• Savoy was founded in 1942 by Herman Lubinsky. The Newark, New Jersey label issued many of the important early jazz/bebop albums. With the rise of rock and roll in the 1950’s, Lubinsky concentrated more on African-American gospel music, recording many groups and establishing Savoy’s preeminence in the black gospel recording industry through its association with James Cleveland and his Gospel Music Workshop of America. (source: Wikipedia)
  • Savoy 1027 (Maggie Lee) was first issued on White Church 1180.
  • Savoy 4005 (Son’s of Jesus) was also released as by the Zionettes of Detroit (same tracks!).
  • Savoy 4002, 4017, 4023 and 4026 (all by the Ward Singers) were first issued on Acorn 5000, 5001, 5002 and 5003 respectively.
  • The Corinthian Singers (Savoy 4000) is the same group as the Progressive Four (#4001, 4006). Savoy 4000, 4001 and 4006 were also released on DC 8059, 8038 and 8042.
  • The sides by the Deep Tones (Savoy 1025 and 1026) were also released on King Solomon.
  • Savoy 4220 and 4240 (Mighty Gospel Giants) are the same, but on #4240 “Heavenly Father” is incorrectly credited to the Southwest Michigan State Choir.
  • The Gospel Lords of Harmony (Savoy 4237, 4262) reformed to the Marvin Anderson Singers in the late 1960’s (see the King/Queen discography).
  • Savoy 4246 released as by Rev. Cleophus Robinson and as by Rev. C. Robinson.
  • Jimmy Jones (see also Gospel Recording Co. and JAS) recorded secular material for Savoy as Jimmie Jones and the Savoys.
  • The Harmoneers (Bro. Thermon Ruth and the Harmoneers, Savoy 4208) recorded as the Harmonizing Five for Avant and Sharp. Bro. Thermon Ruth is best known for his recordings with the Selah Singers (or Selah Jubilee Singers).
  • Savoy 4205 has been released as by the Southeast and the Southwest Michigan State Choir. ‘East’ must have been a typo as this choir is know as the Southwest Michigan State Choir. Probably, Savoy corrected this for the second run of this release.
  • It seems that Gospel 5804 was by mistake issued as Savoy 5804. Savoy has no 5800 series otherwise.
  • Savoy 4296 – 4298 and 4312 have probably not been released.
  • Savoy EP’s 20000, 20001 and 20002 are 78rpm records, all by the Ward Singers and released in the early 1950’s.
  • Savoy LP 15057 is a 10-inch LP, released prior to the 14000 series. I wonder if there are other (10-inch) gospel releases in the 15000 series.
  • Early Savoy catalogues often list the first song (or another) of an album as the album title; the actual LP title was neglected or an album title was given where there was none. I have corrected most of these mistakes but it may lead to some inconsistencies with other information found on the internet and elsewhere.
  • Savoy LP’s 14080 and 14087 (Rasberry Singers) are reissues of Choice LP 506 and 510 resp.
  • Savoy LP 14102 (Banks Brothers) was first released as “It Took A Miracle”, then a sticker was applied to hide this title to show a new one: “Lord, I’ve Tried”.
  • Savoy LP 14156 (Dr. C.J. Johnson) is titled “The Old Time Song Service” on the cover and “Old Time Prayer Meeting” on the labels. Most of his LP’s are titled “The Old Time Song Service” (or similar).
  • Savoy LP 14239 (James Herndon with the Southside Ensemble) may not have been released.
  • The Sons of David (Savoy 4035) were Rev. Morgan and Rev. Cromwell; under their own names they were featured on Regent LP 6070 (“The Gospel Train”). All the Savoy/Regent recordings were made at the same session on April 3, 1952. It is possible that Rev. Morgan is the same person as Rev. “Squeaky” Morgan who recorded with the Harrison Singers for Savoy (1963-65), King, HSE and ASL.
  • Many LP’s in Savoy’s catalogue have been reissued. First issues, until 1961 (at least until LP 14044) , have deep groove and red labels (often referred to as ‘blood red’). Somewhere in 1961 the label color changed to maroon and the deep groove disappeared; this label was used until 1974 and it was replaced by the dark red (‘oxblood’) label color. Of course, there are variations and anomalies.
  • Unlisted LP’s are either secular (early numbers) or unreleased (14186, 14247).
  • This page lists all known gospel issues (78’s, 45’s, EP’s and LP’s) on Savoy, released between 1948 and 1970. Later recordings are omitted.


78 & 45rpm releases:

releaseartistartist as shownsongsyear
Savoy 1025Deep TonesMy God Calls Me b/w Jesus' Love Bubbles Over1948
Savoy 1026Deep TonesWhen The Storm Of Life Is Over b/w Made Up In My Mind1948
Savoy 1027Lee, MaggieSampson b/w What Changes Have You Made1948
Savoy 4000Progressive FourCorinthian SingersI Got A Home b/w Rocks And The Mountains1948-49
Savoy 4001Progressive FourI Cried Holy b/w You Can Run On1948-49
Savoy 4002Ward SingersJesus b/w Stretch Out1949
Savoy 4003Ward, ClaraTired b/w Just One Moment1949
Savoy 4004Ward SingersEach Day b/w Come Ye Disconsolate1949
Savoy 4005Son's of Jesus or Zionettes of DetroitPoor Lame Man b/w This Evening Our Heavenly Father1949
Savoy 4006Progressive FourOld Time Religion b/w I Ain't Ready To Die1947
Savoy 4007Ward Singers b/w Clara WardWhen I Get Home b/w Jesus Is All The World To Me1949
Savoy 4008Original Kings of HarmonyLittle David b/w I Got A Mother Done Gone On1944
Savoy 4009Ward, ClaraThe Day Is Passed And Gone b/w Prayer Changes Things1949
Savoy 4010Ward SingersJesus Gave Me Water b/w Get Back Jordan1949
Savoy 4011Ward SingersFamous Ward SingersHow Far Am I From Canaan, Pt. 1 b/w How Far Am I From Canaan, Pt. 21949
Savoy 4012Ward, ClaraJust Over The Hill b/w He Knows How Much We Can Bear1949
Savoy 4013Ward SingersFamous Ward SingersMy Jesus Is All And All b/w Jesus Is So Real To Me1949
Savoy 4014Ward, ClaraWho Could Ask For Anything Else b/w I've Got A Home1949
Savoy 4015Atlanta-AirsI'm Clinging Closer To Jesus b/w On The Battlefield For My Lord1950
Savoy 4016Ward SingersFamous Ward SingersI'm Bound For The Higher Ground b/w Thy Holy Will Be Done1949
Savoy 4017Ward SingersSurely God Is Able b/w I Need Thee Every Hour1950
Savoy 4018Evans and the Gospel Trio, FreddieWhen The Pearly Gates Unfold b/w Even Me1950
Savoy 4019Ward SingersWhen I Wake Up In Glory b/w Tell Jesus All1950
Savoy 4020National Independent Gospel SingersNational Independent Gospel Singers of Atlanta, GAI Met My Elder This Morning b/w I Got Good Religion1950
Savoy 4021Ward SingersSilent Night b/w Glory, Glory, Hallelujah1950
Savoy 4022Patterson SingersFamous Patterson SingersEvery Day I'm Getting Nearer To The Lord b/w Lord I Need Thee1950
Savoy 4023Ward SingersGertrude Ward and Daughters b/w Ward SingersThat Awful Day Will Surely Come b/w Tell The Angels I'm On My Way1950
Savoy 4024Ward SingersFamous Ward SingersThe Old Rugged Cross b/w Wasn't It A Pity How They Punished My Lord1950
Savoy 4025Gay SistersGod Will Take Care Of You b/w I'm Goin' To Walk Out In His Name1951
Savoy 4026Ward Singers b/w Clara WardOh, My Lord, What A Time b/w When He Spoke1951
Savoy 4027Gay SistersGod Is On Our Side b/w I'm A Soldier1951
Savoy 4028Crockett Singers of Chicago, AnnaSend Your Blessing Down b/w I'm Going Through1951
Savoy 4029Watkins, CharlesI Must Tell Jesus b/w Christmas Morn'1951
Savoy 4030Ward SingersPrince Of Peace b/w I Heard The Voice Of Jesus1951
Savoy 4031Gay SistersGod Shall Wipe All Tears Away b/w We're Gonna Have A Good Time1952
Savoy 4032Patterson SingersThrow Out The Lifeline b/w Jesus, The Light Of The World1952
Savoy 4033Ward SingersTake Your Burden To The Lord b/w The Old Landmark1952
Savoy 4034Bram, EmilySister Emily BramWe'll Understand b/w Blessed Assurance1952
Savoy 4035Sons of DavidThe Old Gospel Ship b/w When1952
Savoy 4036Ward, ClaraI Will Trust In The Lord b/w I Know What He's Done For Me1952
Savoy 4037Gay SistersOh Lord, Somebody Touched Me b/w He Knows How Much We Can Bear1952
Savoy 4038Ward SingersThis Little Light Of Mine b/w Just A Little While1952
Savoy 4039DeLoach, MaryMary DeLoatchRumors Of War b/w Life Was A Burden1952
Savoy 4040Parks Singers, LucilleSaved By The Power Divine b/w Rough And Rocky Road1952
Savoy 4041Ward SingersUntil I Found The Lord b/w How Many Times1952
Savoy 4042Watkins, CharlesMy Change b/w All Alone1952
Savoy 4043Gay SistersOnly Believe b/w It's Real1952
Savoy 4044Ward SingersFamous Ward SingersSince I Found The Light b/w I Just Can't Make It Myself1953
Savoy 4045Ward SingersFamous Ward SingersI Know It Was The Lord, Pt. 1 b/w I Know It Was The Lord, Pt. 21953
Savoy 4046Gay SistersFamous Gay SistersThe Little Old Church b/w That's What I Like About Jesus1951
Savoy 4047Ward SingersFamous Ward Singers (?)Who Shall Be Able To Stand b/w I Want To Be More Like Jesus1953
Savoy 4048Ward SingersFamous Ward SingersO Lord How Long b/w Farther On Up The Road1953
Savoy 4049Watkins, CharlesDon't Let This Harvest Pass b/w Run, Run And Tell Him1954
Savoy 4050Banks BrothersI've Got The Witness b/w For My Sake1954
Savoy 4051Ward SingersFamous Ward SingersThe Wonderful Counselor Is Pleading For Me b/w Only The Crumbs1954
Savoy 4052Heavenly LightsJesus Said It b/w Lord I'm In Your Hands1954
Savoy 4053Drinkard SingersDrinkard JubilairsWhen I Rise b/w A Sinner Like Me1954
Savoy 4054Watkins, CharlesSweet Hour Of Prayer b/w What He's Done For Me1954
Savoy 4055Ward SingersFamous Ward SingersI'm Climbing Higher And Higher b/w God's Amazing Love1954
Savoy 4056RhodeairesWhen He Calls Me b/w Further Along1954
Savoy 4057Laws' Specials, ArnoldBlood Of Jesus b/w Glory To The Lamb Of God1954
Savoy 4058Unique Gospel SingersJesus, Wonderful Jesus b/w Strength And Courage1954
Savoy 4059Ward SingersSweet Little Jesus Boy b/w Glory, Glory To The King1954
Savoy 4060Five TrumpetsLord, I Want To Be A Christian b/w Amazing Grace1955
Savoy 4061Afro QuintetteToll The Bells b/w Working For My Jesus1955
Savoy 4062Ward SingersFamous Ward SingersWeeping May Endure For A Night b/w Treading The Wine Press Alone1955
Savoy 4063Davis SistersFamous Davis SistersHe'll Understand (And Say Well Done) b/w He's My King1955
Savoy 4064Sampson, Rev. OtisTeardrops b/w I'll Search Heaven For You1955
Savoy 4065Banks BrothersHappy In Glory b/w Show Me The Way1954
Savoy 4066Ward SingersFamous Ward SingersWhen They Crown Him Lord Of All b/w Oh Gabriel1954
Savoy 4067Davis SistersFamous Davis Sisters of Philadelphia with Curtis DublinTwelve Gates To The City b/w You've Got The River Jordan To Cross1955
Savoy 4068Ward SingersFamous Ward SingersI'm Goin' Home b/w Lord Touch Me1955
Savoy 4069Selah Jubilee SingersGospel Train b/w Who So Ever Will1955
Savoy 4070Davis SistersFamous Davis Sisters of Philadelphia, PARain In Jerusalem b/w Oh Happy Day1955
Savoy 4071Ward SingersFamous Ward SingersAnywhere In Glory b/w Hold Back The Tears1956
Savoy 4072Five TrumpetsI've Got Jesus b/w I Shall Not Be Moved1956
Savoy 4073Davis SistersFamous Davis Sisters of PhiladelphiaLord Don't Leave Me b/w Plant My Feet On Higher Ground1956
Savoy 4074Drinkard SingersDrinkard JubilairsI'm Troubled b/w Walk Together Children1956
Savoy 4075Clark, ChristineSwing Low Sweet Chariot b/w Fear Not1956
Savoy 4076Ward SingersFamous Ward SingersGreat Is The Lord b/w He Knows1956
Savoy 4077Davis SistersFamous Davis SingersWon't It Be Wonderful There b/w Jesus Gently Guide Me1956
Savoy 4078Morris BrothersKneel At The Cross b/w Rescue Me Lord1956
Savoy 4079Davis SistersFamous Davis SistersOh Sinner b/w More Than All1956
Savoy 4080Ward SingersFamous Ward SingersPackin' Up b/w Draw Me Nearer1956
Savoy 4081Martin Singers, RobertaWalk In Jerusalem b/w When He Set Me Free1957
Savoy 4082Davis SistersFamous Davis SistersHe's Mine b/w Keeping Me Alive1957
Savoy 4083Ward SingersFamous Ward SingersClimbing Jacob's Ladder b/w Nearer My God To Thee1957
Savoy 4084Martin Singers, RobertaTeach Me Lord b/w God Is So Good To Me1957
Savoy 4085Davis SistersFamous Davis SistersThere's A Tree On Each Side Of The River b/w I Don't Know What I'd Do1957
Savoy 4086Ward SingersFamous Ward SingersI'm So Glad b/w I Feel The Holy Spirit1957
Savoy 4087Martin Singers, RobertaSinner Man, Where You Gonna Run To b/w Nothing But A God1957
Savoy 4088Davis SistersFamous Davis SistersFarewell b/w My Wonderful Counselor1957
Savoy 4089Gospel ClefsGospel CleffsWings Of A Dove b/w Go Down, Go Down1957
Savoy 4090Mighty Gospel GiantsJesus Will Meet Me b/w Waiting1958
Savoy 4091Gospel ClefsRise Up And Walk b/w Steal Away1958
Savoy 4092Ward SingersOur God Is Real b/w In His Arms1958
Savoy 4093Martin Singers, RobertaNobody Knows b/w One Day1958
Savoy 4094Taylor, Prof. CharlesProf. Chas. Taylor and the Taylor SingersI'm Stumbling b/w I'll See It Through1958
Savoy 4095Davis SistersFamous Davis SistersWhat He's Done For Me b/w Almost Home1958
Savoy 4096Gospel ChordettesGod's Got The Whole World In His Arms b/w I Can't Believe It1958
Savoy 4097Imperial Gospel SingersMy Father's House b/w Reach Out And Touch Him1958
Savoy 4098Gospel ClefsGospel Clefs of Newark, New JerseyBig Wheel b/w How Long Has It Been Since You Prayed1958
Savoy 4099Ward SingersFamous Ward SingersGood News b/w Pure Gold1958
Savoy 4100Martin Singers, RobertaGrace b/w Ride On King Jesus1958
Savoy 4101Davis SistersFamous Davis SistersYou're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Side b/w Following Him1958
Savoy 4102Roberts, LawrenceLawrence Roberts SingersSoftly And Tenderly b/w If You Make It To The Moon1958
Savoy 4103Martin Singers, RobertaI Found Him b/w God Specializes1958
Savoy 4104Stars of FaithHad It Not Been For The Lord b/w Mean Old World1958
Savoy 4105Taylor, Prof. CharlesCharles Taylor and the Taylor SingersWhat You Gonna Do Bout Me b/w I Must Live Until Morning1958
Savoy 4106Imperial Gospel SingersMy Change Will Come b/w Swing Low1958
Savoy 4107Ward SingersFamous Ward SingersHe's Watching Over You b/w Got On My Traveling Shoes1958
Savoy 4108Gospel ClefsBook Of Revelations b/w Rock Me To Sleep1958
Savoy 4109Davis SistersFamous Davis SistersJonah b/w He's Here Now1958
Savoy 4110Rasberry SingersJesus King Of Kings b/w I Believe Every World1958
Savoy 4111Roberts, LawrenceLawrence Roberts SingersI'm A Rollin' b/w When The Lord Saved Me1959
Savoy 4112Martin Singers, RobertaCertainly Lord b/w I Can Make It1959
Savoy 4113Stars of FaithDon't Stop Praying b/w I Shall Wear A Crown1959
Savoy 4114Taylor, Prof. CharlesProf. Charles Taylor and the Taylor SingersI'll Go b/w The Message1959
Savoy 4115Original Gospel HarmonettesDon't You b/w Let Me Ride1959
Savoy 4116Jones, JimmyJimmy Jones and the SensationalsWalk In The Garden b/w Come On And Go With Me1959
Savoy 4117Stars of FaithSaid He Would b/w High Class Physician1959
Savoy 4118Rasberry SingersRaymond Rasberry SingersEvery Round Of The Ladder, Pt. 1 b/w Every Round Of The Ladder, Pt. 21959
Savoy 4119Gospel ClefsBy The Water Of Babylon b/w Open Our Eyes1959
Savoy 4120Ward SingersFamous Ward SingersWe're Gonna Have A Time b/w We Shall Be Changed1959
Savoy 4121North Philadelphia JuniorsThere's Something Within Me b/w Lord Come By Here1959
Savoy 4122Original Gospel HarmonettesLift Him Up b/w The Finishing Line1959
Savoy 4123Imperial Gospel SingersLazarus b/w If You Wait1959
Savoy 4124Davis SistersFamous Davis SistersWe Need Power b/w I Got A New Home1959
Savoy 4125Martin Singers, RobertaThat Great Judgement Day b/w He's All I Need1959
Savoy 4126Jones, JimmyJimmy Jones and the SensationalsBefore This Time Another Year b/w Nobody But The Lord1960
Savoy 4127Rasberry SingersRaymond Rasberry and the Rasberry SingersWe're Crossing Over b/w Lord, In The New Jerusalem1960
Savoy 4128Stars of Faith b/w Marion WilliamsMoan Frances b/w When Jesus Was Born1960
Savoy 4129Taylor, Prof. CharlesSix Months b/w The Blood Of Jesus1960
Savoy 4130Gospel ClefsBehind Every Dark Cloud b/w Out Of The Fiery Furnace1960
Savoy 4131Ward SingersFamous Ward SingersEvery Day Will Be Sunday (By And By) b/w God Is God1960
Savoy 4132Davis SistersFamous Davis SistersNot A Word b/w Save Me1960
Savoy 4133Martin Singers, RobertaHe's So Divine b/w Since He Lightened My Heavy Load1960
Savoy 4134Stars of FaithSomething Within Me b/w There's A Fountain1960
Savoy 4135Imperial Gospel SingersIn Jesus' Name b/w Dark Was The Night1960
Savoy 4136Original Gospel HarmonettesSo Many Years b/w Rest For The Weary1960
Savoy 4137Rasberry SingersRaymond Rasberry SingersWaiting On You b/w As Long As I Live1960
Savoy 4138Gospel ClefsHe Made Them All b/w Go Woman, Sin No More1960
Savoy 4139Taylor, Prof. CharlesProf. Chas. TaylorGod Can't Fail b/w Hold Out1960
Savoy 4140Martin Singers, RobertaOh How Much He Cared For You b/w It's Gonna Rain1960
Savoy 4141Cleveland, JamesJames Cleveland with the Famous All StarsJust Like He Said He Would b/w He's All Right With Me1960
Savoy 4142Stars of FaithIn The Upper Room, Pt. 1 b/w In The Upper Room, Pt. 21960
Savoy 4143Martin Singers, RobertaGod Is Still On The Throne b/w He Laid His Hands On Me1960
Savoy 4144Song Birds of the SouthEverybody's Running b/w Don't Let The Devil Know1960
Savoy 4145Davis SistersFamous Davis SistersFather I'm Coming Home, Pt. 1 b/w Father I'm Coming Home, Pt. 21960
Savoy 4146Cleveland, JamesAnyhow b/w Just To Behold His Face1960
Savoy 4147Taylor, Prof. CharlesProf. Chas. Taylor (?)Another Day b/w Pay Day (Put Our Time In)1960
Savoy 4148Martin Singers, RobertaStep In, Jesus b/w Jesus Will Hear You Pray1960
Savoy 4149Stars of FaithMarion Williams and the Stars of FaithMy Lord And I b/w Jesus Gave Me Water1960
Savoy 4150Ward SingersFamous Ward SingersI'm Getting Richer b/w I'm Gonna Move Upstairs1960
Savoy 4151Stars of FaithMarian Williams and the Stars of FaithLord My Keeper Be b/w Blood Saved Me1961
Savoy 4152Davis SistersFamous Davis SistersRight Now Jesus b/w Jesus Is The One To Love1961
Savoy 4153Ward SingersFamous Ward SingersA Sweeter Tomorrow b/w Life Is Just One Step1961
Savoy 4154Cleveland, JamesThere's A Brighter Day Somewhere b/w Oh Lord I'm Satisfied1961
Savoy 4155Martin Singers, RobertaHold Me b/w Hold The Light1961
Savoy 4156Rasberry SingersRaymond Rasberry SingersHe Do'eth All Things Well b/w The Lord Will Be Waiting1961
Savoy 4157Cleveland, JamesJames Cleveland and the Gospel All StarsLove Of God b/w I Need Jesus On My Journey1961
Savoy 4158Original Gospel HarmonettesLet's Come In The House b/w Ever Since I Met Him1961
Savoy 4159Walker, ClaraGospel Redeemers with Clara WalkerStay Within b/w I Gave God My Word1961
Savoy 4160Angelic ChoirAngelic Choir of the First Baptist Church of Nutley, NJHe Will b/w A Little Too Close To Be Afraid1961
Savoy 4161Gospel ClefsTo Heal The Soul b/w So Good1961
Savoy 4162Ward SingersFamous Ward SingersRock Of Ages b/w The Lord's Army1961
Savoy 4163Davis SistersNothing But The Blood b/w My Jesus1961
Savoy 4164Martin Singers, RobertaEvery Now And Then b/w Only A Look1961
Savoy 4165Ward SingersFamous Ward SingersPrince Of Peace b/w Sweet Little Jesus Boy1961
Savoy 4166Gospel ChimesJames Cleveland and the Gospel ChimesWhat A Mighty God b/w Down Deep In My Heart1961
Savoy 4167Walker, ClaraGospel Redeemers with Clara WalkerI've Got To Kneel Down To Pray b/w Message From Heaven1962
Savoy 4168Original Gospel HarmonettesGospel HarmonettesTill I Get Back There b/w By Myself1962
Savoy 4169Angelic ChoirRev. Lawrence Roberts and his Angelic ChoirIts The Holy Ghost b/w I Know The Lord1962
Savoy 4170Martin Singers, RobertaHad It Not Been For Him b/w I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray1962
Savoy 4171Davis SistersJesus Loves Me b/w Earnestly Praying1962
Savoy 4172Mighty Gospel GiantsGospel GiantsDown To Sleep b/w Brother Noah1962
Savoy 4173Martin Singers, RobertaIt Was The Blood b/w Out Of The Depths1962
Savoy 4174Jones, JimmyJimmy Jones and the SensationalsI Can't Begin To Tell You b/w In The Storm1962
Savoy 4175Gospel ClefsBe Still My Soul b/w Stand The Storm1962
Savoy 4176Gospel ChimesJames Cleveland and the Gospel ChimesSit Down Servant b/w There Is No Failure In God1962
Savoy 4177Gospel ChimesTo Jesus I'll Go b/w Father, I Stretch My Hand To Thee1962
Savoy 4178Jackson, MyrtleChrist Lives In My Soul b/w My Hope Is Built On Thee1962
Savoy 4179Anderson, RobertIn Times Like These b/w The Only Hope1962
Savoy 4180Ward SingersHandwriting On The Wall b/w Contract With The Lord1962
Savoy 4181Martin Singers, RobertaNo Other Help I Know b/w He Brought Me Out1962
Savoy 4182Cleveland and Angelic Choir, JamesJesus Will Bring Things Out b/w Trust Him1962
Savoy 4183Original Gospel HarmonettesGospel Harmonettes SpecialsDaniels Stone b/w My Fathers Children1963
Savoy 4184Swindell BrothersSwindell Brothers and Rev. Johnnie WilkersonPay Day b/w This Trouble Of Mine1963
Savoy 4185Gospel ChimesIt's Well With My Soul b/w It Will Be Glory1963
Savoy 4186Watkins, CharlesRev. Charles Watkins' Pentecostal Mass Choir (?)Heartaches b/w Shady Green Pastures1963
Savoy 4187Davis SistersRuth Davis and the Davis SistersIf It Wasn't For Jesus b/w On The Right Road1963
Savoy 4188Cleveland and Angelic Choir, JamesRedeemed b/w Leave It There1963
Savoy 4189Martin Singers, RobertaThe Storm Is Passing Over b/w What Would You Do Without Jesus1963
Savoy 4190BlendwrightsLet Down The Ladder b/w How Many Steps To Heaven1963
Savoy 4191Banks BrothersI Can Put My Trust In Jesus b/w Jesus Is Willing1963
Savoy 4192Cleveland, JamesJames Cleveland and the James Cleveland SingersThe Sun Will Shine After Awhile b/w No Need To Worry1963
Savoy 4193Sunrising KingsLord I've Tried b/w Bye And Bye1963
Savoy 4194Jewel Gospel SingersDissalusioned b/w God Don't Change1963
Savoy 4195Martin Singers, RobertaI'm Grateful, Pt. 1 b/w I'm Grateful, Pt. 21963
Savoy 4196Ward SingersWho Is It b/w Move Along1963
Savoy 4197Gospel ClefsYou Can Talk To God b/w Let The Lord Come In1963
Savoy 4198Original Gospel HarmonettesGospel HarmonettesIt's Going To Rain, Pt. 1 b/w It's Going To Rain, Pt. 21963
Savoy 4199Gospel ChimesI'll Make It Alright b/w We Serve A Merciful God1963
Savoy 4200Angelic ChoirHe's Got Everything b/w Without A God1963
Savoy 4201A'CappelsHe Made It All b/w Steal Away1963
Savoy 4202Wallace, RosieRosie Wallace and the First Church of Love, Faith and Deliverance ChoirGod Cares b/w Just A Little Talk With Jesus1963
Savoy 4203Jewel Gospel SingersAfter Awhile b/w Precious To Me1963
Savoy 4204Norwood, DorothyDorothy Norwood SingersJohnny And Jesus b/w The Failure Is Not In God, It's In Me1963
Savoy 4205Southwest Michigan State ChoirHe's The Answer b/w I Thank You Lord1963
Savoy 4206Sunrising KingsBlind Bartimus b/w Ring Out The Name Of Jesus1963
Savoy 4207Rasberry SingersRaymond Rasberry SingersDeliverance Will Come b/w No More1963
Savoy 4208Ruth, ThermanBro. Therman Ruth and the HarmoneersThat Awful Day In Dallas b/w He'll Understand1963
Savoy 4209Wallace, RosieA Light That Shines b/w Take Courage1964
Savoy 4210Jewel Gospel SingersPilgrim Of Sorrow b/w The Modern Joshua1964
Savoy 4211Cleveland, JamesJames Cleveland and the Cleveland SingersHe's Always Doing Something Good For Me b/w I've Come A Long Ways1964
Savoy 4212Swindell BrothersSwindell Brothers and Rev. Johnnie WilkersonHoly Train b/w If I Could Make It To The City1964
Savoy 4213BlendwrightsGod Bless The Song b/w A Long Way To Go1964
Savoy 4214Martin Singers, RobertaFrom Out Of Nowhere b/w The Best Things In Life Are Free1964
Savoy 4215Roberts, LawrenceRev. and Mrs. Lawrence RobertsKeep In Touch With Jesus b/w Things Are Not What They Ought To Be (But They Could Be Worse)1964
Savoy 4216Golden EchoesBig John and the Golden EchoesSing b/w Union In Heaven1964
Savoy 4217Cleveland and Angelic Choir, JamesThe Original Peace Be Still, Pt. 1 b/w The Original Peace Be Still, Pt. 21964
Savoy 4218Bailey Singers, HaroldHarold Bailey Singers Of Chicago, Ill.Lord I'll Go, Pt. 1 b/w Lord I'll Go, Pt. 21964
Savoy 4219Robinson, Rev. CleophusWe Shall Gain The Victory b/w Keep On Marching1964
Savoy 4220Mighty Gospel GiantsHeavenly Father b/w I'll Follow Him1964
Savoy 4221Southwest Michigan State ChoirWrite My Name Above b/w None But The Pure In Heart1964
Savoy 4222Jewel Gospel SingersMercy b/w Come To Jesus1964
Savoy 4223Norwood, DorothyDorothy Norwood SingersI'm Thine Oh Lord b/w The Old Lady's House1964
Savoy 4224Barrett SistersDolores Barrett and Barrett SistersJesus Loves Me b/w I Thank You Lord1964
Savoy 4225St. John's Inspirational ChoirSometimes My Burdens Are So Hard To Bear b/w It Is Well With My Soul1964
Savoy 4226Bradley SingersHe'll Roll Back Those Dark Clouds b/w Truly I Hear God1964
Savoy 4227Golden CrownsHave You Got Oil In Your Vessel b/w Everything Will Be Alright1964
Savoy 4228Simpson, Madam MargaretBound For The Promised Land b/w How I Got Over1965
Savoy 4229Angelic ChoirChrist Is All b/w Climbing Up The Mountain1965
Savoy 4230Cleveland, JamesJames Cleveland and the Cleveland SingersThat Will Be Good Enough For Me b/w Two Wings1965
Savoy 4231Robinson, Rev. CleophusCleophus RobinsonI Know He's Strength b/w Don't Forget To Thank Him1965
Savoy 4232Martin Singers, RobertaDidn't It Rain b/w Keep Me In Touch With Thee1965
Savoy 4233Original Gospel HarmonettesGospel HarmonettesThat Kind Of God b/w How Much More1965
Savoy 4234Jones, JimmyJimmy Jones and the SensationalsLead Me On b/w So High1965
Savoy 4235Gospel ClefsThe Precious Name b/w There'll Be A Meeting Tonight1965
Savoy 4236Gospel TeensThere's A Balm In Gilead b/w Four Little Sheep1965
Savoy 4237Gospel Lords of HarmonyLords of HarmonyHe's Been In My Building b/w If God Gave Us Everything1965
Savoy 4238Johnson, Dr. C.J.Dr. C.J. Johnson and the Old Time Prayer MeetingI Want To Go Where Jesus Is b/w Down On My Knees1965
Savoy 4239Gilmer, WillieJesus Keep Me Near The Cross b/w Gilmer's Prayer1965
Savoy 4240Epps Gospel SingersHide Me b/w Just Try Jesus1965
Savoy 4240Mighty Gospel GiantsHeavenly Father b/w I'll Follow Him1965
Savoy 4241Banks BrothersBanks Brothers and the Greater Harvest Baptist Church ChoirLord, I've Tried, Pt. 1 b/w Lord, I've Tried, Pt. 21965
Savoy 4242Majestic Male ChoirMagnificent Majestic Male Choir of Atlanta, GAJesus Promises Shall Be Fulfilled b/w Salvation1965
Savoy 4243Hodge, RobertI Will Trust In The Lord b/w It Will Be Glory1965
Savoy 4244Roberts, Lawrence?Dreams Can Come True b/w What Makes A Man Turn His Back On God1965
Savoy 4245James, Sister JosephineJordan River b/w God is All1965
Savoy 4246Robinson, Rev. CleophusHow Sweet It Is To Be Loved By God b/w Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross1965
Savoy 4247Martin Singers, RobertaHe's Done Great Things For Me b/w Standing On The Promises1965
Savoy 4248Bailey Singers, HaroldIt's Mighty Nice b/w Two Wings1965
Savoy 4249Barrett SistersDolores Barrett and the Barrett SistersI'll Fly Away b/w God's Tomorrow1965
Savoy 4250Anderson, RobertOnly By Grace b/w If Jesus Had To Pray1965
Savoy 4251Patterson, Rev. Esmond b/w PattersonairesA Letter To Jesus b/w Wake Up Nation1965
Savoy 4252Cleveland, JamesDown By The River b/w It's Real1965
Savoy 4253Moore, EarlChaplain Earl Moore Of The Garden Of Prayer, World's Prayer CenterBecause He Loved Me So b/w I Met Jesus In Prayer1965
Savoy 4254Sonority Gospel SingersTell It b/w Christ Won't Fail Us1965
Savoy 4255Flying Clouds of Montgomery, Ala.Pay Day b/w Up Hill Journey1965
Savoy 4256Cleveland and Angelic Choir, James (?)I Stood On The Banks Of Jordan, Pt. 1 b/w I Stood On The Banks Of Jordan, Pt. 21965
Savoy 4257Angelic ChoirI've Got It b/w I Can Put My Trust In Jesus1965
Savoy 4258Martin Singers, RobertaThere's A God b/w I'm Glad I'm A Witness1966
Savoy 4259Southwest Michigan State ChoirSouthwest Michigan Choir of the Church of God in ChristClimbing Up The Mountain, Pt. 1 b/w Climbing Up The Mountain, Pt. 21966
Savoy 4260Johnson, Dr. C.J.You Better Run b/w You Don't Know What The Lord Told Me1966
Savoy 4261Norwood, DorothyDorothy Norwood and the Combined Choirs of Atlanta, GAThe Boy And His Kite, Pt. 1 b/w The Boy And His Kite, Pt. 21966
Savoy 4262Gospel Lords of HarmonyGod's Love Shall Never Die b/w I Don't Have To Search No More1966
Savoy 4263Majestic Male ChoirMagnificent Majestic Male Choir of Atlanta, GAAt A Time Like This b/w At The Throne Of Grace1966
Savoy 4264Roberts, Lawrence b/w Dolores Roberts and Angelic ChoirFor Mother b/w Sweet Mother1966
Savoy 4265Rasberry SingersRaymond Rasberry SingersWhat Would It Mean b/w I Couldn't Find No Satisfaction1966
Savoy 4266Hodge, RobertThe Hope Of The World Is Jesus b/w I Wouldn't Tell You1966
Savoy 4267Boyer BrothersFamous Boyer BrothersTake Your Troubles To Jesus b/w There's A Dark Cloud Rising1966
Savoy 4268Flying Clouds of Montgomery, Ala.The Sermon On The Mount b/w Holy Spirit1966
Savoy 4269Cleveland, JamesJames Cleveland and the Cleveland SingersWithout A Song, Pt. 1 b/w Without A Song, Pt. 21966
Savoy 4270Banks BrothersBanks Bros. and the Greater Harvest Back Home Choir of Newark, New JerseySaid He Would Lead Me b/w Stand By Me1966
Savoy 4271Angelic ChoirI Know God Loves Me b/w Wade In The Water1966
Savoy 4272Moss and Celestials, BillMy Child Came Home b/w Something Within1967
Savoy 4273Sonority Gospel SingersGod's Good Work b/w God Is Everything To Me1967
Savoy 4274Fletcher, OradellFeel Like My Time b/w I Get Great Consolation1967
Savoy 4275Hodge, RobertI'm So Glad b/w When The War Is Over1967
Savoy 4276Cleveland and Angelic Choir, JamesBeautiful Garden Of Prayer, Pt. 1 b/w Beautiful Garden Of Prayer, Pt. 21967
Savoy 4277Johnson, Dr. C.J.Be Ready When He Comes b/w Somebody Calling My Name1967
Savoy 4278Martin Singers, RobertaBe Still My Soul, Pt. 1 b/w Be Still My Soul, Pt. 21967
Savoy 4279Hightower and Sister Massey, ElderWhen I'm Gone b/w Jesus Wants Us To Be Happy1967
Savoy 4280Robinson, Rev. CleophusMust Jesus Bear The Cross Alone b/w Won't We Have A Time1967
Savoy 4281Morning StarsMorning Stars of Savannah, GAThe Adopted Child, Pt. 1 b/w The Adopted Child, Pt. 21967
Savoy 4282Norwood, DorothyDorothy Norwood and the Combined Choirs of Baltimore, MDThe Singing Slave, Pt. 1 b/w The Singing Slave, Pt. 21967
Savoy 4283Jewel Gospel SingersGot A Lot To Be Thankful For b/w I Know The Lord Will Make A Way1967
Savoy 4284Simpson, Madam MargaretI'm God's Child b/w I Don't Want To Be Lost1968
Savoy 4285Cleveland, JamesGod Is Not Dead, Pt. 1 b/w God Is Not Dead, Pt. 21968
Savoy 4286Roberts, LawrenceRev. Lawrence RobertsThe Lord Will Make A Way, Pt. 1 b/w The Lord Will Make A Way, Pt. 21968
Savoy 4287Little Junior and Butler-AirsThis Religion b/w Keep On Praying1968
Savoy 4288Johnson, Brother JulianBro. Julian JohnsonI Want Jesus To Walk With Me b/w Amazing Grace1968
Savoy 4289Moss and Celestials, BillIt Was Jesus Talking To Me b/w Jesus Knows What We Can Bear1968
Savoy 4290Cleveland, James b/w Lawrence RobertsRev. James Cleveland b/w Rev. Lawrence RobertsHold Fast b/w A Message (recitals)1968
Savoy 4291Founders Gospel SingersWaiting On You b/w Sweet Bye And Bye1968
Savoy 4292New Jersey All Star ChoirRalph McAllister and New Jersey All Star ChoirFountain Of Grace b/w Reigning With Him1968
Savoy 4293Green, WillieRev. Willie GreenSaid He Was Coming Again b/w Amen1968
Savoy 4294C.M.B. Gospel SingersIt's Only Jesus b/w Last Passover1968
Savoy 4295Bos SingersBos Singers of Cleveland, OhioI Want The World To See Jesus b/w On God's Tomorrow1968
Savoy 4299Little Junior and Butler-AirsTrain Is Coming b/w This Is Heaven1969
Savoy 4300Layne, AustinAustin Layne and the Layne EnsembleHave Mercy Lord b/w Wonderful Jesus1969
Savoy 4301Norwood, DorothyDorothy Norwood and the Norwood SingersIn That Little Town b/w The Prescription1969
Savoy 4302Cleveland, JamesJames Cleveland and the Cleveland SingersFree At Last b/w Somebody Knows1969
Savoy 4303Angelic ChoirI'll Be Waiting b/w Somewhere1969
Savoy 4304Martin Singers, RobertaPraise God b/w I Have Hope1969
Savoy 4305Southwest Michigan State ChoirWhat I Need b/w Lord, I'm Thankful1969
Savoy 4306Hurley and her daughter Carolyne, Hulah Gene?Simply Trusting b/w Steal Away1969
Savoy 4307Johnson, Dr. C.J.I've Got A New Name b/w This Heart Of Mine1969
Savoy 4308Davis SistersFour And Twenty Elders b/w I Believe I'll Go Back Home1969
Savoy 4309Herndon, JamesJames Herndon and the Herndon SingersThe Valley Of Decision b/w Lord, Have Mercy1969
Savoy 4310Tharpe, Sister RosettaThe Last Mile Of The Way b/w Walking Up The King's Highway1969
Savoy 4311Banks BrothersBanks Bros. and the Greater Harvest ChoirSing On b/w He'll Roll Your Burdens Away1969
Savoy 4313Fletcher, OradellThe Days Have Passed And Gone b/w I'll Be Satisfied1969
Savoy 4314Roberts, LawrenceRev. Lawrence Roberts (?)Oh What A Day, Pt. 1 b/w Oh What A Day, Pt. 21969
Savoy 4315Cleveland and Angelic Choir, JamesIt All Belongs To My Father b/w It's In My Heart1969
Savoy 4316Cleveland, JamesJames Cleveland and the Cleveland SingersI Don't Need Nobody Else (As Long As I've Got Jesus) b/w That's What I Like About Jesus1969
Savoy 4317Cleveland, JamesOld Ship Of Zion b/w Sweet Hour Of Prayer1969
Savoy 4318Cleveland and Angelic Choir, JamesGod Is Enough b/w No Cross, No Crown1969
Savoy 4319Cleveland, JamesJames Cleveland and the Cleveland Singers (?)If I Had A Hammer b/w Look Up And Live1969
Savoy 4320Cleveland, JamesJames Cleveland and Hulah Gene Hurley b/w James Cleveland and the Voices of TabernacleNo Night There b/w I Can't Make It Without You1969
Savoy 4321Cleveland and Angelic Choir, JamesHe's A Miracle Worker, Pt. 1 b/w He's A Miracle Worker, Pt. 21969
Savoy 4322Cleveland, JamesAbide With Me b/w My Faith Looks Up To Thee1969
Savoy 4323Cleveland, JamesJames Cleveland and the Cleveland SingersHow Tedious And Tasteless, Pt. 1 b/w How Tedious And Tasteless, Pt. 21969
Savoy 4324Cleveland and Angelic Choir, JamesThe Grace Of God b/w Trouble Don't Last Always1969
Savoy 4325Norwood, DorothyDorothy Norwood and the Norwood SingersJesus Is A Soul Man b/w Our Prayer1969
Savoy 1553Jones, JimmyJimmy Jones and ChorusA Closer Walk b/w Somebody Bigger Than You And I1958
Savoy 5804Davis, Prof. JamesProf. James W. Davis and the DobbsOn My Way Home b/w Troubles Are Bothering1960-61
Savoy 9500Bennett SensationalsMake My Enemy (Lead Me Along) b/w Waiting For Jesus1961


EP releases:

releaseartistartist as showntitleyear
Savoy EP 20000Ward SingersFamous Ward Singersno title195?
Savoy EP 20001Ward SingersFamous Ward Singersno title195?
Savoy EP 20002Ward SingersFamous Ward Singersno title195?


LP releases:

releaseartistartist as showntitleyear
Savoy LP 15057Ward SingersFamous Ward Singersno title1955
Savoy LP 14000Davis SistersFamous Davis Sistersno title1956
Savoy LP 14001Ward SingersFamous Ward SingersSurely God Is Able1957
Savoy LP 14006Ward SingersFamous Ward SingersLord, Touch Me1957
Savoy LP 14007Davis SistersFamous Davis SistersShine On Me1957
Savoy LP 14008Martin Singers, RobertaTwelve Inspirational Songs1957
Savoy LP 14013VariousNewport Spiritual Stars1958
Savoy LP 14014Davis SistersHe That Believeth1958
Savoy LP 14015Ward SingersFamous Ward SingersMeeting Tonight1958
Savoy LP 14020Ward SingersFamous Ward SingersPacking Up1958
Savoy LP 14021Gay SistersGod Will Take Care Of You1958-59
Savoy LP 14022Martin Singers, RobertaGrace1959
Savoy LP 14023Gospel Clefsno title1959
Savoy LP 14024Stars of Faithno title1959
Savoy LP 14026Ward SingersClara Ward and the Famous Ward SingersI Feel The Holy Spirit1959
Savoy LP 14027VariousHe's Got The Whole World In His Hands1959
Savoy LP 14028Imperial Gospel Singersno title1959
Savoy LP 14029Taylor, Prof. CharlesProf. Charles Taylor and the Taylor SingersThe Message1959
Savoy LP 14030Davis SistersFamous Davis SistersPlant My Feet On Higher Ground1959
Savoy LP 14031Martin Singers, RobertaGod Is Still On The Throne1959
Savoy LP 14032Stars of FaithMarian Williams and the Stars of FaithO Holy Night1959
Savoy LP 14034Ward SingersClara Ward and the Famous Ward SingersThat Old Landmark1959
Savoy LP 14035VariousThe Gospel Clefs Anniversary1959
Savoy LP 14036Davis SistersFamous Davis SistersJesus Gave Me Water1959
Savoy LP 14037Original Gospel Harmonettes and North Philadelphia JuniorsA Gospel Concert1959
Savoy LP 14038Stars of FaithThe Upper Room, The Beloved Songs of Lucie E. Campbell1960
Savoy LP 14039Martin Singers, RobertaTry Jesus1960
Savoy LP 14040Rasberry SingersRaymond Rasberry SingersHe Doeth All Things Well1960
Savoy LP 14043Martin Singers, RobertaSince I Met Him1961
Savoy LP 14044Five Blind Boys of AlabamaOriginal Blind Boys of Alabamano title1961
Savoy LP 14045Cleveland, JamesJames Cleveland with the Gospel All-StarsOut On A Hill1961
Savoy LP 14046Ward SingersFamous Ward SingersThe Famous Ward Singers in a Gospel Concert1961
Savoy LP 14047Ward SingersFamous Ward SingersA Merry Christmas with the Famous Ward Singers1961
Savoy LP 14048Imperial Gospel SingersFountain Of Blood1961
Savoy LP 14049Angelic ChoirAngelic Gospel Choir of the First Baptist Church of Nutley, NJno title1961
Savoy LP 14050Original Gospel HarmonettesGospel Harmonettesno title1961
Savoy LP 14051Davis SistersFamous Davis SistersEarnestly Praying (?)1962
Savoy LP 14052Gospel ChimesJames Cleveland and the Gospel Chimesno title1962
Savoy LP 14053Gospel Clefsno title1962
Savoy LP 14054Martin Singers, RobertaIt Was The Blood1962
Savoy LP 14055Gospel ChimesFather I Stretch My Hand To Thee1962
Savoy LP 14056Smith, Little LucyLittle Lucy Smith Plays Your Favorite Gospel Hymns1962
Savoy LP 14057Jones and Sensationals, Jimmyno title1962
Savoy LP 14058Michaux, Elder Lightfoot SolomonHappy Am I1962
Savoy LP 14059Cleveland and Angelic Gospel Choir, JamesThis Sunday, In Person1962
Savoy LP 14060Ward SingersJust Over The Horizon1962
Savoy LP 14061Davis SistersSomewhere In Glory1962
Savoy LP 14062Original Gospel HarmonettesGospel Harmonettes SpecialsMy Fathers Children1962
Savoy LP 14063Cleveland and Angelic Choir, JamesJames Cleveland with the Angelic ChoirVolume 21962-63
Savoy LP 14064Swindell BrothersSwindell Brothers with Rev. Johnnie WilkersonThis Trouble Of Mine1962-63
Savoy LP 14065Watkins, CharlesRev. Charles Watkins and the Pentacostal Mass Choir of Chicago Ill.Shady Green Pastures1963
Savoy LP 14066Martin Singers, RobertaFrom Out Of Nowhere1963
Savoy LP 14067Gospel ChimesLearn How To Wait1963
Savoy LP 14068Cleveland, JamesThe Soul Of James Cleveland1963
Savoy LP 14069VariousGreat Golden Gospel Hits, Vol. 11963
Savoy LP 14070BlendwrightsLet Down The Ladder1963
Savoy LP 14071Banks BrothersFor My Sake1963
Savoy LP 14072Davis SistersRuth Davis and the Davis SingersOn The Right Road1963
Savoy LP 14073Anderson, RobertIn Times Like These1963
Savoy LP 14074Jackson, MyrtleMyrtle Jackson sings Songs Of Hope And Inspiration1963
Savoy LP 14075Angelic Choirno title1963
Savoy LP 14076Cleveland and Angelic Choir, JamesVolume 3, Peace Be Still1963
Savoy LP 14077Southwest Michigan State ChoirSouthwest Michigan State Choir of the Church of God in ChristWonderful, Wonderful1963
Savoy LP 14078Ward SingersClara WardThe Best of Clara Ward1963
Savoy LP 14079VariousChristmas With The Gospel Stars1963
Savoy LP 14080Rasberry SingersRaymond Rasberry SingersDeliverance Will Come1963
Savoy LP 14081Wallace, RosieEvangelist Rosie Wallace and the First Church of Love, Faith and Deliverance ChoirGod Cares1963
Savoy LP 14082Banks BrothersWonderous Cross1963
Savoy LP 14083Norwood, DorothyDorothy Norwood SingersJohnny And Jesus1963
Savoy LP 14084A'CappelsThe Magnificent Voices of the A'Cappels1963
Savoy LP 14085Cleveland, JamesJames Cleveland and the Cleveland SingersThe Sun Will Shine After Awhile1963
Savoy LP 14086Jewel Gospel SingersThe Harvest1963
Savoy LP 14087Rasberry SingersRaymond Rasberry SingersPray When Everything Goes Wrong1963-64
Savoy LP 14088St. John's Inspirational Choir of Scotch Plains, NJChoir In Concert1964
Savoy LP 14089Roberts, Rev. and Mrs. LawrencePresenting Rev. and Mrs. Lawrence Roberts1964
Savoy LP 14090Swindell BrothersSwindell Brothers and Rev. Johnnie WilkersonHoly Train1964
Savoy LP 14091Big John and the Golden EchoesRide Away To Heaven1964
Savoy LP 14092BlendwrightsOver The Sunset Mountain1964
Savoy LP 14093Norwood, DorothyDorothy Norwood SingersThe Old Lady's House1964
Savoy LP 14094Barrett SistersDolores Barrett and the Barrett SistersJesus Loves Me1964
Savoy LP 14095Bradley SingersHe'll Roll Back Those Dark Clouds1964
Savoy LP 14096Cleveland and Angelic Choir, JamesJames Cleveland with the Angelic ChoirVolume 4, I Stood On The Banks Of The Jordan1964
Savoy LP 14097Martin Singers, RobertaThe Failure Is Not In God, It's In Me1964
Savoy LP 14098Gospel ChimesWe Serve A Merciful God1964
Savoy LP 14099Southwest Michigan State ChoirSouthwest Michigan State Choir of the Church of God in ChristNone But The Pure In Heart1964
Savoy LP 14100Robinson, Rev. CleophusWe Shall Gain The Victory1964
Savoy LP 14101Mighty Gospel GiantsHeavenly Father1964
Savoy LP 14102Banks BrothersBanks Brothers with Greater Harvest Baptist Church Choir Of Newark, New JerseyIt Took A Miracle1964
Savoy LP 14103Cleveland, JamesJames Cleveland and the Cleveland SingersHeaven, That Will Be Good Enough For Me1964
Savoy LP 14104VariousGreat Golden Gospel Hits, Vol. 21964
Savoy LP 14105Angelic ChoirClimbing Up The Mountain1964
Savoy LP 14106Wallace, RosieEvangelist Rosie Wallace And Choir Of First Church Of Love, Faith And DeliveranceWake Up In Glory1965
Savoy LP 14107Norwood, DorothyDorothy Norwood and Combined Choirs of Atlanta, GAThe Bell Didn’t Toll1965
Savoy LP 14108Gospel ClefsThe Precious Name1965
Savoy LP 14109Moss and Celestials, BillGod Has Been So Good1965
Savoy LP 14110Jewel Gospel SingersLet’s Have Church1965
Savoy LP 14111Gospel Lords of HarmonyIf God Gave Us Everything We Need, We Wouldn't Have Need To Pray1965
Savoy LP 14112Epps Gospel SingersJust Try Jesus1965
Savoy LP 14113Majestic Male ChoirMagnificent Majestic Male Choir of Atlanta, GAno title1965
Savoy LP 14114Barrett SistersDolores Barrett and the Barrett SistersI’ll Fly Away1965
Savoy LP 14115Bailey Singers, HaroldHarold Bailey Singers Of ChicagoLord, I’ll Go1965
Savoy LP 14116Anderson, RobertOnly By Grace1965
Savoy LP 14117Cleveland and Angelic Choir, JamesJames Cleveland with the Angelic ChoirVolume 5, Give Me My Flowers1965
Savoy LP 14118VariousW.A.O.K. Gospel Caravan1965
Savoy LP 14119Martin Singers, RobertaHe Has Done Great Things For Me1965
Savoy LP 14120Southwest Michigan State ChoirSouthwest Michigan State Choir of the Church of God in ChristSalvation Is Free1965
Savoy LP 14121Robinson, Rev. CleophusHow Sweet It is To be Loved By God1965
Savoy LP 14122Josephine James, SisterLet The World Know "God Is All"1965
Savoy LP 14123Golden Crowns Of Charlotte, NC.Have You Got Oil In Your Vessel1965
Savoy LP 14124Angelic ChoirSongs Of Faith And Inspiration1965
Savoy LP 14125Cleveland, JamesJames Cleveland Sings Songs Of Dedication1965
Savoy LP 14126Johnson, Dr. C.J.In An Old Time Song Service1965
Savoy LP 14127Norwood, DorothyDorothy Norwood and the Combined Choirs of Atlanta, GAHe Will Never Let Go My Hand1965
Savoy LP 14128Smith, HarrisonThe Old Time Prayer Meeting1965
Savoy LP 14129Gospel Lords of HarmonyGod’s Love Will Never Die1965
Savoy LP 14130Majestic Male ChoirMagnificent Majestic Male Choir of Atlanta, GAAt The Throne Of Grace1965
Savoy LP 14131Cleveland, JamesJames Cleveland and the Cleveland SingersHe Leadeth Me1965
Savoy LP 14132Rasberry SingersRaymond Rasberry SingersI Couldn’t Find No Satisfaction1966
Savoy LP 14133Moss and Celestials, BillMake A Joyful Noise Unto The Lord1966
Savoy LP 14134Cleveland and Angelic Choir, JamesVolume 6, The Grace Of God1966
Savoy LP 14135Johnson, Dr. C.J.The Old Time Song Service1966
Savoy LP 14136Hawkins, Dr. William K.A Contract With God (sermon)1966
Savoy LP 14137Anderson, RobertIf You Deny Yourself1966
Savoy LP 14138Barrett SistersDolores Barrett and the Barrett SistersCarry Me Back1966
Savoy LP 14139Wallace, RosieEvangelist Rosie Wallace and the First Church of Love, Faith and Deliverance ChoirNo One But Jesus1966
Savoy LP 14140Norwood, DorothyDorothy Norwood and the Combined Choirs of Atlanta, GAA Denied Mother1966
Savoy LP 14141Bailey Singers, HaroldAdopted In The Royal Family1966
Savoy LP 14142Neopolitan Spiritual Church Choir of Detroit, MichiganHe's There1966
Savoy LP 14143Boyer BrothersFamous Boyer BrothersTake Your Troubles To Jesus1966
Savoy LP 14144Flying Clouds of Montgomery, Ala.Flying Clouds of Montgomery, AlabamaThe Sermon On The Mount1966
Savoy LP 14145Sunrising KingsRing Out The Name Of Jesus1966
Savoy LP 14146Banks BrothersBanks Brothers with the Greater Harvest Baptist Church Back Home Choir Of Newark, New Jerseyno title1966
Savoy LP 14147Martin Singers, RobertaOne Step Away1966
Savoy LP 14148Epps Gospel SingersFor You I'm Praying1966
Savoy LP 14149Lemon Singers of Detroit, Mich., HowardUse What You Have For God1966
Savoy LP 14150Hightower and Sister Massey, ElderIt's A Long Long Way1966
Savoy LP 14151Southwest Michigan State ChoirA City Called Heaven1966
Savoy LP 14152Morning StarsMorning Stars of Savannah, GAThe Adopted Child1966
Savoy LP 14153Hawkins, Dr. William K.Give Me Time (sermon)1966
Savoy LP 14154Majestic Male ChoirMagnificent Majestic Male ChoirThe Time Is Now1966
Savoy LP 14155Boyer BrothersFamous Boyer BrothersStep By Step1966-67
Savoy LP 14156Johnson, Dr. C.J.The Old Time Song Service1966-67
Savoy LP 14157Norwood, DorothyDorothy Norwood and the Combined Choirs of Atlanta, GAThe Soldier From Viet Nam1966-67
Savoy LP 14158Gospel Lords of HarmonyGrant Me This Day1966-67
Savoy LP 14159Cleveland, JamesJames Cleveland with the Walter Arties ChoraleIn Hollywood1966-67
Savoy LP 14160Stevens, Prof. HermanThe Poet Of The Gospel Organ Plays Your Favorite Hymns1966-67
Savoy LP 14161Jewel Gospel SingersI Know The Lord Will Make A Way1966-67
Savoy LP 14162Moss and Celestials, BillMy Child Came Home1966-67
Savoy LP 14163Angelic ChoirYours Because Of Calvary1966-67
Savoy LP 14164Watkins, CharlesRev. Charles Watkins and the Pentecostal SingersThe Lost Sheep1966-67
Savoy LP 14165VariousGreat Golden Gospel Hits Vol. 31966-67
Savoy LP 14166Wallace, RosieEvangelist Rosie Wallace and the First Church Of Love, Faith and Deliverance Choirno title1967
Savoy LP 14167Cleveland, JamesJames Cleveland and the Cleveland SingersI Walk With God1967
Savoy LP 14168Banks BrothersBanks Brothers with the Greater Harvest Baptist Church Back Home Choir of Newark, New Jerseyno title1967
Savoy LP 14169Norwood, DorothyDorothy Norwood Singersno title1967
Savoy LP 14170United Singing ConventionUnited Singing Convention Bibleway ChurchClass #1 of the United Singing Convention Bibleway Church (?)1967
Savoy LP 14171Cleveland and Angelic Choir, JamesVolume 71967
Savoy LP 14172Ingraham, RonaldRonald Ingraham Concert Choir Of Boston, Mass.Prayer Changes Things1967
Savoy LP 14173Johnson, Dr. C.J.The Old Time Song Service1967
Savoy LP 14174Morning StarsMorning Stars of Savannah, GAThis Train1967
Savoy LP 14175Norwood, DorothyDorothy Norwood and the Combined Choirs of Balt., MDThe Singing Slave1967
Savoy LP 14176Cleveland, JamesSongs My Mother Taught Me1967
Savoy LP 14177Bradley Singers, ClydeClyde Bradley Singers of St. Louis, MOno title1967
Savoy LP 14178Marshall, Rev. J.W.None Of These Things Will Move Me (sermon)1967
Savoy LP 14179Majestic Male ChoirMagnificent Majestic Male Choir Of Atlanta, GAAsk Him To Guide You1967
Savoy LP 14180Hightower and Sister Massey, ElderThe Sensational Elder Hightower and Sister Masseyno title1967
Savoy LP 14181Southwest Michigan State ChoirSouthwest Michigan State Choir of the Church of God in ChristA Closer Walk With Thee1967
Savoy LP 14182Norwood and James Herndon, DorothyDynamic Gospel Duets by Dorothy Norwood and James Herndon1967
Savoy LP 14183Davis SistersFamous Davis SistersIn My Room1967
Savoy LP 14184Banks BrothersBanks Brothers with the Greater Harvest Baptist Church Back Home Choir Of Newark, New Jerseyno title1967-68
Savoy LP 14185Roberts, Rev. Lawrence, Rev. Charles Banks, Elder Jeff BanksPrayers For Every Occasion1967-68
Savoy LP 14187Moss and Celestials, Billno title (?)1967-68
Savoy LP 14188Cleveland, JamesJames Cleveland and the Cleveland Singersno title1967-68
Savoy LP 14189Stevens, Prof. HermanProf. Herman Stevens Sings And Plays Your Favorite Hymns1967-68
Savoy LP 14190Norwood, DorothyDorothy Norwood and the Dorothy Norwood SingersThe Bereaved Child1967-68
Savoy LP 14191Angelic ChoirThe Soul And Faith Of The Angelic Choir1968
Savoy LP 14192Ingraham, RonaldRonald Ingraham Concert Choir Of Boston, Mass.My Reward1968
Savoy LP 14193Southwest Michigan State ChoirSouthwest Michigan State Choir of the Church of God in ChristShow Me The Way1968
Savoy LP 14194Hurley and her daughter Carolyne, Hulah GeneHulah Gene and her daughter Carolyneno title1968
Savoy LP 14195Cleveland and Angelic Choir, JamesMerry Christmas from James Cleveland and Angelic Choir1968
Savoy LP 14196Wallace, RosieEvangelist Rosie Wallace and the First Church of Love, Faith and Deliverance ChoirLord, Hold My Hand1968
Savoy LP 14197Martin Singers, RobertaPraise God1968
Savoy LP 14198Herndon, JamesJames Herndon and Herndon Singersno title1968
Savoy LP 14199Davis SistersFamous Davis SistersThey That Wait Upon The Lord1968
Savoy LP 14200Cleveland, JamesJames Cleveland and the Voices of TabernacleJames Cleveland and the Voices of Tabernacle sing in Memory of Rev. Charles A. Craig 1968
Savoy LP 14201Watkins, CharlesRev. Charles Watkins and the Pentecostal SingersIn The Whole Wide World1968
Savoy LP 14202CaravansShirley Caesar with the CaravansThe Best Of Shirley Caesar with the Caravans1968
Savoy LP 14203Southwest Michigan State ChoirSouthwest Michigan State Choir of the Church of God in ChristLord, Renew My Spirit Within1968
Savoy LP 14204Johnson, Dr. C.J.The Old Time Song Service1968
Savoy LP 14205Cleveland and Angelic Choir, JamesVolume 8, Part 11968
Savoy LP 14206Cleveland and Angelic Choir, JamesVolume 8, Part 21968
Savoy LP 14207O'Neal TwinsDynamic O'Neal Twinsno title1968
Savoy LP 14208Jones, Rev. ArvetraRevival Time1968
Savoy LP 14209Herndon, JamesJames Herndon and the Herndon Singersno title1968
Savoy LP 14210Johnson, HarrisonHarrison Johnson and his Los Angeles Community ChoirBecause1968
Savoy LP 14211Cleveland, JamesJames Cleveland and the Cleveland Singersno title1968-69
Savoy LP 14212Norwood, DorothyDorothy Norwood and Dorothy Norwood SingersThe Stories Behind The Songs1968-69
Savoy LP 14213Pickard, HerbertHerbert Pee-Wee PickardSoul Piano1968-69
Savoy LP 14214Tharpe, Sister RosettaPrecious Memories1968-69
Savoy LP 14215Southwest Michigan State ChoirSouthwest Michigan State Choir of the Church of God in ChristI’ll Take Jesus For Mine1969
Savoy LP 14216Banks BrothersBanks Brothers with the Greater Harvest Baptist Church Back Home Choir Of Newark, New Jerseyno title1969
Savoy LP 14217Norwood and Angelic Choir, Dorothyno title1969
Savoy LP 14218Johnson, Dr. C.J.The Old Time Song Service1969
Savoy LP 14219Flying Clouds of Montgomery, Ala.Flying Clouds of Montgomery, AlabamaSince I Laid My Burdens Down1969
Savoy LP 14220 Cleveland, JamesRev. James ClevelandGod's Promise (sermon)1969
Savoy LP 14221 Martin Singers, RobertaRoberta MartinThe Unforgettable Voice Of Roberta Martin1969
Savoy LP 14222 O'Neal TwinsO'Neal Twins and the Missouri State Choir of the Church of God in Christno title1969
Savoy LP 14223 Watkins, CharlesRev. Charles Watkins and Pentecostal SingersBaptized1969
Savoy LP 14224 Tharpe, Sister RosettaSinging In My Soul1969
Savoy LP 14225 Cleveland, JamesJames Cleveland and the Voices of Tabernacleno title1969
Savoy LP 14226 Roberts and the Roberts Singers, Rogerno title1969
Savoy LP 14227 Hurley and her daughter Carolyne, Hulah GeneHulah Gene and her daughter CarolyneThe Sweetest Sound In Gospel1969
Savoy LP 14228 Herndon, JamesJames Herndon and the Herndon Singers of Chicago, Ill.The Lord Will Make A Way1969-70
Savoy LP 14229 Pilgrims of JoyPilgrims of Joy of North CarolinaThe Lord Will Bring You Out1969-70
Savoy LP 14230 Cleveland and Angelic Choir, JamesVolume 91969-70
Savoy LP 14231Holy Lights Of Baltimore, MD.Yesterday’s Prayer1969-70
Savoy LP 14232 Clark, Mattie MossMattie Moss Clark and the Clesiastic Sounds no title1969-70
Savoy LP 14233 Griffin, BessieThe Gospel Soul of Bessie Griffin1969-70
Savoy LP 14234 Angelic ChoirThe Girl Who Loved Jesus (I Love Jesus)1969-70
Savoy LP 14235 Cleveland, JamesJames Cleveland and the Southern California Community Choirno title1969-70
Savoy LP 14236 Cleveland, Gospel Girls, JamesAnd Introducing the Gospel Girls1969-70
Savoy LP 14237 Johnson, HarrisonHarrison Johnson and the Los Angeles Community ChoirBlessed Quietness1969-70
Savoy LP 14238 Layne, AustinAustin Layne and the Layne Ensembleno title1969-70
Savoy LP 14239 Herndon, JamesJames Herndon with the Southside Ensembleno title1969-70
Savoy LP 14240 Wallace, RosieEvangelist Rosie Wallace and the Choir Of First Church Of Love, Faith And Deliveranceno title1969-70
Savoy LP 14241Johnson, Dr. C.J.The Far Country (sermon)1969-70
Savoy LP 14242 Martin, SallieMiss Sallie Martin and the Evangelical Choral ChapterThe Living Legend1969-70
Savoy LP 14243Sanctuary Choir of the Free For All Missionary Baptist Churchno title1969-70
Savoy LP 14244Norwood, DorothyThe Dynamic Dorothy Norwood and the Norwood Singersno title1969-70
Savoy LP 14245Cleveland, JamesJames Cleveland and the Southern California Community Choirno title1969-70
Savoy LP 14246Herndon and Delores Washington, JamesJames and DeeDynamic Gospel Duets1969-70
Savoy LP 14248Banks BrothersBanks Brothers and Combined ChoirsHoly Spirit (?)1969-70
Savoy LP 14249Clark, Mattie MossMattie Moss Clark and the Clesiastic Sounds Seek Him And He Will Let You Come In1969-70
Savoy LP 14250 Davis SistersIn Memory Of Ruth Davis1969-70