoirThe Heart Of Gospel1965
Vee-Jay LP 5075Lowe, JamesMy Movin' Soul1965
Vee-Jay LP 5076Lunenberg TravellersReligion With Rhythm1965
Vee-Jay LP 5077CaravansThe Caravans in Concert1965
Vee-Jay LP 5078Harmonizing FourSinging Is Our Life1965
Vee-Jay LP 5083Preston, William EverettHymns Speak From The Organ1965
Vee-Jay LP 5099Harmonizing FourChild Of The King1966
Vee-Jay LP 1069Bradford, Alex / Chris BarberPop Gospel Live From London1963
Vee-Jay LP 8503VariousBlack Nativity1964