• Peacock Records was run by Don Robey, out of Houston, Texas. The label started in 1949 and in the early 1950’s Robey acquired the Duke label. The output on both labels had a major impact on the history of American music. Apart from blues, rhythm & blues and rock & roll, the labels, especially Peacock, also had a large gospel catalogue. The Duke/Peacock family of labels (which later also included Song Bird, Back Beat and Sure Shot) was sold to ABC Dunhill in 1973. The label name was changed to ABC/Peacock in 1974.
  • Early 78’s and 45’s had the Lyons Ave. address (45’s came with matt and glossy labels – the glossy labels appear to be first pressings), later issues had the Erastus St. address. 78’s had the Erastus St. address starting at around #1731 (1954), 45’s at around #1895 (1963). Pre-1895 45’s with the Erastus St. address are reissues, probably from the 1960’s. Pre-1731 78’s with the Erastus St. address don’t seem to exist. Peacock stopped pressing 78’s in 1958 (around #1789). Early 78’s came with two deep grooves (see image at the right), one close to the centre of the labels (c. 4 mm from the centre hole), one close to the outer perimeter of the labels (c. 7 mm from the ridge). All 45s with the Erastus St. address had a lay-out change as the peacock’s body appeared with slanted lines. The 78s with the Erastus St. address had the same label lay-out as the earlier 78’s.
  • The Five Blind Boys or the Original Five Blind Boys were from Mississippi. On many Peacock singles their original name (the Jackson Harmoneers) is also given, probably to avoid confusion with the Alabama group.
  • Peacock 1780 was released as by the Dixie Humming Birds (5-1780) and the Dixie Hummingbirds (1780). This is possible with other Dixie Hummingbirds 45’s as well.
  • Early copies of Peacock 1802 had the Everyready Gospel Singers printed in error. This was corrected on subsequent pressings (Ever-Ready Gospel Singers).
  • Some early copies (not all) of the Mighty Clouds of Joy 45’s showed the name as the Mighty, Mighty Clouds of Joy. Some (not all) reissues of these 45’s show the name as just the Mighty Clouds of Joy. The Mighty Clouds featured Willie Joe Ligon, who founded the group in 1955/56. The early Peacock recordings also featured David Walker, who recorded secular as Bunker Hill.
  • Peacock 1850 was released as by the Gospel Consolers and as by the Gospelaires. However, “Who Is He (My Friend Jesus)” is present on both discs and was incorrectly credited to the Gospelaires on their copy of #1850.
  • Bertha Robinson was the wife of Rev. Cleophus Robinson. Lillie Robinson was his mother, Josephine James his sister, Catherine Gill his niece. On Peacock 3055 this niece is named Catherint by mistake, #3092 gives the name correctly as Catherine.
  • Victoria and Thelma Hawkins (#1878 and 3089) are a daughter and mother duo; they also recorded for Staff, see also the Federal discography (listed as Thelma Hawkins and Daughter).
  • The cover and labels of Peacock LP 111 (Gospelaires) list “While The Blood Runs Warm” but the song isn’t there.
  • Click here for a photograph of the Five Blind Boys of Mississippi.
  • Click here for a photograph of King Louis H. Narcisse (Peacock 1866).
  • Click here for a photograph of the Starlight Quintet(te).
  • This discography lists all known gospel singles and LP’s, released on Peacock between 1950 and 1970. Later recordings are omitted.


78 & 45rpm releases:

releaseartistartist as shownsongsyear
Peacock 1535Five Blind Boys of MississippiOriginal Five Blind BoysSomething Within Me b/w One Of These Days1950
Peacock 1536Five Blind Boys of MississippiOriginal Five Blind BoysJesus Gave Me Water b/w Amazing Grace1950
Peacock 1550Five Blind Boys of MississippiFive Blind BoysOur Father (Which Art In Heaven) b/w Move In The Room With The Lord1950
Peacock 1551Five Blind Boys of MississippiFive Blind BoysHe's My Rock b/w I've Got A Right1950
Peacock 1552Five Blind Boys of MississippiOriginal Five Blind BoysOld Ship Of Zion b/w In This World Alone1950
Peacock 1553Five Blind Boys of MississippiOriginal Five Blind BoysWorld Prayer b/w How Far Am I From Canaan1950
Peacock 1571Renfro, Sister Jessie MaeA Wonderful Savior b/w Rock Of Ages, Hide Thou Me1951
Peacock 1573Gordon, Rev. I.H.Rev. I.H. Gordon and Archie Brownlee with Original Five Blind Boys (A) b/w Rev. I.H. Gordon with the Gordonaires (B)Doctor Jesus b/w Seek The Lord1951
Peacock 1580Five Blind Boys of MississippiOriginal Five Blind BoysComing Home b/w Mother Don't Worry1951
Peacock 1582Wilson and Watson SingersKeep The Fire Burning In Me b/w After Awhile1951
Peacock 1584Bells of JoyLet's Talk About Jesus b/w I'll Work Lord1951
Peacock 1588Renfro, Sister Jessie MaeIn That Home, By And By b/w He's So Wonderful1951
Peacock 1589Gordon, Rev. I.H.Rev. I.H. Gordon (A) b/w Rev. I.H. Gordon and Archie Brownlee with Original Five Blind Boys (B) (?)In The Upper Room b/w Dry Bones1952
Peacock 1591Golden Harp Gospel SingersAny Stars In My Crown (Pt. 1) b/w Any Stars In My Crown (Pt. 2)1952
Peacock 1592Christland SingersLet Me Tell You About My Jesus b/w I Know My Jesus Is The Light Of The World1952
Peacock 1594Dixie HummingbirdsDixie Humming BirdsWhat Are They Doing In Heaven Today b/w Wading Through Blood And Water1952
Peacock 1596Gospel Tone SingersRest For My Labor b/w Speak To Me Jesus1952
Peacock 1598Golden Harp Gospel SingersCalling Jesus My Rock b/w I'll Make It Somehow1952
Peacock 1599Christland SingersA Few More Days (I'll Lay My Burdens Down) b/w Peace In The Land (Where I'm Bound)1952
Peacock 1700Bells of JoyHe's My Friend b/w Stop Right Now (It's Praying Time)1952
Peacock 1701Five Blind Boys of MississippiOriginal Five Blind BoysGod Leads Little Children b/w Precious Memories1952
Peacock 1702Southern WondersCome On Over Here b/w Who Is That Knocking?1952
Peacock 1703Stars of HopeI Want To Be More Like Jesus b/w I Just Can't Keep From Crying1952
Peacock 1704Sensational NightingalesA Soldier Not In Uniform b/w Will He Welcome Me There1952
Peacock 1705Dixie HummingbirdsDixie Humming BirdsTrouble In My Way b/w I Know I've Been Changed1952
Peacock 1706Five Blind Boys of MississippiOriginal Five Blind BoysWill Jesus Be Waiting For Me b/w I Was Praying1952
Peacock 1707Renfro, Sister Jessie MaeI'll Be Satisfied Then b/w No Room In The Hotel1952
Peacock 1708Bells of JoyLeak In This Old Building b/w Echoes From Heaven1953
Peacock 1709Sensational NightingalesI Thank You Lord b/w A Sinner's Plea1953
Peacock 1710Spirit of MemphisGod Save America b/w Surely, Surely, Amen1953
Peacock 1711Southern WondersThe Gambling Man b/w There Is Rest For The Weary1953
Peacock 1712Stars of HopeYou Better Mind b/w Where Shall I Go1953
Peacock 1713Dixie HummingbirdsDixie Humming BirdsLord, If I Go b/w Eternal Life1953
Peacock 1714Five Blind Boys of MississippiOriginal Five Blind BoysI Know The Lord Will Make A Way (Yes He Will) b/w Somewhere Listening For My Name1953
Peacock 1715Christian TravelersWell Done b/w Make More Room For Jesus In Your Life1953
Peacock 1716Bells of JoyHow Sweet It Is b/w I'm Gonna Press On1953
Peacock 1717Spirit of MemphisSince Jesus Came Into My Heart b/w I Will Trust In The Lord1953
Peacock 1718Renfro, Sister Jessie MaeHell's Attraction Light b/w I Must Tell Jesus1953
Peacock 1719Robinson, Rev. CleophusIn The Sweet By And By b/w When I Can Read My Title Clear1953
Peacock 1720Christland SingersI Am Too Close b/w Someday, Somewhere1953
Peacock 1721Sensational NightingalesGods Word Will Never Pass Away b/w Does Jesus Care1953
Peacock 1722Dixie HummingbirdsDixie Humming BirdsLet's Go Out To The Programs b/w I'll Keep On Living After I Die1953
Peacock 1723Five Blind Boys of MississippiOriginal Five Blind BoysJesus Is A Rock In A Weary Land b/w Song Of Praise1954
Peacock 1724Robinson, Rev. CleophusBrother Cleophus RobinsonHe's A Wonder b/w I'm Holding On1954
Peacock 1725Southern WondersHow Much More Can I Bear? b/w I'll Fly Away1954
Peacock 1726Bells of JoyWell, Well, No, No, No b/w Never Let It Be Said Too Late1954
Peacock 1727Dixie HummingbirdsDixie Humming BirdsLive Right, Die Right b/w Prayer Wheel1954
Peacock 1728Sensational NightingalesAnother Year b/w I'm Going On With Jesus1954
Peacock 1729Christland SingersKeep Me (Pt.) 1 b/w Keep Me (Pt. 2)1954
Peacock 1730Spirit of MemphisWhen Mother's Gone b/w He's A Friend Of Mine1954
Peacock 1731Five Blind Boys of MississippiOriginal Five Blind BoysI Wonder, Do You b/w All Aboard1954
Peacock 1732Renfro, Sister Jessie MaeI Wanna Be There b/w I've Had My Chance1954
Peacock 1733Robinson, Rev. CleophusBro. Cleophus RobinsonA Charge To Keep I Have b/w Jesus I Can't Live Without You1954
Peacock 1734Spirit of MemphisWhat Could I Do b/w Sweet Hour Of Prayer1954
Peacock 1735Five Blind Boys of MississippiOriginal Five Blind BoysHave You Talked To The Man Upstairs? b/w In The Garden1954
Peacock 1736Dixie HummingbirdsDixie Humming BirdsWill The Lord Be With Me? b/w Christian Testimonial1954
Peacock 1737Christian TravelersOnly A Pilgrim b/w Oh What A Savior1954
Peacock 1738Bells of JoyIt Will Soon Be Over b/w Since Jesus Changed This Heart Of Mine1954
Peacock 1739Sensational NightingalesGo Where Jesus Is b/w I'm Serving The Lord1954
Peacock 1740Dixie HummingbirdsDixie Humming BirdsI'm Not Uneasy b/w Sinner, Sin No More1954
Peacock 1741Robinson, Rev. CleophusI Am Determined b/w Going Home To Jesus1955
Peacock 1742Dixie HummingbirdsDixie Humming BirdsIt Must Have Been The Lord (That Touched Me) b/w Take Care Of Me1955
Peacock 1743Sensational NightingalesOn The Judgement Day b/w Who Will Be The One1955
Peacock 1744Goldenairesprobably unreleased
Peacock 1745Anderson Singersprobably unreleased
Peacock 1746Spirit of MemphisHome In The Sky b/w Standing By The Bedside1955
Peacock 1747Five Blind Boys of MississippiFive Blind BoysIn The Wilderness b/w Think Of God's Goodness1955
Peacock 1749Sensational NightingalesNightingalesA Christian Life b/w Somewhere To Lay My Head1955
Peacock 1750Southern WondersMy Jesus Is All b/w I Was A Sinner1955
Peacock 1751Southern WondersThe Chapel b/w As An Eagle Stirreth Her Nest1955
Peacock 1753Jackson, OtisThe Life Story Of Madame Bethune (Pt. 1) b/w The Life Story Of Madame Bethune (Pt. 2)1955
Peacock 1754Spirit of MemphisI'll Tell It b/w He'll Never Let Me Fall1955
Peacock 1755Bells of JoyJust Jesus b/w Doing For Jesus1955
Peacock 1756Renfro, Sister Jessie MaeHold My Hand b/w Deliver Me1955
Peacock 1757Dixie HummingbirdsPoor Pilgrim Of Sorrow b/w Devil Can't Harm A Praying Man1956
Peacock 1758Robinson, Rev. CleophusReverend Cleophus RobinsonRoom, Room b/w I've Got A New Born Soul1956
Peacock 1759Spirit of Memphisprobably unreleased
Peacock 1760Five Blind Boys of MississippiFive Blind BoysSave A Seat For Me b/w There's No Need To Cry1956
Peacock 1761Sensational NightingalesLord Have Mercy b/w See How They Done My Lord1956
Peacock 1762Robinson and Sister Josephine James, Rev. CleophusRev. Cleophus Robinson and his Sister Josephine JamesPray For Me b/w When I Cross Over1956
Peacock 1763Dixie HummingbirdsTroubles Will Be Over b/w Way Up On High1956
Peacock 1764Dixie HummingbirdsThank You For One More Day b/w Get Right Church1956
Peacock 1765Sensational NightingalesBurying Ground b/w In My Mind1956
Peacock 1766Renfro, Sister Jessie MaeOh, Have You b/w Have Your Own Way1956
Peacock 1767Robinson, Rev. Cleophus b/w Sister Josephine James and Sister Bertha RobinsonReverend Cleophus Robinson b/w Josephine James and Bertha RobinsonHelp Me To Carry On b/w Leaning On The Lord1956
Peacock 1768Robinson, Rev. Cleophusprobably unreleased
Peacock 1769Spirit of MemphisIf It Ain't One Thing (It's Another) b/w I Found Something1956
Peacock 1770Dixie HummingbirdsLoving Hand b/w Cool Down Yonder1957
Peacock 1771Sensational NightingalesI Gave My Heart b/w I'm Coming Up, Lord1957
Peacock 1772Five Blind Boys of Mississippiprobably unreleased
Peacock 1773Dixie HummingbirdsDixie Humming BirdsLive On Forever b/w Just Trusting1957
Peacock 1774Sensational NightingalesPressing On b/w View That Holy City1957
Peacock 1775Robinson, Rev. Cleophusprobably unreleased
Peacock 1776Spirit of MemphisI Need Thee b/w Come And Go With Me1957
Peacock 1777GospelairesJust Faith b/w Sit Down Children1957
Peacock 1778Sensational NightingalesTo The End b/w The Lord Will Make A Way1957
Peacock 1779Spirit of MemphisLost In Sin b/w When1957
Peacock 1780Dixie HummingbirdsChristians Automobile b/w Stop By Here1957
Peacock 1781GospelairesHow Much Longer (Must My Journey Be) b/w They Don't Understand Me1957
Peacock 1782Brooklyn All StarsBrooklyn All Star SingersCareless Soul b/w A Prayer For Today1958
Peacock 1783Dixie HummingbirdsWalls Of Zion b/w Just A Little While1958
Peacock 1784Robinson and Sister Josephine James, Rev. CleophusReverend Cleophus Robinson and Sister Josephine JamesI Can See So Much b/w Moaning In The Morning1958
Peacock 1785Spirit of MemphisStory Of Jesus b/w The Lord Loves Me1958
Peacock 1786GospelairesIt's A Pity b/w Lets Pray1958
Peacock 1787Alpha and Omega SingersThat's Alright b/w I'm Happy1958
Peacock 1788Dixie HummingbirdsDixie Humming BirdsLet's Go Out To The Program No. 2 b/w I Don't Know Why (I Have To Cry Sometime)1958
Peacock 1789Robinson, Rev. Cleophus b/w Rev. Cleophus Robinson and Sister Josephine JamesRev. Cleophus Robinson b/w Rev. Cleophus Robinson and his Sister Josephine JamesSilent Night b/w I'm Not Tired Yet1958
Peacock 1790Renfro, Sister Jessie MaeSister Jessie RenfroYou've Got To Move b/w The Lord's Prayer1958
Peacock 1791Dixie HummingbirdsMake One Step b/w Come On And See About Me1958
Peacock 1792Brooklyn All StarsBrooklyn All Star SingersSinging For The Lord b/w Meet Me In Galilee1959
Peacock 1793GospelairesMoving Up b/w I'll Be So Glad1959
Peacock 1794Sensational NightingalesCan I Count On You b/w A Closer Walk With Thee1959
Peacock 1795Gospel ConsolatorsI'm A Weary Traveler b/w Hold On To God's Hand1959
Peacock 1796Robinson and Sister Josephine James, Rev. CleophusReverend Cleophus Robinson and his Sister Josephine JamesFire In My Bones b/w This Old Building1959
Peacock 1797Five Blind Boys of MississippiOriginal Five Blind BoysSomeone Watches b/w You Done What The Doctor Couldn't Do1959
Peacock 1798Spirit of MemphisThe Great Love b/w In The Garden1959
Peacock 1799Hatchett, MaryThe Rev. Mary Hatchett and the Universal Hagar's Spiritual Church ChorusThe Power Of God b/w The Power Of God1959
Peacock 1800Gospel ConsolatorsGospel ConsolatersLook To Jesus b/w His Precious Blood1959
Peacock 1801GospelairesHe Heard Me Cry b/w When I Rise1959
Peacock 1802Ever-Ready Gospel SingersEveryready Gospel SingersHe'll Bring Peace b/w All My Sins1959
Peacock 1803Dixie HummingbirdsNobody Knows The Trouble I See b/w The Final Edition1959
Peacock 1804Sensational NightingalesReverend Julius Cheeks and the Sensational NightingalesMorning Train b/w Standing At The Judgement1959
Peacock 1805Spirit of MemphisIt Won't Be Long Now b/w Sinner Make A Change1960
Peacock 1806Alpha and Omega SingersAlpha-Omega SingersThere's A Man Upstairs b/w I Am Alpha And Omega1960
Peacock 1807Robinson and Sister Josephine James, Rev. CleophusReverend Cleophus Robinson and his Sister Josephine JamesHis Grace b/w The Same Man1960
Peacock 1808Dixie HummingbirdsI Want To Feel Thy Holy Spirit b/w What A Friend1960
Peacock 1809Brooklyn All StarsBrooklyn All Star SingersThe Word Of God b/w Rest Awhile1960
Peacock 1810Jones, Sister BarbaraBe Ready b/w There's A City Over There1960
Peacock 1808Five Blind Boys of MississippiOriginal Five Blind BoysI Call On Jesus b/w Time To Think About The Lord1960
Peacock 1812GospelairesJudgement b/w Joy Joy Joy1960
Peacock 1813Gospel ConsolatorsGoing On With Jesus b/w Deliver Me1960
Peacock 1814Sensational NightingalesWho Is That b/w Over In Zion1960
Peacock 1815Spirit of MemphisT'Will Be Glory b/w Doctor Jesus1960
Peacock 1816Sunset TravelersMove These Things b/w Lazerus1960
Peacock 1817Dixie HummingbirdsJesus Hold My Hand b/w Leave Your Burdens There1960
Peacock 1818GospelairesGospelaires of Dayton, OhioI've Got It b/w Mother's Journey1960
Peacock 1819Pilgrim Jubilee SingersStretch Out b/w Evening Sun1960
Peacock 1820Baltimore EchoesFilled With The Holy Spirit b/w He's A Friend Of Mine1960
Peacock 1821Robinson and Sister Josephine James, Rev. CleophusReverend Cleophus Robinson and his Sister Josephine JamesWhen I Arose b/w By And By1960
Peacock 1822Five Singing StarsJesus Is Using Me b/w You Can If You Will1960
Peacock 1823Mighty Clouds of JoyMighty, Mighty Clouds of JoyJesus Lead Us Safely b/w Ain't Got Long Here1961
Peacock 1824Five Blind Boys of MississippiOriginal Five Blind BoysSending Up My Timber b/w Lord, Lord You've Been So Good To Me1961
Peacock 1825Gospel ConsolatorsGospel ConsolatersShout All Over God's Heaven b/w Who Should Remember1961
Peacock 1826Sensational NightingalesNightingalesCanaan Land b/w In The Presence Of The Lord1961
Peacock 1827GospelairesThey Followed Jesus b/w They Won't Believe In Me1961
Peacock 1828Spirit of MemphisWhat Are You Doing (In Your Town) b/w Further On Up The Road1961
Peacock 1829Sensational NightingalesI Want To Go b/w What Would You Give1961
Peacock 1830Pilgrim Jubilee SingersWalk On b/w I See A Man1961
Peacock 1831Dixie HummingbirdsHe Cares For Me b/w God's Goodness1961
Peacock 1832GospelairesRest For The Weary b/w You Can't Make Me Doubt1961
Peacock 1833James, Sister JosephineSo Much To Talk About b/w Died One Time1961
Peacock 1834Five Singing StarsMemories b/w Your Time Ain't Long1961
Peacock 1835Sky Light SingersSkylight SingersDon't Wonder About Him b/w When I'm Gone1961
Peacock 1836Gospel ConsolatorsHe Won't Let You Down b/w Testimonial Service1961
Peacock 1837Stripes of GloryThe Denial b/w O Send The Fire1961
Peacock 1838Five Blind Boys of MississippiFive Blind BoysCan't Serve The Lord b/w Constantly Abiding1961
Peacock 1839Mighty Clouds of JoyMighty, Mighty Clouds of JoyI'll Be Alright b/w My Religion1961
Peacock 1840Sensational NightingalesThe Storm Is Passing Over b/w People I Used To See1961
Peacock 1841TempleairesHe Spoke b/w What Will Heaven Have In Store For Me1962
Peacock 1842Cheeks, Rev. JuliusRev. Julius Cheeks and SingersA Mother's Plea b/w What A Morning1962
Peacock 1843Wandering TravelersJesus Is The Heavyweight Champ b/w I Would Like To Have Been With Him Then1962
Peacock 1844Dixie HummingbirdsHave A Little Talk With Jesus b/w In The Morning1962
Peacock 1845Gospel ConsolatorsGospel ConsolatersThe Last Mile b/w Why Do Men Treat The Lord Like They Do?1962
Peacock 1846Ballenger, Rev.Rev. Robert BallingerThe King's Highway b/w There Are Days1962
Peacock 1847Spirit of MemphisWhy b/w If I Should Miss Heaven1962
Peacock 1848Sunset TravelersCouldn't Hear Nobody Pray b/w You Are Blessed1962
Peacock 1849Pilgrim Jubilee SingersSteal Away b/w Jesus, Come Help Me1962
Peacock 1850Gospel ConsolatorsGospel ConsolatersWho Is He (My Friend Jesus) b/w Lord Be My Guide1962
Peacock 1850Gospel Consolators b/w GospelairesGospelairesWho Is He (My Friend Jesus) b/w C'Mon1962
Peacock 1851O'Neal TwinsMake Me A Blessing b/w Everyday With Jesus1962
Peacock 1852Spiritual FiveJoy In Jerusalem b/w Sweet By And By1962
Peacock 1853Gospel MessengersCharles Fold and the Gospel MessengersHe'll Fight Your Battles b/w Meet Me At The River Of Jordan1962
Peacock 1854Robinson and Sister Josephine James, Rev. Cleophus b/w Rev. Cleophus RobinsonReverend Cleophus Robinson and Sister Josephine James b/w Reverend Cleophus RobinsonSweet Home b/w I Believe1962
Peacock 1855Five Blind Boys of MississippiFive Blind BoysI Got It Within Me b/w The Tide Of Life1962
Peacock 1856James, Sister JosephineGod Can Make A Way b/w On Our Way To The Grave1962
Peacock 1857Mighty Clouds of JoyTime Has Changed b/w I Love Jesus So1962
Peacock 1858Sensational NightingalesNightingalesBlood For Me b/w Right Now For Jesus1962
Peacock 1859Cheeks, Rev. JuliusReverend Julius CheeksHoly Wine b/w Tomorrow's Sun1962
Peacock 1860GospelairesGospelairsC'Mon b/w Stay There1962
Peacock 1861Dixie HummingbirdsOur Father's Children b/w Bedside Of A Neighbor1962
Peacock 1862James, Sister JosephineStraight Road b/w When The Hour Comes1962
Peacock 1863Robinson, BerthaWell, Well, Well b/w He Will Fight Your Battles1962
Peacock 1864Hawkins, VictoriaHome Going b/w Give Me Wings1962
Peacock 1865Loving SistersWho Can Ask For More b/w The Gospel Writers1962
Peacock 1866Narcisse, King Louis H."His Grace" King Louis H. NarcisseJesus I Can't Forget You b/w Without The Lord1962
Peacock 1867Ballenger, Rev.Rev. Robert BallingerThe Little Black Train b/w Hold My Body Down1962
Peacock 1868Five Blind Boys of MississippiFive Blind BoysFather I Stretched My Hands To Thee b/w Lord, Remember Me1962
Peacock 1869Mighty Clouds of JoyMighty, Mighty Clouds of JoyFamily Circle b/w None But The Righteous1962
Peacock 1870Sensational NightingalesDon't Put Off Today b/w All Be Over1963
Peacock 1871Dixon, PrinceBrother Prince DixonI'm Glad I'm Free b/w In The Arms Of The Lord1963
Peacock 1872Pilgrim Jubilee SingersUnmovable b/w This Morning1963
Peacock 1873Spiritual FiveDown By The Riverside b/w Meeting Tonight1963
Peacock 1874Chicago Gospel CavaliersDon't Stop Praying b/w Prayer Wheel1963
Peacock 1875Cheeks, Rev. JuliusTurn Your Radio On b/w Last Mile Of The Way1963
Peacock 1876Robinson, Rev. CleophusEverlasting Life b/w Just Over The Hill1963
Peacock 1877James, Sister JosephineI'm Glad b/w It Ain't What You Think1963
Peacock 1878Hawkins, Victoria and ThelmaCity Called Heaven b/w Bank In The Sky1963
Peacock 1879Chariot Gospel SingersGive Up Everything b/w Come Holy Spirit1963
Peacock 1880Soul SeekersMoses b/w Salvation Is Free1963
Peacock 1881Five Blind Boys of MississippiFive Blind BoysYou Done What The Doctor Couldn't Do b/w Speak For Jesus1963
Peacock 1882Little Axe and Golden EchoesRemember Me b/w The Lord Is My Sunshine1963
Peacock 1883Loving SistersJesus Is Enough For Me b/w A Blessing To Be Like The Lord1963
Peacock 1885Excello Gospel SingersDreamin' Of Heaven b/w Freedom After Awhile1963
Peacock 1886Hardeman SingersChildren You Oughta Been There b/w He Lives Within My Soul1963
Peacock 1887Mighty RedeemersTrouble In Your Home b/w New Born Soul1963
Peacock 1888Sunset TravelersNobody Knows (The Trouble That I See) b/w Glory Is Coming1963
Peacock 1889Dixie HummingbirdsAnother Day b/w If You Trust Him1963
Peacock 1890Five Singing StarsLet Me In b/w Been In The Storm1963
Peacock 1891Sensational NightingalesBehold God's Face b/w More Power1963
Peacock 1892Spirit of MemphisWhat Is This Talk About Jesus b/w I Love The Lord1963
Peacock 1893Spiritual FiveWonderful Jesus b/w Job To Do1963
Peacock 1894Pilgrim Jubilee SingersRestless Soul /w I'm On The Right Road1963
Peacock 1895Mighty Clouds of JoyGlory Hallelujah b/w Lord Hold My Hand1963
Peacock 1896Mighty Clouds of JoyNearer To Thee b/w You'll Never Know1963
Peacock 1897Little Axe and Golden EchoesMy Mind On Jesus b/w Jesus Loves Me1963
Peacock 1898GospelairesRide This Train b/w Thou Art Gone1963
Peacock 1899Pilgrim Jubilee SingersTrue Story b/w Wonderful1963
Peacock 3000James, Sister JosephineHe Arose b/w Meeting Tonight1963
Peacock 3001Spiritual FiveChrist's Blood b/w Call Him Up1963
Peacock 3002Awakening EchoesHeavenly Vision b/w In My Distress1963
Peacock 3003Brooklyn SkywaysIf You Ever Need The Lord b/w You're Going To Miss Me1963
Peacock 3004Hardeman SingersTalk To Jesus b/w Jesus Saves1963
Peacock 3005Five Blind Boys of MississippiFive Blind BoysJust A Little While b/w Servant's Prayer1963
Peacock 3006Ballenger, Rev.Reverend Robert BallingerOur John Saw The Number b/w Oil In Your Vessel1963
Peacock 3007Hightower BrothersRunnin' For Jesus b/w Child Of The King1963
Peacock 3008O'Neal TwinsKeep In Touch With Jesus b/w Prayer Is The Key1964
Peacock 3009Cheeks, Rev. JuliusReverend Julius Cheeks and the Four KnightsWhat You Told Me To Do b/w Mother Sang These Songs1964
Peacock 3010Robinson, Rev. Cleophus b/w Rev. Cleophus Robinson, Coretha Bell and Bethlehem Baptist Church ChoirReverend Cleophus Robinson b/w Reverend Cleophus Robinson, Coretha Bell and the Bethlehem Baptist Church ChoirAll My Help b/w Solemn Prayer1964
Peacock 3011Loving SistersSing Your Troubles Away b/w Don't Let My Running Be In Vain1964
Peacock 3012Dixie HummingbirdsCome Ye Disconsolate b/w Our Prayer For Peace1964
Peacock 3013James, Sister JosephineSomething I Want You To Do b/w God Will Hear Prayer1964
Peacock 3014Sunset TravelersOld Blind Bartimaeus b/w There's A Change In Me1964
Peacock 3015Pilgrim Jubilee SingersThe Old Ship b/w Testify1964
Peacock 3016Soul SeekersWhen You See Me Walking Right b/w Christian's Ambition1964
Peacock 3017Mighty RedeemersThe Name Jesus b/w If You Need Jesus1964
Peacock 3018GospelairesI Feel The Spirit b/w Meet Her In The Sky1964
Peacock 3019Five Singing StarsCome On Jesus b/w Lord Jesus1964
Peacock 3020Hightower BrothersGood Time In Heaven b/w Nobody's Fault But Mine1964
Peacock 3021O'Neal TwinsMy Heart Is Fixed b/w The Lord Is My Shepherd1964
Peacock 3022Hawkins, VictoriaSister Victoria HawkinsThere Is A Fountain b/w If I Don't Wake Up In The Morning1964
Peacock 3023Five Blind Boys of MississippiFive Blind BoysSomething To Shout About b/w Leaning On Jesus1964
Peacock 3024Hardeman SingersLiving A New World b/w Remember Me1964
Peacock 3025Mighty Clouds of JoyI'll Go (Pt. 1) b/w I'll Go (Pt. 2)1964
Peacock 3026Sensational NightengalesTravel On b/w Never Said A Word1964
Peacock 3027Loving SistersFix Me b/w Trying Time1964
Peacock 3028Ballenger, Rev.Reverend Robert BallingerSomebody Saved Me b/w Two Wings1964
Peacock 3029Brooklyn SkywaysI'm Coming Home b/w Seeking1964
Peacock 3030Cheeks, Rev. JuliusReverend Julius Cheeks and his Four KnightsWaiting (For My Child To Come Home) b/w Meditation Of My Heart1964
Peacock 3031Chariot Gospel SingersMy Friend b/w That's Enough1964
Peacock 3032Robinson, Rev. CleophusReverend Cleophus Robinson with the Bethlehem Baptist Church ChoirRemember Me b/w Trouble Don't Last Always1964
Peacock 3033Highway Q.C.'sHi Way Que C'sWhat Makes A Man Turn His Back On God b/w Tomorrow May Be Too Late1964
Peacock 3034Little Axe and Golden EchoesMy Life Is In His Hands b/w So Soon1964
Peacock 3035Original Soul SeekersOriginal Soul Seekers of Fort WorthEverything Belongs To God b/w I'll Let God Use Me1964
Peacock 3036Awakening EchoesThe Right Road b/w They That Wait1964
Peacock 3037GospelairesOnly Believe b/w Good Time1964
Peacock 3038O'Neal TwinsPower In The Blood b/w Where No One Stands Alone1964
Peacock 3039Sunset TravelersOn Jesus' Program b/w Another Day1964
Peacock 3040Gospel KeysEvery Chance I Get (I Thank You Lord) b/w The Mercy Of The Good Lord1964
Peacock 3041Pilgrim Jubilee SingersYou've Got To Wait b/w Cry No More1964
Peacock 3042Highway Q.C.'sHi Way Que C'sFather Alone b/w Yes I Do1965
Peacock 3043Bells of ZionRay Crume and the Bells of ZionI Can Tell The World b/w God Is Using Me1965
Peacock 3044Robinson, Rev. CleophusReverend Cleophus Robinson Just Ask Him b/w Go Tell It On The Mountain1965
Peacock 3045Dixie HummingbirdsLord I Come To Thee b/w If Anybody Ask You1965
Peacock 3046Five Blind Boys of MississippiFive Blind BoysIn The Hands Of The Lord b/w Lift The Savior Up1965
Peacock 3047Loving SistersMan On The Other Side Of Jordan b/w God Don't Like It1965
Peacock 3048Little Axe and Golden EchoesSwing Down Chariot b/w Lord Have Mercy1965
Peacock 3049Cheeks, Rev. JuliusReverend Julius Cheeks and the Four KnightsSomewhere Around God's Throne b/w Nobody Knows1965
Peacock 3050Mighty Clouds of JoyA Friend In Jesus b/w Two Wings1965
Peacock 3051Ballenger, Rev.Reverend Robert BallingerWalk On By Faith b/w Streets Of The City1965
Peacock 3052GospelairesNever Turn Back b/w Remember Me Jesus1965
Peacock 3053Sensational NightengalesHis Great Love b/w Cleanse My Soul1965
Peacock 3054Gospel KeysDidn't It Rain b/w Have You Tried1965
Peacock 3055Robinson, Rev. Cleophus and Catherint Gill b/w Rev. Cleophus Robinson Reverend Cleophus Robinson and his niece Catherine Gill b/w Reverend Cleophus RobinsonGod's Sons And Daughters b/w Elijah Rock1965
Peacock 3056Davis, RhondaHe Watches Me b/w God Is My Refuge1965
Peacock 3057O'Neal TwinsI Just Can't Tell It All b/w It's Mighty Nice (To Know The Lord)1965
Peacock 3058Highway Q.C.'sHi Way Que C'sWalk With Me b/w So Soon1965
Peacock 3059Brooklyn SkywaysI've Got Jesus b/w Jesus Is Calling1965
Peacock 3060Loving SistersHe That Believeth b/w An Unfailing God1965
Peacock 3061James, Sister JosephineHe'll Come To My Rescue b/w Sightseeing In Glory1965
Peacock 3062Chariot Gospel SingersBattlefield b/w He'll Understand1965
Peacock 3063Gospel KeysLet Him Come Into Your Life b/w I Come To Thee1965
Peacock 3064Mighty Clouds of JoyHe's Able b/w Swing Low1965
Peacock 3065Bells of ZionRay Crume and the Bells of ZionA Witness b/w I'll Trust His Words1965
Peacock 3066Ballenger, Rev.Reverend Robert BallingerLive The Life I Sing About b/w Sweet Lamb1965
Peacock 3067Hardeman SingersBeen Dipped In The Water (Pt. 1) b/w Been Dipped In The Water (Pt. 2)1965
Peacock 3068Lee, JohnNo Other One (Can Take God's Place) b/w Comfort, Wonderful Comfort1965
Peacock 3069Highway Q.C.'sHi Way Que C'sI'll Fly Away (Pt. 1) b/w I'll Fly Away (Pt. 2)1965
Peacock 3070Sensational NightengalesNew Jerusalem b/w Going On Just The Same1965
Peacock 3071Robinson, Rev. CleophusReverend Cleophus Robinson Silent Night b/w Amen1965
Peacock 3072Bethlehem Baptist Church ChoirTrying To Get Ready b/w Trouble Don't Last Always1965
Peacock 3073Dixie HummingbirdsPrayer For The Sick b/w You Don't Have Nothing1966
Peacock 3074Sunset TravelersWonderful Jesus b/w Hide Me1966
Peacock 3075Pilgrim Jubilee SingersTurn You 'Round b/w Pearly Gates1966
Peacock 3076Brooklyn SkywaysI Want To Ride b/w Banks Of The River1966
Peacock 3077Mighty Clouds of JoySee How They Done My Lord b/w Look For Me In Heaven1966
Peacock 3078James, Sister Josephine b/w Sister Josephine James and Roosevelt JamesSister Josephine James b/w Sister Josephine James and son: Roosevelt JamesLook Down Upon Me b/w Lord I Believe1966
Peacock 3079GospelairesWhen I Get In Glory b/w Never Grow Old1966
Peacock 3080Mighty Clouds of JoyNobody Can Turn Me Around b/w Touch Me Lord1966
Peacock 3081Loving SistersGod's Eagle b/w Jesus Is All I Need1966
Peacock 3082Robinson, Rev. CleophusReverend Cleophus Robinson The Unfolding Book Of Life b/w Only Believe1966
Peacock 3083Starlight QuintetteAin't Nobody's Business b/w Someone Who Cares1966
Peacock 3084Dixie HummingbirdsThe Old Time Way b/w Gabriel1966
Peacock 3085Gospel KeysI'm Not Ashame b/w Back To Dust1966
Peacock 3086O'Neal TwinsKeep Faith In God b/w I'd Trade A Lifetime1966
Peacock 3087Pilgrim Jubilee SingersA Child's Blood (Pt. 1) b/w A Child's Blood (Pt. 2)1966
Peacock 3088Sensational NightengalesPrayed Too Late b/w I'm So Happy1966
Peacock 3089Hawkins, Victoria and ThelmaSister Victoria Hawkins b/w Sister Victoria and Thelma HawkinsSave A Seat For Me b/w He'll Fight Your Battles1966
Peacock 3090Brooklyn SkywaysGo Down Moses b/w What Is This1966
Peacock 3091GospelairesJesus Is Mine b/w Motherless Children1966
Peacock 3092Robinson, Rev. Cleophus b/w Rev. Cleophus Robinson and Catherine GillReverend Cleophus Robinson b/w Reverend Cleophus Robinson and his niece Catherine GillRusty Old Halo b/w Lord I'm Your Child1966
Peacock 3093Highway Q.C.'sHi Way Que C'sThe Lord Is Sweet b/w I Got A Feeling1966
Peacock 3094Awakening EchoesAnother Day b/w Born Again1966
Peacock 3095Starlight QuintetteBuilding, Daily Building b/w Work Until My Days Are Done1966
Peacock 3096Spirit of MemphisPay Day b/w My Explanation1966
Peacock 3097Bells of ZionI'll Fly Away b/w Father Alone1966
Peacock 3098Dixie HummingbirdsOnly Jesus b/w Confidential God1966
Peacock 3099Mighty Clouds of JoyI'm Glad About It b/w Let Jesus Lead You1966
Peacock 3100Robinson, Rev. CleophusReverend Cleophus Robinson Why Am I Treated So Bad b/w He's Done Great Things1966
Peacock 3101Gospel KeysGod Is Making A Record b/w Praise Him1966
Peacock 3103Chariot Gospel SingersLiving On Mother's Prayer b/w Yes1967
Peacock 3104Davis, RhondaMy Redeemer b/w That's Alright1967
Peacock 3105Bethlehem Baptist Church ChoirBethelhem Baptist Church ChoirRock My Soul b/w If Everybody Had Jesus1967
Peacock 3106James, Sister JosephineBless Me Lord b/w Lord Send Me1967
Peacock 3107Starlight QuintetteI Am A Soldier b/w I Want To Live There1967
Peacock 3108Robinson, Sister BerthaKeep On Toiling b/w I Believe I'll Run On1967
Peacock 3109Dixie HummingbirdsYour Good Deeds b/w What The Lord Is To Me1967
Peacock 3110Awakening EchoesLeaning b/w Prodigal Son1967
Peacock 3111Bells of ZionI Want To Be Just Like Him b/w Do You Know Him1967
Peacock 3112Cheeks, Rev. JuliusReverend Julius CheeksHow Far Is Heaven b/w Hide Behind The Mountain1967
Peacock 3113Gospel KeysIt Came To Pass b/w Nobody's Fault1967
Peacock 3114Robinson, Rev. Cleophus b/w Rev. Cleophus Robinson and Lillie RobinsonCleophus Robinson b/w Cleophus Robinson (and his 76 year old mother, Lillie Robinson)Can't Nobody Do (What My Lord Can Do) b/w Old Time Moaning1967
Peacock 3115GospelairesRemember Me, Lord (Pt. 1) b/w Remember Me, Lord (Pt. 2)1967
Peacock 3116Loving SistersI Can't Ask For More b/w That's The Kind Of God I Serve1967
Peacock 3117Spirit of MemphisMy Old Home Town b/w I'm In His Care1967
Peacock 3118Trammell, Reverend William CharlesRev. William C. TrammellI'll Be Satisfied b/w Waiting For Me1967
Peacock 3119Daniels, Rev. Wilbert LeoRev. W. Leo DanielsPrecious Lord (Pt. 1) b/w Precious Lord (Pt. 2)1967
Peacock 3120Dixieland Blind Boys of Mobile, AlabamaA Letter To A Mother's Son b/w To That Land1967
Peacock 3121Chariot Gospel SingersTell Him b/w Thank You1967
Peacock 3122Loving SistersIn God's Bosom b/w Mighty Good Time 1967
Peacock 3123Pilgrim Jubilee SingersMy Soul b/w I Don't Mind1967
Peacock 3124Sensational NightingalesHis Truth b/w Walls Of Jerusalem1967
Peacock 3125Highway Q.C.'sHi Way Que C'sLord Have Mercy b/w Lord, I Want To Thank You1967
Peacock 3126O'Neal TwinsI Need Him Always b/w Throw Out The Life Line1967
Peacock 3127Hardeman SingersHe Will Provide b/w All Day With Jesus1967
Peacock 3128Cheeks, Rev. JuliusRev. Julius Cheeks and the Four KnightsWhere You Going Mary b/w Over Yonder1967
Peacock 3129GospelairesGospelairsMeet Me In Church b/w Come On Join Me1967
Peacock 3130James, Sister JosephineMy Wish b/w Jesus Will See You Through1967
Peacock 3131Robinson, Rev. Cleophus b/w Rev. Cleophus Robinson and the Bethelhem Baptist Church ChoirReverend Cleophus Robinson b/w Reverend Cleophus Robinson and the Bethelhem Baptist Church ChoirBattle Hymn Of The Republic b/w He Did It All1967
Peacock 3132Mighty Clouds of JoySomewhere Around God's Throne b/w Holy Ghost1967
Peacock 3133Crume and Zion Tones, RayTake Me By My Hand b/w My Soul Is Resting1967
Peacock 3134Brooklyn SkywaysOut On A Hill b/w I Found The Lord1967
Peacock 3135Bells of ZionWicked Race b/w So Hard To Get Along1967
Peacock 3136Pilgrim Jubilee SingersPilgrim JubileesMade It Over At Last b/w Old Time Religion1967
Peacock 3137GospelairesGospelairsTraveling On b/w Loved Ones Waiting1967
Peacock 3138Highway Q.C.'sHi Way Que C'sGoing To See The King b/w Conditions Of The World1968
Peacock 3139O'Neal TwinsO'Neal Twins and Missouri State ChoirThe Promises Of God b/w Oh Mary1968
Peacock 3141Sunset TravelersVictory b/w I Won't Be Back1968
Peacock 3143Starlight QuintetteBig Henry and the Starlite QuintettDon't Wait For Tomorrow's Sun b/w Count Your Blessings1968
Peacock 3144Mighty Clouds of JoyPray For Me b/w Call Him Up1968
Peacock 3145GospelairesGospelairsDid You Stop To Pray (Pt. 1) b/w Did You Stop To Pray (Pt. 2)1968
Peacock 3146Robinson, Rev. CleophusReverend Cleophus Robinson Someone To Care b/w Let The King Come In1968
Peacock 3147Sensational NightingalesSaints Hold On b/w The Golden Streets1968
Peacock 3148Dixie HummingbirdsThe Inner Man b/w I'm Going On1968
Peacock 3149Daniels, Rev. Wilbert LeoRev. and Mrs. W. Leo DanielsGive God A Chance b/w He Lives1968
Peacock 3150Spirit of MemphisSpirit of Memphis QuartettIn The Morning b/w Go Get The Water1968
Peacock 3151Gospel KeysSinner He's Calling b/w What He Done For Me1968
Peacock 3152Pilgrim Jubilee SingersPilgrim Jubilee Singers (The "Stretch Out" Boys)I'm Willing To Run b/w Father, I'm Coming Home1968
Peacock 3153James, Sister JosephineOnly God b/w Every Christian1968
Peacock 3154Robinson, Rev. CleophusReverend Cleophus Robinson Christ Is Alive b/w Crying In The Chapel1968
Peacock 3155Hardeman SingersWhat A Friend b/w Choose Your Seat1968
Peacock 3156Dixieland Blind Boys of Mobile, AlabamaSolomon Grant and the Dixieland Blind BoysMust Jesus Bear The Cross b/w Be Ever Grateful1968
Peacock 3157Crume and Zion Tones, RayHe Said b/w Long Ago1968
Peacock 3158Brooklyn SkywaysEverybody Wants To Go To Heaven b/w It's Sweet To Be Saved1969
Peacock 3159Starlight QuintetteBig Henry and the Starlite QuintettHold On b/w Need Jesus1969
Peacock 3160Loving SistersTribute To Dr. King b/w Freedom Isn't Free1969
Peacock 3161Awakening EchoesWhen The Lord Gets Ready b/w Oh, How I Love Jesus1969
Peacock 3162Robinson, Sister BerthaSis. Bertha RobinsonView The City b/w He's Alright1969
Peacock 3163Hawkins, VictoriaMy Last Time b/w By And By1969
Peacock 3164James, Sister JosephineSis. Josephine JamesThere's Going To Be A Meeting b/w Down By The River1969
Peacock 3165Dixie HummingbirdsDon't Let Me Fall b/w God Is Going To Get Tired1969
Peacock 3166Robinson, Rev. CleophusReverend Cleophus Robinson God's Love b/w Shout Shout1969
Peacock 3167Mighty Clouds of JoyHow Far Have I Strayed b/w Just To Behold His Face1969
Peacock 3168Bells of ZionLord Hold Me In Your Arms b/w Let Me Lean On You1969
Peacock 3169Cheeks, Rev. JuliusReverend Julius CheeksJust Crying b/w Same Train1969
Peacock 3170Starlight QuintetteStarlite QuintetteHard To Get Along b/w Don't Let It Be Said1969
Peacock 3171Robinson, Rev. CleophusReverend Cleophus Robinson He Won't Fail You b/w Soon I Will Be Done1969
Peacock 3172Awakening EchoesYou Don't Know b/w Don't Leave Me1969
Peacock 3173Spirit of MemphisChristian's Chain Gang b/w Voo-Doo-Ism1969


LP releases:

releaseartistartist as showntitleyear
Peacock LP 100Dixie HummingbirdsAnd A Christian Testimonial1959
Peacock LP 101Sensational NightingalesSongs Of Praise1959
Peacock LP 102Five Blind Boys of MississippiOriginal Five Blind BoysPrecious Memories1960
Peacock LP 103GospelairesGospelaires of Dayton, OhioJust Faith1960
Peacock LP 104Trammell, Reverend William CharlesThe Handwriting On The Wall1960
Peacock LP 105Pilgrim Jubilee SingersWalk-On1961
Peacock LP 106GospelairesGospelaires of Dayton, OhioCamp Meeting1961
Peacock LP 107Robinson and Sister Josephine James, Rev. Cleophus Pray For Me1962
Peacock LP 108Dixie HummingbirdsIn The Morning1962
Peacock LP 109Spirit of MemphisSpirit of Memphis QuartetIf I Should Miss Heaven1962
Peacock LP 110Ballenger, Rev.Rev. Robert BallingerLittle Black Train1963
Peacock LP 111GospelairesGospelaires of Dayton, OhioBones In The Valley1963
Peacock LP 112Sensational NightingalesGlory, Glory1963
Peacock LP 113Five Blind Boys of MississippiOriginal Five Blind BoysFather I Stretch My Hands To Thee1964
Peacock LP 114Mighty Clouds of JoyFamily Circle1964
Peacock LP 115Dixie HummingbirdsPrayer For Peace1964
Peacock LP 117Pilgrim Jubilee SingersOld Ship Of Zion1964
Peacock LP 118Sensational NightingalesTravel On1964
Peacock LP 119Ballenger, Rev.Reverend Robert BallingerSwing Down Chariot1964
Peacock LP 120Robinson, Rev. CleophusReverend Cleophus RobinsonRemember Me1964
Peacock LP 121Mighty Clouds of JoyA Bright Side1965
Peacock LP 122Sunset TravelersOn Jesus' Program1965
Peacock LP 125Loving SistersTrying Time1965
Peacock LP 126Robinson, Rev. CleophusReverend Cleophus RobinsonGod's Sons And Daughters1965
Peacock LP 127Dixie HummingbirdsEvery Day And Every Hour1965
Peacock LP 128Robinson, Rev. CleophusReverend Cleophus RobinsonThe Unfolding Book Of Life1966
Peacock LP 129O'Neal TwinsI'd Trade A Lifetime1966
Peacock LP 130Hi-Way Que C'sThe Lord Is Sweet1966
Peacock LP 131Sensational NightingalesPrayed Too Late1966
Peacock LP 132Robinson, Rev. CleophusReverend Cleophus Robinson (?)He's Done Great Things1966
Peacock LP 133Pilgrim Jubilee SingersWe Are In Church1966
Peacock LP 134Mighty Clouds of JoyLive At The Music Hall1967
Peacock LP 135Robinson, Rev. CleophusThe Best of Rev. Cleophus Robinson1967
Peacock LP 136Mighty Clouds of JoyThe Best of the Mighty Clouds of Joy1967
Peacock LP 137Sensational NightingalesThe Best of the Sensational Nightingales1967
Peacock LP 138Dixie HummingbirdsThe Best of the Dixie Hummingbirds1967
Peacock LP 139Five Blind Boys of MississippiThe Best of the Five Blind Boys1967
Peacock LP 140VariousGolden Gems Of Gospel1967
Peacock LP 141Robinson, Rev. CleophusReverend Cleophus RobinsonBacksliding Heifer (sermon)1967
Peacock LP 143Loving SistersGod's Lonesome Highway1967
Peacock LP 144Dixie HummingbirdsYour Good Deeds1967
Peacock LP 146Chariot Gospel SingersTell Him1967
Peacock LP 147Robinson, Rev. CleophusReverend Cleophus RobinsonA Haircut In The Wrong Barber Shop (sermon)1967
Peacock LP 150Robinson, Rev. CleophusReverend Cleophus RobinsonChristmas Carols And Good Gospel1967
Peacock LP 151Mighty Clouds of JoyThe Untouchables1968
Peacock LP 152O'Neal Twins and Missouri State ChoirThe Ambassadors of Gospel1968
Peacock LP 153Dixie HummingbirdsThe Gentlemen Of Song1968
Peacock LP 154Sensational NightingalesHeart And Soul1968
Peacock LP 155Hi-Way Que C'sHi-Way Que C's singing God's Love1968
Peacock LP 157Robinson, Rev. CleophusReverend Cleophus RobinsonThe Rose Of Sharon (sermon)1968
Peacock LP 159Robinson, Rev. CleophusHe Did It All1968
Peacock LP 160Brooklyn SkywaysBrooklyn SkywayUnbelieving Man1968
Peacock LP 161Daniels, Rev. Wilbert LeoRev. W. Leo DanielsQuit Talking To Yourself (sermon)1968
Peacock LP 162Loving SistersA Tribute To Dr. Martin L. King1968
Peacock LP 163Mighty Clouds of JoyMighty Clouds of Joy sing songs of Rev. Julius Cheeks and the Nightingales1969
Peacock LP 164Cheeks, Rev. JuliusRev. Julius Cheeks Sings1969
Peacock LP 165Robinson, Rev. CleophusReverend Cleophus Robinson (?)Sunrise, Sunset1969
Peacock LP 166VariousThe Super Groups1969
Peacock LP 167Bells of ZionLet Me Lean On You1969
Peacock LP 168Daniels, Rev. Wilbert LeoRev. W. Leo DanielsIt's Coming Up Again (sermon)1969
Peacock LP 169Dixie HummingbirdsYe Shall Know The Truth1969
Peacock LP 170Mighty Clouds of JoyGod Bless America1969/70