• The Nashboro label was founded by Ernest L. Young (a.k.a. Ernie Young) in 1951 in Nashville, TN. Nashboro was the parent label of Excello (1952), Nasco (1957), Crescent (1967), Creed (1967), Mankind (1971?), Ernie’s (197?) and Cheri (1981).
  • The Chosen Gospel Singers (see also the Specialty discography) reformed in 1963-64 to continue as the Gospel Keynotes.
  • The Silvertone (Jubilee) Singers recorded as the Cincinnatians for Brunswick (1953-54). See also the Excello and Finch discographies.
  • It is not known what exactly was the last Nashboro LP released in 1969. LP 7069 is the last one listed in the LP discography below, but it’s more or less a guess.
  • This page lists all gospel releases on the Nashboro label from 1951 to 1969. Nashboro continued releasing records in the 1970’s and 1980’s but these have been omitted from this discography.


78 & 45rpm releases:

releaseartistartist as shownsongsyear
Nashboro 500Silvertone Singers ppSilvertone Jubilee SingersI Met My Mother This Morning b/w I'm Looking For My Jesus1951
Nashboro 501Zachary's Heavenly Gospel-AiresThe Lord Came To Save Me b/w Blessed Saviour1951
Nashboro 502Silvertone SingersSilvertone Jubilee SingersPrayer Changes Things b/w Just Can't Help From Cryin'1951
Nashboro 503SkylarksStand By Me b/w Something About My Lord Mighty Sweet1951
Nashboro 504SkylarksMy Rock b/w Four And Twenty-Four Elders1951
Nashboro 505SkylarksLife's Burdens (Pt. 1) b/w Life's Burdens (Pt. 2)1951
Nashboro 506Fireside Gospel SingersGabriel Sound Your Trumpet b/w Tell Jesus I'm Coming Home1951
Nashboro 508SkylarksCheer The Weary Traveler b/w The Holy Father1951
Nashboro 509SkylarksThere Must Be A City b/w This Heart Of Mine1951
Nashboro 510Cross-Road SingersSing Till The Power Of The Lord Comes b/w Where Shall I Be1951
Nashboro 511Cross-Road SingersLeave It There b/w Roll The Stone Away1951
Nashboro 512Jordan River SingersRev. W.M. Anderson and the Jordan River SingersJesus On The Main Line b/w Won't We Have A Time (When We Get Over Yonder)1951
Nashboro 513SkylarksFarther Along b/w I'm Satisfied1951
Nashboro 514Swanee QuintetSewanee QuintetJesus On My Mind b/w Walk In The Light1951
Nashboro 515Fireside Gospel SingersWhat Did Jesus Say b/w God Leads His Dear Children Along1951
Nashboro 517Jordan River SingersI'm A Soldier b/w My Life Is In His Hands1952
Nashboro 518SkylarksJesus Won't Deny Me b/w What A Glorious Day1952
Nashboro 520Blair Gospel SingersForgive Me Lord b/w Standing At The Station1952
Nashboro 521Swanee QuintetSewanee Quintet (?)In My Savior's Care b/w That Old Time Religion1952
Nashboro 522Fireside Gospel SingersIn The Garden b/w Two Little Fishes And Five Loaves Of Bread1952
Nashboro 523SkylarksNew Jerusalem b/w What Manner Of Man Is This1952
Nashboro 524Swanee QuintetSewanee QuintetCome On In This Altar b/w My Lord Is Coming Back1952
Nashboro 525Silvertone SingersSilvertone Singers of CincinnatiWalk Through The Valley b/w When We Bow In The Evening (At The Altar)1953
Nashboro 528Jordan River SingersPrecious Lord b/w Seek And Ye Shall Find1953
Nashboro 529Flying Clouds of DetroitFlying Clouds QuintetI'm Going Through b/w Jezebel1953
Nashboro 530Blair Gospel SingersLord You Know My Mind b/w In This World Today1953
Nashboro 531SkylarksI Want To Walk With Jesus b/w Come Over Here1953
Nashboro 532Blair Gospel SingersI'm Striving Hard Each Day b/w I Want To Be More Like Jesus1953
Nashboro 533Swanee QuintetLet Us Stretch Out b/w Wasn't It A Pity1953
Nashboro 534Silvertone SingersI've Got A Mother Gone On b/w What Are They Doing In Heaven1953
Nashboro 535SkylarksJesus Prayed Every Step Of The Way b/w This May Be The Last Time1953
Nashboro 536Fireside Gospel SingersBetter Stop And Get Religion b/w When The Roll Is Called1953
Nashboro 537Flying Clouds of DetroitI, John Saw A Mighty Number b/w When Jesus Comes1953
Nashboro 538Swanee QuintetSit Down Servant b/w Well Done1953
Nashboro 539Fireside Gospel SingersGet Your Soul Right b/w When They Ring Them Golden Bells1953
Nashboro 540SkylarksI Want To Know, Will He Welcome Me There b/w Heavenly Light Shine On Me1953
Nashboro 541Swanee QuintetLong As Jesus Lives b/w Joy In Beulah Land1953
Nashboro 542Blair Gospel SingersI've Got Heaven On My Mind b/w Anyhow1953
Nashboro 544SkylarksLord Have Mercy b/w There's No Discharge In God's Army1953
Nashboro 545SkylarksBaptism Of Jesus b/w I Stepped In The Water One Day1954
Nashboro 546Swanee QuintetCry Sometimes b/w In My Heart1954
Nashboro 547Swanee QuintetOn My Knees b/w Remember Me1954
Nashboro 548SkylarksCall You In The Morning b/w Letter From Jesus1955
Nashboro 549Cooke, Edna GallmonNobody But You Lord b/w Somebody Help Me1955
Nashboro 550Jewell Gospel SingersJewell Gospel TrioMany Little Angels In The Band b/w Take My Hand Precious Lord1955
Nashboro 551Swanee QuintetIt's Hard To Get Along b/w Judgement1955
Nashboro 552Spiritual FiveI've Been Born Again b/w Heavenly Father1955
Nashboro 553Cooke, Edna GallmonWho'll Be A Witness b/w My Joy1955
Nashboro 554SkylarksGonna Wake Up In Glory b/w I Love The Lord1955
Nashboro 555Blair Gospel SingersI've Been Moaning So Long b/w Waiting For The Lord1955
Nashboro 556Christland SingersWhere Could I Go (But To The Lord) b/w Nothing Will Move Me (From The Love Of God)1955
Nashboro 557Golden TrumpetsJust Like Jesus Did b/w Down At The Cross1955
Nashboro 558Angelic Gospel SingersJesus Never Fails Me b/w I'll Be Alright1955
Nashboro 559Trumpets of JoySweeter Than The Day Before b/w Last Mile Of The Way1955
Nashboro 560Boggs, Prof. HaroldHelp Me Jesus b/w When The Spirit Of The Lord Comes1955
Nashboro 561Cooke, Edna GallmonSaid I Wouldn't Tell It b/w Hide Me1955
Nashboro 562Swanee QuintetLow Down Chariot b/w I'm Alright Now1955
Nashboro 563White, Geneva b/w Marie StrangeBlessed Assurance b/w Just As I Am Without One Plea1955
Nashboro 564ConsolersGive Me My Flowers b/w Nobody Knows1955
Nashboro 565SkylarksGod Is Able b/w He's My All And All1955
Nashboro 566Radio FourAn Earnest Prayer b/w How Much I Owe1955
Nashboro 567Chosen Gospel SingersIt's Alright b/w When The Saints Go Marching In1955
Nashboro 568Radio FourSending Up A Prayer (Pt. 1) b/w Sending Up A Prayer (Pt. 2)1955
Nashboro 569Christland SingersI'm Willing To Run All The Way Lord b/w Sell Out To The Master1955
Nashboro 570Jewell Gospel SingersJewel Gospel TrioI Looked Down The Line b/w Somebody's Knocking At My Door1955
Nashboro 571Swanee QuintetRace To Run b/w My Last Prayer1956
Nashboro 572Lampkin, Rev. Emmett A.L.Inspirational Thoughts (Pt. 1) b/w Inspirational Thoughts (Pt. 2)1956
Nashboro 573Chosen Gospel SingersThis Old Soul Of Mine b/w Hellelujah1956
Nashboro 574Cooke, Edna GallmonEdna Gallmon Cooke with the Singing SonsMy Journey Home b/w Hallelujah1956
Nashboro 575Sons of the SouthSurely It Was God b/w I Know It Was The Blood (Of Jesus)1956
Nashboro 576Golden TrumpetsCome And Go With Me b/w Plow Your Row To The End1956
Nashboro 577Radio FourMy Imagination Of Heaven b/w I Expect To Be Landed1956
Nashboro 578Boggs, Prof. HaroldWhere God Leads Me, I'll Follow b/w Jesus Is All The World To Me1956
Nashboro 579Spiritual FiveEveryday Will Be The Same b/w I'll Carry My Burden1956
Nashboro 580Kindly ShepherdsKindly Shepherd Gospel SingersThe Upper Garden b/w Left In The Hands Of The Lord1956
Nashboro 581Southern EchoesBe Ready When He Comes b/w When Jesus Says: Come Home1956
Nashboro 582Traveling EchoesLooking For A Better Place To Live b/w For God I Live1956
Nashboro 583SkylarksGonna Help The Needy b/w Come In At The Door1956
Nashboro 584Silvertone SingersThe Sun Will Rise To The East b/w It's A Wonder What My Lord Can Do1956
Nashboro 585Cooke, Edna GallmonEdna Gallmon Cooke and the Singing SonsThe Lord Blessed My Soul b/w Up To Sweet Heaven1956
Nashboro 586ConsolersI Cried To The Lord b/w I'm Gonna Use Just What I've Got1956
Nashboro 587Swanee QuintetJesus Won't Fail b/w The Fire Keeps A Burning1956
Nashboro 588Jewell Gospel SingersJewel Gospel TrioJesus Is Listening b/w The Gospel Ship1956
Nashboro 589Christland SingersJesus Has A Blessing b/w You Got To Be Born Again1956
Nashboro 590Singing SonsGod Will Bring Things Out b/w If You Ever Needed The Lord1956
Nashboro 591Barbee and Morgan Babb, Sister LucilleLucille Barbee and Morgan BabbStraighten 'em Lord b/w Yes Call Him By His Name 1956
Nashboro 592Radio FourIf You Miss Me From Praying b/w The Christian Race1956
Nashboro 593Chosen Gospel SingersTrouble Of This World Condition b/w Do Thy Will1957
Nashboro 594Boggs, Prof. HaroldWill I Be Remembered b/w Inside The Beautiful Gate1957
Nashboro 595ConsolersI Remember The Bridge b/w Let Jesus Come In1957
Nashboro 596Cooke, Edna GallmonEdna Gallmon Cooke and the Singing SonsGod Will Move b/w God's Children1957
Nashboro 597Kindly ShepherdsKindly Shepherd Gospel SingersClimbing Higher Mountains b/w Oh How I Love Jesus1957
Nashboro 598Singing SonsThe Christian Way b/w Send It On Down1957
Nashboro 599Jewell Gospel SingersJewel Gospel TrioSin Is To Blame b/w Praying Time1957
Nashboro 600Radio FourTravelin' Through The Land b/w You Must See Jesus1957
Nashboro 601Chosen Gospel SingersWalk With Me b/w Won't Be Back1957
Nashboro 602Spiritual FiveI Don't Have To Worry b/w The King's Highway1957
Nashboro 603Babb, MorganDedication To Mothers b/w Wonder How Long1957
Nashboro 604Swanee QuintetCome See About Me b/w My Burdens Are Laid Down1957
Nashboro 605Pilgrim Jubilee SingersGonna Work On b/w God Is Good To Me1957
Nashboro 606TrumpeteersSeven Angels b/w I Want To Know1957
Nashboro 607Angelic Gospel SingersI've Weathered The Storm b/w Every Day1957
Nashboro 608ConsolersRevival Time b/w When Others Fail1957
Nashboro 609Cooke, Edna GallmonEdna Gallmon Cooke with the Singing SonsA Dedication b/w You Ought've Been There1957
Nashboro 610Sons of JehovahSons of JehovaHigh Cost Of Living b/w Teach Me Lord1957
Nashboro 611Kelly BrothersKelly Bros. SingersGlad I Found The Lord b/w I'll Be Ready1957
Nashboro 612Southern EchoesOn My Way To See Jesus b/w Higher Up The Mountain1958
Nashboro 613Gospel ParadersWhen We Reach That Kingdom b/w It's Worryin' Me1958
Nashboro 614Radio FourYou Can't Hide b/w All On Board1958
Nashboro 615Chosen Gospel SingersBorrowed Land b/w Lord Shine On Me1958
Nashboro 616Kindly ShepherdsLay Me Down to Sleep b/w So Many Years1958
Nashboro 617Jewell Gospel SingersJewel Gospel TrioToo Late b/w Ease My Troublin'1958
Nashboro 618Boggs, Prof. HaroldBecause He's Mine b/w Yes, There's One1958
Nashboro 619Supreme AngelsRun To The Rock b/w Jesus Let Me Sleep1958
Nashboro 620Swanee QuintetWhen I Move b/w Sleep On Mother1958
Nashboro 621Christland SingersHe Walks With Me b/w Sometime Our Burdens Are Hard1958
Nashboro 622ConsolersGlad To Be In The Number b/w I Shall Not Want1958
Nashboro 623Cooke, Edna GallmonI Can't See Them Now b/w Road Of No Returns1958
Nashboro 624Radio FourBuilding A Home b/w I Feel The Spirit1958
Nashboro 625Pilgrim Jubilee SingersJohn Behold Thy Mother b/w I Heard Of A City1958
Nashboro 626Sons of JehovahKeep Me And Teach Me b/w The Holy Bible1958
Nashboro 627Babb, MorganMorgan Babb and the Philco SingersGod Works Wonders b/w I'll Follow Jesus1958
Nashboro 628Cooke, Edna GallmonCome Home b/w Heavy Load1958
Nashboro 629Spiritual FiveTrouble Will Be Over b/w Let Me Have A Talk1958
Nashboro 630Swanee QuintetSewanee QuintetWhere He Leads Me b/w Over In Zion1958
Nashboro 631Boggs, Prof. HaroldHold On To What You Got b/w Lord Give Me Strength1958
Nashboro 632ConsolersGod Will Take Care b/w It May Be The Last Time1958
Nashboro 633Sensational PropheteersLord Lifted Me b/w I'm Battling1958
Nashboro 634Babb, MorganMorgan Babb and the Philco SingersCold Cold Ground b/w Take Me By The Hand1959
Nashboro 635May, Brother JoeThe Master's On Our Side b/w My Mother Prayed For Me1959
Nashboro 636Supreme AngelsSeven Seals b/w Beautiful City1959
Nashboro 637SkylarksWhen The World's On Fire b/w Jesus Keeps Me Alive1959
Nashboro 638Radio FourThere's Gonna Be Joy b/w The Road's Rough and Rocky1959
Nashboro 639Kindly ShepherdsOn The Battlefield b/w Testify For Jesus1959
Nashboro 640Cooke, Edna GallmonEdna Gallmon Cooke with Radio FourNobody But You Lord b/w Walk Thru The Valley1959
Nashboro 641TrumpeteersCBS TrumpeteersMilky White Way b/w Right John1959
Nashboro 642Swanee QuintetWhat About Me b/w My Father's Land1959
Nashboro 643May, Brother JoeBro. Joe MayHush! Somebody's Calling My Name b/w I Heard Angels Singing (b-side with Emma Tucker)1959
Nashboro 644Angelic Gospel SingersYes! Nobody Knows My Troubles b/w Touch Me Lord Jesus1959
Nashboro 645Sons of JehovahWaiting For Me b/w Jesus Hear My Plea1959
Nashboro 646ConsolersEvery Christian Mother b/w Help Me To Understand1959
Nashboro 647Boggs, Prof. HaroldWhen It Hits You b/w Swing Wide Open1959
Nashboro 648Trumpets of JoyI Come To Thee b/w I Love Jesus1959
Nashboro 649Golden TrumpetsJesus My Doctor b/w Mean Old World1959
Nashboro 650Pilgrim Jubilee SingersRiver of Jordan b/w Father, I'm Coming Home1959
Nashboro 651Spiritual FiveWalk Around b/w Lord, I'm In Your Care1959
Nashboro 652Cooke, Edna GallmonHe'll Fix It b/w If You Don't Go1959
Nashboro 653Swanee QuintetNew Walk b/w Lowly Jesus1959
Nashboro 654Kelly BrothersKelley BrothersGot A Soul To Save b/w Oh! Beulah Land1959
Nashboro 655TrumpeteersCBS TrumpeteersMy Lord Called Me b/w A Christian's Testimony1959
Nashboro 656Babb, MorganMorgan Babb and Philco SingersIt's Never Too Late b/w Don't You Hinder Me1959
Nashboro 657May, Brother JoeWilling To Run b/w When The Lord Gets Ready1959
Nashboro 658Spiritual KeynotesAshamed Of Jesus b/w Get Closer To God1960
Nashboro 659Angelic Gospel SingersAll That I Need Is Jesus b/w Out Of The Depths1960
Nashboro 660Radio FourI Received My Blessings b/w When He Calls1960
Nashboro 661ConsolersAnother Day's Journey b/w Some Sweet Day Afterwhile1960
Nashboro 662Kindly ShepherdsEvery Year Carries A Number b/w Take The Lord With You1960
Nashboro 663Hightower BrothersFinally Made It In b/w Oh Lord Save Me1960
Nashboro 664Cooke, Edna GallmonIn My Heavenly Home b/w It Could Be Jesus1960
Nashboro 665May, Brother JoeBro. Joe MayMy Conversion b/w Go Tell The News1960
Nashboro 666Bright StarsDeep In My Heart b/w Look At The Promised Land1960
Nashboro 667Swanee QuintetLay This Body Down b/w When Jesus Comes1960
Nashboro 668Trumpets of JoyI'm Going To New Jerusalem b/w He's Comin' Again1960
Nashboro 669Sons of JehovahIt's Me Lord b/w We Are Blessed1960
Nashboro 670ConsolersNever Could Have Made It (Pt. 1) b/w Never Could Have Made It (Pt. 2)1960
Nashboro 671Boggs, Prof. HaroldThat's It b/w Everything's Going To Be Alright1960
Nashboro 672Barbee, Sister LucilleLucile BarbeeLet The Church Roll On b/w Faith And Grace1960
Nashboro 673Angelic Gospel SingersMy Sweet Home b/w Jesus Is A Way-Maker1960
Nashboro 674Hightower BrothersMy Jesus Loves Me b/w Lord Help Me To Stand1960
Nashboro 675Cooke, Edna GallmonWave That Train b/w War Fare1960
Nashboro 676Singing SonsI Need Your Power b/w Throw Your Arms Around Me1960
Nashboro 677May, Brother JoeAmazing Grace (Pt. 1) b/w Amazing Grace (Pt. 2)1960
Nashboro 678Supreme AngelsLet Me Thank You Lord b/w When I Get Up In Glory1960
Nashboro 679Swanee QuintetJust Made It In b/w Children Pray On1960
Nashboro 680ConsolersAlmighty God b/w By The Help Of The Lord1960
Nashboro 681Babb, MorganMorgan Babb and Philco SingersShame b/w Everything You Need1960
Nashboro 682Golden TrumpetsThe Blood Of Jesus b/w Standing On His Word1961
Nashboro 683Bright StarsRainbow In The Sky b/w I Feel The Fire Burning1961
Nashboro 684Boggs, Prof. HaroldProf. Harold Boggs and the Boggs SingersWhen They Ring Them Golden Bells b/w Heavenly Power1961
Nashboro 685Trumpets of JoyOn The Right Road Now b/w Need The Lord To Guide Me1961
Nashboro 686Hightower BrothersJesus My Only Friend b/w Lord Take Me Through1961
Nashboro 687Angelic Gospel SingersI'm Getting Nearer (Pt. 1) b/w I'm Getting Nearer (Pt. 2)1961
Nashboro 688May, Brother JoeBro. Joe May and the Mayettes (A) b/w Bro. Joe May Free At Last b/w I'm On The Battlefield1961
Nashboro 689Traveling KingsDown Here Lord Waiting On You b/w Shake Me Jesus1961
Nashboro 690ConsolersI Know What It Means b/w After The Clouds Roll Away1961
Nashboro 691Swanee Quintet(Jesus Said If You Need Me) I'll Be There b/w Holy Ghost Got Me1961
Nashboro 692Radio FourJesus Never Left Me Alone b/w Walk Around My Bedside1961
Nashboro 693CanaanitesLand Of Mercy b/w I Want To Be Thine1961
Nashboro 694Boggs, Prof. HaroldProf. Harold Boggs and the BoggettesI Prayed And He Healed Me b/w I Recommend The Lord1961
Nashboro 695Pilgrim Jubilee SingersJesus Help Me b/w I've Done Got Over1961
Nashboro 696Babb, MorganMorgan Babb and the Philco SingersLord You Know b/w Don't Leave Me Jesus1961
Nashboro 693Cooke, Edna GallmonWalking On The Right Road b/w The Lord Still Answers Prayer1961
Nashboro 698Traveling KingsNow Lord b/w I'm Goin'1961
Nashboro 699May, Brother JoeBro. Joe MayAnybody Waiting For Me b/w Somebody Needs My Jesus1961
Nashboro 700Sons of FaithI Gave My Heart To Jesus b/w What More Can He Do?1961
Nashboro 701Rock Island SingersLord I'll Be Satisfied b/w Can't Do Without The Lord1961
Nashboro 702Gospel Five SingersThis Is My Testimony b/w Jesus Is With Me All The Way1961
Nashboro 703Hightower BrothersHightower Bros. Gospel SingersAin't Gonna Be This Way b/w God Has Been Good1961
Nashboro 704Swanee QuintetLeaning On The Lord b/w Oh Yes He Will1961
Nashboro 705Cooke, Edna GallmonStop Gambler b/w The Hammer Rings1961
Nashboro 706Golden TrumpetsI Thank Jesus So Much b/w Born To Die1961
Nashboro 707Six TrumpetsJesus Christ, The Baby b/w My Jesus, He's Pleased1961
Nashboro 708Sons of JehovahLet My People Go b/w A Servant Of God1962
Nashboro 709Angelic Gospel SingersEverybody Ought To Pray b/w Goin' Over Yonder1962
Nashboro 710Bright StarsFamily Prayer b/w Someone's Waitin' For Me1962
Nashboro 711Sons of FaithMother Had It b/w Gonna See My Friends Again1962
Nashboro 712Swanee QuintetI Need You Jesus b/w One More River To Cross1962
Nashboro 713May, Brother JoeBro. Joe MayGoin' On a Long Journey b/w Walk With Me, Lord1962
Nashboro 714Six TrumpetsGod Wants Real People b/w God Has His Eyes On You1962
Nashboro 715Cantrell, BonitaLooking And Waiting For Jesus b/w Beyond The Sky1962
Nashboro 716Boggs, Prof. HaroldWhat's Happening, Christians b/w Have Faith In God1962
Nashboro 717Radio FourWhat He's Done For Me b/w Whisper to Jesus1962
Nashboro 718ConsolersGlory Land b/w Goin' Across The River1962
Nashboro 719Hightower BrothersTo The End b/w Until He Comes1962
Nashboro 720Singing CrusadersBaptism Of Jesus b/w Jesus, He'll Take Me1962
Nashboro 721Supreme AngelsRest From My Labor b/w Let The Will Of The Lord Be Done1962
Nashboro 722Cooke, Edna GallmonDon't You Wanta Go? b/w Jesus Will Never Say No1962
Nashboro 723Babb, MorganKeep Faith In God b/w What Is This1962
Nashboro 724Gospel SolotonesSame Train b/w Ride On Moses1962
Nashboro 725May, Brother JoeBro. Joe MayWalk On Talk On b/w Take A Poor Servant Home1962
Nashboro 726Angelic Gospel SingersBe Sure He'll Take Care b/w He Never Left Me Alone1962
Nashboro 727Traveling KingsSo Soon! I'll Be At Home b/w Sing On1962
Nashboro 728Dixie NightingalesMy Destiny b/w Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep1962
Nashboro 729SkylarksRoll Jordan Roll b/w Let's Work For Him1962
Nashboro 730Gospel Five SingersGospel FiveDone The Best I Can b/w Love Down Deep In Your Heart1962
Nashboro 731Tucker, EmmaI'm Trusting In Jesus b/w Free To Worship1962
Nashboro 732Bright StarsHe Rescued Me b/w Standing In The Safety Zone1962
Nashboro 733Cantrell, BonitaDark Calverie's Hill b/w Sinner Man1962
Nashboro 734Sons of FaithSince I've Been Born b/w What You Gonna Do1962
Nashboro 735Swanee QuintetHow I Got Over b/w Take The Lord With You1962
Nashboro 736Holmes SistersThe Living God b/w I Found The Saviour1962
Nashboro 737Sons of JehovahGonna Travel On b/w Our Troubles Of Today1962
Nashboro 738Boggs, Prof. HaroldTell It Like It Is b/w Someone's Gone Home1962
Nashboro 739Supreme AngelsHe's By My Side b/w Drinking Of The Wine1962
Nashboro 740ConsolersWaitin' At The River b/w Say A Prayer For Me1962
Nashboro 741CanaanitesLet Jesus Lead The Way b/w Trust Him Today1962
Nashboro 742Silver BellsNo Friend Like the Lord b/w Come And Go With Me1962
Nashboro 743Gospel Song BirdsThe Bible Is Right b/w Jesus I Love You1962
Nashboro 744Gospel Clouds of JoyGospel Clouds of Joy of ClevelandJust A Few More Days b/w Get Down On Your Knees1962
Nashboro 745Cooke, Edna GallmonLeaking In This Building b/w Lord When I Get Home1962
Nashboro 746Gospel SolotonesRide In The Chariot b/w Steal Away1962
Nashboro 747Traveling KingsCould Have Been Gone b/w God's Been Good1962
Nashboro 748Cantrell, BonitaMarching Home b/w Sweet Heaven1962
Nashboro 749Phillipian Gospel SingersHe Lightened My Heavy Load b/w Great Camp Meeting1962
Nashboro 750May, Brother JoeWake Me And Shake Me b/w How The Lord Can Heal 1962
Nashboro 751Ingram, MaggieMaggie Ingram and the Silver StarsVision Of The Shepherd b/w King Of Kings1962
Nashboro 752Six TrumpetsWhen Trouble Arises b/w Don't Know Why1962
Nashboro 753Tucker, EmmaCome On And Go b/w Look And See1962
Nashboro 754ConsolersOver Yonder b/w God Makes No Mistakes1962
Nashboro 755Holmes SistersGod Got His Hand On Me b/w The Love Of Jesus1962
Nashboro 756Singing CrusadersLord Somebody Touched Me b/w Lord I'm In Your Care1963
Nashboro 757Hightower BrothersSaved By The Blood Of Jesus b/w This Little Light Of Mine1963
Nashboro 758SkylarksFly Away b/w Someone To Care1963
Nashboro 759National Clouds of JoyWant Jesus To Hold My Hand b/w I Heard The Angels Singing1963
Nashboro 760Cooke, Edna GallmonLet's Praise God b/w Mother's Looking For Me1963
Nashboro 761Chosen Gospel SingersLet Your Life Speak Out b/w You'll Need The Lord1963
Nashboro 762Ingram, MaggieMaggie Ingram with the Silver StarsThe Only Way Home b/w Got A Mind To Serve The Lord1963
Nashboro 763Sons of JehovahYou Gotta Live Right b/w Judgment Day Is Coming1963
Nashboro 764Dixie NightingalesI Would Not Be A Sinner b/w I'll Go With You1963
Nashboro 765Cantrell, BonitaThere's No Segregation In Heaven b/w Blessed Assurance1963
Nashboro 766Supreme AngelsAin't Gonna Study War No More b/w Come And See About Me1963
Nashboro 767Gospel Song BirdsHelp Me To Run This Race b/w When They Ring Them Golden Bells1963
Nashboro 768Bright StarsWhat Could I Do b/w Do You Love Jesus1963
Nashboro 769Traveling KingsI Know A Man b/w My Rock1963
Nashboro 770May, Brother JoeDon't Fly So High b/w Call Him By His Name1963
Nashboro 771Babb, MorganSinner! Don't Wait b/w Don't Leave Me Jesus1963
Nashboro 772ConsolersWon't It Be Grand b/w Want To Go With Jesus1963
Nashboro 773Silver BellsGod's Done So Much b/w God Will Bless You1963
Nashboro 774Swanee QuintetMeetin' Tonight b/w Oh How I Love Jesus1963
Nashboro 775Gospel Clouds of JoyGospel Clouds of Joy of Columbus, OhioThinking About His Goodness b/w The Ship Tossed And Rocked1963
Nashboro 776Hightower BrothersIt's Glory Glory b/w Seat In The Kingdom1963
Nashboro 777Boggs, Prof. HaroldDoing All The Good We Can b/w Bless Me Jesus1963
Nashboro 778Holmes SistersGonna Ride This Train b/w Son Of Man1963
Nashboro 779Gospel SolotonesHoney In The Rock b/w Wrestling Jacob1963
Nashboro 780Singing CrusadersOh Lord You've Been Good To Me b/w One Way To The Pearly Gate1963
Nashboro 781Cooke, Edna GallmonJesus Is Mine b/w Seven Steps To Hell1963
Nashboro 782Six TrumpetsHe'll Take Care Of You b/w Lord I'm In Your Care1963
Nashboro 783Sons of FaithWinding Chain b/w Beautiful Land1963
Nashboro 784Sim-AiresLord You've Been Good to Me b/w I'm A Christian1963
Nashboro 785Sons of GloryWhat The Lord Can Do b/w Gonna Talk With The Lord1963
Nashboro 786May, Brother JoeJesus Said Go b/w We're Marching On1963
Nashboro 787Angelic Gospel SingersI Shall Know Him b/w I Want to Go to Heaven1963
Nashboro 788TrumpeteersCBS TrumpeteersGod Is Coming b/w One Day I Was Walking1963
Nashboro 789Chosen Gospel SingersNew Chosen Gospel SingersI'll Be There b/w Just Have to Cry Sometime1963
Nashboro 790Swanee QuintetI’m A Pilgrim b/w Life’s Ocean1963
Nashboro 791Gospel Song BirdsHere's My Testimony b/w Just A Closer Walk With Thee1963
Nashboro 792Sons of JehovahThe Story Of Noah b/w Left All Alone1963
Nashboro 793Tucker, EmmaI Don't Have To Worry b/w Something To Tell Jesus1963
Nashboro 794Cantrell, BonitaGod's With Me Every Day b/w I Must Tell Jesus1963
Nashboro 795Golden TrumpetsWorking Below b/w We All Need Jesus1963
Nashboro 796Holmes SistersBy His Word b/w Set Your House In Order1963
Nashboro 797Radio FourOn My Journey Now b/w Believe Every Word He Says1963
Nashboro 798Silver BellsSome Day You'll Miss Me b/w Lord Stop by Here1963
Nashboro 799CanaanitesDo You Stop To Pray? b/w Lord You Can Depend On Me1964
Nashboro 800ConsolersWaiting for My Child b/w On God's Word1964
Nashboro 801Bright StarsJesus Steppin' b/w Jesus Keep Your Arms Around Me1964
Nashboro 802Taylor BrothersTaylor Bros. Gospel SingersI Wonder b/w I'll Slave No More1964
Nashboro 803Swanee QuintetThe Lord's On My Side b/w He Cares For You1964
Nashboro 804Ingram, MaggieVictory Shall Be Mine b/w Come Ye Disconsolate1964
Nashboro 805TrumpeteersCBS TrumpeteersMy Heart Bubbles Over b/w Everything Moves1964
Nashboro 806Cooke, Edna GallmonYou Don't Know b/w The Man's Alright1964
Nashboro 807Gospel Clouds of JoyA Brighter Day b/w Lord I'll Take Your Word1964
Nashboro 808Dixie NightingalesPleading For Me b/w Death Is Riding1964
Nashboro 809Angelic Gospel SingersDo Lord Remember Me b/w Yes! He’ll Take Care of You1964
Nashboro 810Sons of GloryNo Other Help b/w At Peace With Jesus1964
Nashboro 811Cantrell, BonitaMust Jesus Bear The Cross b/w Why Not Today1964
Nashboro 812Six TrumpetsI Found Jesus b/w Lord You Saved My Soul1964
Nashboro 813Taylor BrothersMy Trials Will Be Over b/w Will He Welcome Me1964
Nashboro 814Silver BellsWalking On The Water b/w The Great Reunion1964
Nashboro 815Traveling KingsFarther Down The Road b/w Dark Clouds1964
Nashboro 816Singing CrusadersGood Morning b/w Angels Backing Me1964
Nashboro 817Sons of JehovahPleading To God b/w Story Of The Hebrew Children1964
Nashboro 818Robinson, AnnieGod Sent Jesus b/w God Gave It To Me1964
Nashboro 819Franklin, Rev. M.L.Sweet Hour Of Prayer b/w Marching To Zion1964
Nashboro 820Ingram, MaggieMaggie Ingram with the IngramettesI'm Not Uneasy b/w Melody Of Love1964
Nashboro 821Gospel Song BirdsDo You Ever Call Jesus b/w Let Jesus Lead You1964
Nashboro 822National Clouds of JoyThere's Only One Train b/w Oh Lord I Need Thee1964
Nashboro 823Swanee QuintetDeath Will Come b/w Pray Sometime1964
Nashboro 824Gospel KeynotesIn Glory Land b/w Show Me The Way1964
Nashboro 825Mighty Golden TonesLord! Care For Me b/w My Saviour Lifted Me1964
Nashboro 826Williams SingersTroubled Mind b/w We're Blessed1964
Nashboro 827Bright StarsGod's Comin' Again b/w If You Miss Me Singing1964
Nashboro 828May, Brother JoeBro. Joe MayWhat You've Done For Me b/w God Gave Me A Song1964
Nashboro 829Tucker, EmmaIn The Prayer Room b/w I Waited For A Long Time1964
Nashboro 830Supreme AngelsLord I'm Alright b/w Jesus Soothes Me1964
Nashboro 831Gospel Clouds of JoyGospel Clouds of Joy of ColumbusJesus! My Friend b/w My Lord! He's The Man1964
Nashboro 832Boggs, Prof. HaroldI'ved Fixed It With Jesus [sic] b/w My Home Sweet Home1964
Nashboro 833ConsolersAround God's Throne b/w Don't Want To Be Lost1964
Nashboro 834Cantrell, BonitaBeautiful Home b/w Wait On The Lord1964
Nashboro 835Golden TrumpetsA Sweeter Life b/w So Called Christians1964
Nashboro 836Silver BellsPray Like The Lord Says b/w My Love For Jesus1964
Nashboro 837Radio FourWhat Kind Of A Man Is Jesus b/w In My Father's House1964
Nashboro 838Harmonizing FiveYou Need The Lord Every Day b/w When I Sought The Lord1964
Nashboro 839Six TrumpetsNobody But You, Lord b/w New Born King1964
Nashboro 840National Clouds of JoyIn The Stone b/w When Jesus Rises1964
Nashboro 841Singing CrusadersCome Into The Room b/w Lord I'll Go1964
Nashboro 842May, Brother JoeWhat is This b/w I've Been Trampin'1964
Nashboro 843Ingram, MaggieMaggie Ingram and the Ingramettes b/w Maggie IngramTime Is Winding Up b/w A Plea For Man1965
Nashboro 844Taylor BrothersGod Knows My Feelin' b/w Mother's Advice1965
Nashboro 845Gospel Song BirdsWon't It Be Grand b/w When God Calls Me1965
Nashboro 846Bells of JoyKing Jesus is Listening b/w You Can't Do Wrong and Get By1965
Nashboro 847Morning EchoesNot Bread Alone b/w The Lord Will Provide1965
Nashboro 848Cooke, Edna GallmonThe Mule Talked b/w Little Boy1965
Nashboro 849Brown, EloiseBlessed Assurance b/w What A Friend We Have In Jesus1965
Nashboro 850Choir of Bill's Creek Baptist ChurchOh How I Love Jesus b/w Blood Done Signed My Name1965
Nashboro 851Bright StarsWhen I'm Gone b/w I've Done Thy Will1965
Nashboro 852Gospel KeynotesOnly "Right" Will Win b/w Have More Faith1965
Nashboro 853Bells of JoyHear Our Blessed Saviour b/w Just Live The Life1965
Nashboro 854Supreme AngelsFriends Talk About Me b/w Are You Ready1965
Nashboro 855Mighty Golden TonesJust One Look In The Book b/w When The Saints Go Marching In1965
Nashboro 856May, Brother JoeTo My Home in Glory b/w Must Jesus Bear The Cross1965
Nashboro 857Boggs, Prof. HaroldPro. Harold BoggsMy Loving Mother Prayed b/w God Can Do What You Need1965
Nashboro 858Swanee QuintetThis Train b/w Heard The Angels Sing1965
Nashboro 859Gospel Song BirdsHallelujah b/w Farther Along1965
Nashboro 860Tucker, EmmaYou Should Have Been There b/w I'll Reach My Home1965
Nashboro 861Harmonizing FiveI'll Go Lord b/w Live By The Lord's Prayer1965
Nashboro 862Silver BellsSolve Your Problems With Prayer b/w Get With The Bible1965
Nashboro 863Bright StarsFound The Saviour b/w Jesus Will Help You1965
Nashboro 864Supreme AngelsI Saw The Light b/w Till We Meet1965
Nashboro 865Taylor BrothersGod Will Bless Us b/w Got Something You Don't Have1965
Nashboro 866Morning EchoesI've Got Jesus b/w The Last Pass-Over1965
Nashboro 867Six TrumpetsConfession b/w Just Call Jesus1965
Nashboro 868Ingram, MaggieLet Jesus Come Into Your Life b/w God's Wonderful Love1965
Nashboro 869May, Brother JoeHarder Is My Fight b/w Been In The War So Long1965
Nashboro 870Holmes SistersSafe In The Arms Of Jesus b/w Lord Hear My Cry1965
Nashboro 871Bells of JoyHis Eye Is One The Sparrow b/w I'll Be Satisfied1965
Nashboro 872Babb, MorganEverything You Need b/w I Won't Let Go1965
Nashboro 873Boggs, Prof. Harold'Tis So Sweet To Let God Abide b/w What Are They Doin' Right Now1965
Nashboro 874Mighty Golden TonesIt's Time To Testify b/w Just Can't Help It1965
Nashboro 875SkylarksMy Life Is In His Hands b/w Lord! I'm Your Child1965
Nashboro 876Harmonizing FiveI'll Wake Up In Glory b/w Lord! I'll Come To Thee1965
Nashboro 877Silver BellsThe Lord Told Me Something b/w Glorify The Name Of Jesus1965
Nashboro 878Taylor BrothersTime Will Bring You In b/w You Drive On1965
Nashboro 879Angelic Gospel SingersSometimes I Feel My Time Ain't Long b/w Don't Know What I'd Do (Without The Lord)1965
Nashboro 880Supreme AngelsSupreme Angel SingersFather! Watch Over Us b/w I Want To Be Just Like Him1965
Nashboro 881Gospel Clouds of JoyGoin' Back To Jesus b/w When Morning Comes1965
Nashboro 882Six TrumpetsMy Work Will Be Done b/w Jesus Is Calling1965
Nashboro 883Cooke, Edna GallmonAt The Gate b/w Poor Me1966
Nashboro 884Ingram, MaggieMaggie Ingram and the IngramettesGimme That Old Time Religion b/w My Friend Jesus1966
Nashboro 885Gospel Song BirdsGlory To His Name b/w Traveling Pilgrim1966
Nashboro 886Morning EchoesGod's A Wonderful Lawyer b/w Waitin' And Watchin'1966
Nashboro 887TrumpeteersCBS TrumpeteersLord Ease My Weary Mind b/w Little Wooden Church1966
Nashboro 888Harmonizing FiveLord I'll Be There b/w God Has A Way1966
Nashboro 889Boggs, Prof. HaroldNow I'm Saved b/w I've Got It1966
Nashboro 890Taylor BrothersOld Camp Ground b/w Come, Ye That Love The Lord1966
Nashboro 891Gospel KeynotesWorking For Jesus b/w Meet Me At The River1966
Nashboro 892Silver BellsStarted On My Journey b/w Jesus! The Perfect Man1966
Nashboro 893SkylarksAll Over This World b/w Within Me1966
Nashboro 894Ingram, MaggieMaggie Ingram and the IngramettesSolid Rock b/w Land Of Peace1966
Nashboro 895Spiritual FiveSatisfied With Him b/w The Sun Will Shine1966
Nashboro 896Gospel Song BirdsStory Of The Woman (At The Well) b/w Cannan Land1966
Nashboro 897SkylarksWhen You Give (Pt. 1) b/w When You Give (Pt. 2)1966
Nashboro 898ConsolersToo Late b/w His Child Is Aboard1966
Nashboro 899Morning EchoesI Thank My Jesus Every Day b/w God Has Brought Me Safe This Far1966
Nashboro 900May, Brother JoeMy Own Fault b/w Where Is The Road That Leads Home?1966
Nashboro 901Gospel KeynotesWe'll Live Again b/w I Don't Mind1966
Nashboro 902Bells of JoyI Know The Secret b/w Little David, Play On Your Harp1966
Nashboro 903Cheatham Spiritual SingersJesus Is Mine b/w Oh How I Love Jesus1966
Nashboro 904Gospel Clouds of JoyTears Of Joy b/w I'll Be Happy1966
Nashboro 905Cooke, Edna GallmonWhen I Get Inside b/w Down On Me1966
Nashboro 906Harmonizing FiveTraveling On b/w Without The Lord1966
Nashboro 907Angelic Gospel SingersJesus, When Troubles Burden Me b/w Standing On The Highway1966
Nashboro 908May, Brother JoeSilent Night b/w Sweet Little Jesus Boy1966
Nashboro 909Brooklyn All StarsBrooklyn AllstarsHow Long Has It Been? b/w Motherless Child1967
Nashboro 910Supreme AngelsIt's Sweet Just To Know b/w Our Nightly Prayer1967
Nashboro 911Spiritual FiveMother's Plea (Pt. 1) b/w Mother's Plea (Pt. 2)1967
Nashboro 912Traveling NotesMake Me b/w Jesus Is A Solid Rock1967
Nashboro 913Tucker, EmmaSister Emma TuckerCrying Days Will Be Over b/w Who'll Be A Witness1967
Nashboro 914Babb, MorganRev. Morgan Babb (with his King Solomon Baptist Church Choir)Go On, My Child (Pt. 1) b/w Go On, My Child (Pt. 2)1967
Nashboro 915May, Brother JoeThat's Enough b/w Trouble In My Way1967
Nashboro 916Bright StarsI Want To Go Home b/w Just Look Around You1967
Nashboro 917Bells of JoyJesus Arose b/w Shepherd Feed My Sheep1967
Nashboro 918Boggs, Prof. Harold?Long Tedious Journey b/w That's The Way The Lord Works1967
Nashboro 919Gospel KeynotesGod's Love b/w God Knows It All1967
Nashboro 920SkylarksFamous SkylarksJesus Knows b/w Gambling Man1967
Nashboro 921Gospel Clouds of JoyI've Got To Stand For Jesus b/w When He Calls, I'll Answer1967
Nashboro 922Barbee, Sister LucilleCall Him By His Name b/w Let's Praise The Lord1967
Nashboro 923Spiritual FiveOld Time Religion b/w Stumbling Blocks1967
Nashboro 924Carter, GeorgeTroubles of the World b/w I Do, Don't You?1967
Nashboro 925Bradford, Prof. AlexAlex Bradford (?)Got Everything I Need b/w I'll Never Forget1967
Nashboro 926Brooklyn All StarsBrooklyn AllstarsJesus Loves Me b/w Tryin' To Get Home1967
Nashboro 927Church of God in Christ Choir of Nashville, Tenn.The Power of the Lord b/w My Soul Loves Jesus1967
Nashboro 928ConsolersLord Bring Me Down b/w Someone Must Answer1967
Nashboro 929Taylor BrothersWhat More Can A Man Do b/w I'll Return To The Lord1967
Nashboro 930May, Brother JoeBrother Joe May with his Pianist, Rev. James ChappellSo Much To Talk About b/w Precious Lord1967
Nashboro 931Supreme AngelsHe'll Understand b/w Why (Storm Of Life)1967
Nashboro 932Babb, MorganRev. Morgan Babb (?)All Tears b/w God Will Walk Away1967
Nashboro 933ConsolersLet The Bells Ring b/w No Room In The Inn1967
Nashboro 934Johnson SpecialsHow Much I Love The Lord (Pt. 1) b/w How Much I Love The Lord (Pt. 2)1968
Nashboro 935Gospel KeynotesThe Flowers You Give b/w One More Time1968
Nashboro 936Brooklyn All StarsBrooklyn AllstarsHe Works That Way b/w No Cross No Crown1968
Nashboro 937Boggs, Prof. HaroldHarold Boggs with the Boggs Specials (?)Anytime Anyplace b/w I've Been A Christian Too Long (To Stop Now)1968
Nashboro 938Cooke, Edna GallmonBottles Of Tears b/w Shake My Mother's Hand1968
Nashboro 939Bradford, Prof. AlexChrist Is All b/w The Goal1968
Nashboro 940Bright StarsLet Thy Will Be Done b/w God Will Bring Things Out All Right1968
Nashboro 941Six TrumpetsSet Me Free b/w Yes, God Is Real1968
Nashboro 942Davenport, EthelGreat Big Singing Jubilee b/w Free At Last1968
Nashboro 943ConsolersThank God Things are As Well as They Are b/w Children Keep On Marching1968
Nashboro 944Johnson SpecialsDoes Jesus Care b/w Lazarus1968
Nashboro 945Bradford, Prof. AlexAlex BradfordA Man's A Man B/W What The World Needs Now1968
Nashboro 946Angelic Gospel SingersFather I Stretch My Hands b/w Glory To The New Born King1968
Nashboro 947Original Gospel HarmonettesDorothy Love and the Harmonettes(I'm Holding On) I Won't Let Go b/w Heaven, I've Heard So Much About It1969
Nashboro 948Supreme AngelsOne Step Inside b/w Calvary1969
Nashboro 949Swanee QuintetRev. Willingham and the Swanee QuintetNew Walk b/w Sweep Around Your Own Door1969
Nashboro 950ConsolersMay The Work I've Done Speak For Me b/w Since The Lord Laid His Hands On Me1969
Nashboro 951Angelic Gospel SingersI Hope It Won't Be This Way Always b/w You Don't Know (What The Lord Has Done)1969
Nashboro 952Brooklyn All StarsBrooklyn AllstarsHe Said He Would Move b/w Family Prayer1969
Nashboro 953Bradford, Prof. AlexAlex BradfordI Believe b/w Just A Little Bit Of Jesus1969
Nashboro 954Boggs, Prof. Harold?Someone To Care b/w What Is This1969
Nashboro 955Gospel KeynotesWe Need Prayer b/w Come On Lord1969
Nashboro 956ConsolersMerry Christmas b/w There Will Be Peace One Of These Days1969


LP releases:

releaseartistartist as showntitleyear
Nashboro LP 7000Swanee QuintetWhat About Me?1960
Nashboro LP 7001May, Brother JoeThe Master's On Our Side1960
Nashboro LP 7002Cooke, Edna GallmonHe'll Fix It1960
Nashboro LP 7003Angelic Gospel Singersno title1961
Nashboro LP 7004ConsolersGive Me My Flowers1961
Nashboro LP 7005Smith Jr., Rev. N.H.A Salesman For God1961
Nashboro LP 7006VariousBest Loved Gospel Songs1961
Nashboro LP 7007Demonbreun, Rev. William AllenLame From Thy Birth (sermon)1962
Nashboro LP 7008Swanee QuintetAnniversary Album1962?
Nashboro LP 7009Cooke, Edna GallmonStop Gambler1962
Nashboro LP 7010May, Brother JoeWalk On and Talk On1962
Nashboro LP 7011Hightower BrothersI Need You Lord1963
Nashboro LP 7012Babb, MorganKeep Faith In God1963
Nashboro LP 7013Cooke, Edna GallmonSongs My Mother Sang1963
Nashboro LP 7014Swanee QuintetMeetin' Tonight1963
Nashboro LP 7015VariousBest Loved Gospel Songs, volume 21963
Nashboro LP 7016ConsolersThe Consolers singing Heart Warming Spirituals1963
Nashboro LP 7017May, Brother JoeBrother Joe May singing Songs Of The Gospel1964
Nashboro LP 7018Brown, EloiseHymns Of The Gospel1964
Nashboro LP 7019ConsolersJoy In The Morning1964
Nashboro LP 7020Cooke, Edna GallmonSongs Of Comfort1964
Nashboro LP 7021Angelic Gospel SingersSongs From The Heart1964
Nashboro LP 7022Swanee QuintetSoul Stirring Gospels1964
Nashboro LP 7023Gospel Clouds Of JoyFavorite Gospels1965
Nashboro LP 7024ConsolersSweet Memories1965
Nashboro LP 7025Cooke, Edna GallmonLiving Gospel Songs1965
Nashboro LP 7026Swanee QuintetSongs That Lift The Soul1965
Nashboro LP 7027Babb, MorganRev. Morgan BabbHoly Boldness (sermon)1965
Nashboro LP 7028Bells Of JoySongs That Bring Joy!1966
Nashboro LP 7029ConsolersThe Consolers singing Songs Of Inspiration1966
Nashboro LP 7030Supreme AngelsSupreme Angels Gospel SingersDrinking Of The Wine1966
Nashboro LP 7031May, Brother JoeMy Own Fault1966
Nashboro LP 7032Boggs, Prof. HaroldProfessor Harold BoggsLord Give Me Strength1966
Nashboro LP 7033VariousAll Time Gospel Hits1966
Nashboro LP 7034Traveling NotesThe Sensational Sound of the Traveling Notes1966
Nashboro LP 7035Blair, Rev. EdmondReverend Edmond BlairI'm Into Something And I Can't Shake It Loose (sermon)1967
Nashboro LP 7036Morning EchoesMorning Echoes of DetroitEchoes Of The Gospel1967
Nashboro LP 7037ConsolersThe Soul of the Consolers1967
Nashboro LP 7038Cheatham Spiritual SingersJesus Is Mine1967
Nashboro LP 7039May, Brother JoeThat's Enough1967
Nashboro LP 7040VariousAll Time Gospel Hits, volume 21967
Nashboro LP 7041Cooke, Edna GallmonMme. Edna Gallmon CookeAt The Gate1967
Nashboro LP 7042Blair, Rev. EdmondI Don't Need No Doctor (sermon)1967
Nashboro LP 7043Brooklyn All StarsBrooklyn AllstarsJesus Loves Me1967
Nashboro LP 7044Boggs, Prof. HaroldI Believe1967
Nashboro LP 7045Fairfield FourAngels Watching Over Me1967
Nashboro LP 7046Bradford, Prof. AlexI Must Tell Jesus1967
Nashboro LP 7047Angelic Gospel SingersThe Best of the Angelic Gospel Singers1967
Nashboro LP 7048ConsolersThe Best of the Consolers1967
Nashboro LP 7049Cooke, Edna GallmonMemorial Album1967
Nashboro LP 7050May, Brother JoeBest of Brother Joe May1967
Nashboro LP 7051Ingram, MaggieMaggie Ingram and the IngramettesAmerica's Favorite Spiritual Singing Family1968
Nashboro LP 7052Supreme AngelsJust Like Him1968
Nashboro LP 7053Sims, Rev. Arthur DaveThe Shepherd And His Sheep (sermon)1968
Nashboro LP 7054Greer, Elder JonathanShowers Of Blessings1968
Nashboro LP 7055Traveling NotesJust A Little More Faith1968
Nashboro LP 7056Ford, Esther A Profile Of A Great Lady1968
Nashboro LP 7057May, Brother JoeI've Been Dipped in the Water1968
Nashboro LP 7058SkylarksGood News1968
Nashboro LP 7059Babb, MorganReverend Morgan BabbThe Essential Character Of The Church1968
Nashboro LP 7060ConsolersMighty Good Singing1968
Nashboro LP 7061Angelic Gospel SingersJesus Paid It All1968
Nashboro LP 7062Boggs, Prof. HaroldProf. Harold Boggs Sings Just For You1968
Nashboro LP 7063Gospel KeynotesJust One More Time1968
Nashboro LP 7064Brooklyn All StarsExciting Brooklyn Allstarsno title1968/69
Nashboro LP 7065Original Gospel HarmonettesDorthy Love Coates and the Gospel Harmonettes'Till My Change Comes1969
Nashboro LP 7066Bradford, Prof. AlexWhat The World Needs Now1969
Nashboro LP 7067VariousAll Time Gospel Hits, volume 31969
Nashboro LP 7068Cooke, Edna GallmonMme. Edna Gallmon CookeMemories of Mme. Edna Gallmon Cooke1969
Nashboro LP 7069Blair, Rev. EdmondAin't Nothing Like The Real Thing (sermon)1969
Nashboro LP 10Hamilton, Rev. W.E.A Bad Mind (sermon)196?