Gotham gospel discography (1947-58)


Gotham gospel

  • The Gotham Record Corp. was located in Philadelpia, PA although the label started in New York City (1946), where it had a brief stay. Sam Goode and Ivin Ballen were the proprietors. Apart from gospel, the label released various other genres.
  • The 600 and 700 series were exclusively destined for gospel releases.
  • 45’s in the 600 and most of the 700 series have numbers starting with a 7, thus indicating it was a 7 inch release.  Later issues in the 700 series do not show this, which could mean the record was not issued in the 78rpm format. I’ve omitted this prefix from the listing.
  • Early 45rpm singles may have been released later than the 78rpm issues.
  • There seems to be some confusion about the last releases on the label. According to some sources the label quit the scene in 1956, but other sources give 1957 and 1958 as the release (or recording) dates of some of these last issues. I have followed the information given in the Gospel Discography (Laughton/Hayes) which dates the last Gotham session in 1958 (Zion Harmonizers, May 27, 1958). Most of these late issues feature earlier recorded material.
  • Most of the releases by Earl Hines (Prof. J. Earl Hines and his Goodwill Singers) were also issued on Deluxe and Sacred.
  • Gotham 600 (Blue Jay Singers) was also released on Aristocrat 3500 and Harlem 1027.
  • This page lists all known Gotham gospel releases; 45 & 78rpm singles plus one LP release.


78 & 45rpm releases:

releaseartistartist as shownsongsyear
Gotham 142Silver Leaf Quartet of FloridaRock, Sword And Shield b/w I Want To Rest1947
Gotham 143Silver Leaf Quartet of FloridaBlind Barnabas b/w I Want Wings1947
Gotham 148Silver Leaf Quartet of FloridaI Love The Name Jesus b/w Wake Me, Shake Me, Lord1947
Gotham 149Silver Leaf Quartet of FloridaStanding On The Highway b/w Don't Worry About Him1947
Gotham 150Silver Leaf Quartet of FloridaDown On My Knees b/w I'm On My Way To Heaven Now1947
Gotham 600Blue Jay SingersIn The Upper Room b/w I’m Bound For Canaan Land1949
Gotham 601Norfolk FourI’ve Been To Heaven In A Dream b/w This Is A Mean World1949
Gotham 602SilverairesFarther Along b/w So High1949
Gotham 603Beck, ElderElder Beck and his Religion in RhythmThere’s A Dead Cat On The Line b/w Didn’t It Rain1949
Gotham 604SilverairesUp In My Heavenly Home b/w Traveling Shoes1949
Gotham 605Angelic Gospel SingersTouch Me, Lord Jesus b/w When My Savior Calls Me Home1949
Gotham 606Beck, ElderElder Beck and his Religion in RhythmYou Got To Move b/w He Knows How Much I Can Bear1949
Gotham 607CanaanitesLead Me To That Rock b/w I’ll Tell Him1949
Gotham 608SilverairesEnd Of My Journey b/w I’ve Got A Home In That Rock1949
Gotham 609Angelic Gospel SingersJesus b/w There Is No Friend1949
Gotham 610Norfolk FourSleep On, Mother b/w He’s A Battle Axe1949
Gotham 611Beck, ElderElder Beck and his Religion in RhythmHandwriting On The Wall, Pt. 1 b/w Handwriting On The Wall, Pt. 21949
Gotham 612SilverairesThe Gospel Train b/w In That Land1949
Gotham 613Angelic Gospel SingersJust Jesus b/w This Same Jesus1949
Gotham 614Dixie HummingbirdsDixie Humming BirdsLord, Come See About Me b/w I’ll Be Satisfied1949
Gotham 615National Clouds of JoyWhat More Can Jesus Do b/w Somebody Touched Me1949
Gotham 616Tabernacle Gospel SingersNow Lord b/w Jesus Put A Song In My Soul1949
Gotham 617Gospel MessengersOnly A Dream b/w Won’t You Come back Here1949
Gotham 618Angelic Gospel SingersSomebody Saved Me b/w Yes, My Jesus Cares1949
Gotham 619Jackson, OtisFamine In The Land b/w Sure Do Need Him Now1949
Gotham 620Selah Jubilee SingersGood Evening, How Do You Do b/w I Cried Holy1949
Gotham 621Soul StirrersFive Gospel StirrersSleep On Darling Mother b/w Don’t Wonder 'Bout Him1949
Gotham 622Beck, ElderElder Beck and his Religion in RhythmLord, I’ve Tried b/w You Better Watch Your Close Friends1949
Gotham 623SilverairesBedside Of A Neighbor b/w Journey To The Sky1949
Gotham 624Williams, Willie MayDon’t Want To Go There b/w Where The Sun Never Goes Down1949
Gotham 625Sacred FourSeek And Ye Shall Find b/w Since Mother’s Been Gone1949
Gotham 626Jackson, OtisTell Me Why You Like Roosevelt, Pt. 1 b/w Tell Me Why You Like Roosevelt, Pt. 21949
Gotham 627Angelic Gospel SingersMy Life Will Be Sweeter b/w There Must Be A Heaven Somewhere1949
Gotham 628Dixie HummingbirdsDixie Humming BirdsMove On Up A Little Higher b/w We Shall Walk Through The Valley1949
Gotham 629Waldo SingersJesus Is Near b/w Walking With My Jesus1949
Gotham 630Beck, ElderElder Charles Beck (?)That Hellbound Train Pt.1 b/w That Hellbound Train Pt.21949
Gotham 631National Clouds of JoyDon’t Cry b/w Somebody Got Drowned1949
Gotham 632Dixie HummingbirdsDixie Humming BirdsSearch Me Lord b/w Two Little Fishes And Five Loaves1949
Gotham 633Angelic Gospel SingersRemember Me b/w Follow In His Footsteps1949
Gotham 634Beck, ElderElder Charles Beck (?)It Is A Blessing b/w Tell Jesus1949
Gotham 635Cole, BerniceLord Jesus b/w He’s A Pattern For Us All1949
Gotham 636Ward SingersFamous Ward Singers Of PhiladelphiaSurely God Is Able b/w I Need Thee Every Hour1950
Gotham 637SilverairesNear The Cross b/w One Day1950
Gotham 638Harmonizing FourLord, I’m Coming Home b/w On The Battlefield For My Lord1950
Gotham 639Davis SistersI’ll Wait On The Lord b/w He Has Away That’s Mighty Sweet1950
Gotham 640Angelic Gospel SingersBack To The Dust b/w He Never Has Left Me Alone1950
Gotham 641Dixie HummingbirdsDixie Humming BirdsI Must Have Jesus b/w Anyone In Heaven That You Know1950
Gotham 642Davis SistersWhen I Get Home b/w Surely God Is Able1950
Gotham 643Antioch Female SingersLittle Boy b/w John The Elevator1950
Gotham 644Brewster Singers of MemphisI’ll Go b/w Want The Lord To Smile On Me1950
Gotham 645Brother RodneyPalms Of Victory b/w Keep Your Hand Upon The Throttle1950
Gotham 646National Gospel TwinsBrother and Sister, National Gospel TwinsJesus Walks With Me b/w There Was A Cry1950
Gotham 647Sellers, Rev. JohnSing On My Sinner b/w God’s Love Is Better Felt Than Told1950
Gotham 648Gospel StarsWhat Manner Of Man Is This b/w Come Ye Disconsolate1950
Gotham 649Angelic Gospel SingersDo Lord Remember Me b/w Almost Persuaded1950
Gotham 650Hines, Prof. James EarlProf. J. Earl Hines and his Goodwill SingersYes, God Is Real b/w Look For Me In Heaven1950
Gotham 651Hines, Prof. James EarlProf. J. Earl Hines and his Goodwill SingersDoes Jesus Care b/w Yes I Want To Rest1950
Gotham 652Hines, Prof. James EarlProf. J. Earl Hines and his Goodwill SingersI Want Wings b/w Well Done1950
Gotham 653Hines, Prof. James EarlProf. J. Earl Hines and his Goodwill SingersDidn’t Rain? [sic] b/w Thank You Jesus1950
Gotham 654Hines, Prof. James EarlProf. J. Earl Hines and his Goodwill SingersCanaan Land b/w King Jesus1950
Gotham 655Hines, Prof. James EarlProf. J. Earl Hines and his Goodwill SingersI Cried Holy b/w What Manner Of Man Is This1950
Gotham 656Hines, Prof. James EarlProf. J. Earl Hines and his Goodwill SingersJesus b/w Have A Little Talk With Jesus1950
Gotham 657Hines, Prof. James EarlProf. J. Earl Hines and his Goodwill SingersEvery Day Will Be Sunday b/w Only A Look1950
Gotham 658Hines, Prof. James EarlProf. J. Earl Hines and his Goodwill SingersPrecious Memory b/w After Awhile1950
Gotham 659Hines, Prof. James EarlProf. J. Earl Hines and his Goodwill SingersJesus Slept Right In b/w Dig A Little Deeper In God’s Love1950
Gotham 660Hines, Prof. James EarlProf. J. Earl Hines and his Goodwill SingersGet Back, Jordan b/w He Knows My Heart1950
Gotham 661Hines, Prof. James EarlProf. J. Earl Hines and his Goodwill SingersHe’s A Friend Of Mine b/w Remember Me1950
Gotham 662Hines, Prof. James EarlProf. J. Earl Hines and his Goodwill SingersCan’t Make This Journey By Myself b/w Somebody Saved Me1950
Gotham 663Angelic Gospel Singers and Dixie HummingbirdsAngelic Gospel Singers and the Dixie Humming BirdsJesus Will Answer Prayer b/w In The Morning1950
Gotham 664Davis Sisters and Curtis DublinDavis Sisters of Philadelphia with Curtis DublinFootprints Of Jesus b/w Getting Nearer To My Lord1950
Gotham 665Watts Gospel GuidesWhy Not b/w Leaning On The Everlasting Arms1950
Gotham 666Harmonizing FourNever Turn Back No More b/w King Jesus Will Roll All Burdens Away1950
Gotham 667Smith, Willie Mae FordJesus Is The Name b/w Call Him By His Name1950
Gotham 668SilverairesShine On Me b/w Somebody’s Calling My Name1950
Gotham 669Brother RodneyHe Lives In Me b/w He’s My All And All1950
Gotham 670Watts Gospel GuidesPrayer For Today b/w Does Jesus Care1950
Gotham 671Webb Singers, WillieEvery Day And Every Hour b/w He’s The One1950
Gotham 672Brewster and his Camp Meeting of the Air, Rev. W. Herbert b/w Brewsteraires of MemphisThe Hope Of This World Is Jesus b/w When I Shall Meet Him Face To Face1950
Gotham 673Graham, Anne C.Have You Tried Jesus b/w God Talks To Me1950
Gotham 674Ward, ClaraThe Fountain b/w How I Got Over1950
Gotham 675Angelic Gospel SingersGlory, Glory, To The Newborn King b/w Jesus Christ Is Born1950
Gotham 676Davis Sisters and Curtis DublinDavis Sisters with Curtis DublinThe First Nowell b/w We Shall Walk In The Sunlight Of The Lord1950
Gotham 677Harmonizing FourSilent Night b/w Sweet Little Jesus Boy1950
Gotham 678Brother RodneyO Bethlehem Of Judah b/w All The Earth Is Filled With Glory1950
Gotham 679Southern EchoesSouthern Echoes of Chicago, Ill.Blessed Be The Name b/w I Want To See Jesus1950
Gotham 680Webb Singers, WillieI Call Jesus My Rock b/w Alone1950
Gotham 681Five TrumpetsStand By Me b/w Jesus Is Here Today1950
Gotham 682Franklin, Rev. C.L.Rev. C.L. Franklin and the Franklin SingersI Am Climbing Higher Mountains b/w The Lord Will Make A Way, Yes He Will1950
Gotham 683Angelic Gospel Singers and Dixie HummingbirdsAngelic Gospel Singers and the Dixie Humming BirdsDear Lord, Look Down Upon Me b/w Standing Out On The Highway1950
Gotham 684Gospel StarsBlessed Savior b/w Call Him By His Name1950
Gotham 685Angelic Gospel SingersAll To Jesus b/w Keep Me All The Way1950
Gotham 686Dixie HummingbirdsDixie Humming Birds (?)Live So God Can Use You b/w Beaming From Heaven1950
Gotham 687Brewster, Rev. W.H.Rev. W.H. Brewster and his Camp Meeting of the AirGive Me That Old Time Religion b/w So Glad I’ve Got Good Religion1950
Gotham 688Davis SistersI Know It’s Real b/w Happy In Glory Afterwhile1950
Gotham 689Webb Singers, WillieWant The World To See Jesus In My Life b/w Eyes Have Not Seen1950
Gotham 690Ward, ClaraI Don’t Know Why b/w Precious Lord1950
Gotham 691Franklin, Rev. C.L. Rev. C.L. Franklin and the Franklin SingersYour Mother Loves Her Children b/w Wings Of Faith1950
Gotham 692Harmonizing FourWhere He Leads Me I Shall Follow b/w Jesus Is A Friend To Everyone1950
Gotham 693Five TrumpetsMy Chains Fell Off b/w The Lord Knows What I Need1950
Gotham 694Angelic Gospel Singers and Dixie HummingbirdsAngelic Gospel Singers and the Dixie Humming BirdsGlory, Glory, Hallelujah b/w I'm On My Way To Heaven Anyhow1950/51
Gotham 695Glover and Bethel Singers of Detroit, Rev. CharlesGlory To His Name b/w Sweet Hour Of Prayer1951
Gotham 696Five TrumpetsNo, Not One b/w A Hand I Can See1951
Gotham 697Dixie HummingbirdsDixie Humming BirdsWhat Then? b/w Down On Me1951
Gotham 698Ward Specials, ClaraThrow Out The Lifeline b/w Hell Never Let Go My Hand1951
Gotham 699Allison, M.W.Call On Jesus In Secret Prayer b/w I Heard Mother Call My Name In Prayer1951
Gotham 700Harmonizing FourMother’s Prayer Has Followed Me b/w Pray Every Step Of The Way1951
Gotham 701Washington, Sister Emma L.Divine Wisdom b/w Who Could Ask For Anything More1951
Gotham 702Glover and Bethel Singers of Detroit, Rev. CharlesI Want To See Jesus b/w Softly And Tenderly1951
Gotham 703Davis SistersWhen He Spoke b/w In The Morning When I Rise1951
Gotham 704Angelic Gospel SingersTell The Angels b/w My Faith Looks Up To Thee1951
Gotham 705Ward Specials, ClaraHark The Voice b/w I’m Sealed1951
Gotham 706Ward, ClaraWhen I’ve Done The Best I Can b/w When The Gates Swing Open1951
Gotham 707Jordan and Jordan Tabernacle Singers of Baltimore, Madame I.Christ Is Calling b/w Jesus Is Mine1951
Gotham 708Harmonizing FourGet Right With God b/w Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown1951
Gotham 709Anderson and Brewster Singers, Queen C.Jesus Is The Perfect Answer b/w These Are They!1951
Gotham 710Davis SistersHe’s My Guiding Light b/w He Is My All And All1951
Gotham 711Angelic Gospel SingersIf Jesus Goes With Me b/w The Blessed, Blessed Jesus1951
Gotham 712Ward Specials, ClaraHappy Over There Pt. 1 b/w Happy Over There Pt. 21951
Gotham 713Hanson Singers, MarieJesus For Me b/w Standing On The Promise1951
Gotham 714Patterson SingersWhen You Reach The Pearly Gates b/w Draw Me Nearer1951
Gotham 715Ward, ClaraCome In The Room b/w I’m Waiting For Jesus1952
Gotham 716Davis Sisters and Curtis DublinBy And By, Pt. 1 b/w By And By, Pt. 21952
Gotham 717Angelic Gospel SingersBread Of Heaven b/w Milky White Way1952
Gotham 718Harmonizing FourMay The Good Lord Bless And Keep You b/w Say A Word1952
Gotham 719Jenkins and Skylight Singers, OzzieJesus Will Never Let You Down b/w God’s Grace Will Carry You Through1952
Gotham 720Jordanaires of Spartansburg, SCThis Light O’ Mine b/w Lord Take Care Of Me1952
Gotham 721Patterson Singers, RobertI’m A Witness b/w Saved By The Power Devine1952
Gotham 722Mellow-Aires of Rochester, NYCome Over Here b/w Take Your Burdens There1952
Gotham 723Angelic Gospel SingersSince Jesus Came Into My Heart b/w Jesus Is All The World To Me1953
Gotham 724Ward, ClaraJesus Remembers b/w At the Cross1953
Gotham 725Davis Sisters and Curtis DublinStand By Me b/w Jesus1953
Gotham 726Wilson and Family, Elder R.Lily Of The Valley b/w Better Get Ready1953
Gotham 727Davenport, EthelEthel Davenport and the Ethel Davenport SingersHeavenly Express b/w Steal Away And Pray1953
Gotham 728Lewis and Trinity Gospel Singers, RudolphLord, I’ve Done Done b/w Trying To Obey1953
Gotham 729Angelic Gospel SingersJesus Will Carry You Through b/w My Lord And I1953
Gotham 730Echo Gospel SingersEcho Gospel Singers of Baltimore, MDI Want To Thank My God In Person b/w This Is Like Heaven To Me1953
Gotham 731Patterson SingersRobert Patterson SingersAfter Awhile b/w I Will Walk With Jesus1953
Gotham 732Evening Star QuartetSay A Prayer For The Boys In Korea b/w Make It In1953
Gotham 733Porter, SavannahHe Is My All And All b/w Sweet Hour Of Prayer1953
Gotham 734Patterson SingersUnderstand It Better Bye And Bye b/w Unchanging Heart1953
Gotham 735Ward, ClaraOne Way Street b/w In That Great Judgment Morning1953
Gotham 736Davis Sisters and Curtis DublinJesus Steps Right In b/w Too Close To Heaven1953
Gotham 737Harmonizing FourGive My Heart To Jesus b/w Beyond The Sunset1953
Gotham 736C.B.S. Trumpeteers and Harmonizing FourMother’s Prayer b/w This Wicked Race1953
Gotham 739Davenport, EthelEthel Davenport and E.D. SingersSomething Has Happened To Me b/w Show Me The Way1953
Gotham 740Angelic Gospel SingersI Thank You, Lord! b/w Do Not Pass Me By, O Gentle Saviour1953
Gotham 741Four Kings Of Harmony of MiamiCrying In The Chapel b/w Hallelujah1953
Gotham 742Echo Gospel SingersJesus Put A Song In My Soul b/w Will You Know Me?1953
Gotham 743Angelic Gospel SingersIf It Wasn’t For The Lord b/w God’s Roll1953
Gotham 744Harmonizing FourJoy In Beulah Land b/w I Started In Jesus1953
Gotham 745Gospel Vocalaires of Norfolk, VACall Him Anytime b/w I’ll Be Satisfied1953
Gotham 746Davis Sisters and Curtis DublinDavis Sisters with Curtis DublinMarching To Zion b/w Jesus Is A Waymaker1953
Gotham 747Angelic Gospel SingersA Child Is Born b/w Christmas Morning1953-54
Gotham 748Norfolk FourOh, Lord ! Oh, Lord ! b/w Maybe The Last Time1953-54
Gotham 749Harmonizing FourProtect My Loved Ones b/w Working For The Lord1953-54
Gotham 750Davis Sisters and Curtis DublinDavis Sisters with Curtis DublinIn The Shelter Of The Rock b/w Is There Anybody Here Who Loves Jesus1953-54
Gotham 751Lewis, RudolphI’ll Live On b/w I Can’t Stay On This Highway1954
Gotham 752Echo Gospel SingersHave Mercy b/w At The River Jordan1954
Gotham 753Harmonizing FourWatch Over Me b/w You Ought To Know The Lord1954
Gotham 754Ward, ClaraOn Higher Ground b/w Out On A Hill1954
Gotham 755Angelic Gospel SingersWatching Over Me b/w I’m Going Home To Jesus1954
Gotham 756Echo Gospel SingersI Have No Friend Like You b/w I Want Jesus To Walk With Me1954
Gotham 757Harmonizing FourLift Every Heat And Sing b/w Over In Gloryland1954
Gotham 758Ward, ClaraFaith Moves Mountains b/w I Heard Of A City Called The New Jerusalem1954
Gotham 759Harmonizing ChoraleersI’m On My Way To Heaven b/w Softly And Tenderly1954
Gotham 760Angelic Gospel SingersJesus Paid It All b/w I Want To See Him1954
Gotham 761Davis SistersGet Right With God b/w I’m Tired1954
Gotham 762Echo Gospel Singers and Heavenly GatesEcho Gospel Singers and Heavenly Gates QuartetJesus Will Abide b/w Talkin’ About Heaven1954
Gotham 763Four Kings of Harmony of MiamiI’ll Fly Away b/w The Graveyard Is Waiting1954
Gotham 764Heavenly GatesHeavenly Gates Quartet of Baltimore, MDI Want To Rest b/w I’m All Right Now1954
Gotham 765Harmonizing FourLet God Abide b/w When I Am Gone1954
Gotham 766Patterson SingersJesus Is Mine b/w Lord Lift Me Up1955
Gotham 767Rugged Cross Singers of BaltimoreThe Time Will Surely Come b/w Try God1955
Gotham 768Harmonizing FourI’ve Been Changed b/w Trust Jesus1955
Gotham 769Evening Star QuartetJesus I’ll Never Forget b/w I’m A Witness1955
Gotham 770Harmonizing FourCome Over Here b/w What Do You Know?1955
Gotham 771Ward A.M.E. ChurchAll Things Are Possible b/w Revive Us Again1955
Gotham 772Harmonizing FourI Shall Not Be Moved b/w I’ll Go, Lord, Send Me!1955-56
Gotham 773Harmonizing FourI Trust In God b/w I Want To Know1955-56
Gotham 774Angelic Gospel SingersJesus Is The Light Of The World b/w Only A Look1956-57
Gotham 775Harmonizing FourThe Lord’s Prayer b/w I Shall Rest At The End Of The Day1956-57
Gotham 776ViolinairesViolinaires of Detroit, MichiganSign Of The Judgement b/w My Work Will Be Done1957-58
Gotham 777Butler Singers, AnthonyWill My Mother Know Me? b/w My God Is A Mighty Man!1958
Gotham 778Zion HarmonizersZion Harmonizers of New OrleansWorking The Road b/w In The End1958
Gotham 779Harmonizing FourAmazing Grace b/w Keep Me All The Way1958


LP release:

releaseartistartist as showntitleyear
Gotham LP 1VariousXmas Spirituals1957