Finch gospel discography (c. 1963-1970)


Finch gospel

  • Finch (Finch Recording Co.) was a Cincinnati, OH label, owned by John Finch and in operation from 1962/63 to the mid 1970’s. Apart from gospel the label also released blues, doo-wop, soul, country and garage.
  • The Finch label was related to ‘Gospel Records’, a small label that should not be confused with other ‘Gospel’ labels. The Silvertones of Cincinnati had a release on Gospel Records, with the labels referring to Finch Pub. Co.
  • The numbering Finch used really is a mess and thus it’s hard to tell if the listing is anywhere close to complete. The numbers given are the ones as shown on the labels. When it says nn (not numbered), the matrix numbers are shown for better identification.
  • Some 45’s have been reissued (by Finch?), like the first release by the Singing Mastermen (9485/9486). These reissues may also be bootlegs.
  • The Silvertone Singers (Silvertones of Cincinnati) recorded as the Cincinnatians for Brunswick (1953-54). See also the Nashboro and Excello discographies.
  • The years of release for the LP’s are largely unknown. All Finch LP’s that are known to me are listed, but some or most could be from the 1970’s. The years for the 45’s and EP’s come from the pressing plant information on Post-1970 45’s are omitted from the discography.
  • This page lists all known Finch gospel singles, EP’s and LP’s from 1963-1970.



45rpm releases:

releaseartistartist as shownsongsyear
Finch nn (9485/6)Singing MastermenThe Story Of Calvery b/w Jesus He's A Friend Of Mine1963
Finch 7325Moton, Linda HoneThe Right Of It All b/w Sweet Flowing Lovec. 1964
Finch nn (13487/8)Silvertone SingersSilvertones of CincinnatiLeave It To Jesus b/w Loved Ones Are Waitingc. 1964
Finch nn (16155/6)Gospel TravelersI Don't Know Why b/w Fly Away1966
Finch 70479Religious Gospelaires of Lincoln Heights, OhioSmoothing Out The Rough Road b/w He's Coming Again1967
Finch 70529Jerdo and Soul Redeemers, Rev. S.On The Jericho Road b/w Thus Said The Lord1967
Finch 70670Lov-ette Gospel Singers of Cincinnati, OhioI’m Tormented In The Flame b/w I Don’t Ask For Anything More1967
Finch 70672Melody-Aires of Dayton, OhioMelodyaires of Dayton, OhioHe Cares For Me b/w Stay With Me Jesus1967
Finch 70934House of God HarmonizersLord Remember Me b/w Jesus Knows1967
Finch 71027Golden EaglesI Got Shoes b/w Hold On1967
Finch 81064Lattimore SistersIf I Had My Way b/w Please Remember Me1968
Finch 812282nd Liberty Baptist ChurchI Can Trust Him b/w I Am Packing Up To Move1968
Finch 90225Christian-Aires of Cincinnati, OhioWrestling With The Devil b/w My Father Knows1969
Finch 90508Gospel TravelersStanding At The Station b/w That Makes Me Happy1969
Finch 905103Howard SingersWhen They Ring Them Golden Bells b/w Time Is Winding Up1969
Finch 06114Howard SingersHide Me In Thy Bosom b/w So Soon1970
Finch 06115Gospel TravelersPrecious Lord b/w One More River1970
Finch 0515Spiritual TornadosSpiritual Tornados of Columbus, OhioI Am A Pilgrim b/w Do You Know What I Mean1970


EP releases:

releaseartistartist as showntitleyear
Finch EP nn (15333/4)Silvertone SingersSilvertones of Cincinnatino title1965
Finch EP nn (15763/4)Commandment Singersno title1965


LP releases:

releaseartistartist as showntitleyear
Finch LP 21218Spiritual TornadosIt's A Blessing1968
Finch LP 112210Gospel TravelersMighty Gospel TravelersDon't Let The Devil Fool You19??
Finch LP (?)Gospel TravelersMighty Gospel TravelersStanding On Shakey Ground19??
Finch LP (?)Hampton, Evangelist MariaEvangelist Maria Hampton with the Rescue Temple Church of God in ChristI'd Rather Fight Than Switch19??
Finch LP (?)O'Baines, Rev. Bessie, the Mission House of PrayerThe Open Door (sermon)19??