Golgotha gospel discography (1960’s)


Golgotha gospel

  • Golgotha was a gospel label from New Jersey. #101 shows a PO Box address in Garfield, NJ. Most issues show an address in Lodi, NJ (88 Money St.). #92, 180 (Happy Landers), 509 and LP 500 show an address in Rahway, NJ (169 E. Albert St.).
  • Little is known about the Golgotha label, but it likely was in business during the mid to late 1960’s. Tommy Baker produced most of the recordings.
  • Golgotha 133 and 138 seem to have a date written in the dead wax (2-19-68 and 3-25-68).
  • Some numbers were used twice (#101, 170, 180).
  • It’s uncertain if Golgotha 101 by the Wandering Shepherds is the same Golgotha label. The label lay-out is different and there’s no other information giving a clue.
  • The image of Christ on the labels changed with #138. It became a more simple drawing with a reversed orientation.
  • Missing numbers are unknown releases and there are quite a few!
  • The Golgotha gospel discography lists all known single and LP issues released on this label.


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