Dolphin’s Of Hollywood gospel discography (1949-51)


Dolphin's Of Hollywood gospel

  • Dolphin’s Of Hollywood (c. 1948-51?), Recorded In Hollywood (c. 1949-53) and Hollywood (1953-68) were amongst the many labels run by John Dolphin.
  • Click here for an introduction to John Dolphin’s ‘Hollywood’ labels.
  • Dolphin’s Of Hollywood 111 (Sallie Martin) was first issued on Exclusive 136.
  • Dolphin’s Of Hollywood 115 is the same as Recorded In Hollywood 101 (but #115 listed Roberta Martin instead of the Roberta Martin Singers).
  • Dolphin’s Of Hollywood 124 (Ward Singers) was first issued on Exclusive 134.
  • Dolphin’s Of Hollywood 160 (W.M.A. Soul Stirrers) was originally released on Exclusive 139 and it was also reissued on Recorded In Hollywood 100.
  • Missing numbers are (all?) secular releases.
  • This page lists all known Dolphin’s Of Hollywood gospel 78’s.


78'srelease artist artist as shown songs year
1Dolphin's Of Hollywood 111 Martin, Sallie Sallie Martin and her Nationally Famous Quintette Jesus b/w Thank You Jesus c. 1949
2Dolphin's Of Hollywood 112 Martin, Sallie Sallie Martin Singers I'm Going To Move On Up A Little Higher b/w King Jesus Will Roll All Burdens Away c. 1949
3Dolphin's Of Hollywood 115 Martin Singers, Roberta Roberta Martin Jesus b/w Only A Look At Jesus c. 1949
4Dolphin's Of Hollywood 123 Ward Singers Famous Ward Singers of Philadelphia Just One Moment b/w When I Get Home c. 1949
5Dolphin's Of Hollywood 124 Ward Singers Famous Ward Singers How Far Am I From Canaan, Pt. 1 b/w How Far Am I From Canaan, Pt. 2 c. 1949
6Dolphin's Of Hollywood 131 Simmons-Akers Singers He Delivered Me b/w Jesus Is The Name c. 1950?
7Dolphin's Of Hollywood 141 Little Judy Thank You Jesus b/w I Had A Little Talk With Jesus c. 1951?
8Dolphin's Of Hollywood 150 Gay Sisters Celebrated Gay Sisters of Chicago Have A Little Talk With Jesus b/w Old Rugged Cross c. 1951
9Dolphin's Of Hollywood 160 WMA Singers of Houston, Texas W.M.A. Soul Stirrers of Houston, Texas What Jesus Is To Me b/w Thy Holy Will Be Done c. 1951