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Norfleet Brothers: Shadrach (1964)


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A1;You Can’t Beat God Giving;1963;
A2;Live The Life;1963;
A4;I Trust In God;1963;
A5 ;Mean World;1963;
A6;Who Is That Knocking;1963;
B1;Let Jesus Fix It;1963;
B2;Yield Not To Temptation;1963;
B3;Oh Jonah;1963;
B4;Blessed Quietness;1963;
B5;On The Cross;1963;
B6;None But The Righteous;1963;



  • The front cover lists number 1008, which is a typo.
  • There were no singles drawn from this album.
  • This album is available on CD-r and as a download.