Kent gospel discography (c. 1971-73)


Kent Gospel

  • Kent was a Jules Bihari label, originally from Culver City, CA and connected to Crown, RPM, Modern, United, etc. (1958-1970’s). In the early 70’s, the years relevant for this discography, the label was located at 5810 S. Normandie Ave. in Los Angeles.
  • Kent started distribution for Brother Henderson’s Gospel Corner and Proverb labels in c. 1971 (these albums can be recognized by the Kent Gospel Records logo). Henderson joined Kent later (late 1971?) and worked as a producer (and more). Several gospel LP’s were released in Kent’s 500 series, bearing the label name Kent Gospel (Records). A few singles were released as well. It’s very well possible that Henderson’s own labels and Kent Gospel Records coexisted for some time. It all came to a sudden end in 1973, when Brother Henderson passed away.
  • The Kent 45 and LP’s were released without Henderson’s meddling. The a-side of the first 45 on Kent Gospel (#3000 by the Pilgrim Travelers), “Did You Stop To Pray This Morning”, wasn’t produced by Henderson either, but by J.W. Alexander instead. J.W. Alexander produced Kent LP 564 where this song was taken from. However, the b-side (“Jesus Knows”) was produced by Brother Henderson. It must have been recorded later.
  • Both Proverb, Gospel Corner and Kent Gospel issued their LP’s in a 500-series (Proverb used some other numbers as well).
  • The Pilgrim Travelers on Kent were put together by J.W. Alexander and the Kent recordings do not feature any previous members of the group.
  • Kent 3004 may not exist; the songs were issued on Jewel 214.
  • This page lists all known Kent gospel releases (Kent and Kent Gospel). Missing numbers are secular or unknown releases. B.B. King’s gospel recordings are omitted from the discography (maybe they’ll be added at a later moment).


45'srelease artist artist as shown songs year
1Kent 4565 Pace-Setters Push On Jessie Jackson b/w Freedom And Justice 1971-72
2Kent Gospel 3000 Pilgrim Travelers World Famous Pilgrim Travelers Did You Stop To Pray This Morning? b/w Jesus Knows 1971-73
3Kent Gospel 3001 B.P.S. Revolution Fill My Cup b/w Mighty Clouds Of Joy 1971-73
4Kent Gospel 3002 Hampton-Aires Harold Bowen’s Hampton-Aires I've Been Changed b/w Stop Sign Ahead 1971-73
5Kent Gospel 3004 (?) B.P.S. Revolution Brotherly Love b/w Walk Around Heaven 1971-73
LP'srelease artist artist as shown title year
1Kent LP 564 Pilgrim Travelers Did You Stop To Pray This Morning? 1971
2Kent LP 567 Hamilton and the Miracle-Aires, Alexander He Set Me Free 1971
3Kent Gospel LP 569 Corder Family Famed Corder Family of Nashville, Tennessee He's The One 1971-73
4Kent Gospel LP 570 Los Angeles Gospel Chimes My Soul Is Free 1971-73
5Kent Gospel LP 571 B.P.S. Revolution Fill My Cup 1971-73
6Kent Gospel LP 572 Hampton-Aires Hampton-Aires of Memphis, Tennessee It's A Blessing 1971-73
7Kent Gospel LP 575 True Heart Consolers True Heart Consolers of St. Louis, MO It's A Good Day 1971-73
8Kent Gospel LP 576 Christian Travelers Christian Travelers of St. Louis, MO God Is Real 1971-73
9Kent Gospel LP 577 Lumpkin, Rev. W.J. Satan Is Using His Sifter (sermon) 1971-73